50 Cool Book Club Names and Name Ideas

Book clubs are fantastic because they allow you to talk about the current book you’re reading with other people who share the same interests as you do. As such, you don’t have to irritate your uninterested friends and family members by describing every detail of a book plot anymore. More so, book worms have the liberty to choose from a wide range of book clubs out there as they are springing up all over the place – physical or online.

There is also the option of you starting your own book club and this article consists of creative and fun names to guide you in starting a book club. Feel free to use any of these names for your own book club, or modify them to fit the spirit of the group.

How To Choose A Book Club Name

A book club (sometimes known as a lending library) is a gathering of individuals who choose books to read and then come together to discuss them. However, it can be challenging to come up with a unique or catchy book club name to capture the theme of your group in a creative yet cute or humorous manner. This simply points to the fact that choosing a smart book club name is an art and you start by considering the people in your circle (or intended group) and their unique qualities. Do you share any key characteristics, such as a career, a geographic region, or a preference for a particular genre? If that’s the case, start there.

“Nursing Literacy” or “Vital Reads” would be good choices for a book club for nurses. Teachers might make wonderful characters in “The Overachievers” or “Saved By the Bell.” “The Book Nerds of Bolton Place,” for example, can be the name of a gathering of neighbors to underline their shared locality. The options are limitless.

However, if you don’t fit into one of the above-mentioned groups, there are names for all kinds of book clubs, from the boozy ones to those that read-only feminist stuff. In this article, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite witty book club names and one last piece of advice is for you to go for a memorable name that has a ring to it. Here are some ideas for you!

Funny Names For Book Clubs

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If you’re looking for some lighthearted and funny book club names, here is a list for you.

1. Between The Lines – this is a name that relates to the activity of looking for hidden meaning in literature, which is something that every book club member tries to accomplish.

2. Fiction Addiction – this is a funny name for a book club because it rhymes so well.

3. Flashlight Readers – is one of the cool names for a book club and it comes off as a casual name not uptight.

4. Get Lit – this is a hip moniker for a book club and it shows that the group members are fun-loving people.

5. Books & Books – this is another cool name for folks who can’t get enough books.

6. Rather be Reading – is one of the great names for a book club, especially if your members are all avid readers.

7. The Bookaholics – where ‘aholic’ refers to “someone obsessed with something,” therefore this is for bookworms!

8. The Bookworms – this name hits the nail on the head and it’s best for book lovers.

9. Cliffhanger – the term refers to a “dramatic and exciting finish that keeps the audience guessing.”

10. The Page Turners – this name which is used to describe very good books can also be a good name for a book club.

Clever Book Clubs Names

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If you’d rather go for clever names for your club, here are some ideas

11. A Novel Concept – this purports “a remarkable and original idea.”

12. Laser Eyes – is a very clever name that will make your book club stand out.

13. Hooked on Books – is a great name for a book group at the library.

14. Nerd Herd – this slang word for “someone who reads and studies a great deal” can also make a great name for a book club.

15. On The Same Page – the name signifies “in agreement” and it is perfect for a book club.

16. Overbooked – this name is good for individuals with an excessive number of books to finish per time.

17. Shelf Indulgence is a pun on the phrase “self-indulgent” and it perfectly describes a group of readers.

18. Witty Whitman – is a witty but smart name for book lovers.

19. Wordsworth By Nature – is a beautiful book club name for a group of readers.

20. Worms Of Words – is another fantastic term for bookworms.

21. Between the Covers – is a witty but very insightful book club name

22. Books Was Better – this is a fantastic book club name for proud readers.

23. On the Same Page – this is a book club name with a pun.

24. Read It and Weep – this is a name bound to draw the curious.

25. Textual Relations – this is, by all means, a sleek, witty and clever book club name.

Feminist Book Club Names

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Why not show your support for women’s rights with one of these feminist book club names?

26. The Austempowerment Book Club this name is clearly Jane Austen-inspired.

27. Emancipate Book Club – the term emancipation is a crucial term in the feminist lexicon.

28. Making Wollstonecraft Proud Book Club –  Mary Wollstonecraft has a long and illustrious feminist history, naming your book club after the writer will be remarkable.

29. Speak Up Book Club – this is an apt name since feminism’s main goal today is to assist women in speaking out against injustice.

30. More Than A Breath – this name signifies the importance of something/someone it will be suitable for a feminist book club.

31. The Reading Feminists – is a direct but fantastic name for a feminist book club.

32. The Book Sisters – Feminists all across the world have used the term “sisters” extensively, thus this name will ring a bell for any feminist reading group.

33. The Empowerment Book Club – Empowerment which means “giving power to the weak” is a term feminists can relate with and this makes the name great for any feminist-themed book club.

