90 Funny Would You Rather Questions for Kids – Child-Friendly List

Would you rather questions are great ways to take a walk into a person’s mind and start an interesting conversation. For adults, would you rather questions can be anything from Dangerous to wild and naughty, but for children; Would you rather questions for kids are mainly for fun, learning, and keeping the kids occupied. For birthday parties, camp nights, Sleepovers, tea parties, and classroom games, Would you rather questions are a perfect way to get the kids to laugh and develop their growing minds. If you are a parent on a long trip with your children and want them to keep them busy during the trip, especially if they are restless, would you rather questions help ease their tension and anxiety. Would you rather questions for kids are a great learning tool when used appropriately.

90 Funny Would You Rather Questions for Kids - Kid Friendly List
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Would you rather questions for kids help children develop their minds, make them laugh, heighten their curiosity, and engage their friends intelligently. They are an easy way to get to know how your little ones view the world and their perspective on things, including you, that is, their parents. They also aid in developing the decision-making abilities of growing children.

However, not all questions are suitable for children as would you rather questions for kids must be safe, free from vulgarity; make them curious without getting them into trouble and fun and develop their imaginative capabilities. This article carefully selects 90 would you rather questions for your kids that will educate, relax and develop their thought processes.

Would you rather questions for kindergarten

Kindergarten kids are usually between the ages of 4 to 6 or sometimes 7. Although they are still toddlers, they can be pretty smart and will amaze you with their responses. To play this game, you can have the kids all sit in a circle and take turns in answering the questions while you or a guardian ask them:

1. Would you rather visit Grandma/Grandpa or go to Disneyland

This is an easy way to find out how the little one feels about their Granny. If the kid chooses to visit Granny over Disneyland? Then Granny is awesome!

2. Would you rather eat your vegetables or do your homework?

Most kids do not like to eat their vegetables and, more often than not, do not like homework. This will be an interesting choice for the toddler to make.

3. Would you rather stay with mummy or daddy?

This is a pretty simple question that will give you an idea of which parent the toddler fancies most.

4. Would you rather share your toys or throw them all away

Kids love their toys. Find out how attached your little one is to their toys with this question.

5. Would you rather be Dora the Explorer or On the Paw Patrol?

These two kiddies shows are favorites for kids. Find out which one your toddler prefers the most.

6. Would you rather play with a puppy or a kitten?

Little kids love pets. Their response to this question will tell you if the toddler is a dog or cat person.

7. Would you rather Sing every day or dance every day? 

Singing and dancing are some of the favorite past times of toddlers. Well, the toddler will have to choose which one they prefer more.

8. Would you rather be a superhero or be a soldier?

Most kids fancy being superheroes as well as soldiers. Find out which one the kid fancies most.

9. Would you rather be SpongeBob or Patrick?

SpongeBob and Patrick are two favorite characters from the SpongeBob square pants kiddies show. A toddler’s response to this question will shed more light on their favorite.

10. Would you rather eat ice cream for breakfast every day or cake for breakfast every day?

This could be a hard choice for a toddler, but they have to choose one. Their response will let you know what to get for them as treats.

11. Would you rather be a brave knight or a powerful wizard?

Most kiddies shows have wizards and Knights as characters. Find out which of the characters your toddler would rather be.

12. Would you rather be a pirate or be a ninja?

Pirates and ninjas are cool characters. Find out which one your kid likes the most.

13. Would you rather have only one Best friend or ten best friends?

Your Toddler may have an idea of what having best friends is. Find out if they want more or less best friends.

14. Would you rather eat chicken or an egg?

Chicken and eggs are almost the same but taste different. Find out what your toddler prefers.

15. Would you rather be able to fly or live inside water.

Toddlers are always curious. Your little one may fancy being able to fly or live in the water like a fish. You can spice it up by asking the kid to explain their choice.

16. Would you rather be a mouse or a cat?

For kids who love Tom and Jerry, this is a very interesting question. Let the toddler tell you what they think of both, with their choice.

17. Would you rather have an extra leg or an extra eye?

Figure out which extra body part your toddler wouldn’t mind having.

18. Would you rather come to school or stay at home?

Staying at home with mum, dad, and siblings or coming to school to meet and play with friends? Which one does your toddler prefer?

19. Would you rather be a teacher or a nurse?

Tending to sick people in a hospital or teaching people in a class, your toddler may just fancy one of these professions.

20. Would you rather be a grown-up or a little baby?

Does your toddler want to grow up so fast? Or do they want to go back to being an infant? Let them tell you.

21. Would you rather have $10 or a bar of chocolate?

Is your toddler a sweet tooth or a moneybag? Your toddler may just prefer the cash.

22. Would you rather ride a dinosaur or a horse?

A taste for adventure or settling for the normal? Which one does your toddler prefer?

23. Would you rather be a genie or be a King/Queen?

Does your toddler want to be royalty? Or they want to be able to grant wishes? Find out.

