John Wayne Gacy’s House: Where Did He Live and Where Was His Last Home?

John Wayne Gacy lived at a ranch house located at 8213 West Summerdale Avenue, Norwood Park Township, Cook County, Chicago. His last home was, however, the Menard Correctional Center, where he spent 14 years before being executed for his crimes.

Gacy was an American serial killer and repeat sex offender. Using his clown persona as well as offers of construction jobs, he lured about 33 young men to his home, where he raped them and proceeded to murder them. John not only killed his victims in his home but also buried 29 of them underneath the house. It was, therefore, a horror revelation when the authorities started digging deep literally.

Where Did John Wayne Gacy Live?

John Wayne Gacy lived at 8213 West Summerdale Avenue, near the village of Norridge, Norwood Park Township, Cook County, Chicago. His home was a ranch house that featured a brick-style exterior. It was quite spacious, with an equally impressive backyard.

John Wayne Gacy purchased this house in mid-1971, and it was quite pricy and worth tens of thousands of dollars. He was only able to purchase the house with the help of his mother though he would later become a rich man thanks to his construction business which saw him make a quarter of a million dollars per annum.

John Wayne and his mom lived together in his house until he got married to his second wife, Carole Hoff, in June 1972. He and Carole, and his two stepdaughters lived in the house until they split. She and her daughters moved out in February 1976.

John Wayne Gacy House
The exterior of John Wayne Gacy’s house Image Source

John Wayne Gacy House Address Location

John Wayne Gacy’s house address location is 8213 West Summerdale Avenue, Norwood Park Township, Cook County, Chicago. Gacy’s house was located in the nice Chicago suburbs, and this was often where he threw his themed-summer parties for friends and loved ones. It was also where he committed the horrible murders for which he was eventually executed.

John Gacy would lure boys in their teens and early 20s to his house. Under the guise of showing them magic tricks as a clown, he would handcuff them, rape them and proceed to strangulate or asphyxiate them. He would then go on to bury them in the crawl space, akin to a basement, beneath the house.

When his crawl space filled up, John Wayne Gacy started burying the bodies on his property or throwing them into the Des Plaines Rivers. His first victim was Timothy McCoy, whom he killed on 3 January 1972, and his last victim was Robert Piest, who he killed on 11 December 1978. John Wayne Gacy was arrested on 21 December 1978 after an investigation triggered by Piest’s disappearance.

John Wayne Gacy House
Cops investigating the crawl space at John Wayne Gacy’s house Image Source

What Has Happened To John Wayne Gacy’s House Now, Is It Still Standing?

John Wayne Gacy’s ranch house was demolished by the state in 1979 during the search for his victims’ bodies. This was to enable investigators to recover the dead bodies buried beneath. The vacant lot stood empty for several years until it was purchased by Hoyne Savings and Loan Association in 1984 for $30,544. In 1988, the construction of a new house started.

The address was changed from 8213 West Summerdale Avenue to 8215 West Summerdale Avenue, and a new house has been built atop it by new owners. The property has also been sold several times. Presently, the house on John Wayne Gacy’s former property is a three-bedroom, two-bedroom house with a huge backyard, separate dining room, and two-sided fireplace. It was sold for $300,000 in 2004 and $395,000 in May 2021.

John Wayne Gacy’s house was the subject of a 2010 production in which investigators entered to look for evidence of paranormal activity. They also performed séances seeking to call forth the spirit of Wayne or his victims.

John Wayne Gacy House
People watching the demolition of John Wayne Gacy’s House Image Source

Where Was John Wayne Gacy’s Last Home?

John Wayne Gacy’s last home is the Menard Correctional Center in Chicago. He was jailed there for 14 years before he was transferred to another prison, Stateville Correctional Center, where he was executed on 10 May 1994 at 12: 58 am. During his time in prison, John Wayne Gacy was quite active in painting. Some of his works were sold, and some were destroyed by family members of victims.

Where was John Wayne Gacy’s Childhood Home?

John Wayne Gacy’s childhood home was located in Chicago, Illinois. The exact address is not readily available, but it must have been in a good suburb as well as his parents were reportedly upper middle class. Sadly, despite the material possessions, John Wayne’s dad was verbally and physically abusive towards him, and it is speculated that this contributed to him turning into a monster.


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