45 Funny Questions for Couples

Whether as a conversation starter, game night questions, or for couple therapy, funny questions for couples are worthy questions that set the ball rolling for interesting and hilarious responses and conversations. Routine or regular conversations may become boring and the charm of day-to-day chit-chat between couples may wear off from years of living together, especially for married people. One way to defeat the boredom and create a spark in your relationship is to ask your spouse/partner some funny questions.

Additionally, if you are a game master for a couples game hang out or retreat, and you looking for the best ways to kick things off, asking couples funny questions about themselves or their relationship is a great way to start. When couples laugh together or laugh over the same things, they tend to build better bonds because humor creates wholesome connections.

Funny questions help couples ease tense situations as well as explore their partner’s sense of humor. We have carefully curated 45 interesting funny questions for couples that you can ask your partner especially if you are trying to get to know them or if you are a game master trying to organize a wonderful game time for couples.

Fun Questions for Married Couples Game

Marriage requires keeping the flames of passion alive by all wholesome means necessary. To keep the fun fresh in your marriage whether for freshly married couples or couples who have a couple of years in their marriage belt, be it at a wedding reception, couples game night, or a private bonding date night, here are some fun game questions for married couples you can try out to figure out just how much you and your spouse know each other.

The following questions are better asked by a game moderator or the game master during couple or wedding games.

1. Who is your spouse’s favorite cousin?

It may be easier to ask about a favorite sibling, but asking about a spouse’s favorite cousin, makes it all the more fun. This question is most suitably asked during couple games by a moderator with each spouse responding about their partner.

2. How was your first fight resolved?

Talking about how a first fight was resolved can bring up fond memories especially if it was resolved romantically—for example, if a first fight was resolved over a candlelight dinner or a surprise gift package. This is a funny question because most first fights between couples are usually over petty or trivial issues. This could cause a hilarious trip down memory lane.

3. Who farts the loudest?

This is top on the list of fun questions for married couples’ games. This is a question that is sure to elicit a lot of laughter and a slight embarrassment but it serves its purpose of being a funny question. So, who farts the loudest?

4. How many hours does your spouse sleep?

This is a very fun question to ask during a game for married couples. Asking a wife or a husband or having each of them take turns to answer how many hours their spouse sleeps, is one way to make them laugh, and then try to figure out if they count how many hours their partner sleeps.

5. Who throws the most tantrums? 

Most people believe that wives throw more tantrums than their husbands but it may not always be the case. Both of them may think the other throws more tantrums thus making it a funny question as the couple may spend a little time arguing about who the most tantrum person partner is and perhaps ending up throwing some tantrums.

6. What movie does your mother-in-law remind you of?

Since there is a plant called the Mother in law’s tongue, then there just might be a movie that reminds you of your mother-in-law. Have each spouse mention one movie they think reminds them of their mother-in-law. The answers are sure to be hilarious. However, this could also be a sensitive question, so it’s best for the couple to realize that it is just for fun and not a means for disrespect.

7. Who apologizes first after a fight?

Every couple has a partner who is usually the first to apologize after a fight no matter how difficult it is. Even if they both apologize, there must be a particular partner that is more often than not, the first to apologize.

8. When was the first time you considered a divorce?

Almost if not all married people have at some point in time in their marriage considered divorcing their spouse. This question is for both the husband and wife. They can further be asked their reasons for considering the divorce.

9. Do you have a favorite out of your kids?

For couples who have children, this is a very interesting and fun question because most parents tend to have a favorite child although they may not admit it. The answer might be a yes, a no, or a “not exactly.”

10. What song best describes your marriage?

There are certain songs a husband or a wife will listen to and it will remind them of their spouse and by extension their marriage. Most married people have a song or songs that describe their marriage.

11. Which movie character best describes your spouse?

This could be a very easy question, especially for movie lovers. There is certainly a movie character that they think resembles or best describes their spouse. This question is sure to get funny and interesting answers.

12. Would you rather kiss your wife for $200, or kiss the best-looking person you know for $1000

This question is a very funny trap. It’s best directed to the husband although he has to be very smart with his answer because if he chooses to kiss his wife for $200, he is indirectly saying his wife is not the best-looking person he knows and that’s a hilarious problem.

Fun Questions for New Couples

For newlyweds, some fun questions can be asked especially during wedding receptions, bridal showers, or bachelor’s eve that can throw more light on the fresh union.

