35 Random Questions to Ask A Girl You Just Met

Random questions are prompting questions that are used to initiate a conversation with someone, for instance, a girl you just met. While most relationships start with random questions, and some end up sounding awkward, going through engaging random questions to ask a girl gives room for a relaxed mind to start a proper conversation. In a bid to create random questions that will completely keep a girl you just met busy for a while, we grouped them into four different categories.

Depending on what you have in mind before engaging her in a conversation, go through the suggestions below and enjoy your conversation.

First Questions to Ask a Girl You Just Met

So, you just met each other and you are wondering the type of questions to ask to ensure that the conversation runs smoothly. Here are some suggestions;

1. What do you like to do in your spare time?

It may seem obvious, but getting someone to speak about themselves is the simplest approach to connecting with them. Inquire about their hobbies and interests; do you love sports, art, spending time outdoors, reading, or dancing? Maybe you’ll discover things you both love doing, so if the conversation flows well, it may be a good sign. Don’t be thrown off if she is not yet giving in to the conversation, as this is a girl you just met.

2. What is the most fascinating thing about you?

Discovering anything intriguing about someone that would not normally come up in a casual conversation is a wonderful approach to getting to know them. You’ve just learned about their interests; now ask whether they’ve ever had the opportunity to do anything out of the ordinary, such as appear on television. At this point, she gets to come into the conversational circle, and you are gradually finding your way. Do well to also tell her fascinating things about yourself. This will give her the impression that you are not interrogating her.

3. Do you have any good jokes?

This is one of the best random questions to ask her in order to keep her in a good mood. If they can tell you about something that made them laugh, you’ll get an idea of their sense of humor right away. Furthermore, laughing together at a silly ‘dad joke’ is yet another method to melt the ice and make her feel more at ease with you in a conversation. To keep a conversational flow, you can try to make a joke from the fascinating things about yourself.

4. What do you want to learn or wish you could be good at?

This is a subset of the more general question, ‘What are your dreams and aspirations?” Learning about something they have been longing to know or practice elevates the conversation to a higher level. This is where you start to get a sense of the real personality of the girl. You may be lucky to find out she wishes she knew how to play the guitar, and that is what you can teach.

Offering her a free guitar class brings the conversation to another level. Then get to know what she can also teach you. By this, you will definitely have another day with her.

5. What upsets you the most?

Everybody has a personal gripe. Discuss the things that irritate you. Inquire about her problems. Are they typically relaxed and easygoing, or are they tight and quickly stressed? Finding out each other’s pet peeves may help you have a deeper understanding of some of the things that make her angry in order to develop an approach to start avoiding such sides with each other right away. At this point, don’t make the mistake of joking about those things that get her upset.

6. Will you prefer to…?

This is one of the random questions that are a good go-to, especially if you’re meeting for the first time. They are excellent icebreaker questions, may be addressed by both of you, and can be as superficial, profound, or ridiculous as you like. Will you prefer a… Should I go to the beach or the mountain ranges? Would you like to spend the rest of your life just sipping coffee or soda? Are you getting stranded on a roller coaster or getting extremely disoriented at a big theme park?

7. What is your best place on the planet?

Is there a preferred vacation spot for you? Is there a fantastic hiking path hidden beyond the river that you’re aware of? Is there a hidden location where you can rest, chill, and escape the world? These questions provide people with a window into our ‘happy zone’ and enable them to observe what kinds of surroundings make us feel most like ourselves.

8. What are some of the things you are proud of?

Aside from their modesty, are they proud of their accomplishments? Do they call their mum as soon as they find out about a new job? Inquire as to the judgments they have made that they are actually pleased with. When’s the last time they were recognized? This will assist you in determining some of the things they actually cherish, as well as some of the things they have worked really hard for.

9. Who are the people who mean the most to you?

Inquire about her siblings, best friends, grandparents, or even their pets. Pay close attention to how someone talks about other people to get a sense of their personality. This question also reveals who has had the greatest influence on your date’s life and has helped mold them into the person they are now.

Random Funny Questions to Ask a Girl

Because humor brings people together, asking amusing questions allows you to get to know the people in your life in a new way. We get closer when we laugh together and share stories. Because coming up with the best questions to ask on the spur of the moment isn’t always simple, let’s look at some of the best ones for the girl you just met.

10. Have you ever given advice that you later saw as one of the worst pieces of advice ever?

The question spurs some kind of humor and a smile on her face. It helps you take her back to telling you a bit of her past that you wouldn’t have known. The question can be redirected as you’ve undoubtedly given some bad advice to someone in the past. Though unknowingly, how do you feel when you realize it? Relate your own part of the experience, this will help you gain her attention.

