50 Good Who’s Most Likely To Questions

Who’s most likely to questions make up a game played between couples, families, or groups of friends who are quite familiar with one another. These questions are mostly asked to test the extent couples or friends know each other, but the most important aspect of the game is that it’s fun to play.

The idea is to have fun while telling your friends or partner what you think about them without hurting their feelings. Conveying your honest thoughts on certain things about your friend gets easier with the who’s most likely questions because it is a game. The next game night with friends and family doesn’t have to be boring, with everyone reaching for their smartphones. You can stir the mood up with some who’s most likely questions without hurting anyone’s feelings.

Funny Most Likely To Questions

Who’s most likely questions are supposed to be fun generally, and adding funny questions to the list raises the bars. The following samples will have everyone in stitches while playing the game.

1. Who is most likely to get arrested for harassing a police officer?

There is often a particular person in a group of friends whose goofiness is unrivaled, and they can go to any length to be silly, including harassing a cop on purpose. This question is perfect while playing with friends who know one another pretty well. There is a good chance that everyone will unanimously point out one friend.

2. Who is most likely to head for divorce less than a week into their marriage?

A group of friends might have that person who is unapologetically not cut out for marriage, and when they do get married, everyone would expect them to rush out of it. If you didn’t know you had that tendency, this question would get you schooled if your friends decide to call you out.

3. Who’s most likely to eat off the ground?

Apart from being ardent foodies, some people don’t care about hygiene when a good meal is at stake. While the foodie in the group will likely be called out, the lot might also fall on the one who is considered to be carefree enough to eat off the ground or even from the trash.

4. Who is most likely to buy something stupid with all their money?

Yes, some people are so addicted to shopping they can spend generously on a white elephant item just for the sake of it. This question will reveal the one with careless spending habits that can see them go broke in no time.

5. Who is most likely to be made into a meme?

That friend who is always fooling around and making funny faces is the most likely pick for everyone if this question is asked. The question will reveal who pulls the most antics in a group of friends or among siblings.

6. Who is most likely to be a wedding crasher?

Crashing a wedding means going to the event uninvited. People do it for a slew of reasons, including free food or other personal reasons. In all, you need to be into doing crazy and unconventional things to crash a wedding, especially if you don’t know the couple. Friends can easily point out the particular person who would be crazy enough to crash a wedding.

7. Who is most likely to look awkward in their yearbook photo?

Some people stand out in everything, and this time it’s not a compliment. Yearbook photos are one of the things you look back at to remember your youth, and even as an adult, with friends you didn’t attend school with, you can still fish out those folks who are most likely to have the most awkward yearbook photo.

8. Who is most likely to be spotted skinny dipping?

This question will fish out the craziest among friends or the slutty ones. That friend who is so proud of their physical endowments and always wants to show off or the one who has no shame in showing off their assets is likely to be called out for this.

9. Who is most likely to eat a big bowl of ice cream in one sitting?

Who is the foodie among you or the one with the sweet tooth? Let’s fish them out. Eating a small cup or plate of ice cream is perfectly normal, but a big bowl in one sitting can only be achieved by someone with nine stomachs, and they can easily be spotted in a group.

10. Who is most likely to have pizza for breakfast?

Not that pizza is a bad idea to start your day, but it is mainly considered when you feel lazy to cook. The lot here definitely falls on the person who always looks for the easy way out when it comes to food. Either they can’t cook or feel too lazy to make a simple breakfast.

Most Likely To Questions For Friends

The best way to bond as friends is to hang out whenever you can, and while at it, you can play some games, especially who is most likely to questions. These questions will not just reveal certain things you didn’t know about yourself and your pals but will also keep you entertained and happy.

11. Who is most likely to hook up with their friend’s partner?

A fun way to have fun with your friends, both males and females, this question targets the slut among friends or the person who doesn’t have a problem sneaking around with their friend’s man or woman. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that it’s just a game and not to be taken seriously.

12. Who is most likely to have the highest body count?

Playing with who is most likely to questions in a gathering of friends is bound to get crazy with questions like this. Who is the randy one among you or the flirt? It might be easy to point out the easygoing person, but you might be shocked if they are not the ones with the most body count. Sometimes appearance can be deceptive.

13. Who is most likely to set a world record?

This is a fun way of fishing out the genius among friends. The name on everybody’s lips would be the one considered to be very talented or intelligent, enough to break a world record or set a new one.

