40 Brilliant Ways To Tell Someone You Love Them Without Making It Obvious

Saying I love you may sound easy but when it’s time to use the three words on someone, you will realize that they are actually hard to say. While this is not so for everyone as some people easily say the words without attaching deep meaning to them, some others may struggle with them, especially because of fear of rejection in the case of expressing your feelings to someone you love secretly. Notwithstanding, love is a vital part of every relationship but just in case you have issues with saying I love you, rejoice in the fact that there are several other ways of showing your love for that special person in your life.

Can You Show Someone You Love Them Without Actually Saying It?

The simple answer here is yes. You can totally express your feelings for someone without actually using the words I love you. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the importance of the words I love you in a relationship but the problem is, if you are not ready to say them, it becomes awkward. There is no doubt that using words to express your feelings is highly recommended but sometimes, in fact, most of the time, action speaks louder than voice.

Many people would prefer to be shown than be told you love them, after all, talk is cheap and anyone can say I love you but not everyone will pull all the stops to show you how much they love you. So, consider showing the person you secretly admire that you love him/her instead of using just words.

Other Than Saying I Love You, These Are Ways To Tell Someone You Love Them

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Letting someone know how much you love them is very important in any relationship but you don’t always have to use words, especially if that relationship has not been defined. It can be as simple as a love note you dropped in their lunch box or pocket/wallet, in all, just be creative and don’t restrict yourself to the traditional I love you.

1. Write love letters or notes and leave them in strategic places

No matter how old you are, getting a love letter from someone you care about, or someone you didn’t know had feelings for you, should lift your spirit. The note should be brief with summarised facts about how much they mean to you. This will definitely bring a smile to the receiver’s face.

2. Pay attention when he/she is talking or venting

There is nothing more annoying than talking to someone and realizing they weren’t really listening. To show someone how much you care, chose to listen when he/she is talking to you and participate in the conversation by contributing your ideas. This shows you care about them and your body language during this conversation also conveys the fact that they mean a lot to you.

3. Get a personalized gift for the person

Going out of your way to present a special gift makes all the difference. Instead of just getting him a wrist watch or any other jewelry, you can add a personal touch to it by customizing the item with a unique inscription. Additionally, you can go for their favorite color or brand in any gift item you choose. This makes it obvious you have been paying attention and that you deeply care about their happiness.

4. You can give him/her a treat with a spa day at home

No matter how tough they claim to be, everyone loves to be pampered every now and then. When you surprise someone with a treat in a spa or just bring the spa home to them, it’s enough proof you love them. We live in a world where everyone is busy making a living that people often forget to take care of their bodies, so help that special person in your life with a spa day at home.

5. A simple how are you doing can do the trick

Beyond random how are you routine questions, you can connect with someone by asking about specific things in their lives. Perhaps they are going through some difficult time at work or life in general, like dealing with a new job or failed contract, whatever the case may be, you can show how much you love the person by asking how they are coping and offer to help when necessary.

6. Make a habit of asking if they got home safe

In addition to asking how life is treating that person you care about, you can also show your love by asking the simple did you get home safe question. This is particularly necessary when you two go out together or you know he/she went somewhere and you randomly call to know if the trip was safe. This definitely screams I love you! and they will be glad that someone is looking out for them.

7. Take a minute to tell the person how much you appreciate them in your life

A simple thank you for… (mention a particular thing or things they do for you) would go a long way to show someone how much you love them. We often take our loved ones for granted, thus, saying thank you every once in a while goes beyond just saying, “I love you”

8. Emojis and GIFs to the rescue

Don’t underestimate the power of emojis when you need to convey a message love without using the three words. There are many GIFs and emojis that portray emotions and feelings, ranging from kisses, hugs, cuddles, and loving smiles. These are all you need to communicate your feelings while texting.

9. Blow them a kiss while saying goodbye

This is one of the best ways to declare your intentions of coming out of the friend zone if you guys are not an item yet. Instead of just saying goodbye, blow a kiss, which will also convey the message that you are harboring feelings for the person.

10. Send a treat or flowers when they least expect it

You don’t need to wait for anniversaries to do this. If you are trying to find ways to express your feelings to someone without using words, sending a bunch of flowers to them at their workplace is a nice place to start. You can equally send gifts, chocolates, or a lunchbox to the workplace to surprise them.

