Does Gabriel Basso Have a Wife or Girlfriend? Who Are His Family Members?

Gabriel Basso is not married and has no wife. He also does not have a girlfriend, to the best of public knowledge.

From all indications, he is focused on building his acting career, and it is shaping up to be a fantastic one. The St. Louis native made his debut as a child and has gone on to feature in several movies and TV series. He now headlines the hit Netflix, The Night Agent.

Gabriel Basso has Never Been Married

Being a handsome and popular young man means that many people are interested in Gabriel Basso’s love life, but thus far, the actor has kept the details tightly to his chest. Basso is not married and has never been married. It is, however a huge possibility that he may do so in the future, given that he is quite young.

Away from the issue of marriage, it is also difficult to pinpoint the identity of Gabriel Basso’s girlfriend. It is highly likely that he is single at the moment. It is also possible that he may be dating someone but is protecting her privacy. Gabriel Basso’s love life remains a mystery for now, but one can expect details to tumble out as he continues to build a career in the public eye.

Gabriel Basso Has a Daughter

Despite the fact that he is not married and doesn’t seem to have a girlfriend, Gabriel Basso has a young daughter who was born around 2020. The actor has been tight-lipped about pertinent details surrounding his daughter, such as the identity of the mother and the circumstances of her birth. He has also refused to yield her name.

He has, however, shared her pictures on social media on a few occasions. The first time that Gabriel Basso shared a picture of his daughter, he proudly announced to the whole world that there was a new Basso around. The actor has shared some more snaps of his daughter, but is careful not to divulge personal details but rather shares general anecdotes on children’s antics.

Meet Gabriel Basso’s Parents – Marcie and Louis J Basso

Gabriel Basso’s parents are Louis J Basso and Marcie Basso. Gabriel has been quite forthcoming about the pivotal role that his parents played in his life. They made him believe that there wasn’t anything that he couldn’t do. They also supported his career from the get-go, stepping in to homeschool him and his siblings so that they didn’t fall behind in their studies because they were acting.

Gabriel Basso’s parents also made sure to give him as normal a childhood as possible even though he started acting as a child. Basso remains close to his parents to date and often visits them. There is not much information on his parents, but a simple online search will reveal his dad to be Louis J Basso, a lawyer based in St Louis, Missouri.

Louis J is an attorney who specializes in defending product liability, design liability, and toxic tort cases. He is also an employment law guru. He studied at the University of Notre Dame and Washington University and qualified as a lawyer in 1984.

Gabriel Basso
Gabriel Basso and his younger sister Annalise Image Source

Gabriel Basso’s Two Sisters, Alexandria and Annalise, are Also Actors

Gabriel Basso’s family also comprises his two sisters, namely Alexandria, his elder sister, and Annalise, his younger sister. Gabriel is a few years younger than Alexandria and four years older than Annalise, who was born in 1998. Gabriel Basso’s sisters are both Hollywood actresses, and Alexandria is additionally a screenwriter.

Annalise has appeared in several movies and TV series, such as Snowpiercer, Ouija: Origin of Evil, and Slender Man. A good number of her well-known works are in the horror genre, and she has been hailed as a GenZ scream queen. Alexandria has scored bit roles in several movies and TV series and is also a producer and screenwriter. One of her screenwriting credits comes in A Place to Die.

Gabriel Basso has a close relationship with his two sisters. In fact, it has been revealed that his two sisters started acting first, and he followed in their footsteps. The siblings healthily compete with each other and motivate each other to do better


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