Does Sarah, Pope or Ward Die in Outer Banks and Who Else Died?

Neither Sarah nor Pope dies in Outer Banks, but Ward dies in the season 3 finale, i.e., season 3 episode 10 of the show.

Outer Banks debuted in 2020 and follows a group of teens, known as Pogues, who embark on a treasure hunt for solid gold with several other notorious parties also chasing it. Such a plot means that someone is always getting killed, kidnapped, or threatened in Outer Banks, and things get to a head in the season 3 finale when the parties finally reach the location of the treasure. Gun battles ensue, and many fall. So, who dies, and who is still alive in Outer Banks? We have the answers you seek.

Does Sarah Really Die in Outer Banks?

Sarah did not really die in Outer Banks but she is nearly killed on several occasions thanks to her involvement in the treasure hunt. In season 1 episode 10, she and her love interest named, John B, attempt to escape on a boat as police authorities, who wrongly believe that John B killed the sheriff, close in.

A storm, however, assails their ship and downs it. Sarah and John B are presumed to have drowned in season 1 episode 10, and this makes many believe that Sarah is dead. By season 2 episode 1, the pogues mourn both Sarah and John B, but the two later appear to tell their friends that they survive.

Sarah also nearly died on multiple occasions in season 2, and the ironic thing about this is that her family members are behind the attempts on her life as they look to get their hands on the bountiful treasure. In season 2 episode 2 of Outer Banks, Sarah’s brother named Rafe shoots her as the episode draws to a close. This, of course, makes many people rush to the conclusion that Sarah is now dead, but this is untrue.

In the next episode, she is shown fighting for her life. She even flatlines but luckily recovers. Her brother, meanwhile, makes it clear that even though he was aiming at someone else, he had no regrets about shooting her. Sarah’s brother also attempts to drown her in episode 5 of season 2 of Outer Banks, but she is rescued by her former boyfriend named, Topper, who still loves her.

Sarah’s father, the wealthy but shady Ward Cameron, also attempted to strangle her in season 2 episode 10, but John B rescues her and they jump off the ship where the attack takes place and into the sea. Of course, the episode and the season end with that cliffhanger which makes some believe that Sarah has died, but she and John B are shown to be alive and well in season 3 episode 1.

In episode 8 season 2 of Outer Banks, Sarah, John B, and the other pogues are in a house that is set alight by the jealous Topper. They, however, make it out alive as firefighters arrive to battle the flames.

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What Episode Does Sarah Die in Outer Banks?

Sarah nearly died in season 3 episode 10 of Outer Banks. The season 3 finale is when everything comes to a head. All the people that have been fighting to get the treasure make it to the El Dorado location in South America. A gun battle ensues and leaves several individuals dead.

Meanwhile, Sarah goes up against her dad, who is still interested in the treasure. She stands before him so that he wouldn’t shoot John B or John B’s father named Big John. As the standoff progresses, some armed men who work for the notorious Carlos Singh, a ruthless Caribbean fellow obsessed with finding the treasure, arrive at the scene.

One of Singh’s men fires a shot at Sarah, but her dad, in the ultimate show of his love for her, dives in front of her and takes the bullet. He also kills the shooter before dropping dead. Sarah thus survives. She is touched by what her dad did for her and sets up a memorial for him on the island.

Does Ward Die in Outer Banks?

Ward dies in season 3 episode 10 of Outer Banks. Prior to his death, Ward Cameron, the wealthy businessman father of Sarah, is one of the major antagonists on Outer Banks. Despite his wealth, he is determined to lay his hand on the coveted treasure and embarks on a ruthless quest for it.

This quest makes him threaten his daughter when the latter doesn’t sheepishly obey his orders. He also kills other individuals who he perceives as being in the way of his ambitions. Ward himself faces life-threatening situations from the likes of Mr. Singh. He also faked his own death in season 2 episode 6.

As the cops close in to arrest him for his crimes, he escapes on a boat and blows it up on the sea. This has many people believing that he died, but he turns out to be alive and reappears in episode 9.

What Episode Does Ward Die in Outer Banks?

Ward died in episode 10 season 3 of Outer Banks. As earlier pointed out, this is the episode where the crazed and dangerous chase for the gold treasure peaks. The competing parties involved make it to the location of the gold and of course, battle each other for who will take it.

Ward initially attempts to stop his daughter and her pals from getting the treasure. However, a goon working for the notorious Carlos Singh attempts to shoot and kill Sarah. Ward takes a bullet for his daughter and kills the assailant. He also dies in the process. In making this ultimate sacrifice, Ward proved that he truly loved his daughter despite his misguided actions over the years.

Does Sarah’s Dad Die in Outer Banks?

Sarah’s dad died in Outer Banks. The name of Sarah’s dad is Cameron Ward and he is a very wealthy man who lives in the most exclusive part of the Outer Banks. He is, however, greedy for more wealth and leaves his pal, a treasure hunter named Big John, for dead in order to get his hands on the valuable treasure.

When that treasure, however, fails to turn up, Ward is disappointed until years later when his daughter and her friends stumble upon clues again. This time around, Ward even endangers his daughter’s life in an attempt to get the treasure. However, when it mattered most, fatherly love flowed through him, and he helped to save his daughter’s life. Therefore, Sarah’s dad died in season 3 episode 10 of Outer Banks in a bid to save her life.

Does Pope Die in Outer Banks?

Pope does not die in Outer Banks but he gets into life-threatening occasions multiple times as he helps out in the treasure hunt, which is historically tied to his family heritage. For instance, in episode 8 season 2, Pope figures out that an artifact being searched for is at a church. He heads out there and while attempting to retrieve it is stung by wasps. He nearly dies, but his friends get him the medicine to take care of his allergies.

