Is Maya Hawke from Stranger Things Gay?

Stranger Things actress Maya Hawke is not gay and has never come out to say so; instead, she identifies as queer. Her dating history also shows that she has only been romantically linked with men.

What is Maya Hawke’s Sexuality?

Even though Maya has not come out to directly address whether she is gay or not, we can boldly say that Maya Hawke’s sexuality is straight. The evidence for this is based on her love life. The actress has thus far dated only guys and no girls.

One of the guys that Maya Hawke has dated in the past is Tom Sturridge, an English actor who has appeared in several movies, TV series, and stage productions. Maya Hawke and Tom Sturridge were romantically linked around 2020 after they were spotted having dinners and going to the beach in places such as NYC and the Hamptons. The two never confirmed their relationship, but it was obvious that they were dating. They remained together for about a year and a half before calling things off.

Maya is presently dating Spencer Barnett, a singer and dancer. Barnett is also popular as the child of Roger Barnett (the CEO of Sharklee Corporation – an American company that manufactures and distributes nutritional supplements, beauty, and household products) and Sloan Barnett, a high-flying attorney.

Spencer is said to be friends with Maya’s brother, Levon, and it is thought that this was how they met. The duo was spotted together in early 2022, including in Paris. They were also spotted together in Miami in December 2022, showing that their romance is still strong. The relationship is further proof that Maya is not gay.

Therefore, it is safe to conclude that Maya Hawke is not gay. There have, however, been some rumors about her sexuality, which boils down to some of the roles she has portrayed in movies. Maya plays Robin Buckley, the first openly gay character on Stranger Things.

Is Maya Hawke Gay or Lesbian?

Maya Hawke is neither gay nor lesbian. If there are any rumors to that effect, it stems from the movie roles she has portrayed. As detailed out above, Maya’s character in the 2002 Netflix movie, Do Revenge, Eleanor, is gay. What’s more, her most famous role today, which has made her a global superstar, namely Robin in Stranger Things, is also gay.

All of this has fueled the speculations that Hawke is gay or lesbian, but there is no truth to it. The actress herself is not perturbed by the rumors and has not addressed them. She is happy to live her life, focusing on her career and her loved ones. There is also the possibility that she hasn’t even heard about the rumors.

Maya Hawke is not active on social media and will not readily see comments from the public. She has also not been asked about the speculations in any interview thus far. Chances are high that even if the actress is asked about them, she wouldn’t be bothered as she is a free-spirited artist, as reflected in her works. She is also a supporter of the LGBT community as well.

Maya Hawke
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In What Movies Has Maya Hawke Portrayed Gay Characters?

Maya Hawke has portrayed gay characters in the movie, Do Revenge, and the TV series, Stranger Things. She gave an excellent outing on both occasions, and this has contributed to rumors about her sexuality.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is a Netflix sci-fi series that debuted in 2016. It is set in a fictional Indiana town and covers the mysterious disappearance of a young boy as well as other supernatural happenings in the town. The show features several stars such as Mille Bobby Brown, Gatten Matarazzo, and Maya Hawke.

Hawke portrays a major character known as Robin Buckley. Robin is a co-worker of the handsome, popular jock named Steve and is believed to have a crush on him. It, however, turns out in season three that she was pinning for Tammy Thompson, one of Steve’s numerous female admirers. Robin also comes out as gay to Steve, and they have a deep and thoughtful conversation which makes them become better friends.

By season four, Hawke’s character develops a crush on a female classmate named Vicki. Maya Hawke has revealed that she had no foreknowledge that Robin was gay and only found out during filming. She happily contributed to shaping the role and is glad to have portrayed the first openly gay character on the hit show, which reaches every part of America and beyond.

Maya Hawke thanked the show’s creators for taking several minutes to focus on Robin’s coming out and stated that such a gesture was a big deal. The actress also stated that she was lucky to play the role and expressed her hope that Robin’s sexuality would be explored further and she would get a girlfriend in the future.

Do Revenge

Maya Hawke also portrayed a gay character in the movie, Do Revenge, a Netflix dark comedy that premiered in 2022. The film chronicles the typical Hollywood trope of teenagers exacting revenge on people who betray them. It features two lead characters, Drea and Eleanor.

Drea is out to get revenge for a leaked nude video, while Eleanor is hoping to get back at the person who outed her as gay and accused her of forcibly kissing another girl. Maya Hawke portrayed the role of Eleanor. At school, her character starts flirting with a cool skater girl named Talia. They eventually get to share a passionate kiss on a crowded sidewalk.

Though Talia and Eleanor have a falling out, they reconcile and can be seen kissing and horizontally making out in scenes during the movie credits. The whole thing was praised by Maya’s fans, who had been waiting for her Stranger Things character to get some romantic action but all to no avail.

Maya Hawke
Eleanor (L) and Talia kissing scene in Do Revenge Image Source

Music Video for 2022 Single – ‘Thérèse’

Maya Hawke has also represented the LGBTQ community in her music. The explicit video for her 2022 single, ‘Thérèse’, features a sex orgy scene that is decidedly queer in nature. Hawke described the song as alluding to secret spaces we build to be free from a world that is often misunderstood and also spoke about how hard we have to fight to love ourselves, love our bodies, and love others.

When Did Maya Hawke Come Out as Queer?

An unconfirmed report has it that Maya Hawke came out as queer in September 2022 in an interview with Vogue. The report claimed that Maya Hawke described herself as queer and stated that she has identified as so for a long time. The report also claimed that the actress stated that the word queer feels good to her and has a lot of power even though it comes with a lot of baggage. The actress then went on to express her hope that she would use her platform to help those struggling with their identity.

These quotes sound pretty valid, but an internet search doesn’t simply turn up this so-called Vogue interview that is being referred to. Therefore, it is not out of place to say that Maya Hawke has never come out as queer. The actress/musician is undoubtedly happy to portray queer roles on screen and make music that queer people can relate to, but she has never said that she is queer. Also, it is something too important for her to joke about.


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