Couple Questions Game: 60 Fun Question Games for Married Couples

Couple questions game is a question and answer activity designed with the aim of getting a couple to know more about themselves, study each other, and lighten the mood.

These couple game questions on the internet were created to assist people who are newly married or couples who are still getting to know each other well. Nevertheless, some couples who have been together for a long time can also reach a point where their conversations get boring due to a lack of things to say. This is where this couple questions game can come in to save the day. The most important rule of the question game for couples is that you must appreciate the replies. With an open mind, listen and don’t debate or pass judgment on any of your partner’s responses.

Fun Questions For Married Couples Game

Use these questions for married couples to have some fun with your partner. The couple questions game doesn’t have to be serious all the time.

1. Who finds it difficult to keep a secret?

This is a very funny way of finding out who keeps secrets in the house. Most of the time, men are known to be conservative with words, but in rare circumstances, a woman can be found with such an attribute.

2. Who flirts the most?

There must be one that loves having fun more than the other. This is totally not gender-based this time around. Some wives like nightclubs and drag their husbands to some of them. In this case, the woman is the one to raise her hand, and explain what makes her the flirty type compared to the husband. Remember that the rules of the game state that no one should judge.

3. Who is better at home planning?

The question is aimed at knowing who is the home planner and who manages the home better. For every couple, there is always one person that understands how to manage resources properly. This will be a perfect opportunity to encourage that person into bringing out other good qualities. This question helps couples to achieve a closer bond.

4. Who was more intelligent in school?

This is one of the fun questions for married couple games. At some point, they go to the extent of bringing out their results to evaluate who performs better. The funniest part of the game is when the two didn’t perform well in their school years. They mock themselves in a funny way.

5. Who spends more time on the phone?

Most times one partner gets over-addicted to their phone. It results in the other partner feeling neglected and not valued. With this couple game questions, you get to let your partner understand how you feel about it. Then you can further provide possible suggestions on how best it can be done in a fun-filled way.

6. Who is the foody?

When the mood becomes too boring, this question is a very fun way to relate with your partner. It doesn’t necessarily mean the partner should stop eating, but a way to have fun.

7. Who is the fight starter?

In every marriage, there is a partner who is most likely the one starting a fight. Either because of temperament problems or a lack of understanding. The question aims to lighten the mood.

8. Who always cracks the worst jokes?

This is one of the best funny couple game questions. Some people are fond of cracking dry jokes and laughing as if they were the biggest comedian of the century. If your partner is one of them, you definitely don’t have an option but to laugh.

9. Who is the best cook?

This question comes in handy whenever there is a fair share of kitchen activities between the couple. Though the women are always in charge of the kitchen, the men at times take over to give the family a treat.

10. Who is a better kisser?

Pointing out who kisses better keeps the other partner at the edge of wanting to do better. With this, the marriage becomes sweeter and more romance is sure every day.

11. What was the first movie you saw as a couple?

Taking the duo down memory lane will crack their ribs and leave them wondering. Reminding them of the first time they sat together to watch their first movie as a couple, the title, will bring back more fun memories.

12 What is your spouse’s favorite snack?

Most couples do not know their spouse well enough. The question reveals how much they know themselves. This is not just fun, it is also a way of letting them know how well they have bonded with each other.

Newlywed Game Questions For Couples

The best couple game questions is one of the best games you can play in your home as newlyweds. If you’re searching for a fantastic list of newlywed game questions, we’ve got some for you below.

13. How can you calm your spouse when they are angry?

Couples get to understand all of their relationship’s pet peeves, as well as the proper buttons to hit at the right moment. Take note of what irritates and pleases your companion. It enables couples to learn from one another on a deeper level.

14. Which shop will you have to drag your spouse away from?

Sometimes you might need to control your partner’s cravings, especially if it will drag you into debt. This is one of the fun couple game questions for new couples. The question helps you tell your partner to buy according to the planned budget.

15. What TV show is likely going to keep your spouse at a spot for hours?

This is a good one for newly wedded couples during couple game questions. The question should be easy to answer if one of them always spends time watching TV.

16. What pet name do you call your spouse?

Pet names are a very important aspect of bonding between couples. The pet name is inspired by the love that exists between them. If your spouse doesn’t have a pet name for you. The question will then help your partner understand the importance of getting used to pet names.

