60 Good Truth Or Dare Questions For Couples

Truth or Dare is a game that allows individuals to ask some pertinent truth-seeking and daring questions. The truth or dare game can be designed for couples with exciting questions that allows partners to ask truth-finding questions that they might be hitherto too shy or wary of asking.

This game is a great way to unwind, have fun and also learn more about your significant other. Truth or dare questions for couples are poised to help couples fan the sparks of romance and adventure in their relationship/marriage. Whether at a getaway, hangout, dinner date, or a leisure occasion, truth or dare questions help couples get an insight into the mind of their partner as well as create entertainment.

Truth or dare questions for couples are also great additions to wedding reception games, bridal showers, Couple retreats, Date Nights, and marriage counseling/couple therapy sessions. If you want to take a peek into the mind of your husband/wife, girlfriend/boyfriend, or lover, a truth or dare game is the easiest way to do so, especially if your partner is an introvert or a person of few words.

General Truth or Dare Game Rules

Truth or dare is a game that is guided by certain rules to ensure the players get the optimal fun from the game. Not to worry, unlike the 2018 Truth or Dare horror movie, the rules of a truth of dare game are harmless. Before you play a game of truth or dare, here are some basic rules you should know.

  • Because players are compelled to be truthful when answering the truth questions during the game, players must be open-minded and not judgemental.
  • Do not play a game of truth or dare for selfish purposes.
  • Safety is paramount, and as such, no harmful or dangerous dare questions. For example, do not dare your partner to drink bleach.
  • Set a convenient fine for when a player chooses not to answer a truth or dare. For example, a fine of 10 dollars if a player fails to do a dare or answer a question.
  • Truth or dare questions for couples should be positive and progressive. That is, couples should play only for happy reasons and not out of spite.
  • When there are more than two participants, spin a bottle to choose a player.
  • Dares cannot be changed to truths and vice versa.
  • You are only allowed to choose Truth twice, before a dare. That is, you must choose a day after you have chosen two truths.
  • Carefully select the truth or dare questions. Do not compel a person to do something ridiculously inappropriate.
  • Players should be considerate with their truth or dare questions.
  • Do not dare a person that is handicapped or physically challenged to do something they cannot handle.
  • Make sure all participants are comfortable with the game.
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Truth or Dare Couple Questions

Truth or dare couple questions spice things up for couples. If you are looking for interesting, fun, and worthwhile questions for you and your significant other, or do you want to curate a list of truth or dare questions for couples for a couples retreat or game night? Here are some worthy examples.

1. What is your wildest imagination?

Find out what goes on in the mind of your partner with this question since the rule of the game compels them to say the truth.

2. Unfollow your favorite celebrity on Instagram 

Dare your partner to unfollow their favorite celebrity on Instagram. You can ask them to unfollow for a particular period. Maybe for the rest of the day or a week if you want to be mischievous.

3. Have you ever gone a day without brushing your teeth?

Find out if your partner has ever gone a day without brushing their teeth. They are compelled to say the truth.

4. Pick up your phone and order a three-course meal

A dare in a truth or dare game is not meant to be very easy, however, a three-course meal will do more good than harm.

5. What is the worst sexual experience you have ever had?

This is a good way to find out what sexual fails your partner has encountered.

6. Sing your favorite song out loud

This is a perfect dare question for a partner who doesn’t enjoy singing for Dare questions are meant to stretch the player.

7. Have you ever faked an orgasm? If yes how many times?

A truth or dare game is probably one of the only perfect opportunities you can ever have to ask a question like this and get a truthful answer.

8. Call your friend and scream your partner’s name three times

This is a funny yet enjoyable dare. Have your partner call a friend of theirs and scream your name to their friend three times. For example, if your name is Joe, your partner should call their friend and scream; Joe! three times.

9. Have you ever snooped through your partner’s phone? If yes, how many times?

Find out if your significant other snoops through your phone when you are not aware.

10. Whisper nasty sexual words for one minute

A perfect dare for a fun couple. Have your partner whisper nasty sexual words for one minute and hear all the nasty words they have stored up in their mind.

11. Have you ever felt like you made a mistake getting into this relationship?

Brace up for the truth of this question. However, it is an important question that works well for truth or dare couple questions.

12. Sing your partner’s favorite song out loud

This is a fun activity for a truth or dare couple session.

13. What is the worst thing your partner has ever done to you? 

An important truth question for a truth or dare couple game session.

14. Post a recent loved up photo of you and your partner on Instagram

This should be a favorite dare question especially if your significant other is not very active on social media.

15. What is the best thing your partner has ever done to you?

Have your partner tell you the best thing you have done for them.


Relationship Truth or Dare Questions

For couples in the early stages of their relationship, long-distance relationships, or two people getting to know themselves more, the following relationship truth or dare questions for couples are worthwhile.

16. If you had a dollar for each time you have been mad at me, how much will you have?

Find out how annoying you have been to your partner with this question.

