Gabriel Basso’s Sisters: Meet His Siblings Annalise and Alexandria Basso

Gabriel Basso has two siblings, an elder sister named Alexandria and a younger sister named Annalise. Both are thespians like him, with Alexandria further also being a writer and producer.

Basso and his two sisters started their Hollywood careers as children and have gone on to make a name for themselves in the industry. They remain close to and support each other. They also maintain healthy competition amongst themselves and motivate each other in the process.

Gabriel Basso’s Elder Sister is Alexandria Basso

  • Date of birth: early 1990s
  • Age: early 30s
  • Occupation: actress, producer, and screenwriter

Gabriel Basso has two siblings, and one of them is an elder sister named Alexandria Basso. Alexandria remains much of an enigma, and as such, her date of birth is unknown. It is reasonable to presume that she was born in the early 90s and is a few years older than Gabriel.

Just like the rest of her family members, Alexandria grew up in St Louis, Missouri, and completed at least the equivalent of a high school education. She may have gone on to college, but this is not confirmed. Alexandria is the one Basso sibling who pretty much stays out of the spotlight. She could be married with kids, but one cannot say for sure.

She is an Actress, Producer, and Screen Writer

Alexandria Basso is a working actress. She has scored bit parts in some movies, TV series, and TV movies. They include Alice Upside Down (2007), The Alyson Stoner Project (2009), iCarly (2009 -2010), Seduced (2016), and Samice (a 2019 Short Film). Behind the cameras, Alexandria Basso is the co-producer of a 2017 short film titled Dr. Morse, LLC.

She also penned the script for the forthcoming film, A Place To Die. The multi-talented Alexandria Basso is also an artist, and her Instagram page is filled with several exquisite paintings. Alexandria was the first Basso to pursue acting, but her siblings have since surpassed her in achievements on screen.

Gabriel Basso‘s Younger Sister is Annalise

  • Date of birth: 2 December 1998
  • Age: 25
  • Occupation: Actress

Gabriel Basso also has a younger sister named Annalise. Annalise Basso is 25 years old. She was born on the 2nd of December 1998 and started acting at the age of nine. She would continue to pursue it all throughout her formative years until the present day.

As you can imagine, it wasn’t easy for Annalise to combine acting with her studies, but she tenaciously hung on. She had tutors on set, and her parents homeschooled her. She also studied at Campbell Hall High School and took four AP classes. She performed well in her studies and graduated with distinction in 2017.

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She is an Actress and Starred in the TNT Show, Snowpiercer

Upon her graduation from high school. Annalise Basso initially planned to take a gap year and then enroll for college studies at the University of Edinburgh. She has, however, shelved that plan as her acting career has gathered momentum. Gabriel Basso’s younger sister has landed roles in several well-known movies and YTV series. Most of them have been of the horror genre, which has motivated multiple publications to tag her as the potential Gen Z Scream Queen.

On the small screens, Annalise Basso has appeared in TV series such as Constantine, Nikita, Three Rivers, True Blood, and Desperate Housewives. She also plays a major role in Snowpiercer, a post-apocalyptic series that debuted on TNT in 2020.

The series focuses on the few inhabitants of the earth years after efforts to reverse global warming turned the earth into a giant frozen mess. Annalise Basso played the role of LJ, a murderous psychopath who has rich parents. Her riches enable her to escape jail time, but she later dies.

Annalise is also the Star of the 2016 Film Ouija: Origin of Evil

Annalise Basso’s movie credits include Ouija: Origin of Evil, Standing Up, and Oculus. Ouija: Origin of Evil is a 2016 horror film about a family of dubious spiritual mediums who introduce an Ouija board into their business. This leads to an evil spirit possessing their daughter, Lina.

Annalise portrayed Lina and was instrumental in the success of the film. The film grossed $81.7 million on a budget of $12 million. It had positive reviews, with some critics declaring it better than the first installment. Annalise has a close relationship with her brother and sister and was quarantined with the family in Colorado in 2020. She has revealed that they motivate each other to strive to do better.


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