Pope also has several fights with Rafe, Sarah’s brother, and Topper, her love interest. For instance, in episode 9 season 2, he and Rafe battle to a stalemate as he tries to retrieve the cross from Rafe who has stolen it.

Pope also nearly lost his life in season 2 episode 10 of Outer Banks. In that episode, Rafe and his dad escape with the cross on their boat but Pope and his pals make it onboard. A fierce battle ensues, and the crew members fire shots at Pope. Pope jumps aboard to save his life. He and his fellow pogues get on a lifeboat and make it to a deserted island. They thus live to fight another day.

Does John B Die in Outer Banks?

John B does not die in Outer Banks despite the several attempts that are made on his life. He, alongside Sarah, leads the pogues’ search for the treasure and this puts a point-blank target on his back. As early as episode 1 of season 1 of Outer Banks when he discovered the tentative clues for the treasure and makes it to the boat wreckage, John B is attacked by two men who are after the treasure.

He and his pals manage to get away, but the two men continue in pursuit until they, the men, are killed off by unknown persons. Ward’s security detail also attacks John B and Sarah in episode 2 season 2 of Outer Banks. John B is unhurt, but Sarah is shot.

Subsequently, Ward frames John B for the murder of the sheriff named Peterkin and John B is apprehended. As he waits in jail, Ward sets up a plan to have him killed in detention. The hired assassin, a fellow prisoner, attempts to kill John B, but he survives the attack and goes on to escape with the help of his friends. These events happened in episode 5 season 2 of Outer Banks.

The onslaught on John B continues in season 3 of Outer Banks, and this time the main opponent is Singh, who is desperate to get the treasure. Singh and his men attack John B and his dad in episode 3 season 3, but they manage to escape. Singh’s men also come after them in episode 4, and this time John B’s father shoots them dead, which shocks the young man.

In the season 3 finale, John B and others are embroiled in a fierce gun battle with Singh’s men, but he makes it out alive. He and Sarah subsequently return to Outer Banks and set up a surf shop, and live peacefully for some time.

Does Peterkin Die in Outer Banks?

Peterkin died in season 1 episode 9 of Outer Banks. Peterkin is the local sheriff, and when Ward is fingered as having a hand in Big John’s death, he decides to arrest him. Ward resists and in the ensuing melee, Ward’s son, Rafe, shoots Peterkin.

Peterkin was shot in episode 8 season 1, but he died in episode 9 despite efforts to save his life. His death threw the local community into mourning, and Ward tries to pin the murder on John B.

Does Kiara Die in Outer Banks Season 2

Kiara did not die in Outer Banks season 2. She, however, nearly lost her life in the season two finale. Ward and his son attempt to escape aboard a ship with the cross artefact. John B and his pals, including Kiara, join the ship by hiding in a container.

They eventually come out once the ship is on the seas and battle Rafe, his dad, and their crew members. In the melee, JJ is thrown overboard, and Kiara jumps in to rescue him. They eventually make it to a lifeboat and then to shore. Kiara is still alive in Outer Banks season 3 and 4.

Does Rafe Die in Outer Banks Season 2?

Rafe does not die in Outer Banks season 2 or even 3. Rafe is the son of Ward Cameron and the brother of Sarah. He is desperate to get his hands on the treasure and nearly kills his sister and dad in the process. In fact, in season 3, he takes out a hit on his dad’s head but later has a change of heart and rescues him. He then drops his quest for treasure and goes back home.

Does Topper Die in Outer Banks?

Topper does not die in Outer Banks. This does not come as a surprise. He is not concerned with the treasure hunt but rather with his romantic relationship with Sarah. They were previously dating and broke up. He, however, wants to get back with her, but her budding romance with John B proves to be a stumbling block.

This makes Topper despise John B and his pals, and he gets into fights with them on multiple occasions. On one occasion, he sets their house on fire after catching Sarah and John B in an intimate moment.

Does JJ Die in Outer Banks?

JJ does not die in Outer Banks. He, however, has a close shave with death on at least two occasions. One is them is season 2 episode 10, when he and his fellow pogues confront the Camerons and their crew aboard their boat. JJ engages in a fierce fight with the captain and is thrown into the seas, but he survives the ordeal and makes it to a deserted island with his fellow pogues.

What Episode Does JJ Die in Outer Banks?

JJ nearly died in episode 10 of Outer Banks season 2 and episode 9 of Outer Banks season 3. In episode 9 season 3, he is on his way to rescue Kiara, his love interest, when a drug smuggler, Barracuda Mike (whom he had an arrangement for transport to South America in exchange for moving drugs in a u-haul truck), holds him up for losing his drugs to cops.

Mike shoots out JJ’s car tires and holds him at gunpoint when the young man comes down from the vehicle. He plans to kill him, but JJ is able to talk his way out of the situation by dangling the prospect of the treasure hunt in front of Mike. He goes on to escape and rescue Kiara.

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Who Else Died in Outer Banks?

Jimmy Portis, Gavin, Tommy Sowell, Captain Terrance, and Stubbs are among the other people that died in Outer Banks. Gavin is Ward’s pilot and blackmails him with knowledge of Rafe’s involvement in killing Peterkin. This makes Ward kill him.

Jimmy Portis is also a pilot that works for Carlos Singh. Singh kills him for failing to bring him all members of the pogues. Tommy Sowell is a treasure hunter and Big John’s partner and is killed by Singh in his quest to get to the treasure. Captain Terrance is a cargo ship captain. It is believed that corrupt cops killed him and his henchman Stubbs.


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