60 Spicy and Juicy Questions to Ask Your Friends When Bored

We talk to our friends every day and sometimes we may feel like we have run out of things to talk about and that is because we think that we have exhausted every available topic, and that is when boredom. However, that is not always the case. There are certain very interesting questions to ask your friends when you are bored and these questions can help cure your boredom, as well as show you that there are several things you and your friends are yet to talk about.

If you want to snap out of a boring day and you are at loss for what to talk to your friends about, we have the best spicy and juicy questions to ask your friends when you are bored, that range from funny and random to weird and deep. The following questions can be asked during a game night, a casual sleepover, gathering at a friend’s place, regular texting between friends, or in a group chat.

60 Spicy and Juicy Questions to Ask Your Friends When Bored
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Funny Questions to Ask Friends When Bored

Boredom is no respecter of persons and can catch up with you even when you least expect it. Here are some funny questions you can ask your friends whenever boredom knocks and you need to snap out of it and laugh over silly things.

1. Can you give me all your money?

If you are thinking of a funny question to ask your friends, this is a good way to start. You will most definitely get a No or a scoff but it is worth a try.

2. Are you also seeing the ghosts I see in your room?

If you plan to freak your friends out, then try this question. They may be confused at first but be sure to remind them that it’s just a joke.

3. Would you rather wake up as an anaconda or as your opposite sex?

Well, the answer to this question and the question itself are all funny, especially if your friends choose to be anacondas rather than their opposite sex.

4. What is your email password?

You are most definitely not going to get the right answer but it is a question to laugh over.

5. Why are you so in love with me?

A little self-importance is not bad. Although this question is funny, your friends or friend may have some pretty interesting answers.

6. Have you showered today?

You can only ask your friends this question and only your friends can be honest enough to tell you if they have showered.

7. Would you rather have 50 children or no children at all?

This is a very funny would you rather question that is sure to put your friends in a dilemma, especially if they love children.

8. How many times do you eat in a day?

As simple as this question may seem, it is indeed funny. Your friends may just be foodies and you didn’t know.

9. If you lived in bikini bottom, what character will you be?

For the fans of SpongeBob square pants, this is a funny and interesting question. Your introverted friend is more likely to choose Squidward.

10. If you were to be a fruit, which would you be?

This is one of the funny questions to ask your friends when you are bored. There are several fruits to choose from, find out which your friend will rather turn into and why.

11. What food are you worst at cooking?

Most people boast about the food they are best at cooking, but what about the ones they are worst at? Find out which food you wouldn’t dare to eat if your friend prepares it.

12. What’s your go-to excuse for when you show up late at work?

Remember not to ask this question at a work hang out. If you are looking for some new excuses to get off work early, you can ask this question.

13. If you had to eat a human being, what body part do you think you would enjoy?

Cannibalism is gross but this is a funny question borne out of boredom. Give it a try.

14. Would you rather grow a pig’s snout or a bird’s beak?

Imagining your face with a beak or a snout is funny, but which is the lesser evil?

15. How often do you have one-night stands?

This is a very private but funny question. You may or may not get an answer but you can only ask this question to a close friend.

Deep Questions to Ask Friends

Friends talk about anything and everything and sometimes you may just want to have a philosophical conversation with your friend or friends. Talking about some meaningful things and asking your friend or friends certain deep questions can be a good way to make or learn something worthwhile from a boring day. The following deep questions range from both personal questions to politics and history.

16. Did you choose me as your friend or did I choose you as my friend?

If you want to have a little friendly debate with your friend, this is a good question to ask. This is a very thoughtful question to ask your closest friends or your best friend.

17. What is the worst problem the world is facing?

The world always has one nagging problem or the other. Which of those problems does your friend think is the worst? This is a good way to see the world through your friend’s eyes.

18. What is the best thing about our friendship?

There is a reason friends remain friends, even when they quarrel. This is a question that will bring back warm memories and strengthen the bonds of friendship.

19. If you had only one day to live, how would you spend it?

This can be a very difficult question, but it is one of the worthy deep questions to ask your friends when you are bored. It gives everyone a chance to think about what is most important to them.

20. If you had the power to, what part of the world’s history would you erase?

History is filled with very harrowing experiences. As one of the worthwhile questions to ask your friends when you are bored, this question will help you find out what part of history your friend or friends find more horrifying.

21. If a genie were to grant three of your wishes, what would they be?

If you want to find out your friend(s) top three priorities, this is a very good question to ask.

22. If there was no need for money in the world, what career path would you choose?

Most people choose certain career paths for the financial perks that come with them. But, what if there is no need for money in the world, what career path will your friend choose?

