15 Brilliant Ways to Meet People and Make New Friends In A New City

So you just moved to a new town which is a paradigm shift because it is like a new slate and a fresh start. Everything is brand new, a new house/apartment, a new neighborhood, a new job/workplace/business, and of course new challenges. Everything seems exciting but there is a downside; moving to a new city comes with its kind of loneliness. And since it is a fresh start, you will also need to make fresh friends especially if you didn’t move to the new town with a group of your friends. As a newbie, how do you meet new people without seeming desperate or needy, or without making it very obvious that you just moved into town and you are in a dire need of new friends?

In case you are wondering about the best ways to meet people and make new friends; we have put together this article for you.

There are several brilliant and safe ways to meet people in a new environment; without much stress and breach of privacy, even for introverts who have a bit of a hard time socializing with other people.

Making Friends in a New City Can Be Fun and Without Much Difficulty 

Whether it is a small town/community or a big city, finding and making friends can be a huge task for an unprepared person. It could seem Herculean and maybe even embarrassing to meet new people, especially as adults. It is a lot easier for little children to make friends, but for a grown person it will take a bit more effort. However, do not panic, because you can have fun and enjoy yourself as you get to meet new people and make friends in a new environment. To make things a little easier and less awkward, here are some things you can do if you recently moved to a new city and you are trying to meet new people.

15 Best Ways to Meet People and Make New Friends In A New City

  • Talk to your existing contacts/friends or family members who may have lived, visited, or currently live in the city you just moved to: Before moving to a new city, you must have made inquiries about where you are moving and the type of people who live there. Oftentimes a family member or a close friend may know a person or two you can meet in your new city.
  • Talk to them for recommendations or go with them to hikes, parties, cookouts, or fun tours: Do not hold back on asking for recommendations from family or friends who may have visited your new city or who live in your new city in the best ways or places to meet new people.
  • Understand that it is going to take quite a while for you to get settled: In as much as it is not rocket science, it is also not an automatic switch. Take your time, ingest as much as you can of your new environment; learn the local lingo, find fun and adventurous spots and realize that you are a newbie and it will take some time for everything will settle in time.
  • Do not be in a rush to make new acquaintances: Loneliness is not fun, but do not be in a rush to make new friends so you don’t end up with wrong choices.
  • Study your immediate environment and figure out the places you will like to visit often: If you like to visit libraries, parks, or other places of interest, study your neighborhood and figure out the nearest favorite spots. Also, ask questions about nice places from people around your neighborhood or workplace.
  • Do not have too many expectations, don’t expect people to be too nice to you at first: You are in a new environment, don’t have too many expectations; do not expect people to act like you are used to. Take your time to absorb their new mannerisms, and learn how best to interact.
  • Take a walk around your neighborhood and use the local map to figure out fun places: Learn about your environment. Go for a walk around your neighborhood, go to a bar or a nightclub, make use of the local map to figure out exciting hot spots.
  • When someone invites you out, do not outrightly turn them down: Be accommodating, be a proactive social person. If a co-worker or a neighbor asks you out for drinks, a tour, or a hike, do not turn them down outrightly. They could be your gateway to meeting more exciting people.
  • Watch the local news, follow social media pages that blog about your new city, and get acquainted with familiar happenings: Staying up to date and finding out about your new area is a key factor in knowing how or where to meet new people. Concerts, local festivals, or public fairs could be announced through these mediums.
  • Be yourself and let everything come naturally: Yes, you are trying to make friends and meet people, but you have to be yourself and allow the friendships to come to you naturally. Do not force anything or get frustrated if you haven’t made any real friends after a month of moving to the city.
  • Download meet-up apps and check out users around your location: Thankfully, several Apps are specifically designed for people who want to avoid loneliness or meet new people at their chosen location. If you are looking for love, dating apps are also a great idea.
  • Try being a conversation starter in your workplace or at the stores: Do not be shy, try starting conversations with people you meet at the local store, your neighbors, or even the old chap who loves to take a walk down the street.
  • Attend local gatherings e.g. Religious/Sports Gatherings: Religious gatherings are great at interactions, quite a number of them organize routine visits to members of their congregation as well as community outreach. You are sure to meet at least one new person and make a great acquaintance.
  • Join a local volunteer group, activity class, or club: Local groups are a great way to meet people and make friends. Joining a gym club, a yoga class, or a local sanitation volunteer group are sure ways to a great start at making new friends in a new City.
  • Make use of social media: Human beings are social animals and one of the best ways to set the ball rolling is to make use of a medium that is proven to be one of the fastest ways to meet people. Be sure to consider your safety and then become active on your chosen social media platform, for example, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, and before you realize it, you are already hanging out with new people.


