40 Good Get to Know you Questions for Kids

Get to know you questions for kids are simple and straight to the point questions you can use to converse with kids to know them better. Many have argued that such questions are not necessary for kids, but you will be surprised at how much goes on in the heads of these little ones.

The selections below are simple, straightforward, and would encourage any kid to open up and pour out some of their very vivid imaginations. It would also enable you to know the kind of things that occupy the kid’s mind. Most often, adults get really taken aback by how kids say the most interesting and sometimes unimaginable things.

Fun Get to Know you Questions for Kids

These first set of questions are just to give you a general idea of how the kid’s mind works. Beyond that, these are easy to imagine questions that are bound to loosen a kid up and make them open up to you. Feel free to answer some of these questions yourself to give the kid a better idea of what you want to hear from them.

1. What song makes you feel like dancing?

The way a child reacts to songs is very different from how an adult would, so if a song makes a child want to dance, it’s probably because the song sounds good to the child. Find out what song equals dancing for them and why they love that specific song over all the other songs. It could be from their favorite cartoon or from daddy’s stereo.

2. Can you count the stars in the sky?

Sounds like a wild goose chase but this is something that most children think of doing. So asking is one way to know if the kid has ever studied the sky and had some thoughts about the number of stars in the sky. Watch for their reaction, the really adventurous kid would want to give it a try.

3. What food can you eat every day for the rest of your life?

Get to Know you Questions for Kids

Children love to eat food but there is often that one food that they prefer above all the other foods mummy prepares at home. This most often turns out to be their favorite food. Ask them to tell you why they love this food and whether they can prepare it.

4. If a genie visits you, what would you wish for?

Start by asking the child if they believe genies are real. Then ask what they would wish for if one was standing in front of them at that moment. Remind them that a genie can grant any wish at all. Then find out why they want the genie to do what they described. Who knows, it might be something you can help them achieve after all.

5. What does a cow say?

This might sound very easy but remember that the kid learned a lot of animal sounds in school. This question will tell you how well they remember what they learned in school or what they heard on tv.

6. If you had a secret hideout, what would you hide there?

Most kids often have a secret hiding place at home that they often go to when they want to play. These hideouts also contain some of their very valued possessions. Ask the child what they would love to hide in their secret hideout and why they want that thing hidden.

7. Can you describe the color green without saying green?

That’s right, sometimes a child’s senses are stimulated by the things they see. If you asked a child to describe green without saying green, most often, the word leaf comes to play. However, some kids will shock you with even more vivid descriptions of things that remind them of the color green.

8. Would you be angry if mommy ate your chocolates and candy?

Chocolate and sweets are things most children prefer not to share. So if you end up eating a child’s chocolate, be ready to have them cry about it. However, when it’s a cherished person like mommy, their reactions might differ depending on how old they are. Go ahead and ask to find out how much the kid loves his mom or is willing to share.

9. Would you rather sleep during the day and play at night?

Children’s minds work in the funniest way at times. With a question like this, you get to find out how the child’s mind works especially if they have often been forced to go to bed early when they still want to play. Have them describe how the change of routine will happen and whether they will go to school at night too.

10. If you could rename a pineapple, what would you call it?

You’ll sometimes hear kids asking why a thing is called this or that. Start by asking what they think about the name pineapple. Then give the kid an opportunity to rename a pineapple and listen to what they come up with. This will tell you how creative they are with words and give the kid an opportunity to express themselves.

School Get to Know you Questions for Kids

A good deal of a kid’s life revolves around their school activities and the things they learn there. For this reason, it makes sense that questions about school will give you a lot of insight into a child. The questions below will not only help you know the kid better but will also tell you how much they enjoy their time in school and the kind of company they keep there.

11. Who is your favorite teacher in school?

Every kid has a favorite teacher. It could be because the teacher is nice to them or because they protect them from bullies or even because they get treats from the said teacher. Find out why this teacher is their best and then ask them to describe him or her.

12. What is your least favorite subject in school?

Some subjects give kids a very tough time in school and often make them want to skip school. Ask the kid what subject they dislike the most and why. This will help any parent find solutions especially if the kid has been flunking the subject.

