12 Uchiha Clan Members Who Are the Most Powerful in Naruto

Since the Naruto verse opened, it has unveiled several clans in a storyline that follows the war between the clans and among members of the same clan too. Among the many clans that have been unveiled so far, the Uchiha clan members are some of the most powerful and notable for many reasons.

The Uchiha clan is one of the noblest and strongest among the clans in the Naruto series, and it has produced some of the most beloved and powerful characters. Members of the Uchiha clan are direct descendants of Indra Otsutsuki, who is the eldest son of the Sage of six paths. For this reason, they are endowed with the power of the Sharingan and incredible prowess with Ninjutsu. Here is a list of the most powerful people to have come from the Uchiha clan.

Most Powerful Uchiha Clan Members in Naruto

1. Sasuke Uchiha

Uchiha Clan MembersSasuke is currently the strongest, most powerful, and only surviving member of the Uchiha Clan. When we first saw Sasuke at the beginning of Naruto, he was a young kid harboring a lot of anger and hatred for his older brother Itachi for killing all the members of their clan except for him. His quest to avenge his clan led him on a path that started with his being mentored by Kakashi and eventually Orochimaru, where he perfected his use of curse marks.

He successfully acquired enough chakra from the Sage of Six Paths to activate Rinnegan in his left eye. Other abilities he activated are the Manekyou Sharingan, the eternal Mangekyou, and the Amaterasu. These abilities, his skill in Taijutsu, and his Dojutsu made him powerful enough to take on Naruto and even kill Itachi.

Some of his most powerful moves are Indira’s Arrow and Amenotejikara. All of These made Sasuke’s powers rival that of a God and sealed his place as the most powerful member of the Uchiha clan. His would eventually become the only family of the Uchiha clan in Boruto.

2. Madara Uchiha

In the second place is Madara Uchiha, whose powers were almost like that of a God, but it did not quite get there. He is the eldest of Tajima Uchiha’s sons. In the time of the warring states, Madara was the most powerful shinobi. He became more powerful than the tailed beasts after unlocking the eternal Mangekyo Sharingan by implanting his brother’s eyes into his own.

His powers became so intense that he was able to go into hiding and eventually be reanimated until his plans were foiled permanently. Other powers and abilities he possessed besides his Dojustsu and Ninjutsu include the Edo Tensei, the wood style, and the Rinnengan.

Madara Uchiha is ranked second because he was strong enough to overpower Might Guy and single-handedly defeated the Allied Shinobi Forces. He died as a result of the toll the tailed beasts took on his body after he was reanimated.

3. Obito Uchiha

Uchiha Clan Members

Obito’s life changed dramatically after he was taken under the mentorship of Madara, who trained him to the point of becoming almost as powerful as Madara himself. He mastered and operated nearly all the powers and abilities Madara had. His status as a member of the Uchiha clan enabled him to awaken his Mangekyou and Sharingan so he could perform Kamui.

Obito implanted Nagato’s Rinnengan in his left eye, and this gave him mastery over the six paths techniques. He was also able to perform a Wood release, mastered control of the Ten-Tails, and later became the Ten-Tails Jinchuriki. These powers made him easily defeat Naruto and Sasuke at certain times.

Note that even though he could hold his ground against Sasuke, he would still be ranked in third place because he was unable to maintain his more powerful form for long. He was killed at the end of the Ninja war by Kaguya Otsutsuki.

4. Itachi Uchiha

Ranked fourth among the most powerful members of the Uchiha clan is Itachi, the older brother of Sasuke. From birth, it was obvious that Itachi was different. He mastered the Sharingan and awakened the Mangekyo Sharingan long before he was a full-grown adult. In his bid to save his brother’s life, he slaughtered his entire clan and moved on to the Akaktsuki.

His powers and abilities basically come down to Tsukuyomi, Amaterasu, and Susanoo, the three legendary techniques. At the peak of his strength and might, Itachi could control time and space using Tsukuyomi, he could wield the sword of Totsuka using his Susanoo, he could cast powerful illusions, and had the ability to transform into a flock of crows.