11. Assuming you are allowed to have a fake name, what will it be?

Many individuals have dreamt of adopting a fictitious identity. Perhaps they fantasized about becoming a superspy or a renowned actress. In any case, coming up with a creative, humorous name is likely to be one of the more interesting aspects of this scenario. This is one of the random questions that have the ability to drive a conversation to another level. You can use the funny question to drive her into the world of fantasy, exploring fictional characters.

12. How Many Rats Can Kill A Lion?

It is an intriguing (but completely random) question. To be honest, rats can be cruel… But how many would be required? A lion would most likely be able to compete with at least a thousand rats. The main aim of the question is to make her relax and still keep the conversation going. The funny question can extend to exploring such comparisons to other animals. This sure will make for an interesting conversation between the two of you.

13. If you have the opportunity to appoint someone as president of the internet, who would that be, and what would be your reason?

Although the aim is to throw out a funny question, you are indirectly keeping her in charge. The funniest aspect of the question will definitely go to the worst candidate for the appointment. Choose the best time for the appointment because it allows the two of you to think about a specific topic. Then you can divert the conversation to the best websites or even talk about dating sites you are familiar with. Then observe her personal opinions about websites and how she evaluates their contributions to the development of the internet.

14. Do you prefer to drive a tank or submarine?

Tanks are unquestionably amazing, but are they really that different from cars? Yes, little automobiles can be squashed like pancakes. Submarines, on the other hand, get to go underwater! Have a little childish, funny discussion, picturing a popular cartoon character like ‘Superman’ before asking the question. Take the discussion to childhood cartoons that really introduced impossibilities.

Study her reactions to know if she likes cartoon characters. At this point, you get to observe if she is giving a patronizing smile over your joke, and don’t hesitate to switch to another.

15. What crime will you likely get arrested for if you are detained?

The question is most likely to get an answer like ‘Nothing,’ since no good girl will like to be detained. You then have to expound the question, ‘But would you get arrested for exposure to indecent clothes?’ speeding? and disturbing the peace?’ The question helps you get to know the things that are unlawful that she really wants to be allowed to do.

16. Have you ever been thrown out in public?

If she answers yes, there’s most likely an extremely amusing tale behind it. This question is sure to elicit an entertaining anecdote. Be patient enough with her experience, as this may even be her worst public humiliating experience. To keep the conversation going, share your experiences with her. It will make her feel more relaxed if she can be sincere with her words.

17. What is the funniest text message you have received?

There are so many ways a text message can be hilarious. Get to know if she has had such an experience and in what form it happened. To some people, receiving a wrong message or a message meant for another person is very funny. Most girls find a breakup text from a guy they don’t like very hilarious.

This can even get you a discussion about her experience in her past relationship. If that goes through, it will undoubtedly provide a hint as to how to properly win her heart.

18. What is the funniest belief you had as a kid?

This is one of the most random and amusing questions you can ask a girl you just met. Take her back to her childhood beliefs and explore them using this question. Having a vivid imagination is the best part of being a child. These profound yet amusing questions might tell a lot about how a person saw the world as a youngster.

Random Questions to Ask a Girl to Make Her Laugh

Check out these random questions to ask a girl if you’re seeking a method to break the ice. These questions are meant to lighten her mood and encourage her to open up and tell those humorous anecdotes that will give you something to laugh about.

19. What is the worst Halloween outfit you have ever worn?

Most young girls have had one or two bad experiences with their Halloween costumes. Most of the time, the humiliating aspect of the costume is the fun part of the experience. Taking a girl you just met through a humorous question about Halloween helps in building conversation.

 20. Can you recall your worst date?

The worst experiences on a date for young girls are embarrassing at the time of occurrence but funny when remembered. The question gives her the opportunity to smile over some of her embarrassing moments in life. Since the question demands proper explanations, you have earned her time for a conversation. Don’t persuade her into going into detail if she doesn’t feel like sharing the story with you. But the fact remains that if she wants something with you, she will definitely spill it out.

21. Do you really think your zodiac sign is correct?

Some people really believe their zodiac signs are accurate representations of the characters and traits they exhibit. It is really funny when the zodiac sign gives a totally opposite picture of one’s personality. When you throw that funny question at a girl you just met, you have succeeded in bringing up a very funny conversational topic.

