10 David Foster Books Every “The End Of The Tour” Fan Should Have

If you are a fan of the famous 2015 American drama-film titled The End of the Tour which narrates the epic tale of the 5-day long interview between the popular writer and novelist David Foster Wallace and David Lipsky; then it doesn’t just stop there because there is more to the life and fantastic stories written by the renown novelist that should be on your bookshelf in your private library.

David Foster Wallace was a famous writer whose works covered both fiction and nonfiction. He was also a professor of English and Creative Writing. Born in 1962, he began writing and publishing his works since the 1980s and has since then covered almost everything including short stories, novels, essays, and nonfiction. Before his death in 2008, he had already had two novels with the third, The Pale King published after his death in 2011 as well as three short story collections and other works.

David Foster Books

David Foster
David Foster Books (Image Source)

1. Infinite Jest (2005)

This book was first published and released in 1996 and is often regarded as one of the greatest works of the twentieth century. It is a mind-blowing comedy that x-rays the pursuit of happiness in American society; exploring crucial questions on entertainment and how it dominates the lives of people. It is one of those novels that simply tells the abilities of a novel. It would make an interesting read to readers and especially the fans of The End of The Tour movie.

2. A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again: Essays and Arguments (2005)

This is a collection of essays written on different topics ranging from sports, TV, Illinois state fair, David Lynch films, and postmodern literary theory. It will be an amazing read for readers and fans alike as it brings curiosity, hilariousness, and strong verbal expression.

3. Brief Interviews with Hideous Men (1999)

This is a short story collection that shows the writer’s ability to use his wit and seduction to travel into the minds and places that are hardly ventured and to bring to understanding the way women are being portrayed mentally. It also sheds light on some hilarious portraits of how men fear women. It is very thought-provoking and the fans will love this one dearly as it brings bizarre and the banal together.

4. Consider the Lobster and Other Essays (2005)

This compilation of essays borders on adult video stars, politics, and annual Main Lobster festival, among others. It provides answers to questions on these outlined areas. It covers big red son, certainly, the end of something or other, consider the lobster and host, just but to mention a few.

5. Oblivion (2004)

Oblivion presents a tale from 3 different story backgrounds. First, The Soul is not Smirthy, is a tale of father and how his son daydreams via someone else’ terrible situation; secondly, The Suffering Channel, is a tale of politics which shows the drama behind an artist who is trying to create a tiny sculpture in an impossible way, and the third story, Oblivion, is a tale of a man who thinks that he is having a hallucination about his snoring. The work of fiction is filled with humor and hilarity.

6. The Pale King (2011)

Although the novel was not completed before David Foster’s death, it deals with what life holds and means; and how the society respects work. This novel depicts a fresh idea of heroism and appreciation for one amazing writer of our time. It was later published three years after the tragic death of the writer.

7. The Broom of the System (1987)

This novel was first published when the renowned writer and novelist was 24. It ushered in an era of fresh and extraordinary talent. The novel combined humor, intelligence, and hilarity together. It is highly entertaining and amazing, coming from the stables of one the greatest and youngest minds at that time.

8. Both Flesh and Not: Essays (2012)

This book is the first collection of 15 of David Foster’s seminal essays, compiled and published in book format. The book exposes the ever curious mind of the writer which spans across his 20-year writing career. It is yet another work that was published after the death of Wallace.

9. This is Water: Some thoughts, delivered on a significant occasion, about living a compassionate life (2005)

This book is a product of the writer’s one and only public talk and presentation delivered in an address in 2005 at Kenyon College. The book presents the writer’s mind on how attention is golden, asking some vital questions on compassion and daily living.

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10. Girl with Curious Hair (1989)

This novel yet presents the writer as one of the best and talented young writers in America. The novel attempts to make a comparison between two opposite world by laying them together side by side; nihilism and republicanism.

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