17. Use my photo as your profile picture for a week.

This is a very interesting dare question for a spouse that loves to keep their relationship private.

18. Is there any part of my body you wish you can change?

This truth question helps you find out your partner’s least favorite body part of yours.

19. Show me the content of the last email you received.

Although simple and stress-free, not recommended if you have trust issues.

20. What is the best thing about our relationship?

A perfect way to learn what your partner thinks of the relationship.

21. Say the first thing that attracted you to me

Find out what swept your partner’s feet about you.

22. What is the worst thing about our relationship?

Sometimes the truth can be better, brace up for it.

23. Text your friends and tell them we are having a baby.

If you want to know what your partner’s friends think of you, try this.

24. If you had the chance to make either me or your sibling a billionaire, who will you choose?

This is a tricky but interesting question you should try in your truth or dare session.

25. Use a pen/marker to write my name on your forehead 

This dare question is fun, you should try it.

26. Will you break up with me for a Billion dollars?

Our guess to this question is a Yes answer.

27. Say the password to your phone

This can be a pretty easy dare question.

28. Will you be with me if I lose one of my hands?

For most people, this question can be a sample true love test.

29. What song reminds you of our relationship?

Almost everyone has a song that reminds them of their relationship. Find out your partner’s.

30. Call your parent and inform them that you want to get married to me

If you want to find out how intentional or how serious your partner is about your relationship or their plans for the relationship, try this dare.

Romantic Truth or Dare Questions for Couples

Create spice and explore romantic adventures without having to travel anywhere with the following romantic truth or dare questions for you and your lover.

31. Create a love poem with your partner’s name

A romantic dare to spice up a truth or dare session. This can be the opening activity to set the tone for the rest of the game.

32. What turns you on about your partner?

Most couples appreciate the knowledge of what turns their partner on about them.

33. Caress your favorite part of your partner’s body for one minute.

Speaking of romance in a truth or dare game, this dare question is top on the list.

34. What is your dream Baecation destination?

This is one of the truth or dare questions for couples that must be asked.

35. Tell your partner what you have always wanted to tell them.

This is an opportunity to say all the sweet nothings and love words to your partner.

36. What is your favorite couple activity?

A good way to get a review of the relationship.

37. Freestyle rap about your relationship in 45 seconds.

This is where love and creativity intertwine.

38. What color do you think your partner looks best in?

The easiest way to know what color of outfits to wear around your lover.

39. Describe the first time you met your partner.

Reliving beautiful memories are therapeutic.

40. Will you kiss your partner if they haven’t brushed their teeth in a week?

This is a perfect “how deep is your love” truth or dare question for couples.

41. Write a 10-line love poem about your partner and post it on social media.

Time to get creative and romantic with some public display of poetic affection.

42. Will you miss an important work meeting to spend the day with your partner?

This is a romantic truth question that should not be forgotten.

43. Give your partner an erotic massage for two minutes.

Romantic truth or dare questions are incomplete without massages.

44. What are the things you can sacrifice for your relationship?

Time to lay your cards on the table.

45. Propose marriage to your partner.

The romantic truth or dare game session is incomplete without a marriage proposal dare. You can round up the game with this.

Truth or Dare Questions Over Text for Couples

For couples who are in a long-distance relationship, spending time apart, or simply trying to have some fun over the phone, truth or dare questions over text is a great way to fan the flames of your relationship.

46. Write a paragraph on how much you miss your partner.

Be very creative with your words so they can be felt over text.

47. Send the last photo in your phone gallery 

This is where sexy or romantic photos can come in very handy.

48. How often do you have dreams of your partner?

Especially for couples in a long-distance relationship, this question is very valid.

49. Describe your weirdest fetish

Time to forget about inhibitions and be as vivid and descriptive as possible.

50. Do you stalk your partner’s comment section on social media?

Moment of truth…yes or no?

51. Write an erotic story

Put your partner’s writing and sensual skills to the test with this dare.

52. What is your greatest fear about your relationship?

It is time to be vulnerable and share those fears.

53. Describe what You hate the most about your partner

This is a great opportunity to bare out your heart via text without making it awkward or creating tension.

54. On a scale of 1-10, how sexy is your partner?

Be very honest and patronizing too. You are not allowed to be brutally honest though.

55. Send the funniest meme you have ever seen.

Share something hilarious and make your partner laugh.

56. Is there any important information about you that your partner doesn’t know of?

Time to spill whatever beans that are yet to be spilled.

57. Send 100 dollars to your partner

This is a great way to get a cash gift from your partner and make use of it. It’s a dare, they will comply.

58. Would you rather be with your partner right now or win 1000 dollars.

See how much your partner misses you and their current priorities.

59. Send a photo of you with your tongue stuck out.

Try something naughty over text with your partner, truth or dare questions over text do not have to be boring.

60. What is the biggest lie you have ever told your partner?

This is a moment of truth question. Brace up for facts.

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