13. What period would you skip if you could?

While many would expect this to be a hard subject, you may be surprised at what the answer is. Depending on the kid’s temperament, his age, and the kind of company he keeps, some kids prefer to skip the break, PE, and library periods. Between subjects and extracurriculars this question should tell you what aspect of the school is the most fun for the kid.

14. Who is your best friend in school?

You definitely want to know who your kid’s best friend in school is. This will give an idea about the kind of people they hang out with. Remember that the kind of friends they keep will have a lot of impact on their characters and behavior in the long run. You want to make to get a description of some of the things they do with this best friend.

15. Who do you often share your lunch with at school?

While many will expect the answer here to be their best friend, you may be surprised to find that it is not. Find out who they share with and then ask why they share with this person and whether the person shares their own lunch too. Their answer could reveal more than they know to a discerning adult.

16. If you were the head of your school for one day, what would you have everyone do?

You will have a field day with this one. Start by asking if they would ever want to be in charge of their whole school. If they say yes, then ask what they would change if they were in charge for just one day. This will open your eyes to either the flaws they notice in school, the dreams they have, or even how far their imaginations can go.

17. Who is the naughtiest person in your class?

Every class has a naughty gang. These are the kids that often create the most disturbance and distract the others. Ask them who the naughtiest is so in their class and why they think this person is naughty. Go further to ask if they think they can ever be friends with the naughty kid.

18. What book did your teacher read to you in school today?

This is simply a test of how much attention your kid pays in class and how well they remember things. Asking what book was read would be the simple part, also ask them to tell you what they remember about the story that was read. Then ask what they learned from it to ensure that they exercise their cognitive abilities.

19. Have you ever gotten into trouble in school?

The essence of asking your kid if they have ever gotten into trouble in school is often not because you don’t know they have been in trouble. It is to test how well they open up to you. Go right ahead and ask what they did that got them in trouble and see whether they admit to the mistakes they made. Their answer will tell you whether you have work to do or not.

20. Are there bullies in your school?

Most often, bullies do not admit that they are bullies in school. Still, go ahead and ask the question and give the kid the opportunity to prove you wrong. If you know for a fact that the child is a bully, have them describe any trouble incident they have been involved in and use it to point out facts to them and teach them to do better. At the end of this, ask them to ask their classmates what they think he/she is a bully.

General Get to Know You Questions for Kids

These are questions of basic everyday life that most kids should know the answer to. The essence here is to help you understand how capable a child is or what they are likely to be able to do in cases of emergency. This will tell you how much a child knows about the happenings at home and how responsibilities are handled by their parents. Their answers whether yes or no in each case can equally help them be more curious.

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21. What is your father’s name?

Simple as it sounds, you’ll find that a lot of kids do not know their parents’ names because they often call them Mommy and daddy. Ask the kid to give their father’s full name. This will ensure that in cases of emergency, or if the kid ever finds themselves alone, they can give necessary info regarding who their parents are. This also tells you if the kid has been paying attention to little details at home.

22. What does your mother do for a living?

Most kids often think their mother’s job is to stay home, cook, and take care of them. While this is true in some ways, it is also a half-truth because most women are no longer just housewives. This question will tell you how much the child knows about how the home is taken care of and what their mother does after dropping them off at school. This will also tell you how much information a child can supply about their family in cases of emergency.

23. Do you attend the same school as all your siblings?

This would be very easy to answer if all the kids attend the same school. If the answer is no, however, go further to ask about the name of the school their other siblings attend and whether they know why they are not in the same school as their siblings.

24. Do you have a pet?

Children love pets and are often eager to get one. The answer to this question will tell you the kind of family the kid comes from, but go further and ask how the name of their pet and how they care for it. This will help you understand their home routines and how capable they are especially if they care for their pets themselves.

25. Do you help mommy out in the kitchen?

While some kids are always around their mothers ready and willing to help out with the chores, some other kids would rather be out in the open playing with friends and a lot more prefer to just be in their rooms. The answer to this question will tell you how close a child is to their mother but will also tell you how perceptive they are at their age to understand that mommy needs help and to offer it.