14. Who is most likely to become super-rich?

The potential richest person is not necessarily the most intelligent. That friend who has a good eye for different ways to make money and doesn’t hesitate to work hard for it is the most likely person to get rich. However, your group of friends might have other criteria to judge this.

15. Who is most likely to answer the phone if you call late at night?

The reason can range from being a night owl to being so reliable your friends can always count on you. This question will reveal that friend everyone can rely on to show up for them at any time of the day.

16. Who is most likely to win the Nobel Prize?

Of course, the genius among you will win this one as winning a Nobel Prize doesn’t come cheap. For your friends to think you are capable of such a milestone is something to be proud of.

17. Who is most likely to bring you soup when you’re sick?

The Mother Theresa among you cannot be hidden if this question comes up. This will fish out the friend who knows when you need them the most, and they show up without you asking for help. It will serve as an encouragement to the person as well.

18. Who is most likely to become a comedian?

Who is the clown among your friend? Such people can easily be spotted as they usually have everyone in stitches whenever they are around. Now will be a good time to tell them to try out stand-up comedy as a career.

19. Who is most likely to teach at their high school?

The bookworm is likely to carry the trophy for this one, but there may be other criteria you can use to point out the most likely person to become a teacher at your high school. Mode of dressing can be a reason to pick someone.

20. Who is most likely to open the dance floor at a party?

Most times, people are not in a hurry to get on the dance floor until it gets busy, but the dance freak wouldn’t mind. There is usually that person who can’t resist good music or loves to step, and everyone knows that.

Most Likely To Questions For Couples

Couple games are fun when you choose the right ones, and it doesn’t get any better than who is most likely questions. The game is one of the best couple games that shows just how much couples know each other. Who is most likely questions for couples can be asked during engagement parties, wedding reception, or just random game nights with your partner but a neutral person has to be involved to ask the questions.

21. Who is most likely to get angry over trivial reasons?

Between you and your partner, you should be able to say who tends to work themselves up over things that don’t matter. This question can enlighten the person if they are not already aware of this trait.

22. Who is most likely to turn up late for their wedding day?

Don’t be quick to drag the lady over this, as men also have that tendency to be late. Not necessarily because of makeup and wardrobe indecisions that women are known for, several other reasons can make you come late to your wedding day. Besides, some people have a natural inclination to show up late.

23. Who is most likely to as for a threesome?

As crazy as it sounds, couples would know who is most likely to yearn for a threesome in their relationship. This could be attributed to their high libido or just some superficial sexual fantasies that they have.

24. Who is most likely to carry their secrets to the grave?

You are likely to find a secretive partner in a relationship. They prefer to keep the finer details away from everyone, including their partner. If the one with the most secrets didn’t know they had that trait, they would find out soon.

25. Who is most likely to cry while watching a sad scene in a movie?

It wouldn’t be fair to assume it’s the lady. Men also cry, although they tend to put up a tough front most times. Between every couple, there is one who is softer than the other and has the tendency to get emotional while watching a movie, and that person doesn’t have to be a woman.

26. Who is most likely to get more speeding tickets?

This is like asking who is the fast and furious fan. They might not have a speeding ticket yet or probably just a few, but it is usually obvious they are most likely to be breaking traffic rules during a road trip.

27. Who is most likely to get entangled in a fling during a vacation?

There are times couples go on vacation without their partners, and anything can happen when they are away. While some people can vouch for their significant other to be on their best behavior when they are apart, there are those who don’t have much trust in their partner.

28. Who is most likely to get involved in a one-night stand?

It’s like asking who is the flirt between the two. Let’s know what your partner thinks about your moral tendencies or the lack of them through the answer to this question.

29. Who is most likely to be on a reality TV show?

Couples who know themselves well enough should be able to answer this straight and easily. There are certain talents that can set someone aside to the point of getting noticed for a reality show.

30. Who is most likely to keep a secret?

The taciturn one usually takes the cake for this question. It is usually assumed that people who talk less can take a secret to the grave, and on the other hand, the talkative is prone to easily reveal what would have been a secret.

Most Likely To Questions For Teens

Teenagers love to hang out a lot, and they also need to be engaged in meaningful activities at all times. Playing with most likely questions is a good way to kill time while having fun with your friends and equally get to know one another better.