11. Read them a love poem

Whether you wrote it yourself or not, be sure the poem passes the right message you want to convey. Love poems help a lot when you need other ways to express your feelings other than saying I love you.

12. Send a love song to them

Maybe you are chatting and you randomly drop a love song with suggestive lyrics in the chat. Also, you can send a love song before retiring for the night to show you are thinking about them.

13. Find a perfect pet name for the person

It can be funny or charming but a nickname is a sweet way to tell someone you love them without using the actual words for that. Be sure to chose a name that resonates with the person or something unique to the two of you.

14. Set up a candlelit dinner

There is nothing as romantic as a candlelit dinner for two, a lot of emotions go into setting it up as the one you did it for will surely notice. It can be set up at home or their favourite spot but make sure the environment is serene.

15. Hold their hand

Before you make a habit of this, be sure to watch how they react to the gesture, especially if it’s done in public. Not everyone likes public displays of affection. However, PDAs often mean you only see the person among many others.

16. Be there for them when they fall sick

A sick person needs all the love and care they can get and if you want to show you love someone, taking care of them when they are sick is a good start. You can bring them soup in bed or run a few errands for them. It is also important that you call to know how they are doing until they get better.

17. Remember little details about them

Those details we wave aside as insignificant leave a significant impression when you use them to impress someone. It can be as simple as remembering the way they prefer their coffee, their favorite food, or the bar they like to hang out in. Taking note of these things conveys the message that you really care about the person.

18. Give them a pleasant surprise

It can be a surprise party or just something pleasant which they were not expecting from you. Perhaps they have been craving for a particular thing and you just bring it to them without any warning. This says a lot about the way you feel about this person.

19. Send an affirmation card

Daily affirmations are important in life and if you send someone an affirmation card, it shows you care about their wellbeing. Sending an affirmation card means you want them to prosper and be healthy inside out.

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20. Forehead kiss can help

If you are still trying to leave the friend zone, occasional forehead kisses will surely announce your intentions. The kisses also show you adore and respect this person.

21. Telling the person “you have been on my mind all day”

Clearly, anyone who spends the whole day thinking about you at every given opportunity loves you. While saying this, be ready for the conversation to get long and sweet. You have to follow it up with sweet reasons why you thought about them all day.

22. Through Random Sweet Text Messages

Just dropping a brief message to know how they are and maybe add a few lines about how you cherish the person is a nice way to share your feelings if you don’t want to say I love you. This might come across as simple but the impact is usually worth it.

23. Be supportive of their dreams and efforts

When you are that person’s loudest cheerleader, you don’t really need words to tell them how much you care. Perhaps they have an ongoing project to which you can apply your skills to help, don’t hesitate to do this as it won’t just lessen their burden, it also conveys the message of love. In all, support the aspirations of that person you care about and help them in any way possible.

24. Lighten their burden during tough times

If you can tell that something is bothering him/her, ask specific questions to help the person to open up but don’t force it. Also, help with finding solutions to the problems without condemning their actions.

25. Celebrate their milestones and cry with them when the situation calls for it

Don’t be that friend who is only available when it’s time to celebrate. Rejoice with them when something good happens but always make yourself available and offer your shoulder when the person is passing through a hard time.

26. Shower them with adorable praises

Don’t underestimate the power of telling someone how adorable they are. You will not just make their day but chances are they will think of you often and smile, which makes it a nice way to say I love you without actually making it obvious.

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27. Call them endearing, cute and sweet names

If you want that person to know you love them without saying it, using endearing terms like sweety, babe, honey, and others, would send the message across. These words have deep effects on people, especially when they are coming from someone they admire.

28. Tell them something that made you think about them

When you give someone a hint that they have been on your mind, you are indirectly saying your thoughts are filled with them which translates to love. The person might also start harboring fun memories of you, knowing they have a special place in your mind. You can also make references to things that reminded you of the person, like a character from a TV show or film.

29. Confide in them

When you share your deepest concerns with someone, it shows you hold them in high esteem. Show the person how much they mean to you by sharing your secrets with them and asking for their opinion on matters before making a decision, this is an easy way to express that feeling of love burning in your heart for them.

