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10 Best Websites To Buy Used Books Online

Apart from what is obvious: the fact that you will get to spend less when you opt for buying used books instead of new ones; there...


How To Find a Book Title By Plot or Vague Description

Thanks to the internet, we don't make a deliberate effort to store information that we might need in the future. There is no point...

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75 Deep ‘Get To Know You’ Questions To Ask People

The purpose of get-to-know-you questions is pretty clear: to help the enquirer gain useful information about the respondent. But more than that, these questions have become a fun way to have conversations and get along with people, especially in cases that are bound to be awkward for one reason or the other. In a broad sense, everyday questions like "how are you doing" and "how was your day" are get-to-know-you questions. The only difference is that the ones covered in this piece were deliberately...