A Complete List of David Biello Books and Facts About The Author

David Biello is a renowned American journalist who has made giant strides in environment and energy. He has written various books on climatic change and notable websites and magazines, such as Scientific American, Yale e360, and L.A. Review of Books, among others. Others are The New York Times, Foreign Policy,  and the New Republic. Beyond writing books, David Biello has hosted several shows, including the 60-Second Earth Podcast and the award-winning PBS documentary series, Beyond the Light Switch.

Before his writing spree, David Biello acquired a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Wesleyan University. He also got a Master’s degree in Journalism from Columbia University. Since the inception of his journalism and writing career, Biello has traveled far and wide, covering various topics on environmental issues. In 2009, he was honored with an Interviews Earth Journalism Award for his work, Guide to Carbon Capture and Storage, published in Scientific America.

Since then, his works have inspired many interested in knowing about the world’s climatic change. He has graced several events and brought live reports on climate, energy, and the environment. Some of these events include the 2009 UN Climate Summit held in Copenhagen, Denmark, and the 2011 Summit held in Durban, South Africa. More than that, David has been working as a science curator and TED Speaker, with his primary focus on environmental and climatic problems.

Having said that, we take you through the complete list of David Biello books. But before that, it is imperative to note that having worked with several people and research outlets, David Biello has equally collaborated with some of the most successful climatic researchers to put forth books that are not just worth reading but carry many essential details that are often overlooked.

List of David Biello Books

1. The Unnatural World: The Race to Remake Civilization in Earth’s Newest Age

  • Publication Date: November 15, 2016
  • Publisher: Scribner
  • Language: English
  • Print length: 304 pages

David Biello Books
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In this masterpiece, David Biello’s first book, the journalist takes us on a long ride, trying to prove that although civilization is in crisis, humanity must learn to adapt and bring innovations to save the Earth. Humans have become unconscious gardeners of the Earth and are not in control but only set rules by which we either flourish or perish. The Unnatural World also brings to light a despairing crop of unlikely heroes, including a pigeon that is hell-bent on bringing back species in extinction; an insane scientist who fertilizes the seas; a junior Chinese government official trying his best to make his city a better place, and much more.

Furthermore, Biello explores and points out the need for everyone in the society, be it the billionaires, the low-class, scientists, and ordinary people in the society, to do their best to protect our home – the Earth and make it a better place. Nevertheless, the only problem standing in the way is “us.” Human activities have become so intense that we have reached a new geological epoch called the Anthropocene. Reading this book won’t be a bad idea as David Biello’s analysis will help you understand the challenges facing our planet and also arouse several thought-provoking ideas on the way forward.

2. Trenes de Alta Velocidad: Por Dentro y Por Fuera (Tecnologia: Mapas Para El Futuro) (Spanish Edition)

  • Publication Date: April 1, 2002
  • Language: Spanish
  • Print length: 47 pages

David Biello
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This is one of David Biello books, which he co-wrote with Raymond VillardLeonard Joseph, and Holly Cefrey for young children. It is a Spanish version of the original book Technology Blueprints of the Future: Internet, Skyscrapers, Large Telescopes, Aircraft Carriers, Super Jumbo Jets, and Bullet Trains released in 2001. In this book, David and his co-authors delved into exciting topics well-illustrated using technical drawings, architectural designs, and blueprints.

The book covers six topics that have to do with technological innovations and their implications, focusing on the past, present, and future, which are embellished with technical drawings and dynamic illustrations for easy understanding. While the English version was released in 2001, this Spanish version came in April 2002.

3. Portaaviones: Por Dentro y Por Fuera (Aircraft Carriers: Inside and Out) (Spanish Edition)

  • Publication Date: April 1, 2002
  • Language: Spanish
  • Print length: 48 pages

David Biello Books
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Another illustrative young children’s book, David Biello, collaborated with Mark T. Beyer to dish out this 48-paged book. And like the former, Portaaviones: Por Dentro Y Por Fuera, which translates to Aircraft Carriers: Inside and Out in English, is written in a clear format with interesting photographs and architectural illustrations that will keep you entertained.

This piece delves into different topics, each of which provides the history of the subject matter, its future projections, technological innovations, and their implications. The pictures found in this book also make the information presented more fascinating as they bring pictorial explanations of the subject in question. We are confident you will find no hassle reading this book. It was released at the same time as the one discussed above.

4. Bullet Trains: Inside and Out (Technology–Blueprints of the Future)

  • Publication Date: January 1, 2001
  • Language: English
  • Print length: 47 pages

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David Biello explores technology’s world, giving extensive elaboration on several things that technology has made possible. From special tracks to having aerodynamically designed trains and other safety precautions, Biello explains the future of trains. This book provides background history and projections to the future with perfect illustrations to easily understand the book. The book covers six titles, including Aircraft Carriers, Bullet Trains, Internet, Large Telescopes, Skyscrapers, and Super Jumbo Jets.

By reading this piece from the author, students will understand better how technology has made it possible for one to travel on ground tracks at almost the speed of a jet, how the world has evolved with the advent of the internet, and much more. This book was translated into the Spanish language in 2002, and it’s one of David Biello’s most popular books.

David Biello Books At A Glance

Here’s a quick look at David Biello books:

  1. The Unnatural World: The Race to Remake Civilization in Earth’s Newest Age
  2. Trenes de Alta Velocidad: Por Dentro y Por Fuera (Tecnologia: Mapas Para El Futuro) (Spanish Edition)
  3. Portaaviones: Por Dentro y Por Fuera (Aircraft Carriers: Inside and Out) (Spanish Edition)
  4. Bullet Trains: Inside and Out (Technology–Blueprints of the Future)

Other Fascinating Facts About The Author

Aside from writing books, there are many other things David Biello is known for. From being a TED science curator and working as a writer and editor to hosting podcasts and much more, let’s find out below.

David Biello Has Been Working With Scientific American Since 2005

As earlier stated, David Biello has been working as a contributing writer and editor for Scientific American since 2005. Scientific American is an American science magazine, which is published monthly. The publication has been in existence since 1845, and many of the world’s famous scientists, including Albert Einstein, had written articles for this publication. Since 2005, David has written several articles for the media outfit, many of which are centered on astronomy, zoology, environment, and climatic change.

When he is not writing, David puts in time editing for the magazine’s Facts or Fiction Column. Beyond writing and editing, Biello also hosts a podcast called 60-Second Earth for the outfit. The podcast, which lasts for 60 seconds, gives an insight into our planet, the latest scientific findings, inventions, how human activities affect our planet, and much more.

Besides Books, David Biello is Also a Science Curator For TED

David Biello is also a TED Science Curator. He has been working with the American media outfit, helping to bring diverse science and environmental related issues to the knowledge of many. Biello works with other scientists on TED and helps extract scientific datasets, research, write blogs and bring other scientific discovery stories to the stage. Apart from hosting TED talk shows, Biello also writes science-based articles for TED-Ed- TED’s youth and education initiative.

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