26. If your favorite toy could hear you, what would you say to it?

Children often get very attached to their favorite toys. In some cases, you will hear them having very serious conversations with the toy. Asking a child to tell you what they would say to their toy if it could hear them is just like asking them to share their secrets with you. So start by sharing yours and then let them share theirs. This will reveal some of the things they think of as important.

27. Do you like ice cream?

What child doesn’t like ice cream right? Well, the essence of this question is to know how different a child is. If most children love ice cream, it stands to reason that one who does not love ice cream is different. Find out why they do not like it and ask what they would rather have in place of ice cream. This will help you know what to get that kid next time you want to give them a treat.

28. If you could be any animal, which animal would you choose?

The fact that a lot of what we wish for as children never actually happen has not stopped any child from making wishes. Start by asking them if they would rather be an animal and then ask what animal they would like to be. Also, find out why want to be that animal and then educate them on anything they do not know about the animal. But be careful not to shatter their childish imaginations in the process.

29. What is your favorite color?

Colors are intriguing to kids and as such, when a child loves a particular color, you will find that they want whatever you buy for them to be in that color. For this reason, it is often clear what a child’s favorite color is. But still, go ahead and ask to know if they recognize it themselves. If the child is aware of what their favorite color is, they likely also understand why they have a lot of clothes and toys in that color.

30. What do you dream of at night?

The essence of this question is to know how much attention to detail a child has because even adults a lot of people do not remember their dreams once they wake up. So if a child can describe to you what they dream about in good detail, they definitely have a good memory.

Intuitive Get to Know you Questions for Kids

As you ask these questions, don’t be scared to let the child exercise their minds and stretch their imaginations. Give them plenty of time to explain exactly what they mean and as much as you can, try not to supply the words to them, let them come up with it themselves. The essence is to see how far their imaginations go and the values they have at their age.

Get to Know you Questions for Kids

31. What is your favorite joke?

This question requires a good deal of narration and as such, it will tell you how well the kid can describe events or tell a story. Start by asking what their favorite joke is and where they heard it. Then listen to them tell you the joke in their own way.

32. What superpower would you like to have?

Most children who watch cartoons often have a favorite superhero who they wish they had his powers. Ask what this superpower is and why they want it. Then ask them to give you details of what they would use it for. Pay close attention to whether the superpower is from a hero or from a villain. If it is from a villain, try to understand why they feel that strongly for a supposed bad character.

33. Why do we wear clothes?

As simple as the answer to this question is, it is not that obvious to children. How a kid answers this question will tell you how developed their sense of reasoning is and how much they know about life in general. You can start by asking if they can go to school naked.

34. What will you change about yourself?

This might sound deep for an adult but children might give you simple answers that pertain particularly to their looks, their hairstyle, and general things around the house. The answer will help you know better what a kid thinks of himself and the people around him.

35. Who is your favorite, mommy or daddy?

The phrases daddy’s girl and mummy’s boy do not exist for things. Most kids have a favorite parent and this begins mostly when they are still very little. It is not a cause for any form of segregation but is borne out of who plays bad cop and good cop among the parents. Let’s face it, kids do not like people who discipline them. This question will tell you who the more disciplined parent is.

36. If you had a lot of money, what would spend it on?

This question will tell help you better understand the kind of things a kid values and what he thinks about being wealthy. Ask if they want to be very rich when they grow up. Then ask what they would do if they had all that money now. Bear in mind that some of the answers might include buying a lot of toys for themselves and their friends.

37. What do you like most about yourself?

This question will help you know what a kid thinks about themself. One may not go as far as saying it would expose any esteem issue but it can tell you the direction their thoughts are leaning towards regarding their looks and their life in general.

38. Can you keep a secret?

We all know that kids can mostly not keep a secret. Asking kids this question will make them feel important especially when they believe you want to confide in them. Whatever their answer is, test it by asking them to tell you a secret they know.

39. What do you want to be when you grow up?

This is a must-ask question for every kid because while it is good to guide and direct their career paths, it is also important to listen to the things they think they want to be. This will help you know how to steer them to achieve what they want to become especially if it is a good one. Be careful not to squash the confidence they have in their ability to be what they want to be.

40. Who is your favorite superhero?

Superheroes may not exist in real life but they certainly play very big roles in shaping the minds and thoughts of children today. Find out what superhero your child loves the most and why.


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