21 Personal Questions to Ask A Girl

There are different ways to keep a conversation going, including the use of personal questions to ask a girl you like. When you are with a girl you fancy, asking personal questions doesn’t just give you an insight into her life but also shows you are interested in her. While there are instances when acting uninterested draws her to you, you need to make a move at some point, and asking the right personal questions is a good place to start.

It doesn’t matter how long you have known her, but with the right personal questions to ask a girl, your conversations will be more engaging, fun, informative, and serve as perfect ice-breakers.  To avoid running out of questions to ask a girl you like when the conversation is getting interesting, we have rounded up some interesting ones to suit every occasion with tangible explanations under each.

Meaningful Questions To Ask A Girl You Like

The purpose of asking questions can differ. You can aim to amuse her or seek to know more about a particular part of her life. The following meaningful questions to ask a girl will help you understand her better, but follow-up questions work even better to keep the conversation going.

1. If you could turn back the hands of time, what would you change in your life?

Everyone has had that wishful thinking of going back in time to change certain things, and while that dream might be impossible at this time, it doesn’t hurt to desire that wishes were horses. This question sheds light on how much she dwells in the past and the regrets she still carries with her. You can understand many things about her by asking this question, but be sure to ask it when you want to get a well-thought-out answer.

2. Which city would you love to travel to?

A follow-up question for this could be why she wants to travel to the place. Knowing where she dreams of traveling can also let you know how compatible you are with her. If she loves to travel, the conversation can become fascinating, especially if you are a globetrotter. Additionally, the kind of places she dreams of going to shows how adventurous she can be.

3. What is the one thing you are most passionate about?

This is an excellent way to know what makes her tick. Asking this question will reveal the inner feelings she doesn’t let out more often. It would be nice to keep an open mind about the answer to expect from her; as such, you would create a relaxed atmosphere for her to feel free to share the thing or things she is most passionate about.

4. If you had to choose between a house by the sea or the mountains, which would you go for?

Some questions have a way of revealing those inner feelings that people don’t often share, and that is precisely what this aims at. Her choice might be simple, but it carries deep meanings that might let you in on what she wants out of life. She can also decline the two options and go for a house in the busy parts of the city. Whatever the case may be, you learn a few personal things about the girl you like.

5. What would you consider to be your biggest achievement?

People value things differently, so keep an open mind while asking this question. It might be an academic milestone or something as trivial as learning how to swim. The answer to this question can come in many forms. Still, one thing they will have in common is the opportunity to know what she values more than anything else.

6. What career path did you aspire to join as a child?

Everyone has that dream job they fantasized about as a child, and while a lot of people grow to live their dream, others look back and laugh at how foolish their childhood thoughts were. If you wonder what she wanted to be as a kid and how that turned out for her, you can ask her this question and watch her face light up. Whether she followed that career path or not, you will get an interesting narrative about her childhood dreams.

7. What do you consider the most important thing in a healthy relationship?

You might get to know her opinion about your relationship by asking this question. Her answer can help you understand where you need to put more effort, and you will equally learn a few things about what she wants to see in the relationship. While some people easily express themselves when the need arises, others need a nudge to share how they feel about things, which is what this question is for. That nudge in the right direction might be all she needs.

Personal Questions to Ask A Girl
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Some Questions To Ask A Girl About Her Personality

Personality traits can be hidden or visible, depending on how much the person wants to share, but asking some of these personal questions creates an enabling environment to get to know that person you like.

8. What three words describe you perfectly?

Some people can easily describe themselves in many words, while others need to think about it. Thus, it would be nice to allow her some time to think before she gives you the answer. Notwithstanding, her response will throw light on her personality, and the way she sees herself will be revealed in her choice of words to describe herself.

9. What is the name of the movie that made you cry the most?

This question will tell you the kind of things that make her emotional or if she is a tough cookie. Don’t doubt if she says she has never cried while watching a movie; it might be that she is tough and doesn’t cry easily. Notwithstanding, you are likely to be treated to an interesting story about a movie that left her a bag of emotions.

10. What is your favorite attribute among your traits?

Personality traits differ, and everybody has theirs, but most people have a part of them that they admire so much, even if they don’t say it out loud. Knowing her favorite personal trait is one way of understanding her personality better.

