Cute Ways To Say Goodnight

The word ‘goodnight’ is one of the most popularly used ones in the English lexicon. Chances are you are going to use this word a lot, especially as the day draws closer to its end. The phrase is mostly used when ending a conversation, especially at night. In certain contexts, goodnight is actually also considered more polite than a goodbye, and thus it remains a very important farewell greeting.

However, saying ‘goodnight’ every day could begin to get monotonous, and sometimes the word alone is not enough to convey our exact feelings, especially if we’re saying it to someone we are fond of. This article aims to share with you, the different and unique ways you can say goodnight without actually using the word.

Different Ways to Say Goodnight

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As we’ve already established, different ways of saying goodnight apply when speaking to different people, and language rules always insist that the proper greeting be applied in the appropriate scenario. Some settings are formal, like the office space for example, and require formal greetings.

However, a more relaxed environment won’t require such stiff salutations, and the language can be relaxed accordingly, for example, during a gathering among friends, or a family hangout. Here, you will learn the different ways you can say goodnight, as well as to who you can address these phrases or expressions:

1. Nighty Night

This phrase is basically an informal and light way to bid someone ‘a goodnight’. This expression conveys a sense of familiarity and fondness between the speaker and the listener. You will most likely hear this expression when someone is talking with toddlers and young children.

2. Night Night Buddy

Like the first greeting, this phrase is used mainly when speaking to young children, especially young boys. It is soft and friendly and is used in extremely informal circumstances, particularly among families. It might not be uncommon to hear this word from a father to his son when tucking him into bed.

3. Sweet Dreams

Now, this is another creative way to say goodnight. The self-explanatory greeting is used to express a wish from the speaker to sleep well and soundly. The words here depict a closeness between the speakers and it’s a phrase that is common amongst family members, close friends, and even lovers.

4. See You Tomorrow!

This here is a goodnight phrase that can be used in a multitude of settings. It is friendly enough to be used by close pals, and it’s unassuming enough to be used among co-workers in the office space.

5. Sleep Well

This phrase tells the listener that the speaker is wishing him/her a peaceful sleep. It does sound rather stiff – it is one goodnight expression’ that can sound formal or informal, depending on the tone of the speaker’s voice. However, this expression is still a pretty solid goodnight substitute though.

6. Have a Good Sleep

This ‘goodnight expression’ here simply tells the listener to sleep restfully. The usage is mostly formal, but this depends on who it’s being spoken to. Children could say this to their parents and vice versa; it can also be used among work acquaintances, as well as couples.

Funny Ways to Say Goodnight

Now some mischievous people will definitely find every opportunity to turn a solemn greeting such as goodnight into a greeting that makes you dissolve into giggles. Below are some hilarious ways you can express your goodnight greetings, you might pick up a phrase or two as well:

1. I have a Meeting Overnight at Dreamland. I’ll call When I Get Back

A presumptuous greeting, this one, but definitely funny. This is highly informal and it’s definitely not advised that you say this to your boss, or anywhere at work for that matter. However, this goodnight expression is perfect for the children, and your close friends.

2. May Your Night Be As Good as I Am

Your arrogant, cocky friend might say this to you, just to throw you off. If the normal goodnight is tiring to you, you might wanna switch to the eclectic greeting – and yes, it is strictly for use in informal settings and would be considered wholly inappropriate if used otherwise.

3. May You be Safe from the Ghost Under Your Bed

The infamous boogie man has always made nighttime a terror for plenty of kids and this greeting just might be the perfect solution to this. It is also decidedly funnier if used to address a close friend who is not a child. So this phrase is perfect for use among family and friends.

4. Dream of Me

This greeting is an expression of goodnight and well wishes for the listener. It is mostly used among close friends, but you might not want to hear it from that annoying friend of yours. Nonetheless, it is an informal phrase and a fun way to say ‘goodnight’.

5. Let’s Close Our Peepers and Get to Sleepers!

This extremely sweet goodnight greeting is a hilarious way of telling someone to go to bed. The peepers in this phrase mean eyes, and you can’t sleep with them open now, can you?

Cute Ways to Say Goodnight Over Text to Your Crush

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Having crushes is perfectly normal. Having panic attacks because you don’t know how to say goodnight to them can be quite embarrassing. Pick up a few choice phrases for your sweetheart below to spice up your relationship:

1. Here’s a Gardenia Flower for Your Pillow so You have Nice Dreams

Of course, you have to be extra, when it comes to a crush – your lovely thoughts should be clearly communicated. This adorable phrase will help you convey the fact that you wish them a very wonderful night’s rest.

2. Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

It is perfectly acceptable to say this to your crush before he/she goes to bed. Not letting bed bugs bite is a way of telling them to let go of any worries they might have before bed. It’s very healthy advice if you ask me.

3. Sleep Tight and Dream of Me

You’re bound to have the love of your life blushing if you use this cute little phrase on them, right before they go to bed. If they like you back, your wish just might come true.

4. Sweet Dreams, if You Sleep. Sweet Thoughts if You Don’t

There is no way you can go back to the old, boring goodnight after this one. This greeting thoughtfully covers all bases, as sleep can sometimes be elusive.

5. Sleep Snug as a Bug in a Rug!

This greeting tells you to sleep soundly. It would definitely warm your crush’s heart, even as you tell them to keep warm. It is also extremely informal and friendly – it is best used for loved ones and close friends.

