50 Good Would You Rather Questions for Couples

Would you rather questions for couples are an excellent way to start a discussion that gives room for couples to get to know each other better. These kinds of questions allow couples to express themselves by highlighting key areas on which their ideas are founded. Since the question comes with options, it makes the receiver think critically and elaborate on the option chosen, providing reasons for the option.

This question also encourages good listening abilities among couples. At a point in their lives, the questions get to be part of their fun lives. The game can be played in a variety of ways, like on a home date night, picnics, a restaurant date, lengthy car rides, or even over the phone.

Tips for Asking ‘Would You Rather Questions for Couples’ 

Would you rather questions is a popular and unique interactive game ideal for couples. It entails taking turns asking each other questions, with two options to be chosen from. The questions are aimed at investigating both your relationship and personal ambitions.

Before playing the would you rather questions game with your spouse, ensure to follow the tips provided below:

  • Avoid being distracted by anything, as this will eliminate the fun of the game.
  • Know your partner very well and avoid questions that would make things go sour.
  • When answering the question, express yourself no matter how bad it is, as it is also an avenue to initiate new things.
  • Be a good listener when your partner is asking or giving reasons for their choice of answers.
  • Never judge your partner with the response and always keep in mind that the reason for the question is to have fun with your partner.
  • Take turns throwing questions at each other.
  • Always compare, discuss why you chose your response, or share what you truly intended to say.

Deep Would You Rather Questions for Couples

Deep would you rather questions for couples helps lovers have a deeper knowledge and understanding of their spouse. It helps find out the hidden personality as well as the potential of their partner. The questions in this category aren’t just focused on your love life; they can also come from work, religion, sexuality, and many more. Below are the deep would you rather questions for couples to keep the fire burning:

1. Would you rather snitch on me for a crime I committed or go to jail for it?

In a relationship, everything shouldn’t just be centered on fun, but also on the realities of life. This question shows the extent to which one is selfless and can go for the love of their life. It also makes both parties understand the level of tolerance for crimes, and this makes them stay away from committing one.

2. Would you rather start with lots of foreplay or dive into the main play?

Sex lives are part of the bedrock of any relationship that will last. This question helps spice up the couple’s sex life, especially when they are experiencing hard times. Anyone answering the question can go on and state the areas that can be touched and the styles to get them in the mood.

3. Would you rather cheat on me and we get rich or stay faithful and we remain broke?

When it comes to love, sacrifices are made, especially for couples. This question is quite deep because it puts you on the edge. This shows you what your partner puts as their top priority in the relationship, whether it is love or material things. Whatever the answer is, it could make sense if it comes with a tangible reason.

4. Would you rather receive a love text or a sexy text?

Flirting with the love of your life shouldn’t be a big deal. You have to make the love burn with whatever you can bring. With this, you would know how to keep each other blushing and happy throughout the day.

5. Would you rather marry me and get controlled or be single with all freedom?

Getting controlled in this would you rather question doesn’t mean that you are about to become a slave. This would help the other party point out where you are not getting it right and put things in order.

6. Would you rather get up early or stay awake late?

Finding out your partner’s punctuality level is a thoughtful thing to do. This would help you know how to schedule your activities to suit their daily lives.

7. Would you rather make your partner happy with a white lie or tell the blunt truth?

As much as feelings matter, honesty still begets trust in every relationship. Though it is just a simple question, it is also a test of honesty and how far you can go for love. Whatever the answer is, it should come with facts to back it up.

8. Would you rather have me be super clingy or emotionally distant?

As much as everyone wants their partner close to them, there are people who find clingy partners annoying. With the answer to this question, you would know the category your partner falls into and act accordingly so that they won’t get tired of having you in their life.

9. Would you rather give up your night’s sleep and resolve an issue or go to sleep and resolve it in the morning?

Every strong relationship has its hard times, and how and when you choose to resolve issues matters a lot. This helps your partner know when to initiate an atmosphere of peace whenever there is an issue.

10. Would you rather receive a costly gift or a thoughtful gift? 

Gifting in every love life goes a long way to strengthen and spice up every couple’s love life. Making gift choices can be a daunting task if you don’t have a clear idea of what your partner wants in a gift. So, getting to know the category of the gift they want will ease this task and keep your love growing.

11. Would you rather have me split the bills while you work or pay in full while you take care of the home?

All that is required in asking and answering this question is understanding. It also requires a lot of thinking and consideration so that you won’t feel cheated in the future.

12. Would you rather have me as an atheist or religiously devoted?

Building a relationship should include things that are outside the box of love and fun. Having a clear vision of what your partner thinks about religion or belief is a big win. This helps you to avoid a future rift in a situation whereby your partner will have to change their belief.