30. Be their ride or die

To show you love someone without saying the words, always have their back no matter the situation. Love shouldn’t come with conditions, thus, you shouldn’t select the times to support them and when to turn your back. As much as possible be a robust support system for that person, someone they feel free to turn to for help.

31. Do something special on their birthday

It can be a surprise party, breakfast in bed, or take them somewhere they have been longing to go. This is proof that you have been paying attention to things about the person and you care enough to go the extra mile to make them happy.

32. Start and end the day with them

Distance shouldn’t be a barrier as this can be done by calling the person in the morning to wish them a great day and later in the night, you can call to inquire how their day went and wish them sweet dreams. This may not be necessary on a daily basis but let it happen often.

33. Prolonged hugs

When you wrap your arms around someone and let it linger, you send off love vibes. Likewise, a hug that lasts longer than a second could be sending the message that you have feelings for the person. But, remember to pay attention to how they react to this display of affection.

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34. Spend quality time with them

We live in a busy world where people hardly find a reason to relax with friends. Thus, anyone who grabs any opportunity to hang out with you, go for a long walk, or picnic with you is trying to tell you something.

36. Do the things they love

Not that you will abandon your ways for theirs but there are certain things you can join the person in doing that will show you care. If they love to be pampered, give it to them, you can also cook their favourite dish sometimes, go to their favorite game or hang out at their favorite places.

37. Call them at work just to check up on them

Asking someone how they are doing is a perfect way to say you love them, especially when it is done at strategic periods. A call in the middle of the day might just be what that person needs to relieve the accumulated stress on their shoulders. You can say you have been thinking about them and wanted to know how they are doing.

38. Give them a Valentine fortune cookie

Fortune cookies are the best when it comes to indirectly conveying your feelings. You can hide love notes in the cookies to incite emotions in the reader. Messages like “a secret admirer is in your life” or “the love of your life is right in front of you” would suggest many things, as well as convey your message of love.

39. Pick fresh flowers for them

More than just going to the flower shop to get a bunch of roses, you can pick them by yourself and present the natural symbol of love to that person you cherish. This is definitely a heartwarming gesture you can’t go wrong with.

40. Don’t hesitate to apologize when you are wrong

This goes a long way to say you cherish your relationship with the person more than anything else, including proving you are right all the time. Even when you might be right, don’t push it but still apologize if necessary to keep the love alive.

What Else Can You Say Instead Of I Love You?

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There are a thousand and one ways to express your feelings to someone you love and one of the most important is the use of words. Nevertheless, saying I love you has become a cliché and not everyone wants to sound common when expressing their feelings. Also, some people struggle to blurt out the words I love you and if you are one of those folks, you may find the alternatives to those words easier to say. Below is a list of other things to say instead of I love you.

  • I can’t imagine a day without seeing your beautiful face
  • You complete me
  • I Can’t live without you
  • Being with you makes me feel special
  • Thinking of you brightens me up with a smile
  • I’m the luckiest person in the world because you are mine
  • I wake up every morning with thoughts about you
  • You are my world
  • I appreciate you in my life
  • You mean the world to me
  • My heart beats for you
  • Being with you feels like home
  • You make me feel safe
  • When i’m with you, it feels like electricity sparks
  • I’m crazy about you
  • When you look at me like that I get nervous
  • I miss you too much when we are not together


What are the signs that portray true love?

Where there is true love, you can easily see happiness, reciprocity, unconditional support, effort, selflessness, attention, and sacrifice.

When is the right time to say I love you?

To be sincere, there is no one-size-fits-all for confessing love in a relationship. Three months might be enough for some while others wait longer or even say it before three months. The important thing, however, is to ensure the words are coming from the heart before you say them. Only say I love you when you are convinced in your heart that you do.

How can you tell someone you love them without saying I love you?

The most important thing to take note of here is that actions speak louder than voice. Show them you care about them in any possible way. Support their dreams and endeavors and be there for them through thick and thin.

How do I know if someone I love secretly loves me back?

There are signs that can help with that and they can be detected if you observe the person, especially the way they react when you are around them. Do you often catch them starring, trying to do things the way you do them, getting close to you, and laughing at your jokes even when they are not funny? They might be into you.

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