13. When did you make up your mind to get married to your partner?

Apart from the day of the proposal, people usually decide to marry their partner long before asking or answering the “Will you marry me question.” Asking a couple when they decided to marry each other is a very good question for newlyweds. Can be asked at a bridal shower or a bachelor’s eve.

14. Where did you both share your first kiss?

If you want to enjoy a romantic tale, this fun question is one if your best bets. Asking newlyweds about the location they shared their first kiss may lead to them sharing more kisses after their response and that itself is fun.

15. Who was the first person you told about your partner?

It could be their parents, a sibling, a friend or even a colleague at work, or perhaps even a stranger on a bus. This is a very fun question.

16. What annoys you the most about your partner?

Everyone has something about their significant other that really annoys them. It could be something very significant or a petty reason, but whatever it may be, it is worth asking and also worth knowing for newlyweds

17. What did your partner wear on your first date together?

This is top on the list of fun questions to ask newlyweds, especially for the husband. Though, most women tend to remember what their husband wore on their first date, Some men might recall what their partner wore on their first date, some may not recall, but a husband who recalls what his wife wore on their very first date, has a very good memory.

18. Who made the first sexual move?

Another fun question for newlyweds is asking who made the first sexual move. If this question is asked to several couples, it could provide survey information for research topics on who usually makes the first sexual move between a man and a woman in a relationship.

19. How many times did you and your partner make up and break up?

Almost every couple who finally got married to each other must have broken up or separated at least once during the course of dating/courtship. Relationships are not always all rosy, but even roses have thorns. Some couples may have lost count of the number of times they broke up and made up.

20. What hairstyle suits your partner the most?

Most people know what hairstyle suits their partner and bring out the best of their looks the most, except they have not been paying attention.

21. If your partner could be a celebrity, who will they choose?

A husband or a wife usually knows the celebrity their partner wishes to be or have their life. This is a fun question that reveals how much a husband/wife knows about their partner’s personality.

22. What is your partner’s favorite perfume?

A very simple and easy question for newlyweds that most couples will have an answer to.

23. What is your partner’s bra size?

This is one of the funny questions for couples a newlywed husband should be asked about his wife. A lot of husbands may not be able to answer the question correctly or may give hilarious answers.

Fun Get to Know You Questions for Couples

Couples learn about each other every day, no matter how long they have been together. Whether you are engaged, married, or still in courtship, there are still some things about your partner that you may not know about. The following questions are best asked by one partner to the other, either at a date night game, during regular conversations, or when cozying up together and bonding.

24. Who was your childhood crush?

In getting to know your partner, asking who their childhood crush is, is not out of place. Most people, if not every person, must have had a crush on at least one person during their childhood years.

25. When was the first time you got drunk?

Except your partner is a teetotaler, a person who doesn’t drink alcohol, he or she is most likely to have gotten drunk at least once. It is important to ask your partner this question as well as find out how he/she handled their drunken episode. This is one of the funny questions for couples that can be asked, because the response may end up being very hilarious.

26. How will you describe your first ever kiss?

You are most likely not the first person your partner has ever kissed. So, relax and feel free to ask this question. Chances are, your partner will describe it as not so beautiful or may have a rather funny story to tell about their first kiss.

27. Do you believe in miracles?

This is a yes or no fun question. After your spouse/partner gives you a response, you can ask them to give you their reasons for their response.

28. What is your idea of a perfect meal?

This question is important for couples who are getting to know each other because food and feeding are integral parts of a good relationship or marriage. Knowing your partner’s idea of a perfect meal also gives you ideas on one of the ways to pamper your spouse and what types of restaurants to take them to dine in.

29. What one thing will you never change about us?

This is an important question because it will give you an idea of what your partner loves and adores about your relationship or marriage. This is a fun question because it will give way for a more intimate conversation for a satisfying experience.

30. What weird smells do you like?

Some people love the smell of new money notes, some others love the smell of rain on dust. Which weird smell does your partner like? Their answer may blow your mind.

31. What superstitions do you believe in?

There are a lot of superstitious beliefs and your partner may just believe in one or many of them. Some may be hilarious, some may be scary.

32. How compatible do you think our zodiac signs are?

If you and your partner are enthusiastic about Zodiac signs, this is a very fun question to ask because it will open up further discussions about your relationship and the roles your Zodiac signs play in the health is your relationship.

33. How bad is my morning breath?

Before you ask this question, be sure you are ready for the answer. Your morning breath may actually be very bad and your partner may have just been enduring it. Either way, it is a funny question to ask, and do not take your partner’s response to heart just in case the response is not favorable.