24. Would you rather drink milk every day or water every day?

If the toddler is not lactose intolerant, find out if they like milk enough to drink it every day.

25. Would you rather be a bee or a butterfly? 

Bees and butterflies are both fascinating. Which of them does your toddler prefer?

26. Would you rather have an elephant for a pet or a tiger?

Toddlers can make interesting choices of pets. An elephant or a tiger are both interesting choices they can choose from.

27. Would you rather be a pilot or a sailor?

The air or the sea? Find out where your toddler would rather be.

28. Would you rather play with a spider or play with snake?

Find out just how daring your toddler is. Snakes and spiders can be scary.

29. Would you rather have all the toys in the world or have all the food in the world?

Food or toys? Which one does your toddler prefer?

30. Would you rather be a princess/prince or be the president.

Dressing up in pretty clothes with maids and servants attending to them, or being the country’s president? This should be a very interesting choice.

Good Would You Rather Questions for Students

For kids around the age of 13-17, playing the would you rather game is a great way to keep a tab on their growing minds. It can be played in a classroom or a camp night. The questions can be written in tiny papers, folded, and placed in a jar for each student to pick one randomly and answer.

31. Would you rather be famous and broke or rich and unknown? 

What is more important? Having money or being in people’s faces?

32. Would you rather starve for a whole day or have your phone taken away for a whole day?

It is a bit difficult to stay without phones these days. So is it food over the phone or phone over food?

33. Would you rather time travel to the next century or time travel to the 17th century?

Both the future and the past are interesting times to visit. Which one of them will interest a teenager?

34. Would you rather be an astronaut or a deep-sea diver?

Working in space or working under the sea? Both are exciting, but let them make a choice.

35. Would you rather have everything you touch turn into gold or have one of your wishes granted by a genie 

Let them think this true. What is their most important wish? Remember King Midas too.

36. Would you rather cook every day or clean every day?

What is their perspective on home chores? Cooking or cleaning? Which one makes them happier?

37. Would you rather speak 10 languages or Speak to Animals?

This is a very interesting question. Our guess is, the kid will choose to speak to animals.

38. Would you rather be able read minds or be able to see ghosts?

Knowing what is on everyone’s minds or being able to see what nobody else can see? Let them choose.

39. Would you rather save a drowning fish or feed a hungry lion?

This question tests their intellectual capacity and their courage. A fish cannot drown.

40. Would you rather swallow a cockroach or play with a cobra?

Doing an activity as dangerous as playing with a cobra or doing a thing as gross as swallowing a cockroach? The response will be fun.

41. Would you rather lose one eye or lose one arm? 

See how they cope with difficult choices with this one.

42. Would you rather be a princess/prince in Ancient Egypt or be a princess/prince in Ancient Rome?

Two powerful empires of the old world. How much do they know about the history of the world?

43. Would you rather have a meeting with a genie or have a meeting with the president of the United States?

Getting your wishes granted by a genie or having the president make a decree on your behalf? Can be a hard choice.

44. Would you rather eat only fruits and vegetables for one week or eat only pizza and ice cream for one month?

How healthy are their food choices? Junks or healthy? Which one?

45. Would you rather wrestle a monster or swim with sharks?

Two dangerous endeavors, how brave can the kids be?

46. Would you rather grow a tail or grow feathers?

Well, feathers don’t seem like a bad idea, neither do tails, which one will you prefer?

47. Would you rather look poor and be rich, or look rich and be poor?

What matters to them most? Their appearance or net-worth?

48. Would you rather be a Marvel superhero or a DC superhero?

Marvel and Dc Comics are steady competing for who has the most fans. Find out which side your teenager is on.

49.  Would you rather be Pythagoras or Leonardo Da Vinci?

A mathematics wizard or a great artist, which one would they rather be?

50. Would you rather be a plant or a wild animal?

What does it feel like to be a plant or an animal? Which of them seem more intriguing?

51. Would you rather be a soldier or a police officer?

Same sides of the law enforcement, different tactics, and designation. Going to war or catching criminals?

52. Would you rather be a Nun/Monk or a Parent of 20 Children?

Do they like their independence or will not mind leading a small village of children.

53. Would you rather live in the desert or on the North Pole?

Fire or ice? What are their survival skills and tolerance levels?

54. Would you rather live like a king but eat a pauper or eat like a king but live like a pauper?

What is more important? Status or good food? Smart judgment is needed for this question.

55. Would you rather own a restaurant or own a gym?

Which is more important? Being a foodie or a fitness enthusiast?

56. Would you rather be a waiter or a security guard?

Both jobs require a lot of patience and courtesy.

57. Would you rather have a bodyguard or have a maid?

Be protected or be served? Which is more beneficial?

58. Would you rather own a garage full of cars or a closet filled with designer outfits?

Clothes or cars? Dress up like a model or drive like an automotive engineer? Let them choose.

59. Would you rather be smart and ugly or good-looking and dumb?

Beauty or brains? Which one is more beneficial? This is one of the would you rather questions for kids that every kid should be asked.