34. The Well-Read Women – is a great name for a feminist book group with sophisticated persons.

35. Feminists of Fiction – this is an apt but cool name for a feminist reading ladies group.

Literary Book Club Names

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For those who love to read anything from fiction to non-fiction and anything in between, here are some literary names to consider.

36. A Tale of Two Books – this is a name inspired by Charles Dickens’ ‘A Tale Of Two Cities.’

37. Due Date Book Club – due date is a deadline for returning a book to the library it will make a good book club name as it sends across the message that you don’t have the luxury of time to finish a book.

38. Hermione’s Army – this name is inspired by Hermione Granger who is one of the most famous fictional characters.

39. The Book of Pandora – is a name that is based on Greek mythology.

40. Pulp Fiction – for Tarantino fans, the term is fitting.

41. The Book Thieves – this is a name inspired by Marcus Zusak’s novel “The Book Thief.”

42. Byronic Heroes/Heroines – is inspired by Lord Byron an eighteenth-century poet.

43. The Hitchhikers Guide To The Library – this is inspired by a play on Douglas Adams’ classic “Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy,” and it is a fitting name for a book club.

Mom-Inspired Book Club Names

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44. Take a Break Book Club  – this name is ideal for moms who need to escape from home sometimes.

45. Peace ‘n’ Quiet – this is apt for moms who need time away from the noisy kids.

46. No Whining Allowed –  this is a fun name for a book club for nursing mothers.

47. Yes, Your Mother’s Book Club – this is an interesting name for a mothers-only book club.

Kids Book Club Names

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48. Storytime Tribe Book Club

49. Storybook Heroes Book Club

50. Happy Tales Book Club

Tips For Starting & Running A Successful Book Club

Book clubs have never been more popular than they are right now, thanks to Oprah’s Book Club and the cult following behind President Obama’s reading lists. So, whether you prefer a traditional meeting style or an online book club community, all your book club questions will be answered by the guide provided below which consist of the following tip:

Contact The Right Persons

Take time to think about the kind of people you want in your book club before you start sending out invites to everyone on your contact list. Begin by making a list of people you know who have a flair for reading.

At this beginning phase, you should also decide whether you want only a handful of persons or a large number. For a small group, you can simply invite people around you who share the same interests but if you seek to expand your reach, you could post about your new book club on social media, place a flyer on the bulletin board of your local library, or bookstore. For diversity, it is essential to invite people of all genders, ages, ethnicities, and sexual orientations.

Decide How You Will Meet

It is ideal to ensure that you set out some vital group guidelines to be sure that everyone is in sync. One of such is to decide how you will meet, that is whether the meeting will be more official or a more relaxed one in which people get to have drinks and snacks while they discuss.

Determine Your Reading List

Although it is obvious that a book club is focused on reading, it is necessary to outline the type of books you would like to read. This decision might be a little easier for book clubs created with a genre or theme in mind, like horror, history, or sci-fi, but for those who want to take a broader approach, it would be best to come up with a reading list or pattern before you start. It’s a little easier if your book club has a genre theme, such as sci-fi or horror.

If your book club falls on the bandwagon of those without a specific theme or genre in mind, you can decide to check out places like the New York Times bestsellers compilation to see what’s currently causing a stir in the literary world. Alternatively, if you and your book club members want to read some classics, check out the Goodreads Top 100 lists for ideas.

More so, it is necessary for you to determine how books will be read, whether you will follow through with an already prepared list. Or, the book club members will all take turns in choosing the books to read.

Decide When You’ll Meet

When it comes to meeting frequency, it can be tempting to try to meet up often at first. You will be initially excited and can’t wait to get your hands on the books when you kick start a book club but don’t be tempted at this point to fix meetings often. People tend to have busy schedules that won’t allow for daily or weekly meetings, so it’s best if you space the meetings to at least once or twice a month.

Find a Book Club Meeting Place

After you’ve found members, you’ll need to find a meeting location. This could be a neutral location, such as a bar, a coffee shop, or even a park, or it could be at someone’s house around the kitchen table.

If you prefer to meet in a public place, check ahead of time to make sure there is enough seating and privacy to conduct book club business. Look for places with rooftop space or long tables in allocated rooms when it comes to bars and restaurants.

More so, when it comes to choosing a location, if it’s just you and your close friends, you may gather in your own home or apartment, or set up a rotating system where everyone takes turns hosting. However, for large groups, a neutral public location, such as a library, community center, café, or bar, can be a better option. Also note, that your book club can always be held online which is actually in vogue now. You can do video chat meetings and even debate the book in a private social media space between meetings.

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