Would You Rather Questions for Married Couples

Would you rather questions for married couples should involve activities in the home that you have been thinking of how to talk about? You can also add questions that are outside your marriage to make the atmosphere light. It should also be done with a lot of fun so as not to bore your partner out.

13. Would you rather be on top or below while making love?

Knowing your partner’s most preferred position while making love can make things get quite sweet. The answer can lead to more ideas that will spice up things in your sex life.

14. Would you rather have a dozen children or not be able to have any?

Most people see having children as a huge challenge that they will not be able to cope with. This makes you know your spouse’s take on the number of children they want or if they ever wish to have any.

15. Would you rather marry a rich spouse that doesn’t love you or marry a spouse that is poor with all the love in the world? 

This is a thoughtful question that requires lots of reasoning and facts to make your answer sensible. It keeps you on the edge, but you can scale through if your answer is smart enough and you know what you want for yourself.

16. Would you rather have me be funny or smart?

Though this question looks so simple, it also shows how smart you are. To answer the question, you have to be honest and should point out reasonable points to back up your answer.

17. Would you rather save my life or our son’s life?

Both parties should be mature enough to bring this question to the table. The answers to this question might get things messed up or show the extent of love in the home. Nevertheless, always remember that the rules of the game entail that answers should be honest and no one should be judged by them since it is all for fun.

18. Would you rather be dominating or submissive?

In marriages, one party is always dominating while the other is submissive, though the table turns at intervals. The answer also gives room to discuss how each other’s dominating and submissive natures are and make amends if the need arises.

19. Would you rather receive oral or give oral?

Sex is one of the building blocks to a successful marriage and knowing how to satisfy your partner counts. Having an idea of how one feels about sex stunts helps in making sex life sweeter.

20. Would you rather cuddle at night or in the morning?

Getting is very romantic, which makes every marriage the envy of everyone. This question makes room for one to get the perfect time to get things all cozy with their lover.

21. Would you rather be a couple everyone wants to make friends with or be jealous of?

Either of the answers sounds great but has more to it. It calls for more work and sacrifices from both partners to build a perfect home that everyone would wish for.

22.  Would you rather seek assistance or figure out solutions to issues yourself?

Though the both of you are married, you still have different personalities. Some partners prefer to solve problems on their own, while others prefer to seek assistance. However, you must show your support in any case. As this is the bedrock of a peaceful home and better understanding among couples.

23. Would you rather have a house with dozens of children or one with a few pets?

Most people find having children a huge task that they cannot cope with, while others do not mind if they have a house full of dozens of babies. Don’t be surprised when your spouse chooses pets over having children because they feel they can cope more with it.

24. Would you rather go on a picnic or an expensive dinner date?

Marriages shouldn’t be based on the daily activities within the home as they should include other outdoor fun activities. Having an idea of how your partner wants to spend his or her time adds flavor to him or her.

Hard Would You Rather Questions for Couples

Hard would you rather questions for couples can be both fun and also difficult to answer. It makes one think a bit harder so that they make a choice that they won’t regret. No matter what your partner’s response is, keep in mind that they did lots of brain work to get the answer on the table.

25. Would you rather have me snore or deal with silent gas in bed?

This question makes you sit in between two of your lover’s bad bed habits. You have to think of the one that you will have a high level of tolerance for. It is also a way couples get to find out about their high-tolerance habits, thereby looking for a way to manage them.

26. Would you rather have a great fall in public or a loud fart?

The two options fall under the most embarrassing events in the life of a person in public. Having a great fall will make many laugh at you, while some will show pity. A loud fart will make some laugh, while some will show their disgust. Whatever your answer is, be sure to take the shame that comes with it.

27. Would you rather die from a gunshot with no pain or from cancer with pains just to be with your loved ones for a while?

Staying away from your loved ones is quite painful, especially through death. Choosing a way to die is one of the most challenging tasks, especially when you know you are leaving lots of loved ones behind. Whatever it is, death is a natural event that cannot be avoided.

28. Would you rather kill many people with a nuclear bomb or have your only child killed?

This question comes with being selfish and selfless at the same time. It puts one in the middle of a drastic decision that needs a lot of consideration to take place.

29. Would you rather be a cheat or be cheated on?

Cheating in a relationship is one of the wreckers that leaves everyone in shambles. A certain level of maturity is needed with lots of reasoning before picking an answer. Ensure you stick to the rules.