23. On a scale of 1-10, how satisfied are you with your entire life?

This is one of the deep questions to ask your friends. It also shows that you care about your friends and their well-being.

24. How best would you like to be comforted when you are upset?

Everyone gets upset at certain times of their lives and sometimes getting comfort may not be very easy, especially when nobody knows how best to comfort you. This is a very useful question that gives room for unburdening emotions and heartfelt conversations.

25. How do you know that God exists?

The existence of God is a recurring debate in several circles that even religious people sometimes may have a hard time proving. Although a sensitive topic, this is one of the deep questions to ask your friends when you are bored that will yield an interesting conversation.

26. Does war have advantages?

War is devastating and leaves in its wake, a trail of destruction. However, some pundits think that war has its advantages. This is a very deep question and also a good icebreaker, especially when there are awkward silences in-between conversations. This is one of the interesting questions to ask your friends when you are bored.

27. Do you think animals have souls?

Animals, especially pets, can have us wondering if humans aren’t the only beings with souls. Do animals have souls? If they don’t, then why do they seem to have emotions too? This is one of the deep questions to ask your friends when you are bored.

28. At what times can it be noble to tell a lie?

The truth is good but sometimes the truth may cause some unpleasant reactions. Are there times when telling a lie is considered noble? Ask your friends this deep question and find out their opinion.

29. Will the world ever end?

The end of the world is a recurrent topic that has been in existence since the prehistoric era. Movies have been made and books written about the post-apocalyptic world, ancient prophesies have predicted an end to this world and religion has also propagated the idea that the world will come to an end someday. If you are looking for a deep question to ask your friends when you are neck-deep in boredom, this is a recommended question.

30. Why are science and religion not compatible?

The war between science and religion seems to have survived centuries and may not be ending any time soon. This is a very deep question to ask your friends to find out what they think about sensitive topics like this one. Even if your friend or friends are atheists, this question is sure to birth a long philosophical conversation.

Random Questions to Ask Your Friends

Sometimes, starting a conversation with your friend can be tasking and this is because you may not always know what to talk about or it could feel like you have run out of things to say to each other. Random questions serve as conversation starters and icebreakers for when it seems like you have nothing else to say to your friend and you want to end the awkward silence. Random questions can be gotten from any topic at all, from the most serious topics to the silliest ones.

31. Why do we get things off our chests when we feel the weight on our shoulders?

This is a funny random question. When people are worried, they usually say they are weighed down with burdens on their shoulders and when they talk about it, they say they want to get it off their chest. Why the chest and not the shoulders? Funny but interesting question.

32. Good news or the bad news first?

If you are waiting for a piece of information about something, and you are asked to choose between hearing the good news or the bad news first, which would you prefer to hear?

33. Why do we need to respect the dead?

People are always told to respect the dead even when the person wasn’t such a great personality when he or she was alive. It would be fun to hear what your friend thinks.

34. Would you rather have a well-paying job that you hate or a job that you love that pays you peanuts?

Money or passion? Find out which is more important to your friends. If you want to know what matters most to your friends or friend when it comes to choosing between money or passion, this is one of the questions to ask.

35. What is the first song you remember listening to?

A difficult random question that is borne out of boredom. Who remembers the first song they ever listened to? Well, the answer to this question would be very interesting.

36. Are you religious or spiritual?

Although random, this is one of those questions that should be asked. Most people do not like to be identified as religious and would rather be tagged spiritual, others may find the word spiritual to be a bit confusing and would prefer to be tagged religious. Find out which one your friends choose.

37. If I were to be a Marvel superhero, who do you think I’ll be?

If you want to find out how well your friends know you, this is one of the interesting random questions to ask your friends. You can also get to know how your friends see the world by the choice of superheroes they choose.

38. What’s the funniest movie you have ever watched?

Good movies aren’t easily forgotten, especially the ones that cracked you up a lot. Asking your friends to tell you the funniest movies they have ever watched is a good way to find out good comedy movies to watch.

39. If you had to pick between never wearing make-up or never wearing good clothes, which would you choose?

This is one of the juicy questions to ask your friends, especially female friends. Picking between wearing makeup but giving up beautiful clothes and wearing good clothes but never wearing makeup, may prove to be difficult for a lady who has strong affinities for both. However, we bet most ladies would rather give up makeup.

40. Do you believe in zodiac signs?

Although zodiac signs are very popular with a lot of people delving into astrology and using the horoscope, some other people still believe zodiac signs are a hoax. If you want to have a very interesting conversation that wards off boredom, this is a cool random question to ask, especially if you know that your friend is skeptical about zodiac signs.

