Exploring Orochimaru Parents, Last Name and the Clan He Came From

Orochimaru is one of the most popular and powerful characters in the Naruto/Boruto universe, but much of his backstory is still shrouded in mystery and has never been fully exposed. As such, it is difficult to tell who Orochimaru’s parents are and the clan he is from. His last name is also not known as well.

All this has confounded fans of the anime. It has also led to spirited discussions and some wild theories online, all of which remain unconfirmed. There is, however, a possibility that as Orochimaru’s story arch continues to develop, we can get a throwback that unveils his background fully.

Who are Orochimaru’s Parents?

Orochimaru definitely has parents, but the names and identities of his parents remain a mystery. His father’s name is not known, and his mother’s name is not known. According to the backstory that has been unveiled in the anime, manga, and movie versions of Naruto, Orochimaru is an orphan who lost his parents at an early age.

He went on to train as a ninja under Hiruzen Sarutobi, who cared for him alongside the likes of Jiraiya and Tsunade. Orochimaru proved to be so exceptional that he was regarded as a prodigy. He went on to become one of the greatest ninjas of all time in the village of Konohagakure, known as the Sannin.

This achievement, and the fact that Orochimaru grew up without his parents, impacted him in some profound ways. For instance, he once saw a white snake on his parents’ grave at an early age, and this motivated him to study Kinjitsu, which are techniques that are banned from being used or thought.

The death of Orochimaru’s parents and the accompanying pain also inspired him to embark on an attempt to achieve immortality so as to escape the pain that comes with death. There have been some speculations online as to the identity of Orochimaru’s parents. One fan site claims that his father’s name is Isao, while his mother’s name is Anju.

There is, however, nothing tangible to back up this claim though, which appears to be fan fiction.

Orochimaru parents, clan, and last name
A young Orochimaru with his trainer, Hiruzen Sarutobi, and fellow trainees, Tsunade and Jiraiya Image Source

What Clan is Orochimaru From?

The clan that Orochimaru is from remains unknown. It is an established fact that the events in Naruto and Boruto take place in Konohagakure, a village in one of the five great Shinobi countries. Konohagakure has over 21 clans, including Uchiha, Hatake, Uzumaki, and Lee. Members of each clan usually have some special abilities unique to them. Many of the characters in Naruto also belong to one clan or the other. There are, however, some exceptions, and Orochimaru is one of them.

It is difficult to tell the clan that he is from as that has never been expressly revealed. The whole matter is complicated by the fact that Orochimaru’s last name is not known neither is the identity of his parents. His clan could have been traced through either source, but they are not available.

This situation has led to many speculations about Orochimaru’s clan. Some fan sites speculate that he is from the Iburi clan, but this is wrong. The Iburi clan is just a clan that he encountered living near Konohagakure who provided him with test subjects for his experiments.

Some people have also claimed that Orochimaru has a connection to the Otsutsuki clan, an ancient clan of horned celestial beings also described as aliens. This remains unconfirmed, though. One thing that is certain is that Orochimaru is definitely from a clan, but one cannot tell which for sure until his backstory is further revealed.

Does Orochimaru Have a Last Name?

Orochimaru possibly has a last name, but that has never been revealed by the writers of Naruto. This has led to a lot of speculation on fan sites. Some people believe that Orochimaru’s last name is Nicometo, while others say that his last name is Uwabami. There are yet others who believe that Orochimaru’s last name is Yasha going by the original tale of Jiraiya.

All this, however, remains unconfirmed, and until that confirmation comes, Orochimaru does not have a last name, just like his fellow legendary Sannin ninjas – Tsunade and Jiraiya. This lack of a last name makes it difficult to decipher the clan that Orochimaru is from, as many in the Naruto universe often assume the names of their clan as their last name.

Orochimaru wife and sons
Orochimaru with his two sons, Mitsuki and Log Image Source

Is Orochimaru Human?

Despite all the mystery about his clan, last name, and parents, Orochimaru is definitely a human being. He was born to human parents. They, unfortunately, died early, and he was then raised by a legendary warrior. He grew up to be a great ninja as well as an intelligent scientist with numerous abilities. Some of these abilities were so amazing that one would be forgiven for doubting that Orochimaru was human.

For instance, Orochimaru could stir up powerful wind gusts and crack stones. He could also perform extensive ninjutsu and senjutsu abilities. Orochimaru also had impressive body modification abilities. He could transform into a giant white snake or a body full of small snakes and attack his enemies. He can also take control of another human being’s body and transfer his soul and essence into that body

Orochimaru could also stretch his body into different forms and could shrug off injuries easier than any human being. All these awesome abilities made some doubt whether Orochimaru is human, but he actually is. Another factor that could also make one doubt that Orochimaru is human is the fact that he is nearly immortal.

The loss of his parents, as well as other loved ones, made him conduct several experiments on how to cheat death, and he succeeded to a great extent. He could transfer his soul and essence between different host bodies making it difficult for anyone to kill him.

Finally, while Orochimaru was human, his two sons, Log and Mitsuki, were not. They were rather artificial beings that he cloned in the lab. He was quite intelligent and was able to create the two boys from the same embryo using his DNA. They developed in the test tube, and he later brought them out when they were able to survive on their own.

Orochimaru had a good relationship with his two sons, and with time, they developed feelings and capacities that are synonymous with human beings.


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