100 Best Minecraft Gifts and Toys For Kids


Minecraft is currently one of the popular video games around that both children and adults love to play. It is fun to play because it enables the player to build, and explore their creativity in a 3-dimensional world. There are must-have items any Minecraft players would love to own and if you have kids who are enthusiasts of this game, you most likely want to find Minecraft toys that keep them happy and engaged. Find in this piece 100 Best Minecraft Gifts and Toys you can get your little ones and guidelines to get the perfect piece for them.

100 Minecraft Gifts & Toys For Kids

What You Should Know About Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the best video games ever made on the planet! It’s simply amazing. If you have never heard about Minecraft before, then you have missed out on a lot especially if you are a video game enthusiast. Imagine that you want to play lego, but this time, it’s virtual – that’s the kind of experience you get with Minecraft because it is a game that has players who collect resources and blocks which they use to build whatever they want. You could build anything from castles, houses, farms, or moving objects that is, with Minecraft, you could create anything.

Despite the technicalities that might be involved in playing Minecraft, it has been structured to suit kids of different ages. What this means is that younger kids could learn to use command blocks while playing and older kids could use them to build larger gigantic structures. Everyone can move at their own pace and you would be amazed at the masterpieces your kids could build playing Minecraft. So, if you have not yet introduced your kids to the beautiful game of Minecraft, you should fancy checking it out and unleash the creativity in your kids.

More so, Minecraft is fun to play because you don’t have to bother with accumulating points or moving from one level to another as the main aim of the game is to explore, build and survive. This explains why the game is divided into modes: Survival and Creative.

In the Survival mode, a player has to look for food and building supplies and while they are at it, they will have to combat with moving creatures (like creepers and zombies) or blocklike mobs.

However, at the Creative  mode, a player is provided with both food and building supplies. A player also has the ability to destroy all kinds of upstacles (blocks) as they appear.

Another interesting fact worth knowing about Minecraft is that you can play alone or you can play with others online. The multiple players option is available on the smartphone and tablet versions of Minecraft which can be activated via WiFi networks. Players can hereby connect to various servers to battle other players.

What’s The Difference Between Minecraft and Minecraft Java Edition?

Although the recommended version to go is for is the original Minecraft, there are a couple of other factors to consider before choosing the version you want for your kids. First of all, the Minecraft edition is nicknamed by the community as the Minecraft Bedrock Edition. It is available for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10, and mobile devices. With this edition, players on these various platforms can play together. This means that your kid can play with his friend on another console. Isn’t that nice?

It would also interest you to know that the Minecraft Java edition is the original version of Minecraft which was made for PCs (but not for Windows 10). The Java Minecraft is much like the bedrock edition, but it doesn’t have the feature for kids to play with their friends on other platforms. However, other interesting features that the Java edition has is that you can download new worlds, use different themes, and game modes by downloading and installing available packages.

The downside of this is that you would not want your kids downloading and installing things by themselves. Viruses and other malware could creep in as they do that. You would want to keep an eye on that.

So, the question of which version is better is left to the user. You could take the bedrock edition which allows your kids to play with their friends or choose the Java edition which comes with different packs and new worlds that you have to download. If your concern is PC security, it is advised that you stick to the bedrock edition. The Minecraft Java edition is safe on its own, but when it comes to downloading new packs, you have to be really vigilant.

What Is The Difference Between Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons?

Minecraft is a game just about building in a 3 dimensional world, while Minecraft dungeons is an improved version of Minecraft because it is an adventure game where the player collects loot, battles monsters, and explores new lands. Although both games feature similar characters, Minecraft dungeons have more twists and turns in its game. If you have an older child who already loves Minecraft, they would definetly be thrilled to get their hands on Minecraft dungeons.

Where Can You Buy Minecraft Toys?

Minecraft toys are available on online stores like Amazon, and Walmart. Once you get to those sites, all you have to do is to pick the toys according to your budget and ensure that you buy something close to a character your kids love to use. It helps for you to observe your kids, so you make a great decision for them. More so, if they are just starting out to play the Minecraft, it would be thoughtful to get them beginners manuals to guide them throught their gaming experience.

How Can You Earn Minecraft Gifts & Gift Cards?

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