31. Who is most likely to make it on the Guinness World Record?

The genius among you is likely to clinch the trophy for this one, but making the Guinness World Record doesn’t always require intelligence. There are many reasons one can be acknowledged by the Guinness World Record, so be guided in your answer to this most likely question. The best pick would be someone with outstanding skills.

32. Who is most likely to be crowned prom king or queen?

The most popular boy or girl in school usually gets the crown on prom night. As such, the answer here usually favors the popular ones or the ones with the best physical endowments in the group.

33. Who is most likely to forget their best friend’s birthday?

Many friendships start from childhood, but the best parts are usually felt as teenagers, and if you have known someone for a long time, their birthday should be imprinted in your mind. However, not everyone remembers things like birthdays, and this question will reveal who is guilty of this or has the tendency.

34. Who is most likely to be caught shoplifting?

Shoplifting is common among teenagers who often see it as fun, but not everyone tends to steal. However, if someone is called out for this, it doesn’t mean they are thieves, but they might have a way of sneaking around or are always drawn to vices.

35. Who is most likely to get a tattoo?

Teenagers are prone to peer pressure and are easily influenced to do things like ink their bodies. Notwithstanding, you can easily spot the most likely person to get a tattoo among them.

36. Who is most likely to have a crush on your sister/brother?

Spot the hopeless romantics with this question. For some friends, having a romantic interest or relationship with each other’s siblings is a line that shouldn’t be crossed, but sometimes you can’t help but fall when love calls.

37. Who is most likely to sleep in class?

Many people are guilty of this, but some raise the bars so high you can’t compete. For them, the teacher’s voice is like a lullaby, and if the class is their least favorite, then it’s nap time for them.

38. Who is most likely to eat their snacks in class?

Some people can’t wait for break time to descend on those goodies in their backpacks. This question calls them out.

39. Who is most likely to delay a school project until the last minute and still get an A+?

It’s like asking who the genius is, but besides that, not all geniuses intentionally delay their school projects. So, the person this question is looking to reveal is the unintentional genius, among others.

40. Who is most likely to wear a weird outfit to prom?

The person would have been dressing weird already, so everyone should expect the same on prom night. While most teenagers want to look their best for that special event, there are some who don’t care or want to use that opportunity to make a statement.

Most Likely To Questions For Siblings

A gathering of siblings can be fun if you spice it up by playing with these who is most likely questions. To make the most of it, there are specific questions considered suitable for a family setting, and we have some of the best here.

41. Who is most likely to have a lot of children?

This is not targeting the most fertile among siblings but the person who loves kids the most. The sibling who loves to be around kids or finds joy in taking care of everyone at home is most likely to be called here.

42. Who is most likely to become a successful businessperson?

It can be their talent in managing finances or small businesses from an early age. The potential of a future business guru is usually visible from childhood.

43. Who is most likely to remember everyone’s birthday and get a gift for them?

As people get older, remembering birthdays becomes more difficult as growing up comes with many responsibilities. However, you can still find people who value birthdays and go the extra mile to get a gift for the celebrant.

44. Who is most likely to embarrass you in front of your crush?

The lot falls on either the oldest sibling who likes to boss everyone around or the mischievous one who would intentionally embarrass you in front of your crush.

45. Who is most likely to care for you when you are sick?

There is always a deputy mom in the family, and gender has nothing to do with it. Aside from your mom, there may be a sibling who loves to take care of everyone’s needs in the family.

46. Who is most likely to borrow an item and forget to return it?

Sometimes it’s not forgetfulness, and they won’t return it. This question will expose the person who has the habit of borrowing things and not giving them back.

47. Who is most likely to hide a candy stash?

Not everyone loves to share their stuff, and definitely not kids when it comes to candies. However, this question is not just about exposing the sibling who is stingy with candy, but the one who loves candies enough to stash them away also gets the spotlight.

48. Who is most likely to make everyone laugh?

This is like asking who is the comedian in the family. Most families have one or two people who serve as the life of the party and make everyone laugh.

49. Who is most likely to make the tastiest dish?

Aside from your mom, whose food do you enjoy the most? Now will be the best time to celebrate the sibling who makes the tastiest meals for everyone in the family.

50. Who is most likely to have no kids?

Just like some would love to have as many kids as possible, you can also find people who don’t want to have anything to do with kids, or so it seems. The sibling you call may not know they give that impression of not wanting to have kids.


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