30 Relationship This or That Questions for Couples

Relationship this or that questions for couples are questions that enable couples to know more about each other, as well as create avenues for much deeper conversations onwards. For couples who are still getting to know each other, this or that questions give you an idea about the kind of person your partner is; while for couples who are already married, this or that questions enable them to realize certain things about their partner that may hitherto have been overlooked or missed out on.

This or that questions for couples can also be a part of games that can be played at couple retreats, couples therapy/counseling, date night games…E.T.C. We have chronicled 30 relationship this or that questions for couples to help strengthen connections, catch a glimpse of each other’s minds, as well as spark conversations. For a wholesome experience in a this or that question game for couples, there are tips to put into consideration.

30 Relationship This or That Questions for Couples
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Tips For Relationship This Or That Questions For Couples

To enjoy your this or that questions with your partner, here are some helpful tips

  • Make it interactive. Do not do all the asking. You and your partner can take turns asking each other the questions
  • You or your partner must choose an option. It is part of the rules. However, if your partner is hesitant to answer, do not force him/her
  • Do not ask sensitive questions that can brew quarrels. Avoid questions that are borne out of deliberate mischief. Do not judge your partner by their choices or responses
  • Adhere to the theme of the game by choosing an option, do not reply “none” or “I don’t know” or “I am not sure” or “maybe/it depends”
  • Choose a comfortable time to ask the questions. Do not ask the questions in the heat of an argument
  • Make the questions fun and interesting. Do not focus on uptight questions that could create a tense mood, the aim of this or that questions for couples is to improve communication between couples and not create tension

This Or That Couple Questions

This or that couple questions are fun and interesting questions that help provide either random or important knowledge about a spouse that can come in handy in the future. With this or that questions, couples get to know their partner’s choices, values, and go-to options, as well as better their relationship. By presenting your partner with two interesting options, you get to learn more about your spouse’s decision-making abilities. Here are some worthy examples of this or that questions you can try out with your spouse:

1. Cuddles or massages?

Your spouse may prefer to be massaged rather than cuddle or maybe it is the other way round. Well, this question will let you know what they prefer, as well as let you know if you should massage your partner or cuddle them more often.

2. Bungalows or Duplex?

If you both are planning of moving house or owning your own home, this question will give you an idea of the type of home your partner prefers, as well as open room for a discussion on compromise in case your choices do not align.

3. Given the same paycheck, would you rather work from home or work in the field?

With the advent of remote work technology, which has been made increasingly popular by the Covid-19 pandemic, most people prefer to work from home if their job allows it, while some others would rather go to work the typical way. Find out which category your spouse falls into. This question will help you figure out how your partner intends to handle spending time in your relationship.

4. An Apple or An Android phone?

There is a seeming rivalry between users of Apple gadgets and Android gadgets, with users partaking in hilarious superiority debates on which gadget technology supersedes the other on social media. Find out which gadget clique your spouse belongs to. This will also give you gadget gift ideas for your partner.

5. Broadway theatre or West End theatre?

Broadway is American while West End is British. For a lover of the performing arts, this question is very valid. Find out which of these famous theatre companies is their preferred choice just in case you want to purchase surprise tickets to a show.

6. Puppies or kittens?

Baby dogs or baby cats? If your spouse is a lover of animals, especially if the choice falls for both dogs and cats, this question will reveal which of these animals he/she loves the most. If you both plan to be pet parents soon or you intend to surprise your partner with a pet, this is the right time to know what to get.

7. Do you prefer home-cooked meals or takeouts?

The typical answer would be home-cooked meals, however, your spouse may beg to differ and choose takeouts, especially if he or she doesn’t like to cook. This question is also important if you both have busy work schedules.

8. For a fun night, would you rather go to a club or go to the cinema for a late-night movie?

What is your partner’s idea of fun on a night out? This question makes it easy for you to find out ways you and your partner can make the most of a date night together.

9. Winter or summertime?

Some people love the cold, while some others love the warmth of the sun, which category does your partner fall into as weather and seasons are known to affect a lot of people and their romantic relationships.

10. Movies or TV series?

Does your partner prefer to stay hours binge-watching TV shows or would rather just watch a movie? This question gives you an idea of what you and your partner should focus on when you want to relax together.

11. Live in Ancient Egypt or Ancient Rome?

Both are famous historic cities, your partner’s choice will tell you their knowledge of history, as well as give an insight into his or her personality.

12. Ebooks or audiobooks?

Reading the books or having the books being read to him/her, which one will your partner prefer?

