Meet the 10 Ugly Titans in AoT

AoT is characterized by terrifying Titans who are equally scary in looks. Our list of the 10 ugly Titans in AoT helps you identify these Titans by their psychical attributes and why they are considered ugly.

Attack on Titan is a Japanese manga series that is currently one of the most popular anime series and a rave of the moment. This popular anime series was first published in 2009 in the debut issue of the Kodansha monthly publication magazine, and its adaptation into an anime series premiered on the 7th of April, 2013.

Created by Hajime Isayama, one of the very outstanding features of this anime, apart from its very intriguing post-apocalyptic storyline about a world where humanity is tormented by humanoid gargantuan titans— is the physical representation of these giant titans.

Hajime’s titans are ugly, although some look better than the others. This article is a well-chronicled list of the ugly titans in AoT.

10 Ugliest Titans in Attack on Titan (AoT)

Listed in no particular order, our list of 10 ugly titans in AoT checks all the boxes of ugliness, from their faces to their entire bodies.

1. Cart Titan

Meet the 10 Ugly Titans in AoT
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Voted as one of the ugly Titans in AoT according to fans of the anime series, the cart Titan is a cart or platform carrying Titan who is not considered strong enough for combat but fast enough to be used as a scout and transporting weapons and other objects.

This Titan doesn’t walk upright like other titans, rather crouches on all fours. Cart Titan’s crouching physique, elongated jaw, wide mouth, and weird-looking facial proportions have earned the Titan a place in the ugly Titans in AoT.

True to its name, Cart titan carries on its back what seems like a platform or a cart of some sort where multiple objects can be stored. The cart Titan is neither remarkable for good looks nor strength but is good for his speed, scouting, and transportation abilities.

Prominent ugly features of the Cart Titan 

  • Quadrupedal form (Crouches and walks on all fours)
  • Very elongated reptilian-looking jaw
  • Wide mouth/lips
  • Disproportionate facial features
  • Numerous Teeth

2. Rod Reiss’ Pure Titan

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When Rod Reiss transforms into his Titan form, he can be considered one of the ugly titans in AoT. Also, one of the largest Titans in AoT, standing at about 120 m tall, this Titan is enormous and generates a lot of heat from its movement.

Considered as one of the most gruesome-looking Titans in Attack on Titan, Rod Reiss’ Titan form is very ugly with a huge torso and disproportionate, very thin limbs and head. This Titan drags itself on its belly as it slitters its enormous form around. This abnormal Titan has its internal organs exposed as a result of the Titan dragging its belly as it moves.

The Titan’s face also appears to be scraped away, exposing its brains and scrapped off facial parts due to being constantly dragged on the ground as he moves. Rod Reiss’ Titan form lacks muscles and looks skeletal with exposed internal organs and exposed rib cage on the sides shooting out like sharpened arrows. Although its face regenerates when it is off the ground, Rod Reiss Titan’s form is one of the ugliest in AoT.

Prominent ugly features of Rod Reiss’ Titan form

  • Worm-like movement
  • Exposed internal organs
  • Scrapped off face
  • Thin limbs
  • Disproportionate body structure
  • Jagged ribbed cage
  • Small head on an enormous torso
  • Crawling on all fours

3. Eren Yeager’s Founding Titan 

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Characterized by an over 90% rib form, Eren Yeager’s Founding Titan form is one of the 10 ugly Titans in AoT. Very different from its attack titan form, this monstrous founding Titan is composed of mainly bones gutting menacingly out of its spine, resembling Godzilla’s back.

Eren’s founding Titan form resembles a mountainous rib cage with extremely long spiky backbones and undersized legs and pelvis. Walking with ribs resembling a millipede, this sinewy Titan is as terrifying as it is ugly.

Prominent ugly features of Eren Yeager’s Founding Titan form

  • Deformed head
  • Prominent molars from missing cheeks
  • Elongated ears
  • Nearly absent lower jaw
  • Millipede-like locomotion
  • Disjointed body structure

4. Ymir Fritz’s Founding Titan

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This enormous female Titan form is one of the ugly Titans in AoT. Beyond what is depicted in illustrations, not much is known about this Titan’s form. However, with a face devoid of skin, long jagged ribs protruding on her sides, and scanty hair, Ymir Fritz’s founding Titan form is not a sight for sore eyes.

Prominent ugly features of Ymir Fritz’s Founding Titan form

  • Skull like face
  • Missing eyes, nose, and lips
  • Skinless face
  • Protruding jagged enormous ribs

5. Ymir’s Jaw Titan

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This 5-meter-sized Titan is visibly smaller than the other titans, but what it lost in size, it makes up for in ugliness and superb mobility. Its long arms give it an ape-looking form.

Prominent ugly features of Ymir Fritz’s Jaw Titan form

  • Chimpanzee-like body structure 
  • Jagged teeth
  • Large head
  • