30 Hilarious Ways to Say Happy Birthday to People Even When You Aren’t Funny

Birthdays are the most commonly celebrated days in people’s lives and that is because everyone has a birthday. They are special days as they only come once in a year for every person. Almost everyone enjoys being wished a ‘Happy Birthday’; even if they don’t reveal their actual age or didn’t organize a birthday party and so, it is much cheaper to simply send a ‘happy birthday text’ than buying a birthday present. However, even if you don’t buy a birthday present, there are fun and creatively hilarious ways to say happy birthday to your friends and family, that will have them bursting into laughter as well as creating a lasting memory of your ‘one of a kind’ hilarious birthday wish.

You may be saying ”But I am not a funny person…how do I make them laugh?”

We have taken the time to save you the dilemma of wondering what to say or text, we have outlined some creatively funny ways that you can say ‘Happy Birthday, even if you aren’t a funny person.

30 Hilarious Ways You Can Say Happy Birthday

Everyone has a birthday, but your relationship with the birthday girl or birthday boy may differ. Birthday wishes for your Granny are not the same as birthday wishes for your spouse or sibling. We have categorized our list to suit different sets of individuals. For birthday wishes that poke fun at ageing, be sure that the recipient isn’t sensitive about their age.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Grandma

Our grannies are a special part of our lives, and if you are lucky to have a granny that is alive, you should make her laugh everyday and also importantly on her birthday. Don’t remind her that she is getting old, she already knows.

  • Dear Grandma, if there was a beauty pageant for Grannies, you don’t need the contest, the crown is all yours. Happy Birthday!
  • Beauty Products Company should come learn a thing or two from you on how to look 16 forever. Happy Birthday!

Hilarious Ways To Say Happy Birthday To Your Grandpa

Grandpas are absolutely lovable. They make us laugh and don’t scold as much as Grandmas do. If you are lucky to have a grandpa that is alive, crack a joke as a birthday wish for him. Grandpas usually have a great sense of humor.

  • Happy birthday Grandpa, you still owe me the story of how you wrestled Dinosaurs.
  • Dear Grandpa, you are the youngest old dude, you should be the captain of a football team. Happy Birthday!

Funny Birthday Wishes For your Father 

A Father is a very important person. Their presence in the lives of their children can not be underestimated. Traditionally built to be the providers and protectors of their family, fathers need all the appreciation they can get. Make your father crack up on his birthday.

  • The better the father, the worse their jokes…this is why you are a great dad because you crack the worst jokes???? Happy Birthday Dad!
  • I know I was a troublesome kid as a child, thanks for not selling me in exchange for a newer car…Happy Birthday Dad!

Hilarious ways to say Happy Birthday to your Mum

Mothers are probably one of the most celebrated people on earth; there are several mother’s days for different people every year. Mothers are precious and deserve all the love they can get. Here are ways to make your mum laugh on her birthday.

  • I Love your cooking as much as I love you…Happy Birthday mum, can I come over just to get some food? I am hungry.
  • Happy birthday mum, don’t worry, you still look a long younger than Dad and of course your friends.

Funny Ways To Say Happy Birthday To Your Wife 

In addition to sending a funny birthday wish, be sure to get your wife a present. A wife is a partner, a helper and your soulmate. Put a smile on her face always and especially on her birthday.

  • The reason you look so beautiful is because you have a husband like me, Happy Birthday honey!
  • If you ever ask me to leave the house and take all my stuff with me, I am definitely bundling you out with me. Happy Birthday my wife.
  • Dear wife, I just threw away all your makeup, clothes and shoes…just kidding; I just wanted you to know that there are things worse than not buying you a birthday present…Happy birthday my love

Hilarious Ways To Say Happy Birthday To Your Husband 

A husband is a protector, a soulmate, a partner and lover. He needs all the appreciation he can get. Even if you are not very good and making jokes, here are some ways to make your husband laugh on his birthday.

  • Happy Birthday to my dearest husband, I am glad we are growing old together and even more glad that you are getting older than I am.
  • Dear husband, I’ll have bought you the best gift in the world, but you already have me; Happy Birthday Love
  • Happy Birthday to the love of my life, it’s your turn to make dinner tonight, I deserve a birthday dinner on your birthday.

Hilarious Birthday Wishes For Your Siblings

Siblings are like other versions of ourselves. We love them to death yet sometimes we feel like throwing them into a ditch…but they are a part of us forever. Here are some funny ways to wish your siblings a happy birthday.

  • With age comes wisdom, but you aren’t of that age yet… Happy Birthday Nutcracker!
  • Who needs a Birthday present when they have a sibling like me? Happy Birthday Buddy!
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Some Hilarious Wishes For Your Son On His Birthday 

A son is a constant reminder that you brought a child into this world and you are responsible for them for a very long time. Children are special gifts, make your son giggle with a few wishes on his birthday.

  • Hey son, your birthday should be a National Holiday so I can take a day off from parenting, happy birthday!
  • We are glad that you have the opportunity of being the son of the best parents ever, Happy Birthday Chap!

Hilarious ways to say Happy Birthday to your Daughter

Your daughter is a gift and she is very special and will always be your little princess no matter how old she gets. Here are some funny ways to crack her up on her birthday.

  • You look just like me, that’s all the birthday present you need, Happy Birthday Princess!
  • It’s about time for you to give me grandchildren, happy birthday young woman!

Funny ways to wish your Boyfriend a Happy Birthday 

A boyfriend is someone we spend special moments with and who we wish to spend many more loving times with.

  • I should buy you a ring, so you can propose to me, it is about time! Happy Birthday my love!
  • Do not forget to send me a Birthday present today, Happy Birthday Baby!

Hilarious Ways To Wish Your Girlfriend a Happy Birthday 

For the love of your life, who you share beautiful memories with, here’s how to make her giggle with a birthday wish.

  • You can keep my hoodie that you took last week, that’s your present, Happy Birthday to the love of my life.
  • You must be a Wi-Fi, because with you I have the best connection, Happy Birthday Sweetheart

Hilarious Ways to Say Happy Birthday To Your Best Friend

Best Friends are forever, they know all your secrets and will always have your back. Here’s how to wish them a happy birthday in a funny way.

  •  Eat all you can today, because soon you will have no teeth, happy birthday Bestie!
  • Dear Best friend, You don’t need to hide your age to the rest of the world anymore, Happy Birthday!

Funny Ways To Say Happy Birthday To Your Friends

Friends make our lives colorful, we all need friends as they are important in life’s journey. Here are some wishes to make your friends laugh on their birthday.

  • You don’t look a day over 50! Enjoy your old age ???? Happy Birthday, Buddy!
  • On your birthday, make cakes and not war, I wish you a Happy Birthday!

Funny Birthday Wish For A Co-worker

Our co-workers help ease the tension at work, here is how to make your co-worker crack up.

  • I am glad to have a co-worker who makes sure I don’t get enough to eat at lunch. Happy birthday!

Funny Birthday Message For Your Boss

Here is a Hilarious way to wish your employer or manager a happy birthday. Warning: Be sure he has a great sense of humor.

  • Happy Birthday boss, may your happiness be like the Unending Staff Meetings
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