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James Patterson’s Alex Cross Books: A Look At His Complete Novel Series In Order

The American author and philanthropist James Patterson is one of the most revered and best-selling writers of all time. Since the inception of his career, he...


80 Long Distance Relationship Gifts That Will Melt Their Heart

Relationships are quite demanding but long-distance relationships are more demanding. Though you might come together soon, a day spent apart will always feel like...

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Everything You Should Know About MBTI Compatibility

Nothing is as obvious as the fact that humanity is made up of diverse entities. Even among those who identify as a group with shared value systems and beliefs, we are all different albeit with some measure of similarities. Over time, psychologists and social scientists who have concerned themselves with studying and understanding human behaviors and personality have categorized people under what they regard as the four basic personality types: You are either majorly phlegmatic, sanguine, melancholic, or choleric in nature. Apart from the...