Good Excuses To Leave Work Early

As an employee, you are a valuable asset to the company, and your presence is highly important for maximum productivity but it gets to a point where you will need a break for one reason or another.

In the modern work environment, employees tend to connect with the job even beyond the regular working hours. Hence, it is okay to feel there are no strict working hours anymore. But there are times when personal commitments and responsibilities may need your attention during your workday, which will lead you to make up good excuses to leave work early.

Perhaps it could also be professional or work-related engagements that may require you to be out of the office. In such a situation, giving good and valid excuses is paramount. Remember to always be honest and professional with your employer when requesting to leave work early. That being said, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best excuses to leave work early. You can also check out Good Excuses To Miss Work on Short Notice.

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Reasons to Leave Work Early

1. Doctor’s Appointment

Using your appointment with the doctor as an excuse could be a great reason to leave work early, but make sure you don’t use it often; otherwise, you will risk bringing the doctor’s report, which might be impossible if you aren’t really going to see a doctor. However, it will be okay to leave work early if you are already sick and want to see a doctor for treatment. If you will have subsequent appointments with the doctor, it would be wise to inform your employer so you can plan and ensure your work is completed on time.

2. Sick Child

Parenting can come with its perks, including your child(ren) falling sick. This can be totally understandable and can be a good reason to leave work early because you need to care for your sick child. It could be to take them to the doctor, administer their medication, or be with them during their dance or baseball game.

3. Personal illness or injury

When you have an injury or illness, it could be a very bad experience as it will distract you from focusing on your work and reduce your output. More than that, if your illness is contagious, the rest of your colleagues will be at the risk of contracting it. Hence, when this is the case, inform your employer, so they can allow you to leave work early or go for medical treatment to curtail the further spread of the illness in your workplace. Knowing your company’s sick leave policy will help you file the necessary paperwork to leave work early or if you need extra time off work to recover.

4. Work-related Commitments

Business meetings and work-related assignments can be a great excuse to leave work early. Some employers might allow you to leave work early, especially if the distance is far, to avoid being stuck in traffic. If you are to attend a workshop, training class, or networking event that takes place during work hours, try to discuss it with your employer ahead of time, outlining the benefits of such training to your professional development and your productivity in the company.

5. Religious Observances

In most companies, employers usually allow time off for religious observances. More than that, some countries have laws requiring employers to accommodate their employees’ religious practices and beliefs. Hence, if you have an upcoming religious activity or obligation, it will be okay to request time off unless your absence causes the company to suffer. In any case, be sure to discuss it with your employer ahead of time.

6. Your Car Broke Down

Let’s say you went for lunch, and on your way back to the office, your car broke down. This could be a good reason to call the office and inform them about your situation. Perhaps you can be excused from work because you’d have to visit the automobile mechanic to get your car fixed or the spoilt parts replaced before the end of the day.

7. Babysitter Emergency

If you have little kids and leave them under the care of a babysitter, this could be one of the good excuses to leave work early. There are so many things that could happen that may require you to give your children immediate attention. And when you get such calls, the only option would be to go and pick up your children as soon as possible. Be assured that you will be excused from work when you inform your employer about the situation.

8. Menstrual Cramp

Several women have painful periods (menstrual cramps), which could be painful and discomforting, especially in the lower abdomen. Sometimes, it can also cause serious headaches, lower back pain, nausea, etc. This can be a perfect excuse to leave work early. Most employers don’t want to hear about their employee’s health issues and this is one of them that would get you out of the office in no time. Since it is an occasional thing, be sure not to overuse it.

9. Need to Meet Up with Bank Errands

Although these days banks have gone cashless and one can complete transactions from the comfort of their homes or offices, some things might still take you to the bank. For instance, you may need to rectify your details, pay a cheque into your account or cash a cheque. Others could be updating your account details, fixing or setting up your mobile banking app, or printing your account statement. Knowing that banks are usually open during business hours, this could be an excellent excuse to be allowed to leave work early.

10. Out-of-Town Visitors

If you want to say you are expecting out-of-town visitors, be sure to mention that they are your family members or friends and that their flight arrived early, or perhaps something came up, and they had to change their plans. This way, you could sound more convincing, and the reason will look like an expected occurrence. However, it could also be your partner coming into town, and you need to pick them up from the airport. Either way, the goal here is to sound convincing to your employer or supervisor.

