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Why Stay Away From the Book of Enoch? Facts and Reasons Christians Reject it

The major reason Christians reject the Book of Enoch is because it is not a part of the biblical canon or a book in the bible....


Where Is Matthew Mcgreevy Now Since The Phillip Schofield Drama?

There's been no news about Matthew McGreevy's whereabouts since the rumors of his alleged affair with TV personality Phillip Schofield. He's likely keeping to...

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Where are John Wayne Gacy’s Kids and How Many Children Did He Have?

John Wayne Gacy's kids are Michael and Christine, whom he had with his wife, Marlynn Myers. John Wayne Gacy's children were in his life until he was arrested for the molestation of two young boys back in the late 1960s. Marlynn subsequently filed for a divorce and left, and the whereabouts of her and the children are not known to this day. It is believed she is hiding her children from the public, disassociating herself and them from the evil past of their father...