The only recorded time Itachi lost out in a fight was when he intentionally let his younger brother Sasuke win. This is also something he had been waiting for since he massacred his entire clan. Thus Itachi was killed by Sasuke.

5. Shisui Uchiha

Uchiha Clan Members

Shisui of the Body Flicker, as he was famously called for his ability to move with high speed, was one of the most powerful Uchiha clan members of his generation. He was also a very good friend of Itachi, and just like Itachi, he strived to maintain peace. He started his exploits at a very young age. When he was barely an adult, he fought and survived the Third Great Ninja war.

Shisui’s Mangekyo Sharingan was activated when he watched a very good friend of his die, this enabled him to use all the eye standard techniques. It also allowed him mastery over Kotoamatsukami; a manipulation technique so powerful that he could make a person do what he wants without their knowledge.

Shisui carried the will of fire and was so devoted to the clan that he did not fall victim to the curse of hatred. He was mortally wounded by Danzo and eventually died of his injuries.

6. Fugaku Uchiha

Fugaku is the father of Itachi and Sasuke, as well as the last known leader of the Uchiha clan before they were all slaughtered. Fugaku’s power was not in doubt especially considering the fact that he was the leader of the clan. He possessed the power of the Mangekyo Sharingan, with which he mastered control of the nine tails.

Fugaku was greatly feared, and stories of his exploits made other nations nickname him Wicked eye Fugaku. With his power and abilities, he went as far as being considered a worthy candidate to be nominated for the Fourth Hokage position, but when Hiruzen chose Minato instead, Fugaku opted for a coup.

We did not really get the chance to see him use his abilities to their full extent because, while was making plans to overthrow the village head, Danzo incited his son Itachi to wipe out the clan. Itachi’s success in killing Fukagu at just 13 years of age is probably what made him drop so low on this list.

7. Izuna Uchiha

Uchiha Clan MembersIzuna is the younger brother of Madara, who was also well known as a very powerful Ninja. He and Madara were the first Uchiha clan members to awaken their Mangekyo Sharingan. Other abilities he mastered were the Great Fireball Technique and Kenjutsu, which is the ability to fight backhanded.

Izuna was very devoted to the clan and was prepared to do anything to protect it. This would often see him fight members of the Senju clan, particularly Tobirama Senju, who was the strongest and fastest ninja of his time. Izuna got fatally injured during one of his fights with Tobirama and died thereafter.

Before his death, however, he gave up his eyes to Madara, and this enabled Madara to awaken the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, which is the Uchiha clan’s ultimate dojutsu.

8. Shin Uchiha

Shin might not be one of the true Uchiha clan members, but he was definitely a force to reckon with. He joined the Uchiha clan not by birth or even marriage but rather by his own choice. Shin came about as a result of an experiment carried out by Orochimaru; technically, he went rogue with a will of his own and declared himself a member of the clan.

In creating Shin, Orochimaru created his entire body out of Hashirama’s cells and equally embedded in his cells countless fully matured Sharingan. Shin went rogue after developing a fixation on Itachi in particular and the clan as a whole. He also took his clones with him, which heightened his abilities.

Among the powers he possessed was the Mangekyo Sharingan, of which there was no clear explanation on how he awakened. With its powers which he was able to maintain for as long as he wanted, he was able to mark and manipulate iron objects. Shin is on this list because he was able to hold his ground in a fight against Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke, who are two of the greatest known Shinobi. He was only defeated when his clones turned on him.

9. Tajima Uchiha

Uchiha Clan MembersTajima might not be considered one of the most powerful Uchiha clan members by a lot of standards, but he was definitely worth being on this list. Tajima is the father of Madara and Izuna. He is the oldest member of the Uchiha clan; he lived in the era of the warring states and was the leader of the clan before his son Madara.

In his time, he was a skilled warrior at Kenjutsu and his biggest rival at the time was Batsuma Senju, who he fought severally at different times to protect the clan. The animosity between the two saw them kill off each other’s children, and in all, Tajima lost three of his five sons.

