Chanel West Coast Ridiculousness Salary: How Much Was She Paid?

Chanel West Coast reportedly earned a salary of $142,000 per episode of Ridiculousness. She appeared in numerous episodes of the popular MTV series per year and took home seven figures each year.

Ridiculousness not only made Chanel quite rich but also famous as she became synonymous with the show. It, therefore, came as a rude shock to many when she announced that she would be departing the show after more than a decade in 2023. Some may assume that money issues may be involved, but this is not the case.

Why Was Chanel West Coast on Ridiculousness?

Chanel West Coast co-hosted Ridiculousness and was a part of the show right from the first season in 2011. Ridiculousness is basically a compilation of viral internet clips showing failed attempted stunts by different persons. These failures were quite silly, and Chanel West Coast and her fellow co-hosts, Rob Dyrdek Steelo Brim, were on hand to offer the appropriate commentary.

Chanel was also notorious for her long and heartfelt laughter at these failures. She was a part of the show from 2011 until early 2023 and featured in a total of 30 seasons and more than 1000 episodes.

How Much Does Chanel West Coast Make On Ridiculousness?

Reports have it that Chanel West Coast earned a salary of $142,000 per episode of Ridiculousness. It must be stressed that neither she nor the executives at MTV have confirmed this figure. TV networks are notorious for hiding their contracts as well as the amounts involved. This makes it difficult to know the exact salary that they pay their personalities.

However, one can get an insight into Chanel West Coast’s Ridiculousness salary from comments that have been made by her co-host and the creator of the show, Rob Dyrdek. Dyrdek has revealed that when he first pitched the idea for Ridiculousness, MTV offered him $35,000 per episode. With time, this was increased to $125,000, and he additionally got integration rights which were so valuable and ran into millions of dollars.

From this revelation, it is reasonable to assume that Chanel West Coast’s Ridiculousness salary must have been well below $35,000 when she first joined the show as a co-host in 2011. However, with the passage of time and the show’s growing popularity, her salary would have increased so much that she was able to go from five figures to six figures, i.e. hundred thousand regions.

Therefore, while the $142,000 figure is not confirmed, there is no doubt that Chanel West Coast earned something in that region as her per-episode salary on Ridiculousness.

Did Chanel West Coast Leave Ridiculousness?

Chanel West Coast left Ridiculousness at the end of March 2023. The TV personality, rapper, and singer announced her departure with a mixture of joy and sadness. She revealed that she was heartbroken to no longer co-host Ridiculousness but that she would remain a major staple on TV.

Chanel West Coast has landed her own deal with Paramount/MTVE. Under the deal, she will create, produce, and star in shows for the network. She will also develop scripted and unscripted shows for MTV.

Chanel West Coast revealed that the move would enable people to see the real her beyond the laughs. She also stated that it would give her the perfect opportunity to continue exploring her passion which is simply to create no matter the medium.

Chanel West Coast’s departure from Ridiculousness has saddened fans of the show, but it is possible that she would return sometime in the future to make a guest appearance or two. They would also get to see their beloved former co-host on her other forthcoming shows on the MTV platform. Meanwhile, the producers of Ridiculousness plan to make up for Chanel’s departure with a revolving door of temporary co-hosts until they settle on a more permanent arrangement.


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