11. What is the first impression you give someone you are meeting for the first time?

The answer is most likely going to reveal if she is a snub or a friendly person. While there is no correct or wrong answer to the question, it will explain her personality and the way she receives strangers into her life. If she says it depends, you can follow it up by asking her to shed more light on her reasons.

12. Are you quick to anger or always maintain your cool?

Everyone gets angry from time to time, but some people have a problem controlling such emotions. This question aims at knowing how she reacts when provoked, but it is important to keep an open mind without judging.

13. What would you say are the worst and best parts of your personality?

You might not get a direct answer, but this will help you understand her better. You will get to understand the things she likes about herself and probably the part she thinks she needs to work on. Asking this personal question helps with bonding, and you can also share the personality traits that you consider to be the best and the worst.

14. What do you think about love at first sight?

This question will reveal if she is a hopeless romantic or someone who doesn’t fall in love easily. Love, at first sight, might not happen all the time but someone’s opinion about it says a lot about their personality and the way they see people.

Personal Questions To Ask A Girlfriend

Go personal with the following questions to ask a girl you are dating. Your conversations must not be all serious all the time; you can shake things up by asking each other some personal questions. While it will be fun, make sure you are not making her uncomfortable with your questions. The following are carefully selected questions to ask a girl you are in a relationship with.

15. How do you know you have fallen in love with someone?

This will be fun if your girlfriend is yet to express her feelings for you through the words ‘I Love You.’ She might see it as forcing the words out of her, but it will be fun hearing how she knows she is in love.

16. What do you consider to be your love language?

Every woman has her love language, and if you can find it, your relationship with her will be on cloud 9. Though she is not supposed to be the one to tell you her love language, this question can give you an insight into what makes her heart flutter. This is one of the best questions to ask your girlfriend as it strengthens your bond when you know how to treat her right.

17. Who is your celebrity crush?

Although many won’t admit it, many ladies out there have a celebrity crush. It would be nice to know who your girlfriend builds her fantasies around but don’t get jealous over it; after all, it’s just a celebrity crush, right? Perhaps knowing the celebrity, she has a crush on can help you understand her better.

18. What is the dumbest belief you held on to for a long time?

Be ready for a good life, as this question usually leads to unraveling funny memories. Kids tend to be easily convinced to believe many things that don’t exist, and they hold on to such ideas for years before they realize the truth. Whether it was the tooth fairy or boogyman, she must have had some outrageous beliefs as a kid or even as an adult. This question is better asked when you want to lighten the mood.

19. What three items take the top spot on your bucket list?

Your bucket list contains all the things you want to do before you die, and while not everyone has it, some people take it seriously. Asking your girlfriend this question creates an avenue to know her better. Who knows, you might be able to help her tick off some of the items on her bucket list,t, and you guys can also have fun while at it.

20. What inscription would you love to have on your tombstone?

Creepy, perhaps, but everyone gets to die at some point, and the legacy you leave behind is what matters when the time comes. The question will get her thinking about what happens after she is gone and what she would love to be remembered as. You can spice up the conversation by sharing your answer to the question.

21. Do you fancy living under the spotlight?

Have you ever wondered if she is happy with her current status? Ask her this question to know if she prefers the limelight to a quiet life without any media attention. Some people fantasize about living like a celebrity when their reality is far from the spotlight, but this doesn’t mean they are unhappy with their lives. After all, it’s pretty okay to dream big.

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Tips On How To Ask Personal Questions

If you are going to ask a girl personal questions, you need to do it right to avoid coming off as overbearing. Below are some tips.

  • Make your questions interesting
  • Add a little humor; it’s not an interview
  • Be thoughtful in your choice of words and questions
  • You can be curious but not overbearing
  • Go for thought-provoking questions to keep her on her toes
  • Use question cards if you are forgetful. Your poor memory shouldn’t be a hindrance to the fun you can have with your girl
  • Don’t just ask the questions; share your stories with her so that it won’t seem like an interrogation
  • Don’t be too nice with your questions if she is trying to friend-zone you. Express your feelings as much as possible but without hurting anyone.
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