Good Excuses to Leave Work on Short Notice

1. Feeling Exhausted and Unwell

When you say you are feeling unwell, it could pass as an excuse to leave work early. It doesn’t require any explanation. However, if your employer asks what is wrong with you, you can say you have a severe headache, feel exhausted, or feel nauseous. Sometimes working for a long time can make you exhausted; you must learn to give your body a break whenever it asks for it. And this is undoubtedly one of the ways you can be allowed to leave work early without hassle.

2. Stomach Upset

Running stomach can be a good reason to leave work early. Sometimes, you may not know which food or what could cause your stomach upset as there is no specific time for it. While stomach upset could be quite a challenge, it can affect one’s productivity. Employers won’t find it difficult to let go of employees who are going through bathroom issues, so make sure you inform your boss before heading home for the day.

3. Your Partner is in Need of Assistance

As a worker, if you have a spouse or are perhaps married, it usually comes with certain demands from time to time, such as your partner needing your help or assistance with some things. It could also be that your partner is locked out or stranded. This could be a good reason to leave work early. However, you have to be guided not to overuse such privileges from your employer as it would seem your partner isn’t in support of your professional life and growth.

4. Delivery Appointment

Different delivery companies usually have their delivery time from morning till 5 pm, which means that you need to be home on time otherwise, you miss your deliveries. However, this could lead to you visiting their office, which may not be convenient for you. This is an excellent excuse to leave work early because almost everyone understands the scenario.

5. Strong Headache

Having a severe migraine could be one of the main reasons to leave work early because it would be very hard to deny someone who is complaining of a migraine. However, you can add that the noises around or the well-lit environment, or the constant look on the computer screen makes it worse.

6. Business Meeting

If you work in a company that involves constant business meetings with potential clients, going for a business meeting or a networking event can be a wonderful excuse to leave work early. However, it is important to inform your boss ahead of time and also try to highlight the benefits of meeting such clients or attending such business events to the company. If such events are recurring, ensure you notify your employer to make proper plans ahead of time.

7. To Prepare for the Next Day

If you will have several presentations the next day or perhaps a big company event to plan for the company, it would be nice to leave work early on the day before. It is only natural that you go home and rest and prepare for the next day. You can simply say, “I’m heading home now because tomorrow is going to be a long day.”

8. Home Invasion

If you got a call that there might be an invasion happening in your home, it could be a great excuse to leave work early. Such situations could create panic and distract someone from their work. When that is the case, you can inform your employer about this, and you’d be allowed to leave to attend it. However, you should endeavor to report back on how the incident was handled so that it won’t look like you are just putting up an excuse.

Similarly, if you have used other excuses before but still want to leave work early, this could be another great idea to use. By letting your employer know that you got a call that there may be a home invasion, they would let you go but be sure to report back the next day with a detailed and convincing story.

9. Family Emergency

Sometimes unexpected events involving your family member can be a good reason to leave work early. If you are a parent or caregiver, your presence may be needed when issues such as accidents, illness, or unexpected family issues, which require your immediate attention arise. Such emergencies could be less common and should be related to your employer when they occur. Also, be sure to keep your employer updated during an emergency situation to communicate when you’d resume your normal work activities.

10. Unexplained illness

This is one of the easiest ways to get permission to leave work early. Most employers will certainly let you leave when you are unsure of what is wrong with you. When you show obvious symptoms such as flu or something highly infectious, you would be allowed to leave in consideration for the rest of the staff.

Professional Guide on How to Ask to Leave Work Early

1. Approach Your Supervisor: When you need to leave work early, you can approach your supervisor to tell them about your situation. Also, let them know the volume of work you have left so that they can be reassigned, or you can complete them later, or if you are allowed to work remotely.

2. Be honest: Be truthful about the main reason you want to leave work early. However, you can withhold any details you are uncomfortable sharing with your employer, including details of your ailment or family emergency.

3. Request instead of demanding: Be nice when asking your employer if you could leave work early. Show courtesy and respect so that you could get a positive response.

4. Be Productive: Ensure all tasks are completed and on time. If by chance you have some uncompleted tasks, you could ask your colleagues to help out with that unless your supervisor is okay with you continuing them the next day.

5. File an official request, if necessary: Sometimes, you may be required to file an official request to leave work early. In such cases, you would be given a form to explain why you are leaving work early. This is to ensure you and your supervisor respects the company’s leave policy.

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