34. Have you ever held in a fart around me? 

Most people are very conscious of their bodily emissions around their partner. Some people would rather hold in a fart for hours around their partner, others do not mind farting around their partner. Either ways, you need to find out if your partner holds in their farts around you.

Fun Road Trip Questions for Couples

Whether it is a trip out of town to the countryside or a trip across the country, road trips can be long, exhausting, and perhaps boring. But it can be made a lot better if you have your spouse/lover with you on the road trip.

There are certain types of questions that can be asked during a road trip that will increase wanderlust, thus enriching the travel experience. So, whether it is just you and your spouse or a group of couples on a road trip together, here are a few worthy questions to make the journey fun and interesting.

35. Between a priest and a nun, who will you offer a lift?

Although a priest and a nun are both religious people, your spouse may prefer to offer a lift to one and not the other. Feel free to ask them their reasons for their choice.

36. If you have to choose to listen to only one singer throughout this road trip, who will it be?

Listening to music is very important during road trips because it lightens the mood and keeps the energy levels up. Most people listen to several songs from different artists, but if they had to choose just one artist and only their songs, which artist will it be?

37.  If the vehicle breaks down in a land occupied by zombies, how will you escape?

Zombies only exist in movies and books. However, most people have imagined themselves in a sticky zombie situation while watching zombie movies. For a road trip, this is an interesting question to ask as it will help ease the stress of the trip as well as get the imagination to work.

38. Where did you dream of running away to as a child?

Almost everyone wanted to run away from home at some point during their childhood, especially during their teenage years. One of the best times to ask your spouse about the places they dreamt of running away to as a child, is on a road trip because it will give them the “mojo” they need to talk about it.

39. What is your favorite city in the world?

Almost every person has a favorite city. If you are on a road trip with your partner, it is a good opportunity to ask them about their favorite city in the world.

40. What is your favorite street food?

Travelers on a road trip are lucky to have a taste of a variety of street food as traveling gives you an opportunity to sample several types of street food. This question is a very fun question and it gives you an idea of the places your spouse has visited.

41. If you are stuck on an island alone without Internet for one month, what will you miss the most?

Road trips allow your imaginations to wander untamed and as such a question like this comes in Very handy.

42. What makes you feel the most alive?

Everyone has something that makes them feel very alive, it could be traveling, it could be shopping, it could be clubbing. What makes your partner feel the most alive?

43. What fictional location will you love to live in?

Watching movies can make you fall in love with some fictional locations that many people daydream about living in. For example, quite a lot of viewers imagined living in Narnia from the Chronicles of Narnia, or bikini bottom from Sponge Bob. So, asking your spouse this question on a road trip is worth it. Who knows, they may just drive to the fictional location with their minds.

44. If you get stuck in the desert alone, what skills do you think you have to survive?

Survival skills like swimming and driving are quite popular with most people. However, how many people have the survival skills for a desert? Find out what hidden survival skills your partner has.

45. What is your idea of a perfect baecation?

Baecations (vacations with bae) are necessary for couples. It gives them a good opportunity to unwind, have fun, and fulfill fantasies. On a road trip, it is not out of place to ask your spouse what their idea of a perfect baecation is.

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Tips for Asking Funny Questions for Couples

Whether the questions are serving as ice breakers or truth or dare game questions, there are some important things to note in order to get the full benefits of funny questions for couples.

1. Humor: The questions must be fun and humorous because the main purpose is to elicit smiles and diffuse tension. So, make sure the questions are not in any way deliberately annoying.

2. Discretion:  If you are a game master moderating questions for couple games, you need to apply discretion on the kind of questions to ask. Do not ask questions that are too private as this can put the couple in an uncomfortable situation. As much as the questions have to be funny, they should not be ridiculous.

3. Prep the couple: If you are putting together funny questions for couples, or asking a newlywed couple questions, especially during their wedding reception, send them the list of questions you intend to ask to be sure they are comfortable with the questions before asking.

4. Have fun: if you are a wife or a husband, or a boyfriend/girlfriend, or a fiancee/fiance, who is asking your spouse funny questions, make sure to have a lot of fun with it and do not judge your spouse/partner by their answers or ridicule them for it. Prepare to answer the questions too because your partner may throw the question right back at you. Do not ask any trouble brewing questions.

To ask your partner funny questions or to ask a couple funny questions, is to create an avenue for fun and interesting conversations that are harmless and wholesome. Funny questions for couples are not intended to ridicule or malign a spouse or a couple.

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