Creatively Different Ways to Say I Love You

There are different creative ways to say “I love you”. Knowing how to communicate the three-word phrase in a different manner than usual is fun and fulfilling because it puts a dazzling smile on that special person’s face. Even if a person is well aware that you adore them, telling them you love them in a different way than usual would go a long way to brighten their day.

To enable you to become a pro in expressing that you are in love with someone in several creative ways; we have put together a long list of the several creative ways to say I love you. These examples will sweep the person you are telling off their feet and have them blushing and grinning from ear to ear.

Other Ways to Say I Love You

Apart from sweet and romantic words you can use in expressing your affection, there are other creatively different ways to say I love you that pass the message appropriately. Let us start with the Five Love languages. These five long languages, chronicle five important other ways to say I love you. You must know and be able to practice them, most especially with your spouse and boyfriend/girlfriend.


The Five Love Languages

Love and being loved to mean different things to different people. Not everyone understands being loved or showing love in the same way as others. For some people, a simple “I love you” is enough, whilst for others requires a bit more physical manifestation. That is why the concept of the five love languages was developed with a belief that every human on earth communicates in and understands at least one of the five love languages.

You have to acknowledge and figure out yours as well as that of the person you are trying to show love to. There is also a test/quiz to know which category you or your lover belongs to.

1. Gifts

For some people, receiving gifts no matter how little signifies that they are loved. For such people, receiving a gift is akin to hearing the words I love you. So, if your spouse or family member’s love language is receiving gifts, giving them a gift tells and shows them that you love them.

The gifts must not be expensive, but a pleasant surprise from time to time tells them that you love them. After all, when you love someone, you are generous towards them.

2. Words of Affirmation

This is one of the most popular love languages, because; according to research, more people indicate words of affirmation as their love language. For such people, both written and spoken words of affection signify love. Writing cute little notes of affection, singing love songs to them, frequent I love you’s, and saying romantic words matter the most to a person whose love language is words of affirmation.

3. Quality Time

Some people feel most loved and adored when their partner spends quality time with them, gives them undivided attention, and values their presence. For such people, simply showing up for them when they need you the most, attending important events with them, going on dates together, or simply cozying up together indoors signifies Love.

4. Acts of Service

Helping out with a work project, mowing the lawn, and making a cup of coffee are all considered love by people whose love language is acts of service. For such people, helping them with little tasks and generally making their life easier by helping out with chores equates to saying “I love you”.

5. Physical Touch

For people with physical touch as their love language, touching, kissing, hugs, cuddling, physical intimacy, and sex translates as love. For such people, a kiss on the cheek is akin to being told the words “I love you”. Public displays of affection, holding hands, and making love, are all ways to tell people whose love language is physical touch, that you love them.

Cute Secret Ways to Say I Love You

If you don’t fancy routine and would prefer to say I love you in a cryptic/secret way that will not give away your expressions immediately, arming yourself with some cute secret ways to say I love you is beneficial.

1. Romantic Songs/Playlists

If sending an entire playlist depreciates the secrecy, you can send cute love songs that carry your entire love message or feel to them. When you select your favorite romantic song, tell them to listen to it or send it to them with a message that does not outrightly say the song is for them. Rather, you can just tell them you enjoy the song and will want them to listen to the song too. That way, you have secretly conveyed your feelings.

2. Memes and GIFs

The use of Memes and Graphics Interchange Format also known as GIF is one of the coolest secret weapons to use in pouring out your heart. Instead of sending a funny meme or a GIF, send romantic ones instead in-between conversations.

3. Use Emojis and Stickers

If you don’t want to type the three words when you are texting, simply use all the romantic emojis and stickers at your disposal. Remember, the cute secret method works best when you are still in the wooing process or the person is your crush. So, when you send the romantic/love stickers and emojis, you are expressing your feelings to them secretly and they may or may not figure it out quickly.

4. Hide It In a Joke 

It is said that the best way to spill a secret is to hide it in a joke. If you are good at making jokes, this is a method to choose. So, you can either tell a humorous story about love or you crack a hilarious joke about being in love with him or her and hope that while they laugh they can at least catch the hint about your feelings for them.

5. Movies

Movies are also another secret way to pass your message. If there is a romantic love story movie showing at the cinemas, you can take your love interest on a date to go watch it, or you can also recommend romantic movies to him/her to watch from time to time. After the movies, make small talk that highlights all the mushy scenes and quotes in the movie and keep eye contact when you talk about them.