17. Do you and your spouse have a favorite celebrity couple?

The game gets funnier when the couple is asked separately to name the celebrity couple they look up to. This gives the audience a picture of the kind of family they hope to have. Most of the time, the choice goes to celebrity couples with successful marriages, while some can also go to classy celebrity couples.

18. What is your spouse’s silliest fear?

Some people are afraid of cockroaches, while others are afraid of other irrelevant or harmless objects or insects. An accurate answer to the question shows how close the couple is to each other.

19. What is the best gift you have ever given to your spouse?

Gifts are always an important way of building relationships. This makes them reflect on the best gift they gave each other from the dating period to marriage. For couples that hardly exchange gifts, the question spurs them to start.

20 What is your spouse’s Zodiac sign in one minute?

To know the extent to which the newlyweds know each other, this question comes in handy. Most people believe that one’s personality is influenced by their zodiac sign which seems real in some cases. Therefore, to create an avenue to know each other better, the question is a good one. After the game, the new couple will definitely be enlightened about their zodiac signs.

21. What is your spouse’s dream job?

The question is aimed at finding out if your partner really understands your life ambitions. Most couples rarely ask this question to each other because most of the time it is assumed what we do is always what we want. Take your time to understand what exactly your spouse’s dream job is.

22. Who has the worst handwriting?

It is fun to compare your handwriting with that of your spouse. Women are known for their good handwriting, but that’s not always the case, as some men also have very good handwriting. The question helps in lightening the mood of the couple and is better accompanied by a writing competition.

23. Who is more honest?

Honesty is natural and cannot be faked no matter how hard one tries. Between the duo, one might be more honest than the other. This question is best answered in the favor of your spouse, as you expect the same in your favor.

24. Who is a better listener?

This is one of the most important questions to ask a couple during any game. It shows how often the couple sits to have a chat. Through this question, communication in the home should be strengthened.

Deep and Intimate Question Game For Couples

This section looks at questions that help the couple achieve intimacy and a deeper knowledge of themselves. Here are some deep and intimate questions to ask in a game for a couple.

25. Who tends to be more romantic?

The question for young couples is very difficult to answer since both might be romantic, but for older and experienced ones it is a good question. Young couples tend to share constant romantic moments, but experienced ones have a lot of things to worry about. All in all, for both old and young couples, there is always one person that is the force behind the romantic moments.

26. How physically appealing do you find your spouse?

Relationships often start with a physical attraction that existed before other related factors. The question seeks to determine which spouse is more attracted to the other and why.

27. Who shows more care and affection?

Care and affection are the foundation of a healthy marriage. The question is not only deep and intimate but also romantic and should get the same answer from both spouses. By asking a couple of questions like this in a game for couples, you will definitely get the fun you want.

28. What does your spouse do to put you in the mood?

Sex is one of the grounds on which marriage stands strong and how to initiate it should be fun. Everyone has one thing or the other that gets them in the mood. Some could be touches in sensitive areas, body language, scents, and more. Though they might feel shy at the question, it makes them want to spice things up the more.

29. Who is better at gifting?

No matter how dedicated couples are to each other, one is always better at something. Some spouses are good at giving gifts randomly, while some give whenever the need arises. This helps in stimulating the gifting nature in both couples.

30. What are the things you and your spouse used to do that you miss?

Some couples have things they used to do but stopped and still wish they had continued. It may be dinner dates. The question aims at bringing back the good old days for couples.

31. Has your spouse done anything that has inspired you?

This gives them the opportunity to recall how inspiring their spouse is. They can use the opportunity to recall those days when they encouraged each other to achieve success. It creates a deeper bond and intimacy between them.

32. What color of underwear do you love seeing your spouse with?

Loving someone and sharing your life with them should also include sharing their favorites. Making them wear your favorite color of undies will keep the romance and love burning.

33. What secret factors make your relationship with your spouse strong?

There is always a particular secret that makes a relationship stand strong despite any form of distraction. The question is aimed at building a strong bond between couples.

34. When your spouse is cuddling you, how do you feel?

When two people are in love with each other, cuddling should be part of their lives as several feelings are unraveled through it. However, not everyone likes it.

35. Have you ever felt cheated by your spouse?

In this regard, cheating may not necessarily mean having an affair outside the marriage. The question can be looked at from the angle of who does more work in the house? The question also aims to encourage the couple and enhance intimacy.

36. What favorite photo of your spouse do you have?

Favorite pictures of couples are mostly used as screen savers or phone wallpapers. Thus, it will be easy to point out.

