Is ‘Megan Is Missing’ Real and Based on a True Story?

Megan is Missing is based on several real-life cases of child abductions, with the film’s director drawing inspiration from the surveillance tapes, court transcripts, file photos utilized in such cases, etc. It is, however, not the real-life story of two persons in particular.

Originally released in 2011, the psychological thriller film was derided by many due to the extreme levels of violence that it depicted in its mission to keep it real. However, it has been re-discovered by Gen Z in recent years, with the film going viral on TikTok and Twitter in 2020.

Is Megan is Missing Real Story?

Megan is Missing is not based on the real-life story of one girl in particular or two girls as the cases may be. Rather, the story was inspired by several real-life cases of abducted children, which were melded into one storyline. The writer and director of the movie, David Goi, has revealed that everything in Megan is Missing was based on real cases.

According to him, there’s nothing in the movie that he made up. Everything came from documents, court transcripts, surveillance videos, and file photos from seven different cases. Continuing, he states that the movie is entirely accurate as to what actually happened in these individual cases and that it was seven cases being melded into one storyline.

It is important to note that Goi has closely worked with organizations dedicated to keeping children safe. One of them is the KlaasKids Foundation, which was established in 1994 in honor of a twelve-year-old kidnap and murder victim, Polly Hannah Klaas. The KlaasKids Foundation is focused on ensuring that the entire society gives crimes against children a high priority and works together to tackle such crimes. Part of what inspired Goi to make Megan is Missing is his experience with organizations such as the KlaasKids Foundation.

Is There a Megan is Missing Real Footage?

There is no Megan is Missing real footage. The director only employed a commonly-known cinematographic technique known as found footage. Rather than just shooting the actors and actresses in action and then presenting what has been shot to the audience, the filmmaker uses videos that look like what was recorded by the subjects of the film themselves. These recordings are supposedly of real-life events that are not tempered with but woven into the sequence of the movie. However, they are actually not real.

At the time that Megan is Missing begins, both girls are already missing, and investigators assemble home movies as well as video chats in order to decipher what happened. These home movies and video chats seem like they are real-life footage, but the fact remains that there is no Megan is Missing real footage.

Of course, as has already been pointed out above, the movie’s plot is inspired by several real-life cases of child abduction and murder. Therefore, surveillance tapes, videos, and photographs tied to these cases actually exist. David Goi actually showed one of the real-life sadistic torture photos to the actress who portrayed Megan, and she started crying.

What Is Megan is Missing About?

Megan is Missing is a 2011 horror film that tells the story of the abduction and murder of two best friends, Amy and Megan, by a man that they met online. Amy and Megan are two 14-year-old girls attending the same school and living in North Hollywood. They cling to each other due to the issues in their background. Amy has an unhealthy attachment to childhood dolls. Megan was raped by her stepfather at age 9, and her mom resents her for opening up to the authorities, resulting in his imprisonment.

The two find kindred spirits in each other and become close friends. They do all sorts of things that typical teens will do. They attend illegal parties known as raves, and Megan dabbles in drugs. She also chats online with a man she believes to be a 17-year-old named Josh. She eventually meets up with him and he turns out to be an adult and kidnaps her from their meeting point. The authorities start searching for Megan, but Josh eventually tortures her, rapes her, and kills her. He also releases some of the sadistic pictures of the torture online.

One day, Amy heads over to an old bridge where she and Megan often meet and begin recording a video diary. While there, Josh grabs her and abducts her. He takes her back to a secret location and imprisons her in a torture chamber. Amy discovers Megan’s decomposing body in a barrel, and Josh later pushes her into that barrel. He then digs a hole in the ground and pushes the barrel into that hole, basically burying Amy alive alongside the already-dead Megan.

How Megan is Missing Became An Online Sensation Nearly A Decade After Its Release

Megan is Missing utilized relatively unknown actors in the director David Goi’s ultimate quest to make it as real as possible. The film featured the duo of Amber Perkins as Amy Herman and Rachel Quinn as Megan Stewart. It received a limited theatrical release and caused a major uproar. While some said that it was effective in its mission to alert society to dangers online, others dismissed it as a gratuitous show of violence.

Megan is Missing became an internet sensation in 2020, with many taking to TikTok and Twitter to share their reactions to the gory scenes. Some also spoke about how it had impacted them and made them quite cautious about using social media.


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Was Megan Ever Found in Megan is Missing?

Megan was never found in Megan is Missing. We know from what transpired in the movie that she went to meet up with the supposed 17-year-old Josh in a secluded area behind a diner. He abducted and took her back to a secret location where he raped and tortured her. The authorities did all they could to find Megan, but they never saw her either dead or alive.

However, by the time Amy is kidnapped by Josh, she discovers Megan’s dead body. Worse still, he buries her and Megan’s dead body together, and that is where the film comes to an end, meaning that Megan was never found in Megan is Missing.

How Did Megan Die In Megan Is Missing?

Megan was tortured to death in Megan is Missing. As pointed out, her abductor, Josh, raped her. He also tortured her and secured her in a contraption that forced her mouth, nostrils, and eyes open in a very grotesque manner. The sadist would later reveal the tortured image of Megan on a few online platforms, much to Amy’s anguish.


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