Does Jenna Ortega Smoke and Is She Vegan?

Jenna Ortega smokes. The 21-year-old was recently in the news for disobeying a “No Smoking” sign in public. The budding actress was also vegan for a very long time. However, filming the hit Netflix show Wednesday in Romania made sticking to her diet difficult, thus, she is no longer vegan.

Does Jenna Ortega Smoke?

Jenna Ortega recently went viral after a picture of her smoking garnered attention. Despite thriving to live a healthy lifestyle by paying attention to her diet, it seems the actress may be indulging in a not-so-healthy habit.

The young actress has recently faced controversies likely stemming from her youth and lack of experience. She received criticism from a producer and the writers guild for interfering with the script of a TV series. Furthermore, she has gained attention for engaging in rebellious behavior by smoking in a public place where smoking and drinking were clearly restricted.

In May 2023, Jenna Ortega was spotted in Notting Hill, West London, hanging out with fellow actor Gideon Aldon. Despite a visible “no smoking” sign, both women were seen smoking and drinking. Photos released show Jenna wearing a sheer full-sleeved shirt over a black tank top, paired with green cargo trousers and black boots. Her hair was styled in an untidy ponytail, with her bangs fluttering in the breeze.

As soon as the images of Jenna Ortega surfaced on social media, they quickly went viral among her followers and the online community. Fans expressed mostly negative opinions when they saw her smoking a cigarette, while some defended her, but many criticized her for engaging in a “bad habit” and setting a negative example. However, some individuals defended Ortega, asserting that as an adult, she has the freedom to make her own decisions.

Natalie Ortega Condemned Her Daughter’s Behavior 

The discourse surrounding Jenna Ortega’s actions created a significant uproar on social media, to the extent that Jenna’s mother, Natalie Ortega, entered the conversation herself to share her thoughts.

Natalie took to Instagram and posted a series of lighthearted and serious content highlighting the dangers of smoking. She shared a meme that featured Sméagol from “The Lord of the Rings.”

Does Jenna Ortega Smoke and Is She Vegan?

Additionally, she posted an article snippet emphasizing the link between cigarettes and lung cancer, accompanied by a sticker boldly stating “FACTS.” Natalie also posted a screenshot stating, “No, smoking does not help you relax.”

Furthermore, Natalie shared several posts highlighting the negative effects of smoking, including “cigarette stench,” “damaged teeth and gums,” “cataracts,” and “brittle bones.”

To conclude her stance on the subject, Jenna’s mom shared a heartwarming quote that read, “A mother is always a mother. She never stops worrying about her children, even when they are all grown up and have children of their own.”

Is Jenna Ortega Vegan?

Born September 27, 2002, Wednesday star Jenna Ortega was vegan for a very long time before she began filming her hit Netflix series Wednesday, but she claims that the shoot location in Romania made sticking to her no meat, dairy, or eggs restrictions difficult.

Tripe soup, Romanian pork rolls, and Radauti soup, a tart chicken soup, are a few of Romania’s most well-known meals. Since most of the dishes included meat, Ortega had to find other ways to meet her daily nutrition requirements.

In an interview, she said, “I stopped being vegan when I went to Romania to shoot Wednesday. Since the diet there is really different and I didn’t feel like I was getting enough nourishment, I started eating fish once more. So I’m currently pescetarian.”

Does Jenna Ortega Smoke and Is She Vegan?
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Also, in a January 2022 interview with the New York Times, Ortega spoke about her vegetarian diet, mentioning avocado rolls as one of her favorite foods. Despite giving up her vegan diet while on the set of Wednesday in Romania, Ortega seems to still primarily avoid dairy. In a tweet from 2020, the former vegan, who is now a pescatarian, expressed her enthusiasm for dairy alternatives, saying she was ‘all for’ an animal-free option.

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