22. What will your next action be if a dog speaks to you?

It is obvious that humans have a way of communicating with dogs. You can spice up your conversation with the funny question of knowing how she will react if a dog starts talking back to her. After the question, you will not get a reply until she is done laughing over her imagination of what it will look like.

From this funny environment, the conversation can then explore other aspects of imagination. This will enable you to get the best of her during your conversation.

23. If you are allowed to be invisible for one hour, what next will you do?

This is one of the fun random questions to ask a girl you just met. The question helps her think of so many different answers. It also boosts the level of joy and laughter in your chat with her. You can help out with funny suggestions for her, considering she doesn’t have enough time for an adventure.

24. What is the most innovative insult you can think of?

This question in a conversation with a girl you just met, helps you ascertain how creative she can be. She gets to come up with several suggestions. Help bring out some of these innovative suggestions in order to keep the fun going. This will also give you the chance to talk about something more important as she wakes up from having fun.

25. If you are offered an opportunity to choose a magical power, what power will you choose?

The question is perfect for a conversation with a girl you are just getting to know. It helps to brighten her mood and gives her a bit of a relaxed attitude towards having a conversation with you. To keep the ball rolling, you can contribute with a reply like this: “If I could select one magical power, it would be the ability to multiply myself. That way, I’d be able to do the assignment due tomorrow without having to miss my favorite TV program tonight.”

26. What song gets stuck in your head the most?

Every human being has one particular song that refuses to leave and keeps on playing in their head. Bringing such experience to a conversation with a girl you just met gives you an opportunity to have a humorous conversation with her. It definitely takes her mind back to her experiences on that, leaving her with a smile.

27. What’s the most awkward song on your current playlist?

You are having a conversation with a girl, and you need to bring a fun mood to the conversation. You can politely ask her if she loves music. She will definitely love it, as most young girls love music. Then ask her the question and see the surprise and fun look that will come from her smile. By this, you have achieved your desired aim of lightening her mood during your conversation.

Weird and Awkward Questions to Ask a Girl

These strange questions to ask a girl are a little out of the ordinary. There are also some really bizarre questions tossed in for good measure. I’m sure you’ll receive some fascinating responses to these questions, as well as some weird glances.

28. What if you could just alter its color? What color would be better?

This is a really broad subject with a lot of room for interpretation. Instead of running out of subjects for your conversation. You can simply hook her up with a question to consider items that are usually one or two colors and determine which color would be much superior. There are a lot of options for answering the question, and it would be more interesting if you gave suggestions.

29. What is the ugliest thing in your possession?

This is a fantastic ‘weird question to ask a lady.’ Odd, yet personal, without venturing into the scary weird. This should earn you a decent response, and don’t forget to ask follow-up questions! When asking a follow-up question, keep it in an interactive manner for it not to look like an interrogation. For her to open up means she is fully open to your conversation, so keep your weird questions interesting.

30. What is the worst thing you’ve observed somebody do on social media?

Whether it’s a misdirected friend, classmate, or even an elderly family member, there have been some major gaffes and humiliating moments on social media. You may now amuse each other by regaling yourselves with social media gaffes. It builds a bond even though the question sounds weird, and the funny aspect of it is good for the conversation.

31. What is the weirdest location you’ve discovered what you’ve been looking for?

This is one thing that happens most often when you actually can’t remember where you kept something. Taking it as an advantage to hold a conversation with a girl you just met is a way of making her feel free to discuss things with you. The question seems to remind her of some exciting adventures she’s had. You can as well share your own cool location. Luckily, you two may have the same choice.

32. Which language would you prefer to learn if you could learn how to speak it instantly?

Among all the random questions one can ask a girl he just met, this particular question is a bond builder. It allows you to know that the desired language is one she wishes she could speak. If you get lucky and you know how to speak the language, you will immediately create a bond. You can offer to teach her or pay a tutor that can teach her the language.

33. What product has surpassed your desires the most?

It’s an interesting question to ask, but it nearly seems like a survey. However, there’s a decent possibility you’ll learn about some outrageously cool stuff you can purchase. It gives both of you the opportunity to discuss products from different brands. To get the most out of her, take the discussion to female products like lipstick, lipgloss, hair, and others.

34. What aspect of life do individuals not value as much as they should?

This is a bit of a profound question, but we all struggle with a serious lack of appreciation, and it’s sometimes helpful to be reminded of that. You’ll also learn about the modest or underappreciated things she values.

35. When last did you pause to smell flowers?

Everyone has been urged to smell the roses at some point in their lives. But when was the last time any of you did that? With this question, you can find out. When you discover it has been a long time since the both of you smelled flowers, take her out to do that.


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