13. Riches or beauty?

Would your partner rather be the most beautiful/handsome person in the world or be the richest person in the world? Gauge your partner’s choice of vanity.

14. Be a bully or be bullied?

This is a tricky question that will throw light on your partner’s personality. Would he/she rather be a bully or be bullied? However, this is a pretty difficult question. Your partner’s response could be influenced by past experiences too.

15. Be a host or guest?

Does your partner like to visit people or he/she would prefer to be visited by others? His choice will let you know if guests are welcomed or not, especially if you both are married.

Yes Or No Questions For Couples

Yes or no questions are questions that provide direct answers. If you desire to get direct answers about certain things from your spouse, yes or no questions are your best bet. They are also very convenient for both the person asking and the respondent because there is no beating about the bush or having a hard time figuring out the best way to reply. The answer to any of the questions is either a yes or a no which is a golden rule and should be maintained as such. Here are some interesting examples:

16. Do you consider yourself to be a very honest person?

A person usually knows if he/she is an honest person or not. This question should be very easy although your partner may not admit that they are not very honest. So this question will typically get a “Yes”.

17. Do you have very mean family members?

Because yes or no questions are meant to either be a yes or no, this question will let you know if your partner has mean family members or not. This is an important question for couples that are still courting as it will give you an idea of the kind of family you will experience.

18. Have you ever been bullied?

Most people have been bullied at some point in their childhood years, find out if your partner has ever been bullied and if he/she has, then it is time for healing, especially if those past experiences are affecting the present.

19. Will you choose fame over wealth?

Fame doesn’t always mean wealth and a wealthy person may not be famous. Which one is more important to your partner? You can ask them to explain their response afterward.

20. Is cheating enough grounds for a divorce?

This is a very serious question for a couple, especially if they are yet to be married. Not only does this question give you an idea of what your partner thinks about cheating, but it also gives room for deeper conversations.

21. Can you marry your sibling’s ex?

You are most likely to get a “No” as a response because your partner is not likely to tell you they will ever consider marrying their sibling’s ex.

22. Do you trust easily?

This is a straightforward question that should get a straightforward yes or no without hitches. Trust is a very vital part of relationships and if your partner’s answer is “No” then it is time for a more serious conversation.

23. Can you go a year without having sex?

Some people can go only a few days without having sex while others can go for months. Which category does your partner fall into? Either way, your partner is most likely to say “Yes” if you both are in a long-distance relationship to reassure you of their fidelity.

24. Have you ever kissed a stranger?

This is a worthy question but you are most likely to get a “No” for an answer because your partner may not want to admit to ever kissing a stranger if they have.

25. Are you afraid of sleeping alone in a dark room?

Some people prefer sleeping with the lights off while others would rather leave the lights on for reasons best known to them which may or may not be out of fear.

26. Can money buy love?

Most people think money can’t buy love, but your spouse may beg to differ or may concur. However, you are most likely to get a “No” as a response.

27. Do you have an insecurity about any part of your body?

This question will help you find out, as well as open doors for deeper conversations.

28. Have you ever cheated during a school test?

This could bring back sweet or sour memories as your spouse may choose to take you down memory lane after giving you a reply.

29. Have you ever been involved in a street fight?

If you suspect that your partner has ever been in a street fight, this straightforward yes or no question will suffice. You can ask for a rundown of how it happened if you get an affirmative response.

30. Do you want to die sleeping in my arms?

This is a perfect question for couples. It is top on the list of yes or no questions for couples as it will give you somewhat of a review of how deep you and your partner’s bond is.

Benefits of This or that/yes or no questions

Relationship this or that/yes or no questions help couples know more about each other and have a better idea of the kind of life choices they are likely to make. Here are some benefits to note:

  • Quell awkward silences: Sometimes there are uneasy awkward silences between couples, this or that/yes or no questions can improve such situations
  • Provide information: This or that/yes or no questions provide information about your partner that could be hitherto unknown to you
  • Revive boring conversations: When you feel like the conversation is becoming boring, revive the conversation with this or that questions
  • Improve bonding: This or that/yes or no questions provide an avenue for bonding. In the process of playing, you may find out that you and your partner’s choices align and this gives you both something to bond over.
  • Create honest deeper conversations: This or that/yes or no questions create avenues for couples to have some deep conversations. For example, if your partner affirms that he has mean relatives, you both should talk about it and figure out how to manage the relatives so they do not affect your relationship/marriage.
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