How Old is Flynn Rider in Tangled Compared To Rapunzel?

Flynn Rider was about 23 or 24 years old in Tangled while Rapunzel was 18 years old. It, therefore, means that there is about a five to six years age difference between the two.

This was, however, not enough to get in the way of their love story. After getting over their initial misgivings about each other, they later joined forces to rescue Rapunzel, kill her jailor mother Gothel, save Rider’s life, and as one would expect of a fairytale, live happily ever after.

How Old is Flynn Rider in Tangled?

Flynn Rider is 23 or 24 years old in Tangled. Some sources claim that he is about 26 years old in the movie but they are mistaken as some little investigation would reveal. First, unlike Rapunzel, Flynn Rider’s age is never expressly mentioned in Tangled but some little calculations given his backstory reveal his true age.

Meanwhile, Flynn Rider doesn’t experience an age change in Rapunzel. The events in the movie take place within a few months and so, he doesn’t add another year to his age. He never celebrates a birthday. This is unlike Rapunzel who was 17 when the movie started and turned 18. The film’s narrator also narrated the events of her birth up until 17. It can be said that there are changes in her age.

A Look at Flynn Rider’s Origins

In Tangled, Flynn Rider is portrayed as some swashbuckling bandit and rogue who is on the run from the law and accomplices he betrayed. He later turns his life around after an encounter with Rapunzel. Flynn Rider’s backstory is further explored in the 2017 animated TV series Tangled: The Series later renamed Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure.

The events in the series continue from where the film left off and show some of the adventures that Rapunzel and Flynn embark on before tying the knot. In the series, Flynn Rider is unveiled as Eugene Fitzherbert. He is actually the prince of the Dark Kingdom and his father’s name is King Edmund. His mother’s name is unknown but she died when he was just a baby.

The Dark Kingdom is cursed with a moonstone that can destroy the whole world. Succeeding kings of the kingdom, therefore, swear an oath to stop that from happening. When it’s the turn of Eugene’s father, he tries to do the best job but the moonstone produces black rocks that are devastating his land. He tries to destroy the moonstone once and for all but this fails. He loses an arm. His wife dies and he is forced to send out Eugene with a servant woman to save him.

25 years down the line, Rapunzel and Eugene will come with their pals to the Dark Kingdom and help to destroy the moonstone. It is important to point out that the events of the TV series take place two or three years after the movie. This makes it plausible that Flynn Rider who fled home as a baby was 23 or 24 years old in Tangled.

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Flynn Rider and Rapunzel’s Age Difference

There is a 5 to 6 years age difference between Flynn Rider and Rapunzel. This figure comes about as a result of the fact that Rapunzel was 18 years old in Tangled while Flynn Rider in about 23 or 24 years old in the movie. 5 to 6 years age difference is not entirely a negligible figure but it is not so much to cause a scandal.

Flynn Rider and Rapunzel are both young adults and they get on well after getting over their initial misgivings about each other. The more experienced Rider, due to age and the fact that Rapunzel had a closeted existence for the first 17 years of her life, also helps the princess to acclimatize to the world.

The age difference between Flynn Rider and Rapunzel does not come as a surprise to dedicated fans of Disney as the company has a penchant for such. It is believed that there is a 16-year age difference between Snow White and the prince that kissed her. Other significant age differences in the Disney fairytale world are Hercules (18) and Meg (28) and Linguini (19) and Collette (26).

There are some age-appropriate romances as well. They include Cinderella (19 years) and Prince Charming (21 years), Beauty (17 years) and The Beast (21 years) and Jane (20 years), and Tarzan (18 years).

Who Plays Flynn Rider in Real Life?

Levi Zachary plays Flynn Rider in real life. Levi is an American actor who is famous for several movies and TV series. It took him about a year to record his dialogue and songs for Tangled. He really put in a lot of hard work but when the movie came out, he personally wasn’t so satisfied with his performance.

However, his performance pleased the critics. One described Levi as a surprisingly perfect choice for the self-mocking Flynn. Another declared that Levi effortlessly captures Flynn’s transformation from a vain (yet charismatic) rogue to a compassionate love interest.

Who Plays Rapunzel in Real Life?

The actress that plays Rapunzel in real life is Mandy Moore, a well-known American singer, songwriter, and actress. She has charted songs on the Billboard hot 100 and has a platinum-certified album to her name. She has also been featured in several movies and TV series such as This Is Us, License To Wed, etc.

Moore found it hard voicing Rapunzel as she did not have much visual aid going in but she still put in a fantastic performance going by the majority of reviews. She is praised for moving away from the traditional damsel in distress to a spunky, self-reliant, and intelligent girl who can hold her ground.

What is Mandy Moore’s Age, Rapunzel’s Character in Real Life?

Mandy Moore is presently 40 years old. She was born on the 10th of April 1984 and her birthplace is New Hampshire. Moore started singing and acting around age nine inspired by her maternal grandmother named Eileen Friedman. By the age of 15, she already had a record deal and was working on her debut album.

Tangled was released in 2010 which means that Mandy Moore was 26 years old that year. It means that she was eight years older than the character that she portrayed. This isn’t much of a surprise. True thespians expertly portray characters older or younger than them all the time. There is the added bonus that it was a voice role for an animated film.

What is Zachary Levi’s Age, Flynn Rider’s Real-life Character?

Zachary Levi is presently 43 years old. He was born on the 29th of September 1980 in Lake Charles, Louisiana. He was already appearing on stage at age six.

Zachary Levi was 30 years old when Tangled was released. This means that he is six or seven years older than the character he portrayed in Rapunzel. It also means that he is four years older than his co-star Mandy Moore rather than the five to six years difference between them in the movie.


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