30. Would you rather be successful apart or fail together?

Being in love has many sacrifices that come with it. This is such an icebreaker for clingy lovers as it would leave them with a heavy heart. But you have no option but to choose between the two and balance your love life as well.

31. Would you rather put your loved one to death over a painful illness or watch them live long in pain?

Though death is a natural phenomenon that is inevitable, it still hurts to see our loved ones go. Pain, on its part, is also something we wouldn’t wish for a loved one. So making a choice wouldn’t be that easy.

32. Would you rather receive a terrible gift on your birthday or get nothing?

As much as gifting is one of the things that is cherished by everyone, the type of gift matters a lot. Don’t get it twisted when your lover goes for the option of no gift instead of a terrible one, because not everyone can stand a terrible gift.

33. Would you rather die before your lover or after your lover?

You shouldn’t tag your lover as selfish if they wish for you to die before them because they have their reasons. Their reasons will make you realize that they are not selfish after all. Mind you, honesty is one of the key rules of the game, so you have to apply it always.

34. Would you rather prefer your partner with a bad breath or body odor?

Odors are always a total turn-off for a majority of people, irrespective of where they come from. To answer this question, you have to think of one that you can deal with.

35. Would you rather be trapped in a hunted house or a jungle?

No matter the answer that you go for, it comes with lots of horrors. So consider the horror that you could face before making choices.

36. Would you rather have someone hear you moan or watch you make love?

Making love is sacred, and no one would want their bed stunts to go public. This is one of the hardest would you rather questions for couples that will need a lot of thinking and consideration before you give an answer.

37. Would you rather die in 30 years with no regrets or die at 100 years with lots of regrets?

Living a fulfilled life isn’t measured in years, but the alternative of living longer is quite tempting. Have a great re-think before you state your answers and reasons.

Fun Would You Rather Questions for Couples

Fun would you rather questions for couples should come with lots of humor and critical thinking. It is a way of finding out more about the things that your partner finds fun doing.

38. Would you rather not bathe or brush your teeth for a week?

Wow, I bet you just put your lover in between a stinky week. Though both are out to make you go through a stinky week, go for the one you can deal with. Trust me, none of the options will be a good choice for the both of you.

39. Would you rather be attacked by a crocodile or a lion?

Going for either of the answers will eventually leave you injured or eaten. It is left for you to choose a better way to make it less painful.

40. Would you rather be a fish or an octopus?

It sounds so funny to make your lover pick between turning into either of the two animals. This would make the atmosphere of the day bright and fun.

41. Would you rather have a kiss for a good morning or a hug for a good morning?

Fun in a relationship isn’t all about things that make you laugh and tear up, it also comes from things you do to lighten a heavy mood. This helps you find out how they also wish to have more fun.

42. Would you rather play the romantic doctor or the sexy maid?

You are about to make her blush with this question. Know that whichever option she chooses will be a lot of fun.

43. Would you rather have a baboon as a pet or a kangaroo?

Having an image of these two wild animals as pets in your thoughts will make you tear up while laughing. Ensure you make a perfect choice, even as this is practically impossible.

44. Would you rather get a long-lasting kiss or a long-lasting cuddle on a sofa?

This is a fun way of hinting at how you want to have fun with your partner. While giving the answer, you can also provide some other ways that you wish to have fun with your lover.

45. Would you rather dance to slow music or a loud and wild disco?

Getting your music and dance steps right in a relationship is also an important way of spicing things up. While some want it slow, others might also want to go wild.

46. Would you rather share a sleeping bag or a blanket?

Since you are in a long-term relationship, getting the bed rules right is essential. This is just to find the spot for a fun night with your partner.

47. Would you rather attend a dance concert or music concert together?

Choosing how you want your hangout to be is more than fun. This will give you more insight on how to come up with more hangout ideas in the future.

48. Would you rather spend the day skydiving or hiking?

Going on a special sporting activity with your lover is another way to have fun. Having a knowledge of what they would like their sport to be is a lot of fun for you two.

49. Would you rather have a drab partner or a naughty partner?

Making a choice between a drab and a naughty partner shouldn’t be hard, but ensure to keep up with their attitude. Either of them will bore you out at a point, but don’t take it too seriously.

50. Would you rather have your partner wake up barking like a dog or meowing like a cat?

The thought of waking up like either of the animals will surely leave the recipient teary-eyed while laughing. If your partner is a pet lover, it won’t be that hard for them to make a choice from the options.


The following would you rather questions for couples come in handy if you wish to lighten a dull moment or boost a lagging conversation. Coming up with the question takes the least amount of effort and flows naturally if you listen and give honest answers. Get the atmosphere lit with these deep, hard, and fun questions.


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