6. Astrology

If you have an interest in zodiac signs, you can look up the love compatibility of the Zodiac sign of both of you. If fate is on your side and the compatibility scale for your zodiac signs is really significant and strong, you can send your love interest messages about the love compatibility ratios of your zodiac signs. This method is even more fun if your love interest has little or no knowledge about zodiac signs and how they work.

7. Videos

Another cute secret method to use in expressing your feelings, is to find a video that talks and describes love and send it to them. Tell them that you found the video very interesting and you thought to share it.

Funny Ways to Say I Love You

If you feel the three worded phrase is overused, or you are trying to tell your relatives or children who already know that you love them, you can tell them in very funny ways. The following funny ways can work for siblings, parents, friends, children, and even your spouse.

1. If I get a penny for everytime I think about you, I’ll be a millionaire.

Thinking about someone all the time is a sign of affection. So when you tell a person that you can become a millionaire if you were getting paid for thinking about them, they will surely know that you love them.

2. You look like chocolate and I love chocolates 

This is a very funny way to tell a person that you adore them especially if they know that you love eating chocolates. Not only will this make them smile, it will also pass your message.

3. Loving you is a lot like breathing, if I try to stop I’ll suffocate.

As funny as this may sound, it is really deep. We can’t stop breathing, for the moment we stop breathing, we seize to exist. So comparing a person to your own breath, although funny, is a very effective channel to convey your deepest affection.

4. I hate to share my money, but I’ll gladly give you all my money.

Well, this sentence may end up with you parting with some cash especially if you tell this to a sibling or a child but, it is definitely a creatively funny method to talk about your affection for them.

5. I need you like a vampire needs blood

Everyone knows that vampires survive on blood, so if you tell your lover or your spouse that you need them like a vampire needs blood, you have found a very funny manner to remind them of how much they mean to you.

6. I can’t believe how much I never get tired of you.

Never getting tired of a person and always wanting to be around them is a sure sign of your affection towards them. This is a cute yet funny expression that will convey your feelings.

7. I’ll make you more meals than you have ever made for me.

This is a cute fun way to tell your parents of your affection for them. We all know that parents spent a better part of their parenting lives cooking for their children, so, telling your parents especially your mum that you will cook her more meals than she has ever cooked for you, is a great manner to send a message of your affection across.

8. You are the best topping in my ice cream

If you want to tell a child that you love them in a way that they will laugh and also understand, this is a very good option. You may end up buying the child an ice cream afterward though.

Unique Ways to Say I Love You

Getting creative with expressing your affection involves coming up with unique methods of telling your loved one (spouse or lover) that you are in love with them, in a manner that will sweep them off their feet. Here are some worthy examples you can try out.

1. Lyrics of a Love Song

Pick out a very romantic song with deep heartfelt lyrics that properly convey your emotions and feelings, send them the lyrics to the song. This is one of the simple but unique ways to tell of your affection for him/her.

2. Engrave the Words in a Painting

This is one of the most unique ways you can make use of. Instead of texting it or saying it, simply engrave the words “I LOVE YOU” in a very beautiful painting and present it to your lover. This will definitely sweep them off their feet. Have them hang the painting where they can see it every time.

3. Use an Animoji

An Animoji is an animated emoji. It is an ios feature. If you both use an iPhone, you can create an animoji of yourself telling your lover how much you love him/her and then send it. This is a romantic unique route to express your feelings.

4. Bake It In a Cake

Cakes and romance go hand in hand. If you don’t want to say it or write it, then bake it in a cake. This is one of the unique methods you can use to express your feelings. Bake a cake in the shape of the three letter words, bake an “I love you” cake.

5. Poems

Poetry speaks the language of love. One of the unique ways you can aptly express your affection is by either writing your lover a love poem or commissioning a poet to compose a very romantic love poem and have it sent to your lover.

6. A Radio Station Shout Out

This is one of the most unique and romantic routes to tell your lover how much you are in love with them. Contact their favorite radio station and have the radio station call your partner on-air and announce to them that you are in love with him or her.

For example, get the on-air radio presenter to call your spouse or lover and say “Your husband/wife/boyfriend/girl requests that we announce to you that he/she loves you” you can also have the presenter read a special love message to them.

7. Karaoke Love Songs

If you love to sing, arrange for either a private karaoke time or go to a public karaoke place and sing refreshing love songs that embody your feelings to your lover/spouse. Ensure that the lyrics to your chosen song are very direct, for example Kenny Rogers’ But you know I love you, is an example.

8. A Pet Name

You can come up with a special pet name for your partner, and tell them that whenever they hear you call them that particular pet name, you are simply telling them that you love them.

