Does Orochimaru Die and Who Kills Him?

Orochimaru is one of the strongest characters and biggest antagonists in Naruto, and the circumstances surrounding his death have been a subject of debate and confusion among fans of the anime series.

He is one of the three Legendary Sanin, a former ninja from Konohagakure village, and an ex-Akatsuki terrorist group member who is infamous for his numerous snake assaults and experiments in search of immortality.

Despite his obsession with immortality, does Orochimaru die? Yes, he died. His ninja body is a human body, and human bodies don’t survive forever. But in order to continue living, he devises a technique for transferring his soul to a new body. Although his physical body is long gone, Orochimaru is still alive. He was killed by Sasuke, but Sasuke still managed to bring him back to life. He is currently alive in the Boruto spin-off, working in a laboratory.

When Does Orochimaru Die?

Orochimaru, one of the major villains in Narutoverse, dies at the beginning of Naruto Shippuden after his fight with Hiruzen, the Third Hokage. After Hiruzen takes away his hands to prevent him from using Jutsus, he is forced to switch to another body which isn’t a good match.

As a result of the bad match, he became extremely sick and wanted to take over Sasuke’s body. This attempt was unsuccessful, and so he ended up dying.

What Episode Does Orochimaru Die?

Orochimaru dies at the beginning of the anime series in Episode 114 of Naruto Shippuden. In this episode, he sheds his old body and transforms into a white serpent as he fights with Sasuke to obtain Sasuke’s Sharingan and to have his body become a host. 

However, Sasuke was able to deal lethal blows to Orochimaru and even cutting up his snake form. Thinking the battle was over, Sasuke was about to revel in his victory when a poisonous gas emanates from Orochimaru and paralyzes him.

As he brags some more, Orochimaru is ready to collect Sasuke’s body and takes him to a strange place, which is Orochimaru’s own universe inside his own body. As Orochimaru enveloped Sasuke in the tongue intestines, Sasuke’s Curse Mark took over, and he gained control of Orochimaru’s universe, astonishing the snake himself. Sasuke takes over Orochimaru and finishes him off.

Does Orochimaru Die and Who Kills Him?
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How Does Orochimaru Die?

Orochimaru went into a hideout to recover fully after fighting the Third Hokage because he had been seriously hurt. He managed to narrowly avoid the Shinigami despite losing both of his arms. Afterward, he lured Sasuke inside with the intention of taking over his body in the future.

He went on to disclose his plans for luring in Sasuke as his next host body to Kabuto, revealing that his current host body was rejecting him. Immediately after Kabuto left, someone assaulted Orochimaru, and it was none other than Sasuke, who then informs Orochimaru of his plans and expresses his contempt.

Orochimaru gets attacked by Sasuke, but he manages to get away and show his full form, which is a snake with his head on it. He tries to steal Sasuke, but Sasuke manages to escape using his curse mark.

Orochimaru begins recalling events from his past as he battles Sasuke, including the time he discovered a white snake next to his parents, and asks Hiruzen what it meant. Hiruzen responded that it represented a good fortune.

Back to the combat, after a long struggle, Sasuke finally succeeds in slicing through Orochimaru’s snake form with his sword. Sasuke mistakenly believed the fight to be over, but some deadly fumes began to emanate from Orochimaru’s body and immobilized Sasuke.

Sasuke’s paralysis gave Orochimaru the time he needed to begin using his immortality, Jitsu, on a vulnerable Sasuke. Kabuto returned and was horrified to discover a demolished door. As Sasuke was standing there when he entered the room, Kabuto wasn’t sure if he was the real Sasuke or if Orochimaru had effectively taken over the body. Sasuke turns and activates his Sharingan to show Kabuto what happened in order to clear Kabuto of his doubts.

The flashback revealed that Sasuke used his Sharingan to undo Orochimaru’s technique when he transported himself inside Sasuke’s head. He informs the villain that his Sharingan could see through his tactic and then absorbed him.

Although his body was destroyed in this battle, he was not totally eliminated. After the fight’s flashback, Kabuto is unable to comprehend that Orochimaru is gone, and Sasuke leaves the hideout to continue achieving his goal.

Who Kills Orochimaru?

Sasuke kills Orochimaru in the “Eye of the Hawk” episode. However, his death was complicated, and he ended up getting sealed off in the curse mark and not permanently dead.

Although it has been speculated that Itachi later used his Totsuka Blade to kill him, it isn’t accurate as Orochimaru’s vessel was only sealed by Itachi because Sasuke’s lack of chakra and tiredness caused Orochimaru to reappear during Itachi and Sasuke’s battle, but Itachi’s Susanoo’s Toska Blade quickly seals him away.

What Episode Does Sasuke Kill Orochimaru?

In Episode 114 of Naruto Shippuden, titled “Eye of the Hawk,” Orochimaru was killed by Sasuke. Sasuke, in this episode, arrives to kill Orochimaru before he can try to take control of the young Uchiha’s body. The Legendary Sanin tries to perform the transfer ceremony during their combat, but Sasuke is too strong and rejects the Jutsu, seemingly killing Orochimaru.

As previously stated, his body was destroyed, but he was not entirely killed in this battle. Instead, he was imprisoned within the curse mark. However, he is brought back and revived using some DNA from Kabuto.

How Did Orochimaru Come Back?

Orochimaru came back in episode 341 of Naruto: Shippuden, titled “Orochimaru’s Return.” Sasuke decided to bring him back to life because he is the only person who can assist him in discovering the truth about the Leaf’s actions.

In this episode, Jugo and Suigetsu catch up with Sasuke finally, as Suigetsu goes ahead to show Sasuke the scroll he found at Orochimaru’s hideout.

Following a thorough examination of its contents, Sasuke’s next goal is to meet with Orochimaru. He informed Suigetsu, who was perplexed, that he was not one to die so easily and that he was going to meet the “ones who know everything.” Sasuke then uses the Evil Releasing Method to revive him with Jugo’s help. Orochimaru declares that he is uninterested in the conflict and expresses disbelief that Sasuke would be the one to bring him back to life.

Then, Sasuke shows the scroll he was given earlier to Orochimaru and declares that he wants to ask those who know everything for the answers. Orochimaru then granted Sasuke’s request as they got ready to leave after taking his chakra from the unconscious Kabuto.

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