Interesting Ways to Say Goodnight

Some goodnight greetings are quite unique and might keep you pondering upon the strangeness of the phrase. Remember, the idea is to spice up your goodnight vocabulary, and the list below is here to help:

1. Sleep Tight. Remember to Close Your Eyes!

You could decide to go beyond the regular ‘sleep tight’, and use this phrase instead – never mind that nobody can forget to sleep without closing their eyes. This expression is quite informal and can be used with little children, as well grown-ups.

2. If You Have Bed Bugs, Sleep on the Floor

‘Sleep no matter what’ says this quote. Here, you are being told to do everything you can to ensure you rest well. You could use this when talking to kids, close friends, and even lovers. It shouldn’t be used outside informal spaces, in order not to send the wrong message.

3. Use a Pillow. Hug it, Thinking About Me

You deserve to be dreamed about, so why don’t you go ahead and tell your crush this –don’t be shy. You can also say this to close friends if you want to annoy them a little. These two beautiful sentences can be categorized under both funny, as well as cute goodnight greetings.

4. It’s Late. Let’s Continue in Your Dreams

This one here is used when doing something interesting and fun with the listener. If they are children, the ‘off to bed’ phrase might not always work, and so this uniquely creative greeting tells them that their playtime will definitely extend into dreamland. As adults, you can also say this to a crush – it will definitely spice things up.

5. Rest in Peace. I Mean, Rest Peacefully

This is one greeting you might need to be careful with–especially if the listener doesn’t have much of a sense of humor–as Rest in Peace has slightly more morbid uses. Otherwise, it is a perfectly acceptable way to tell a loved one goodnight, without sounding monotonous.

Other Ways to Say Goodnight

Here are some other ways you can tell the people around you goodnight.

1. Off to Bed

As children, this goodnight phrase means you have to scamper off to bed as it indicated that the adults are probably tired of all the chattering. It is one of the most popular goodnight substitutes in English. It is quite informal and is mostly used to address little kids.

2. Fall Asleep and Drift to Dreamland Soon!

This phrase is a great way to call it a night after speaking with a close family member or friend. It is also a soothing goodnight greeting for young children – they will definitely have very lovely dreams with such a sweet goodnight wish.

3. Have a Pleasant Night!

This direct greeting is well used in English albeit in more formal circles. You can appropriately say this to a co-worker or acquaintance before going home after a long day at work as it isn’t likely to cause offense.

4. Lights Out!

This expression is used mainly in controlled settings like military camps and boarding schools. It’s best you don’t flout this order if you find yourself in such a camp. It is implied that this rather rigid goodnight wish couldn’t care less about whether you sleep well or not – it is simply an order for you to go to bed.

5. Until Tomorrow

This simple greeting is a great way to say goodnight or even goodbye to someone you hope to see the following day. It is great for use among office colleagues and students. It is categorized as a semi-formal and formal greeting.

How to Say Goodnight in Different Languages

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So at this point, you already know the different ways of saying good night in English, and the class of people you can say them to. Let’s go a notch higher and learn how people who don’t speak English say their goodnights. Just as it is in English, these phrases could either be used formally or informally. Below is a list of 30 different languages and how the word goodnight is said in those languages.

  • Italian – Buona notte (informal and formal), Dormi bene (informal), Dorma bene (formal), Dormite bene (plural)
  • Hawaiian – Aloha ahiahi (colloquial use), Aloha pō (formal)
  • Vietnamese – Chúc Ngủ Ngon (old use/formal), ngu ngon nhe/nha (informal)
  • Filipino – Magandang gabi (formal and informal)
  • Hebrew – לילה טוב written in alphabet as ‘Laylah tov’ (formal)
  • Thai – ราตรีสวัสดิ์ Rātrī s̄wạs̄di̒ (formal)
  • Latin – Bonum nocte (formal)
  • Mandarin – 再见(見)/Zàijiàn (informal) used before going to bed; 晚安/Wân’ān (formal)
  • Norwegian – God natt (formal)
  • Nigerian Pidgin – Mek I go sleep (colloquial/informal)
  • Japanese – おやすみ/Oyasumi
  • German – Gute nacht (formal/normal use) Gute nacht mien Liebling (informal/used between lovers/family)
  • Portuguese – Boa noite (formal), Tenha uma bon noite–means have a good night (informal)
  • Korean – 안녕히 주무세/Annyeonghi jumuseyo (formal), 잘 자/Jal ja (informal)
  • Arabic – تصبح على خير/Tusbih ealaa khayr (formal), طاب مساؤك/Tab masawuk (informal)
  • French – Bonne nuit (formal), Dors bien (informal), Bonsoir (informal)
  • Spanish – Buenas noches (formal), Feliz noches (informal), Buenas (informal)
  • Russian – доброй ночи/Dobroy nochi (formal), спокойной ночи/Spokonoy nochi (informal)
  • Chinese – 晚安/Wân’ān (formal), 睡觉/To sleep (informal)
  • Indonesian – Selamat malam (formal and informal)
  • Hindi – 晚安/Shubh raatri (formal and informal)
  • Turkish – Iyi geceler (informal and formal)
  • Hebrew – לילה טוב
  • Swedish – Godnatt (formal), Godnatt, dröm sött (informal)
  • Danish – Godnat (formal), Sov godt (informal)
  • Swahili – Usiku mwema (colloquial use)
  • Dutch – Welterusten (formal and informal), Goedenacht (formal, greeting), slaap lekker (informal)
  • Greek – καληνυχτα/Kalinychta (formal and informal)
  • Polish – Dobranoc (very formal), Dobry wieczór (informal)
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