Poetic Ways to Say I Love You

The use of poetry and poetic words are top on the list of creatively different ways to say I love you. If you want to express your affection in varying beautiful and enchanting ways, invest in the use of poetry and poetic words most especially if the relationship is in its budding stages or you are trying to keep the romantic fire burning in your marriage or courtship. Here are a few ideas that you can send via texts, emails, or handwritten notes.

1. You are the sun of my life, without you, my life remains in darkness

The sun is the primary source of light for our universe and without the sun nothing will survive. Using the sun and its significance as a metaphor for your affection is indeed very poetic.

2. You are all I want in this life and the next to come, I don’t want to stay alive without you in my world

Expressing how much you value your partner’s presence in your life and convey it in a poetic manner is one beautiful way to express your affection for them.

3. When the birds sing every morning, they sing of my love for you

This is a romantic poetic way to express your affection to your partner. Your words will ring in their eyes whenever they hear the birds chirp and sing for it will remind your partner of your affection for them.

4. You are the only artwork I can look at for hours without blinking

This is both a compliment and poetic way to express affection especially if your partner is an artist or art enthusiast.

5. “My bounty is as boundless as the sea, My love as deep; the more I give to thee, The more I have, for both are infinite.” – Shakespear (Romeo and Juliet)

Romeo and Juliet is one of the most popular love stories although fiction. If you want to be poetic about your expression of affection, you can borrow from one of Shakespear’s many love couplets in Romeo and Juliet.

6. You are my silver, my diamond, my gold, and my everything

Telling your partner that they are the most precious possession you have is a cute poetic way of conveying your affection.

7. Roses are red, violets are blue, and my entire life will be nothing without you.

Create your own poetic variation of roses are red and violets are blue as you remind your partner that your life is nothing without them in it.

8. Every time I hear your voice, my heart beats in a rhythm that reminds me that you are the music to my soul 

Complimenting the physical attributes of your partner in a poetic manner is a sweet way to let them know how much you adore them.

9. You are my weakness and you are my strength, there is no me without you

Vulnerability is a sign of love. Let your lover know how vulnerable and yet strong they make you feel.

10. The peace in my soul, the yin to my yang, you are the missing piece i have searched for all my life

Assuring your lover that they are very significant in your life and letting them know so in a poetic way is a good way to express your affection.

Clever Ways to Say I Love You

Using other words and phrases to say I love you that will pass the exact message without making use of the word “Love” requires creativity and wit. Here are some very clever ways to express  your affection.

1. You are my idol 

You only idolize who you love. If you tell your partner that they are your idol, they already know you are in love with them.

2. I will remain entwined with you

Nobody remains entwined with a person they do not love. This is a clever way of letting your significant other know that you are happy being with them.

3. My heart beats endlessly for you

The heart is the symbol of affection and just like in the animations, hearts beat endlessly when it feels love.

4. I want to remain under your spell

This is a very clever way of letting your spouse or lover know that you want to be with them always.

5. I am addicted to you and I don’t want to stop

People only get addicted to things they love. Letting your partner know that you are addicted to them and you want to remain so will assure them of your feelings.

6. You are the object of my devotion

Being devoted to a person is a sign of affection. This is a clever way of expressing your feelings.

7. I want you forever 

Telling your partner that you want them forever is a clever way of saying you love them.

8. You make my life so beautiful 

One of the clever ways to express affection is to tell your partner that they make your life beautiful.

9. I permanently yearn for you 

You can only yearn for who you love, let them know how strongly you feel about them by expressing how you yearn permanently for them.

10. You keep me breathless

Only the one you love will be able to take your breath away.

11. I passionately cherish you 

Whatever a person loves, they passionately cherish. This is a clever way of letting your partner know that you love them.

12. You are the one for me

Asserting that your lover is your only choice is a clever way of notifying them that you are in love with them.

13. We are bound to each other forever

Only love can bind two people to each other forever.

14. You are my Twinflame 

When two people are mirror images of each other, they are twin flames and are meant to be inseparable. To call your lover your twin flame shows that you love him/her.

15. My life revolves around you 

One of the clever ways of expressing your affection is to tell your significant other that your life revolves around them.

Beautiful Ways to Say I Love You

There are different methods to express your affection to your spouse or relatives, especially on special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. Here are some of them:

1. A box of affectionate handwritten notes

If you have spare time in your hands, purchase a cute little card box and heart-shaped colorful paper notes. Write down sweet words on each of the heart-shaped notes, put them all into the card box and deliver it to your lover.

2. Use of social media 

Especially on special days like Birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, e.t.c, you can make use of social media. A healthy beautiful romantic paragraph with all the right thoughtful words is a beautiful way to show affection to the people who matter the most to you.

