How Old Is Fez in Euphoria and Does He Die?

Fez is 20 years old in season one of Euphoria and 19 years old in season two. He does not die, but his beloved adoptive younger brother, Ashtray, is killed in the season two finale during a shootout with the police.

Fez survives the whole thing, despite being shot in the stomach but is devastated by Ashtray’s death. To further complicate things, he is taken into custody by the police. It, therefore, means that the fate of the friendly local drug dealer, who is kind towards lead star-cum-client – Rue, hangs in the balance as the hit show enters season three.

How Old is Fez in Euphoria?

Fez is 21 years old in the Euphoria pilot; however, by the time the show kicks off, his age changes. Fez is 20 years old in Euphoria season one and 19 years old in Euphoria season two. This reduction in age was reportedly made by the showrunners to explain why he is often seen hanging out with the high school students who constitute the bulk of the cast of Euphoria.

Even though Fez retains his inner kid, despite being forced to grow up real quick as a result of an abusive father and a drug-dealing grandma who introduces him to the trade, the fact remains that it would have been creepy for a 21-year-old, a full blow adult to constantly be hanging out with high schoolers.

It is for this reason that Fez’s character experiences an age reduction in the course of Euphoria. It is, however, reasonable to presume that there won’t be any further age reductions as he is now within a plausible range for the role that he portrays.

Meanwhile, Fez’s age reduction in Euphoria has caused some discrepancies when his age is compared to that of his adoptive little brother, fondly named Ashtray. Fez and his grandma started raising Ashtray when he was just two years old. Fez is about eight years older and is thus believed to be ten years at the time Ashtray starts living with them.

Fast-forward to the present day, Ashtray is 14 years old, meaning he has added 12 years. Fez adding 12 years to ten years means that he should be around 21 or 22 years old, but this is not so, as he is still 19 years old.

Who Plays Fez in Euphoria?

Angus Cloud plays Fez in Euphoria. Angus Cloud’s full name is Connor Angus Cloud Hickey. He was born in Oakland, California, but his parents are actually from Ireland, and much of his family still lives there. Angus’ Irish connection is not the only fascinating thing about him. Another interesting tidbit is that he did not have any acting experience before Euphoria. He never set out to be an actor but was actually scouted, much in the same manner as a model, for his Euphoria role.

That role is his very first role and has also proved to be his breakthrough. Despite having no prior acting experience, Angus Cloud aced his various auditions. He proved that he does not just have magnetic looks but also the innate talent to back them up. Angus Cloud has received good reviews for his portrayal of Fez but isn’t fazed. The Irishman has revealed that he has had to battle with imposter syndrome.

He’s also declared that he won’t be crestfallen if his acting career doesn’t pan out, as he never set out to be an actor. Whether he set out to be an actor or not, Angus Cloud’s performance in Euphoria has put him into the spotlight. He has also gone on to land roles in other productions like The Line and North Hollywood.

How Old is Angus Cloud, Fez’s Character in Real Life?

Angus Cloud is 30 years old. The American actor of Irish descent was born on the 10th of July 1998 in Oakland, California. He hails from a family of five. This includes his parents as well as his twin younger sisters. Angus Cloud was just a month shy of his 21st birthday when he made his acting debut in Euphoria season one, which debuted in June 2019. He is one of the major recurring characters on the show.

Fez’s Age in Euphoria Compared to Angus Cloud’s Age in Real Life

Angus Cloud is older than Fez, the character that he portrays in Euphoria. The age gap, however, varies from season to season. In season one of Euphoria, Fez is billed as a 20-year-old. However, in real life, Angus Cloud is 21 years meaning that he is a year older than the character that he portrays on Euphoria. In season two, which debuted in 2022, Fez is 19 years old, while Cloud is 24 years old, widening the gap to a five-year age difference.

Despite this, Angus Cloud does such a good job of portraying the young school dropout drug dealer. In fact, his performance is so convincing that some fans erroneously jumped to the conclusion that he must be like Fez in real life. Part of the reason for this is that he used his real-life gravelly and slow-paced voice, complete with an Oakland accent for the role.

Another is that Euphoria is his first gig. Fans are yet to see him in another project, so they assumed that he may have been a real-life dealer, which is why he was cast without prior acting experience. And which is also why he turned out to be so good. Angus Cloud has, however, maintained that he is nothing like Fez in real life.

Does Fez Die in Euphoria Season 2?

Fez does not die in Euphoria season 2, even though he is shot. The person that dies in season two is his beloved adoptive younger brother named Ashtray. In the lead-up to this tragic turn of events, Fez and Ashtray attack Mouse, Fez’s drug supplier. As the enmity escalates, Ashtray ends up killing Mouse. Meanwhile, an informant named Custer is working with the police to arrest Fez.

The cops eventually raid Fez’s apartment, and as this is going on, Ashtray kills Custer. Fez decides to take the fall for both the killing of Custer and Mouse, but Ashtray refuses to let him do so. Ashtray engages in a shootout with the police and dies while Fez is apprehended.

From the whole setup, Fez was supposed to be the one to die, but the producers of Euphoria decided to keep his character alive, given how popular it has become. His brother was therefore sacrificed to make that happen. Fez will be in season 3 of Euphoria and will likely be in a lot of trouble with the law. He may end up getting tried for the various offenses hanging on his head, including drug dealing, and could possibly land in jail for some time.


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