Fire Force Season 3 Release Date: When Is It Coming Out or Is It Over?

Fire Force season 3 release date will likely be in the first half of 2024. Fire Force season 3 was confirmed on May 16, 2022 through the show’ official Twitter account. Meanwhile, Fire Force anime season one debuted in 2019, while the second and latest season debuted in 2020.

Fire Force is a popular anime series based on a bestselling manga of the same name penned by Atsushi Ohkubo. It follows a young fellow named Shinra as he joins forces with other members of the Fire Force brigade to battle demons that can turn humans into life infernos.

Is Fire Force Over?

Fire Force manga has come to an end, but the anime is definitely not over. The series has broadcasted seasons one and seasons two so far, and a third season is in the works. It is even possible that there may be a 4th season as well to ensure that the story as depicted in the manga is told in full.

The Fire Force manga, which was originally published from September 2015 to February 2022, has a total of 304 chapters contained in 34 volumes. A look at the breakdown of the chapters and story arcs shows that Season 1 of Fire Force anime covers the first 90 chapters of the manga, while Season 2 covers the next 84 chapters.

There are still about 130 chapters left which shows that Fire Force is not over yet. Except the series gets canceled, you can expect seasons 3 and possibly 4. The producers may also decide to go for a higher number of episodes in Season 3, against the regular 24 episodes, to ensure that everything is concluded in that season.

Will There Be a Season 3 of Fire Force?

There will be a season 3 of Fire Force. The anime series’ producers confirmed this in May 2016 in a nondescript manner. They utilized their website to announce the development without much fanfare. They also went on to reveal other developments related to the franchise, including a video game.

The confirmation of season 3 of Fire Force does not come as a surprise, as both the manga and the anime series have been a hit with members of the public. Millions have tuned in to watch, while tens of millions have read the manga. Given all this, it is a no-brainer for the production company to keep the series going.

When Is Fire Force Season 3 Coming Out?

Although Fire Force season 3 has been officially confirmed, the announcement did not indicate when viewers can expect the series to hit their screens. What’s more, since the official confirmation was made, the series’ producers have been keeping their cards quite close to their chest and not giving much away.

However, one can make some intelligent permutations, which show that Fire Force Season 3 will likely come out in 2024 considering the time the confirmation of season 3 was announced. A look at previous announcements and premieres show that the producers of Fire Force do not waste much time in bringing the series to their fans.

For instance, Fire Force Season 1 was announced in 2018 and hit the screens the next year. Fire Force Season 2 was announced in 2019 and hit the screens the next year. It, therefore, stands to reason that we should be watching the third season of Fire Force by the first half of 2024, given that it was announced in 2022.

What Chapter Does Fire Force Season 2 End?

Season 1 of Fire Force has 24 episodes, and these cover the first 90 chapters of the manga series, encompassing several arcs and storylines. Fans get to see how Shinra makes it into the Fire Force Company 8 and begins to wage war against the evil forces. He and his mates also have to fight corruption in other firefighting companies.

Season 2 of Fire Force also has 24 episodes, and it commenced with chapter 91 of the manga titled Fight Between Men. The battle between the forces of good (represented by Shinra) and the forces of evil (represented by the White Clad religious cult) continues with various detours.

Season 2 of Fire Force ended with chapter 174 of the manga, which is titled Signs of Upheaval. This chapter falls under the Stigma Arc. More investigations are conducted to unveil who is connected to White Clad, and Shinra and his mates undergo some specialized training to prepare themselves for what lies ahead.

What Chapter Will Fire Force Season 3 Start From?

Fire Force Season 3 will start from chapter 175 of the manga, which is titled In The Center of Faith. The chapter falls under the Ōbi rescue arc. Ōbi is the captain of company 8, the firefighting brigade that Shinra belongs to, and he is arrested by forces working for White Clad. It is up to the members of his brigade to fight hard to rescue him from captivity.

Given such a storyline, the stakes are certainly getting higher in Fire Force Season 3, and fans will be in for a treat when it finally makes its way to their screens. As earlier pointed out, there are still several story arcs as well as a total of 130 chapters still remaining in the Fire Force manga that is yet to be made into the anime series.

Therefore, it is possible that season 3 will encompass all of this. The producers of the show may also choose to break down the remaining chapters into seasons 3 and 4. Only time will tell.

Is Fire Force Manga Over?

Fire Force manga ended with an epilogue which was originally published on the 22nd of February 2022. The manga was published in a total of 34 volumes spanning 304 chapters. The manga was originally published from September 23, 2015, to February 22, 2022.

It ends with the ultimate battle against Dragon, a feared villain who heads a vicious unit of White Clad known as Destroyers. A member of Fire Force Company 8 named Arthur Doyle slays Dragon, but he pays the ultimate price as he loses his life in the process.

One important revelation that was made in the final part of Fire Force manga, the epilogue, is that Fire Force is the prequel to Soul Eater, another manga penned by Atsushi Ohkubo and published several years earlier.

Where To Watch Fire Force

You can watch episodes of Fire Force on Fumination and Toonami on the Adult Swim Network. Fumintion is a streaming service that is dedicated to bringing premium anime content to people in North America. Therefore, if you reside in countries such as Mexico and Canada, Fumination is one reliable option for watching Fire Force.

You can also be able to catch episodes of Fire Force on the Adult Swim Network during Toonami, their block arrangement for showing anime. There is no indication that Fire Force is available on home media such as DVD or Blu-Ray, so that is not yet an option for anyone who wants to see it.


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