Places to Meet People When You Move To a New City 

Now, you are in a new city, a new town, a new location, and a new environment. What are the coolest places you can meet people? Here are some great suggestions you should try out.

  1. Public Transport: Trains, ferries, buses, taxis are all great places to meet new people. Interesting conversations usually emanate from Public Transportation systems as well as great friends too.
  2. Grocery Store: Grocery Stores are an interesting place to meet new people; you will be surprised how much of a long and innocent conversation or comment about the price tag can go in helping you make a new friend.
  3. Religious Buildings: Churches, Mosques, Synagogues, Temples are also top on the list of places you can create new acquaintances.
  4. Public Libraries: If you are a bit of a nerd who enjoys reading, libraries are a great place. They are gateways for more fun places like book clubs.
  5. Museums: If your new location has a museum, visit it. Learn the history and meet people.
  6. Dog Parks: Walking your dog and meeting fellow dog owners sounds interesting. You can get a buddy for yourself and your dog.
  7. Gymnasium: Gyms make a lot of sense. If you are all about fitness life and you need accountability partners, head to the gym.
  8. Your Workplace: Your workplace. Your coworkers are usually the first “friends” you make when you first move to a new city. Be friendly and try to get all the assistance you need in adjusting to your new location.
  9. Bars: Meeting people from a bar is one of the oldest ways of making friends. You get to start interesting conversations, enjoy your favorite drinks; observe the people in your environment, and do not be afraid to strike up or engage in interesting conversations of your choice.
  10. Nightclubs: Having fun and meeting new fun-seeking people are a guarantee in nightclubs. If you are up for it, take a chance and go nightclubbing.
  11. Local Stadium: Visiting the local stadium and watching the activities at the stadium is a great way to build your social profile in a new town.
  12. Your Neighborhood: Your neighborhood. Local neighborhoods are usually one of the easiest places to meet new people. Your next-door neighbor, the friendly neighborhood mailman are great places to start.
  13. Local Festivals: Another great medium of interaction filled with diversity is local festivals. Attend the ones you happen to come across and have fun while you meet people and make friends.
  14. Weddings: Gatecrashing a wedding ceremony is a fun way to meet new people. So if you get invited to a wedding or you happen to walk into one, make great use of the opportunity. Eat, drink and make friends.
  15. Airport: There are usually lots of movements going on in airports. So if you are going on a trip or returning from one, and you traveled by air; engage in conversation, talk to your fellow travelers, that can also help you in navigating properly around the airport.
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Easy ways for an introvert to make friends and meet people in a new city

So being around people drains your energy, you enjoy your solitude and you would rather enjoy your company; but you are beginning to seem like a grouch to people who do not understand that you are simply an introvert, especially because you just moved to a new environment.

Now you want to make some friends so you don’t seem out of place, but you are confused on how to start? Here are a few helpful tips on easy ways you can meet people and make friends even as an introvert.

Explore Your Areas Of Interest

You enjoy your own company and will rather spend time doing the things you love by yourself; but if you are looking to make some friends, a good place to start is focusing on your areas of interest.

If you enjoy reading, attend a book club. If you enjoy working out, visit a gym or join a workout club, if you are a plant lover, visit gardens or the horticulturist’s spot more often. Exploring your areas of interest helps you meet like-minded people who enjoy the same things you do.

Try out new hobbies

There is no harm in branching out of your comfort zone. Experiment with new hobbies and things you have imagined. If you have always wanted to go hiking, find a hiker’s group and go hiking. Explore areas of interest you may have fantasized about.

Learn a new skill 

Another easy way to make friends is to learn a new skill. Figure out an exciting skill that blends with your personality and life goals, join a class either virtual or onsite; and you could make some friends from the training class.

Do not be afraid to make the first move

Yes, you can do it. Do not freak out, making the first move and starting a conversation is not as bad as you think it is. So take a deep breath, study the mood and pick up a conversation from it. For example, if you happen to find yourself in a grocery store on a hot day, you can strike a conversation with a fellow shopper about how hot the day is.

Make use of Social Media or Apps

The advantage is that, you get to meet people without actually meeting them, especially when you still love your alone time or solitude too much to share.

Apps also let you have prior conversations with people about who you are and your temperament and your choices; that way, it is less awkward in case you eventually choose to have a physical meeting.

Embrace who you are

You are an introvert, and introversy is what describes you. It’s neither a crime nor a thing of shame. Do not force yourself to be what you are not, there are plenty of people who are perfectly fine as introverts and who also have friends who GET them.

Do not be in a great hurry to prove that you are not averse to human interactions, rather take your time, embrace who you are and reach out for friendship in the comfort of your own acceptance of yourself.

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