41. Will you chop off one of your legs or hands for a million dollars?

Both the hands and legs are very valuable but if a person has to lose one, what choice would they make? Remember that random questions are for fun and you cannot judge your friend(s) if they choose to lose one of their body parts for a million bucks. If a person had to choose, we bet they will choose to chop off one hand. This is one of the questions you ask your friends when you are bored.

42. Would you prefer to walk around naked forever or have everyone be able to read your thoughts?

This is a between the devil and the deep blue sea type of question. This is one of those random questions that will get the respondent thinking. Imagine your thoughts popping like a bubble over your head for everyone to see and know what you are thinking, or walk around with no clothes for everyone to see your entire body? Quite a stressful question, but spicy enough to be one of the questions to ask your friends when you are bored.

43. Would you rather be Batman or Iron Man?

A DC comics superhero or a Marvel comics superhero? Both Iron man and Batman are very wealthy and have the latest technology at their disposal. For a fan of superheroes, this is a fun random question that will end up metamorphosing into the age-long Marvel versus DC debate.

44. What do you think is my love language?

A person may be able to recognize their love language but not everyone can figure out their friend(s) love language. If you want to know how well your friend knows you, this is a very good random question to ask.

45. Tiktok or Snapchat?

Most Netizens are either on Tiktok or Snapchat or both. However, each of these platforms has its unique features. Find out which of these popular apps your friend or friends prefer, especially if they use both apps.

Weird Questions to Ask Your Friends

When it comes to asking weird questions, you need to be careful not to cross boundaries and sound offensive even when you are asking your friend or friends. However, weird questions are fun and interesting and can be a go-to resort for when the boredom bites the hardest.

What do you get when you combine a funny question and a deep question and then add a drop of randomness and embarrassment? The answer is—a weird question. Before you ask your friend or friends a weird question, be sure to let them know that you are about to ask them weird questions.

46. Where is the best place to hide a body?

If your friend or friends binge watch detective shows, this question may not be very difficult to answer. What makes this question even weirder is when your friend who doesn’t watch murder or crime shows, gives you the best answers.

47. How would you describe an indescribable object?

When something cannot be described, how will your friend describe it? This weird question will most certainly get them to put on their creative thinking cap.

48. What is the taste of clean water?

Clean water is odorless, colorless, and tasteless. However, when you drink clean water, there is a certain “feeling” that comes with it. Clean water has some sort of taste maybe.

49. How many times do you poop in a day?

Taking a dump or pooping is a very private issue and not everyone wants to discuss that. This is top of the list of the weirdest awkward questions you can ask.

50. When was the last time you farted?

Every healthy person farts because an inability to fart is a sign of an unhealthy digestive system. Asking your friend the last time they farted is a very healthy weird question.

51. If i turned into a zombie, would you kill me at once or lock me up to find a cure?

This weird question is a weird test of friendship. Zombies are viciously very harmful and need to be killed immediately. But what would your friend do?

52. Do you think aquatic animals get thirsty?

Except your friend is amphibious or a scientist, he/she may not have an answer to this question without the help of Google.

53. What color is a mirror?

Give your friend some time to think as they ponder over this weird question. Do mirrors have a color? If they do, what color is it? If they don’t, how come? Because everything has a color somehow.

54. What is the smell of your armpit?

All armpits have smells when they are not freshly washed and everyone smells their armpits to find out if they still smell fresh. It is not something to be shy about.

55. Since electricity is gotten from electrons, is morality gotten from morons?

This is a hilarious weird question. Your friend may end up laughing and not have any answer at the end, which is fine. Not all weird questions have answers.

56. Would you rather lose your sexual organs or lose your eyesight?

This is a funny weird question. Find out which of these two body parts your friend thinks is more important. You can also ask them the reasons for their choice.

57. Do you want to be told the truth no matter the situation?

The truth can be very bitter sometimes and no matter how much people tend to want to hear the truth, sometimes a lie can be more profitable. Remind your friend that it is a weird question before they think you are about to tell them something very painful.

58. Which came first? The chicken or the egg?

This question has lingered for ages and it is one of those weird questions that the answer proves to be difficult and confusing, the more you think about it. Your friend will have a moment of thought, trying to come up with an answer.

59. How often do you change your underwear?

If your friend is male, this is a weird question to ask him. How often does he change his briefs? Be sure you are quite close to your friend before you ask him this weirdly uncomfortable question.

60. What comes after thrice?

We are familiar with once, twice, and thrice. But what exactly comes after thrice? Why is there no adjective for four times? this is a weird question that would bring up more questions on counting.

…Talking to friends does not always have to be business as usual. Sometimes, when boredom sets in, use that opportunity to find out several interesting things about your friends and their opinions on certain issues by asking some worthwhile questions like the ones we have listed above.

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