List of Good Truth Or Dare Questions Over Text

The Truth or Dare game is a fun game that gives the opportunity to know in-depth details concerning your partner – it reveals just how crazy and daring your partner or friend can be. The game is also popular because of its simplicity – you have to choose to speak the truth or go for the dare! We have put together a fun list of truth or dare questions to make your game time exciting and spice up your relationship.

Truth Or Dare Questions For Friends Over Text

Truth or Dare Questions
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Here are some exciting Truth or Dare questions to try out with your buddies during a game night:

1. What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?

Either this leaves you sympathizing with the fellow or have the both of you laughing hard at the event, depending on the story. Either way, saying the truth would sure be a means of knowing more about the person.

2. What is the most childish thing you’ve done recently?

Despite your age as a grown-up, there is still a baby in the adult who seeks to be let out and find expression among friends. This is the perfect truth or dare question to know all about your friends’ childish behaviors.

3. Can you share a time when you were rejected in five minutes?

Even though this would bring up sore memories, it would help you understand your friend better and help you know what not to do when around them.

4. Tell me something you don’t like about me

This truth or dare question is actually ‘The Revealer.’ Even though we might want to be the best friends or partners, sometimes, we might just be doing it all wrong. The answer to this question should help keep you in check.

5. What is the meanest thing you’ve ever done?

As much as this would reveal the meanest thing the person has done, it should at least help you be more of a friend and understanding.

6. Who is one person you wish was still in your life?

Somehow, this may bring tears, so be ready to offer your shoulders. Some memories could be sore and some interesting.

7. Among all the people you know, who are you uglier or prettier than?

This question is just for fun, so don’t take it too seriously if your friend believes they are prettier than you.

8. Have you ever been caught stealing food at home as a child?

Childhood memories happen to be the most intriguing. Imagine having such a moment with a bit of adventure added to it – surely a blockbuster movie.

9. What is the thing that scares you the most?

Spiders, snakes, insects, and many more can fall into the list, and when you plan to play a prank, you can decide to play one using any of these insects, just for the fun of it. However, play the prank with caution – don’t hurt each other.

10. What is the silliest fight you have ever had?

Some reasons might be absolutely silly, while some might be deserving, but the answer will show how crazy your friend can be. A well-played truth or dare game will be fun-filled and a satisfying experience. You will have no boring conversations during that period, and in subsequent hangouts, you can always reflect on your answers and have a good laugh.

Good Dares for Truth or Dare Over Text

Truth or Dare questions
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Even though it might be more appealing to play the Truth or Dare game in person, no rule says it can’t be played via texting. So, if you find yourself far away from your partner, there is no need to fret about keeping the flame burning, as we have outlined some good dares for your Truth or Dare game that will set the ball rolling.

Below are some exciting dares to try out via text:

1. Make an order for a meal to be delivered to my house

This would offer you the opportunity to fill your stomach, but it’s a fun question to try out, especially if you are seeking to exchange your address with someone you like. Obviously, the intent is not to rid the person of their money, therefore, apply your digression where necessary.

2. Shave your arms and send me a picture

This would leave you with a hilarious photo of your friend’s arm, maybe looking like a skinned chicken – especially if the friend happens to be a hairy one. The hair would grow back, but it would take lots of guts to rid themselves of their cherished hairy look.

3. Post a video of yourself singing a song on YouTube

For someone who does not care about public opinion, this would be no threat at all, whether such a person is a good singer or not. However, this could be a way to get your complacent friend, who is a good singer, to advertise online.

4. Mix a bit of every condiment in your house and drink/eat it

Have you ever imagined eating fresh chilies? Now try mixing a bit of every condiment in your house and eating them raw. However, remember to apply caution when playing the game. It is intended for fun, not to harm or to go extreme.

5. Pick a contact from your phone that you have not talked to in over a year, send them a message, and send me a screenshot

This would have you looking for an icebreaker cause you would not want to start such a conversation with, ‘hey/hi.’ Well, it would at least put a smile on the other person’s face, seeing that dead conversations could be rekindled.

6. Try to lick your foot while standing

Oh no! The perfect question for those in dire need of a workout is this dare question! Just be prepared for the posture that would accompany the task.

7. Do a three-way prank call to somebody so that I can listen

Try not to spoil the prank call by saying anything while the call is still on because you are supposed to be listening. This would have the both of you laughing for a while, and it will set the pace for other dares to follow suit.

8. Go into the bathroom, as we speak, and dive into a bathtub full of cold water

I hope you don’t get to be told this, when you are dressed up, waiting for someone to come pick you up, you might have to cancel your plans. Perhaps if it’s not summer, you might want to reconsider.

9. Go outside your home and sing an entire song out loud, using an earphone

This would have you tagged as mad or insane, but it would allow you the opportunity to let go and let out some steam.

10. Walk around the block and talk to yourself the entire time, neglecting the people passing

After this dare, expect visitors soon to check if you are still ok, or do not expect to get back home cause some proactive neighbors might bundle you even before you get a chance to explain!

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