Even though his sons have been ranked as far more powerful than himself, Tajima survived a war-torn era from childhood to adulthood, so there is no doubt that he was very powerful in his heydays. His powers include the Sharingan and the ability to wield the Tanto blade perfectly.

10. Kagami Uchiha

Kagami Uchiha is Shisui’s ancestor under the second Hokage, who he swears is far greater than himself. Going by Shisui’s testimony and considering how powerful he is, Kagami is considered very powerful in his prime. He fought and survived the first ninja war alongside Danzo Shimura and Hiruzen Sarutobi, whose lives he saved at different times too.

There has not been an actual opportunity to see him display the extent of his powers, but he was known to possess the Sharingan and could use it with finesse.

11. Sarada Uchiha

Uchiha Clan MembersIn the eleventh place is our first female on the list. Sarada Uchiha is the daughter of the most powerful Uchiha clan member, Sasuke, and his equally strong wife Sakura. She might be young, but her display so far has not left anyone in doubt of just how powerful she is already.

Sarada’s personality is a unique blend of her father Sasuke’s intelligence, strength, and dojutsu with her mother Sakura’s brute strength and other fine qualities. At the early age of eleven, she awakened her Sharingan when she saw her father Sasuke after he had spent a very long time away from home. With her Sharingan, she can comfortably cast Genjutsu. Her abilities are particularly interesting because of the admirable chakra control that enables her to use the Enhanced Chakra Strength. This can only be done by people who have a very high level of control over their Chakra.

Among the techniques she has also mastered so far are the use of the Great fireball Technique, wind release and manipulation, Chidori, or lightning infused with shuriken. Her Sharingan, even though it is still developing considering her age, allows her to copy other people’s jutsu and track viruses. She is also following in her mother’s footpath and is proficient at medical ninjutsu. Her aim is to one day become the Hokage.

12. Hikaku Uchiha

The last and final of the most powerful Uchiha clan members on our list is Hikaku Uchiha. He is well respected and one of the oldest Uchiha clan members. His time was long before Konohagakure and the pact that happened between Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju. Being that his prime time was the time of the warring states, he spent his growing-up years on the battlefield and became a skilled warrior.

Hikaku Uchiha had the power of the Sharingan by right of being a member of the Uchiha clan. Even though his time was long gone when Naruto opens, it is said that his Sharingan made him very dangerous in battle. He was also mentioned as one of the strongest Uchiha clan members of his time.

How Many are All Uchiha Members?

From when the Naruto series opened to Boruto Period, we have seen and heard of about 30 Uchiha clan members so far. The Uchiha clan was one of the most feared clans at some point in the Naruto series. The story and progression of life for the members of the clan follow four specific periods.

The beginning, when it all started – this was when they were at their most powerful. The period before they were all killed – this was when other members of the village feared them the most, life after the massacre – When Sasuke sought to avenge the clan. Finally, in the Boruto period – When Sasuke got married and started the efforts to rebuild the clan. Here is a list of all members of the Uchiha clan at different times.

Before the Konoha Era

  1. Tajima Uchiha – Father of Madara and Izuna
  2. Izuna Uchiha – Younger brother of Madara Uchiha
  3. Hikaku Uchiha – Clan member
  4. Naka Uchiha – Clan member
  5. Naori Uchiha – Clan member

Before the Massacre

  1. Fugaku Uchiha – Captain of the Uchiha Clan Military Police Force in Hidden Leaf Village and father of Sasuke and Itachi
  2. Inabi Uchiha – Member of the military police force from the Hidden Leaf village
  3. Mikoto Uchiha – Mother of Itachi and Sasuke
  4. Setsuna Uchiha – Member of the military police force from the Hidden Leaf village
  5. Shisui Uchiha – ANBU Black ops member
  6. Tekka Uchiha – Clan member
  7. Teyaki Uchiha – Member of the Uchiha clan from the Hidden Leaf village
  8. Uruchi Uchiha – Member of the Uchiha clan from the Hidden Leaf village
  9. Yashiro Uchiha – Member of the military police force from the Hidden Leaf village
  10. Izumi Uchiha – Clan member

