Did Hinata Die and How Did She Die?

Hinata Hyuga, the wife of Naruto Uzumaki, a former heiress of the Hyuga clan—a kunoichi of Konohagakure, and the mother of Boruto and Himawari, is one of the most significant characters in the Narutoverse. There have been numerous speculations about Hinata’s death, with many fans believing she died in the pain arc. However, based on Byliner’s extensive research, Hinata is currently alive both in the Boruto Anime and Manga.

Starting out as a love interest for Naruto, Hinata Hyuga used to be a timid and quiet character. Although the relationship was initially one-sided, she finally won over Naruto’s heart, and they ended up getting married. She didn’t make much of an impression when she first appeared, especially before Shippuden aired. Hinata was introduced as a former heiress of their clan, a member of Team 8.

Is Hinata Dead?

No, Hinata is not dead. She is alive, and theories of her death stem mainly from fan fiction that is not based on the canon. Plus, Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of the anime, has not said anything about Hinata being dead.

Speculations of Hinata’s death have been made even more popular because of her several near-death experiences, especially her encounter in the pain arc.

Did Hinata Die and How Did She Die?
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How Did Hinata Die?

There are instances where Hinata almost dies. Here are some of Hinata’s close shaves with death:

Attempts to kidnap her when she was three years old to obtain the power of Byakugan are one of the earliest instances of Hinata’s near-death experiences. She was however rescued by her father, thus saving her from losing her eyes and/or her life.

During their formative years, Hinata and Neji also had a rivalry. Neji was the young prodigy, while Hinata was one who fell short of expectations. Neji and Hinata got into a fight during the chunin tests, which nearly killed her. She was on the verge of tapping out of the fight, but Naruto’s encouragement motivated her to press on and maintain her will. Sadly, despite the fact that her organs were severely injured, she still lost the battle and suffered dangerous injuries.

Also, her encounter in The Pain Arc is one of the instances that brought widespread theories about Hinata’s death. Despite all the above instances, because she didn’t die in any of them, there is currently no accurate narration of how Hinata died because she is still alive.

Did Hinata Die in the Pain Arc?

No, Hinata didn’t die in the pain arc, as she was not killed by pain. In episode 166 of Naruto Shippuden, with the help of her Byakugan, Hinata is able to identify Naruto in the village and remembers her first experience with him when she was younger. As soon as she heard the villagers talking about the Nine-Tails, her guardian Ko warned her to keep away from him.

Naruto, on the other hand, shielded her after a group of thugs shoved her around. Hinata runs into the fight to defend Naruto, remembering how Naruto had defended her.

By explaining that this is his struggle, Naruto tries to dissuade her from joining the fight by questioning why she would do so. She goes ahead to declare her love for him and proceeds to remove a black receiver that Pain had implanted inside of Naruto. But, with his Shinra Tensei, Pain’s Deva Path throws Hinata.

In order to fight Pain, Hinata manages to get to her feet, activates her Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists, and runs toward him. Pain follows the movement with his Rinnegan and manages to avoid being struck. However, when Nagato starts to cough blood, he briefly loses focus, allowing Hinata to strike first. She pulls out another receiver as she notices the confused Pain and is thrown even further away, this time through the air.

Hinata’s skull starts to bleed as she lands across the crater. When she remembers how Naruto supported her during her battle with Neji and how he had informed her that he appreciated people like her, she makes her way back to him while he calls out for her safety. Pain questions her as she approaches Naruto as to why she would fight him or try to save Naruto if she knew she would perish. As a result, she responds that she would never give up.

Later, Pain sends Hinata flying again through the air with his Shinra Tensei before bringing her crashing back to earth. He takes out his blade and stabs her as the impact of her fall breaks the ground. Pain simply says that this is how his parents also perished—by being killed by a shinobi from Konoha as Naruto watches the blood leaking out of her. However, she was healed by Sakura’s healing Jutsu.

Even though some of the victims of the Pain arc were raised from the dead, Sakura only had to treat Hinata because she was just unconscious and not dead. Although the stab was considered fatal by a lot of fans, Hinata didn’t die from it.

Did Hinata Die in Boruto Manga?

There are so many theories about Hinata dying in Boruto Manga. Although she is currently alive, many fans think that Boruto’s Jougan eye is the Byakugan eye, which was transplanted from Hinata after her passing.

In addition to this “theory,” there are other ones out there; like Hinata dying while defending Boruto in Naruto’s absence; speculating that she would surely be in the village when Konoha is fully destroyed because she will use every effort to protect her husband and her son and will therefore intervene in the fight in a similar manner to how she did with Pain. But this time, when defending Boruto, both Naruto and Hinata risk dying.

This is because, in the anime’s opening scene, there’s a glimpse of a future that is nothing but a disaster as Boruto confronts his sworn brother Kawaki. Numerous rumors surround the demise of significant characters, particularly Naruto, who is absent in the opening scene. There is a lot of speculation around the Boruto spin-off, so it’s best to take it all in while the plot develops.

Did Hinata’s Death Happen in Tokyo Revengers?

Tokyo Revengers is a Japanese manga series created by Ken Wakui and is separate from the Naruto and Boruto anime world. Although Hinata died in Tokyo Revengers after being killed by a Tokyo gang, the Hinata in Tokyo Revengers is Hinata Tachibana—the ex-girlfriend of the main protagonist Takemichi Hanagaki, and not the Hinata Hyuga of the Narutoverse.

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