Dating Game Questions For Couples

Set up a question game for couples and have them ask each other questions in the allowed time. The questions should cover their experiences before marriage. Below are some of the most important dating game questions for couples.

37. Which particular food reminds you of your partner?

Everyone has a special food they love eating, not minding how regularly it is consumed. The question seeks to determine whether your spouse is aware of your favorite food and how addicted you are to it.

38. Do you prefer kissing to hugging?

Couples that are close to each other often have a lot of romantic moments, making it very difficult to ascertain if kissing or hugging is preferred. The question reminds a couple of their romantic moments during dating.

39. Who gets jealous more?

Everybody has an atom of jealousy in them and it gets serious when you are in love with someone. Most of the time, you won’t even wish to see other people around the person. The question is fun for couples, taking them back to dating days to find out who actually gets jealous more.

40. Does your partner still take you out on a date?

Most couples find it difficult to go out for dinner or hang out in the evening once they are married. They are often too engaged with other activities and kids. The question encourages them to create time for leisure activities in order to enhance bonding.

41. Which will your partner love to have—a year-long vacation, a summer house, or a boat?

Do you really know what your spouse wants? From the options above, you should be able to identify the one your spouse will prefer for the next vacation. Couples that really dated themselves will not find the question difficult to give an accurate answer to.

42. How often do you think your partner can read your mind?

There are times that one wishes that their spouse could read their mind. This becomes possible when they have known each other well enough.

43. Can you describe your partner in just 3 words?

These three words should be taken very seriously and should stand as a reference during the marriage. Most replies to this question are sentences like: ‘He is cute; She is beautiful; She is intelligent; He is smart.’

44. Is your lifestyle as a couple better than when dating?

This is one aspect that couples should always keep in mind in order to achieve a healthy marital relationship. The two parties involved shouldn’t forget their lifestyle before marriage in a hurry. The question will enable them to identify some areas for improvement.

45. Do you think your partner is as respectful as he was during your courtship?

This is a good question, especially for couples that dated before marriage. Most times, the level of respect reduces between the couple even though they may not realize this.

46. How seriously does your partner take your look before going out together?

Couples are expected to look out for each other, especially in terms of appearance. It is noteworthy that some women stop caring about their appearance once they are married. That is why the question focuses on how often your spouse pays attention to what you wear and how you look.

47. How smart do you think your partner is?

This is one of the best questions to ask during dating games for couples and is better asked in secret to get the best answer.

48. If there is another life, will you still wish to be with your partner?

In a dating game question for couples, you cannot afford to miss this question. It really shows how much they care about each other.

Never Have I Ever Questions For Couples

Below are some fun ways to play the never have I ever game for couples.

49. Never have I ever given out my nude

At least no one needs to be blamed here as it happened in the past.

50. Never have I ever double-dated in a relationship

This would be fun to ask someone whom everyone knows as a flirt. Even when they are not being sincere, body language can give away a lot.

51. Never have I ever preferred sexual satisfaction with porn to my spouse

Some couples battle with the problem of sexual satisfaction which results in getting addicted to porn. Note that it is all about getting to know each other and having fun while at it.

52. Never have I ever sang in the shower

Singing in the shower is what a lot of people do, not because they love singing but because it’s just a way of having fun.

53. Never have I ever broken up in a relationship through text

Sending a text message is one of the worst ways of breaking up in a relationship. Has your partner done that before? This question can reveal the truth.

54. Never have I ever been ashamed of my past date and my present

For one, to always be proud of his relationship, means that the person goes for what they want. Even before you get married, you should figure out what you want in a relationship before you start.

55. Never have I ever slept with another person aside from my partner

This is a controversial one that should be handled with care. In the real sense, it takes a very loyal partner to resist temptations that lead to infidelity.

56. Never have I ever been ungrateful to my spouse

Gratitude is also one factor that helps the growth of a relationship. Anyone who is not grateful cannot achieve a healthy relationship in marriage.

57. Never have I ever denied my spouse sex

Sex is very important in every marriage and denial often leads to marital disaster. It’s nice to see couples say that they have never denied their partner sex when playing a game with them.

58. Never have I ever corrected my spouse angrily in public

Nobody wants to be dragged in public, definitely not the person you are in a relationship with.

59. Never have I ever lied to my spouse

Telling the truth at all times is almost impossible but to a great extent, you can be sincere to your partner.

60. Never have I ever doubted my spouse

Many couples have absolute confidence in themselves and this is the right time to express that feeling.


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