Does Judith Die in the Walking Dead?

Judith does not die in The Walking Dead, although she was shot in the penultimate episode of the final season. Thanks to long-time guardians such as Daryl, she is able to get medical care and makes a good recovery.

Judith, thus, looks forward to a bright future as The Walking Dead which ended in season 11 Episode 24 aired in February 2022. Judith’s survival in series deviates from the comic book, where she died at a tender age.

What Happened To Judith in The Walking Dead?

Judith was shot by Pamela Milton in Season 11 Episode 23 of The Walking Dead titled Family. Pamela is the corrupt leader of the prosperous Commonwealth community, and other groups of survivors of the zombie apocalypse, such as Judith, have been trying to get in. She, however, refuses them entrance, and they form a coalition and rise against her.

In the course of the battle, Pamela tries to shoot Maggie, and Judith steps in and takes the bullet. She is seriously wounded, and her guardian, Daryl, immediately comes to her rescue.

Does Judith Die in The Walking Dead Season 11?

Judith does not die in The Walking Dead Season 11. Even though she was seriously wounded and half-conscious after Pamela shot her, she survives, thanks to the effort of the likes of Daryl. He immediately rushes her to the hospital, only to discover that there are no medics in sight. To complicate matters, a herd of zombie walkers approaches them.

The weak Judith joins in fending off the herd, and Daryl later takes her to where she gets treatment. She, therefore, makes a slow but steady recovery.

How Does Judith Die in The Walking Dead?

Judith does not die in The Walking Dead series. She survives various attempts on her life from when she was an infant up to 12. Some of these attempts come from the murderous zombie walkers, while others come from fellow human beings, but thanks to her smartness and the help of guardians such as Daryl and Tyress, she remains alive as the series ends.

In the final scene, she looks forward to a bright future with her younger brother, RJ, murmuring the phrase, “ we are the ones who live; we get to start over again”.

How Does Judith Die in The Walking Dead Comics?

In The Walking Dead comics, Judith was killed after a villain named the governor launched an assault on the prison where the group of survivors led by her father is taking refuge. The governor takes ruthless measures to protect his own company of survivors. These measures put him at odds with Judith’s dad, Rick Grimes, and he ends up attacking the prison where Rick and his people are.

The Walking Dead series is based on a collection of comics penned by American writer Robert Kirkman. The series is largely true to the source material, but it does stray in some aspects, one of which is Judith. While Judith does not die in The Walking Dead series, her character died as an infant in the comic books.

It is during this assault that Judith dies. She was crushed to death in The Walking Dead Comics after her mom, Lilly, who was holding her, fell on her. The governor’s assault on the prison also takes place in the TV version of The Walking Dead, but Judith is rescued by Tyreese. She, therefore, does not die in that assault.

Who Plays Judith in The Walking Dead?

American child actress Cailey Presley Fleming portrays Judith in The Walking Dead. Cailey has been featured in movies such as Star Wars: The Force Awakens and IF. Her filmography is not extensive, but she is a star in the making, going by the rave reviews she got for her work in The Walking Dead.

From her co-stars to critics, Cailey was praised for turning Judith into a character renowned for many positive characteristics, such as kindness and courage. Cailey only portrayed Judith when the character was 8 to 12 years. Several other actresses portrayed Judith when she was only a few months or a few years old.


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