After The Massacre

  1. Itachi Uchiha – Older brother of Sasuke who murdered the entire clan save for Sasuke
  2. Obito Uchiha – Madara’s Mentee often mistaken as Madara himself
  3. Sasuke Uchiha – Younger brother of Itachi


  1. Sasuke Uchiha – Patriarch of the Uchiha clan after the masacre.
  2. Sakura Haruno/Uchiha – Wife of Sasuke
  3. Sarada Uchiha – Daughter of Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno


  1. Indra Otsutsuki – Eldest son of the sage of six paths. His bloodline became the Uchiha clan
  2. Madara Uchiha – Former leader of the clan with whose help Konohagakure no Sato was founded
  3. Shin Uchiha – Orochimaru’s experiment gone rogue
  4. Kagami Uchiha – a ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village and a good friend of Tobirama Senju the Second Hokage
  5. Hikaku Uchiha – One of the oldest members of the clan
  6. Tobi – Newest Akatsuki member
  7. Yakumi Uchiha – Member of the military police force from the Hidden Leaf village
  8. Baru Uchiha – Clan member
  9. Hazuki Uchiha – Clan member
  10. Kagen uchiha – Clan member

Why Did Itachi Kill the Uchiha Clan?

Itachi slaughtered the entire Uchiha clan under the false belief that killing them all was the only way to keep the village safe. From way back when the Hidden village was founded, the Uchiha clan has always been one of the strongest and most feared. After the third Shinobi World war, the other clans and the village as a whole had many reasons to doubt the Uchiha clan’s loyalty to the collective cause.

First, there was a lot of fear surrounding Madara’s initial revolt against the Konoha village and then the attack by the nine-tailed fox. These events made the Village advisors eager to restrict the powers of the Uchiha clan members. To better keep an eye on them, the Uchiha clan was sent to the outskirts of the Village. This ruffled a lot of feathers among the Uchiha clan.

The Uchiha clan then planned a coup led by Itachi’s father, Fugaku, and enrolled Itachi into the Anbu black ops academy with the sole purpose of having him spy on the village for them. However, Itachi was also bought over by the village advisor Danzo who had him spying on the Uchiha clan and their coup plans.

Danzo then manipulated 13-year-old Itachi into believing that the coup cannot be stopped without bloodshed. Itachi then wiped out the entire Uchiha clan except for his younger brother Sasuke who he loved too much.

How Many Uchihas are There Left?

Right now, in the Boruto series, there are only three Uchiha clan members left. After the massacre of the Uchihas carried out by Itachi, only three people were left of the Uchiha clan members, and these are Itachi himself and Sasuke, the brother he spared. However, it was later revealed that Obito also survived the massacre because he had helped Itachi execute it as the newest Akatsuki member.

Much later also, Madara, who was already dead at the time of the massacre, was reanimated. This would mean that there were three members of the Uchiha clan after the massacre. Madara’s reanimation made them four. Itachi, Obito, and Madara would eventually die permanently by the end of the Naruto series.

In the Boruto era, however, there are only three members of the Uchiha clan, and these are Sasuke, the wife he married into the clan Sakura Uchiha, and the daughter they have together, Sarada Uchiha. Apparently, after having gotten the revenge he sought against his brother for the murder of their clan, Sasuke is set to rebuild the clan.

Naruto Uchiha Clan Symbol

The symbol of the Uchiha clan is a paper fan. At a first glance, it looks like a Pokeball, but a Pokeball does not have the same kind of handheld bottom and the curvy divide in the middle. The name Uchiha is originally spelled uchiwa and is Japanese for the paper fan.

Only members of the Uchiha clan wore the symbol, hence anyone who has the symbol is considered a member of the clan. You would often see the symbol sewn onto their clothes or kimonos, as the case may be.

The uchiwa is used to fan flames to life, and as such, it is no coincidence that the Uchiha clan members are people with fire-release techniques. Chief among these is the Great Fireball technique, which originates from the clan and has become one of their signature abilities passed down through generations. It has also become one of the clan’s coming-to-age rites that everyone has to learn before they are considered adults.


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