60. Would you rather own a dog-sized Ant or an Ant Sized Dog?

An ant, the size of a dog, is not a pet for the faint-hearted. See what they think about this one.

Would You Rather Questions for Middle Schoolers

For kids aged 8 to 12, would you rather questions for kids are a great way to find out what is going on that little but growing curious minds of theirs. Would you rather questions can be part of a class activity or at a tea or birthday party.

61. Would you rather be an Elf or a fairy?

Fairies have pure hearts, but elves can be both good and evil. Which will they rather be?

62. Would you rather be a football player or a basketball player?

Two prestigious sports. Which one will they pick?

63. Would you rather invent the machine that does all your chores or create the machine that does all your homework?

House chores or homework from school, which of them stresses the middle schooler more?

64. Would you rather watch your parents kiss or watch your mother give birth?

Most kids do not fancy watching their parents get all romantic or watching adults kiss, but what about giving birth?

65. Would you rather dance in-front of your siblings or dance in-front of the whole school? 

Siblings can be really annoying. Performing for strangers or performing for family?

66. Would you rather cough out candies forever or have liquid chocolates as tears permanently?

Coughing out candies or chocolates for tears? This could be a hard choice.

67. Would you rather dress up as a clown or dress up like a stuffed animal?

Clowns make people laugh, and stuffed animals do. But which will they rather be?

68. Would you rather sleep in a room full of spiders for a day or live with a homeless stranger?

Compassion or caution? An insect or a human being? Spiders can be creepy, but how well do you know a stranger?

69. Would you rather lie to your mother or lie to your father?

Lying is not a virtue, but when put on a spot and they need to lie, who can they lie to?

70. Would you rather take your bath ten times a day or brush your teeth ten times a day?

Shower time can be fun, but how often can a kid repeat shower time in a day?

71. Would you rather have 5 brothers or have 5 sisters?

Sisters and brothers can be fun. But if they had to choose, which would they?

72. Would you rather play with a unicorn or play with a tooth fairy?

A coin every day for your tooth or riding on the back of a unicorn? It can be a difficult choice to make.

73. Would you rather dance in the rain or play in the snow?

Dancing in the rain is fun, the same as playing with the snow. Which will they rather do?

74. Would you rather eat a raw egg or eat raw fish?

How strong is your stomach? If you had to choose, which would it be?

75. Would you rather own a robot or own a dragon?

A robot that does as you command or a dragon that flies with you on its back and breathes out fire?

76. Would you rather have all the money and no friends or have all your friends and no money?

Friendships are important, and so is having money. See what your little kids think.

77. Would you rather drink a full glass of very spoilt milk or a teaspoon of aloe Vera gel.

Very few things have the awful taste of spoilt milk, and aloe vera is a very bitter plant. They have to choose.

78. Would you rather be a chef or a taxi driver?

Career choices. A middle school kid should be able to make a choice.

79. Would you rather spend a whole month with your granny and not see your parents or spend a whole year with your parents and not see your granny.

Most kids love their grandparents, and this is a tough choice for a kid.

80. Would you rather have a baby shark for a pet or a baby giraffe for a pet?

The baby shark song is a favorite amongst kids. Our guess is a baby shark.

81. Would you rather visit Alice in the wonderland or visit the squid ward in Bikini bottom.

The wonderland seems like a very fun place, and so is the bikini bottom. Which of these adventures will they undertake?

82. Would you rather stay your age forever or become an adult tomorrow?

Many kids fantasize about growing up very quickly, but can a kid sacrifice their childhood to become an adult or prefer to remain a child.

83. Would you rather be bitten by a mosquito or stung by a bee?

Bee stings are very painful, and a mosquito bite could cause flu. Both are hard choices.

84. Would you rather catch a live Turkey or catch a live chicken?

Our edible feathery friends can be a handful to catch, especially when they are on the run.

85. Would you rather give up your Christmas presents or your Halloween treats?

This could be a difficult choice for a kid. Halloween treats are precious, the same as Christmas presents.

86. Would you rather skip classes without your friends or repeat classes with all your friends?

This is one of the would you rather questions for kids that a middle school child will definitely find interesting. Moving to higher classes without their friends or repeating their classes with all their friends.

87. Would you rather share a big bowl of ice cream with your friends or have a little cup of ice cream all to yourself?

Kids love ice cream, and they may not want to share. Find out if your kid can share their ice cream or not.

88. Would you rather share your toys with your friends or buy them theirs?

Some kids do not like to share their toys, and others do not mind buying toys for their friends. Which category does your kid fall in?

89. Would you rather sit still in one place for 2 hours or Stay Silent for two hours?

Staying in a place for an elongated period can be boring. Not saying a word for two hours is pretty difficult, too, for a kid.

90. Would you rather be the only child or have siblings?

This is one of the trickiest would you rather questions for kids. This question is even more fun if the kid has siblings. Would they rather be the only child or maintain their siblings?

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