3. Hire Serenaders 

One of the most beautiful ways to say express your affection is to hire a group of serenaders to sing it to your spouse or lover. Have the serenaders show up at their work, their front porch, or serenade you both during dinner or picnic date.

4. Love puzzles

Create an easy crossword puzzle with all the sweet words you want to tell your partner and watch them smile and blush as they solve the love puzzle.

5. Write it on their front porch 

Especially for your boyfriend or girlfriend. Have them wake up to well written sweet affectionate words on their front porch as they step out of their house in the morning. This is a very beautiful and romantic way to express your affection.

6. Write it on the beach 

A visit to the beach should not end without writing the three words of I Love You boldly on the beach sands for your partner and all to see.

7. Send them a customized playlist 

Curate the best romantic songs ever and create a playlist out of the songs. You can either share it  with your spouse/lover or have the both of you listen to the songs together for a more beautiful experience.

8. Say it in five different languages

To put a smile on your lover’s or spouse’s face, say I love you to him/her in five different romantic languages. It is one of the very beautiful ways to express your affection and will have them burst into big cheeky smiles. You can choose from five of the languages listed below.

Creatively Different Ways to Say I Love You
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How to Say I Love You in Different Languages

Although English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, and the English phrase “I love you” is very popular even in non-English speaking countries, it is important to know how to say the words “I love you” in some other languages.

Saying “I love You” in another language is both romantic and impressive and in some cases, more intense/heartfelt. Here is how to say I love you in some notable languages in the world.

  1. Japanese: Suki da yo, Ai shiteru, Anata o aishiteimasu
  2. German: Ich liebe dich
  3. Portuguese: Eu amo você
  4. Korean: Saranghaeyo (Polite) saranghamnida (Formal) saranghae( Informal)
  5. Arabic: uHibbuki (male to a female), uHibbuka ( female to male)
  6. French: Je t’aime
  7. Spanish: Te amo
  8. Russian: Ya lyublyu tyebya, Ya tyebya lyublyu
  9. Indonesian: Aku cinta kamu
  10. Hindi: Main tumse pyar kartha hoon(male speaker to female), Main tumse pyar karthee hoon (female speaker to male)
  11. Turkish: Seni seviyorum
  12. Swedish: Jag älskar dig
  13. Danish: Jeg elsker dig
  14. Swahili: Ninakupenda
  15. Dutch: Ik hou van jou (Basic), Ik heb je lief (Romantic)
  16. Greek: Se agapó
  17. Polish: Kocham cię
  18. Italian: Ti voglio bene, Ti amo
  19. Hawaiian: Aloha wau iā ʻoe
  20. Vietnamese: Anh yêu em (male speaker to a female), Em yêu anh (female speaker to a male)
  21. Hebrew: Ani ohev otah’ (male speaker to female) Ani ohevet ot’h’a (female speaker to male)
  22. Thai: Pom rak khun (male speaker to female) Chan rak khun (female speaker to male)
  23. Latin: Tē amō
  24. Chinese(Mandarin): Wǒ ài nǐ
  25. Norwegian: Jeg elsker deg
  26. Nigerian Pidgin:  Na You I Love
  27. Filipino: Mahal Kita
  28. Finish: Minä rakastan sinua
  29. Taiwanese: Góa ài lì
  30. Hungarian: Szeretlek

How Soon is Too Soon to Say I Love You?

There is no stipulated time to say I love you especially when it comes to your parents, siblings, and other relatives. However, when it comes to romantic relationships, it is best to be sure of your feelings and affection before you say the words.

Before you confess your love to a prospective lover, there are certain important things to note:

1. There is no universally stipulated period of time

Although there are popular opinions about waiting two to three months, matters of the heart do not have a specific recipe. You must follow your heart and be sure of your feelings and intentions before confessing your love, so you don’t say it too early or delay.

2. Clarity of feelings

Most people confuse infatuation for love. Before you go ahead to say the three words, ensure that what you feel is actually love and not a mere infatuation. When you say “I love you” you should be sure of your feelings and you should mean what you say.

3. Be ready to commit

Do not confess your love if you are not ready to commit to the person so as to avoid hurting his or her feelings in the long run.

…Therefore, saying I love you requires a lot of consideration and that is why it is not advisable to confess love within a few days of knowing a person because you need to be sure of what you actually feel.

However, be careful not to shy away from saying it when you are now sure of what and how you feel. There is no definitive answer to the question of how soon is too soon to say I love you, but the bottom line is to follow your heart and confess your love as soon as you are very sure of your feelings.

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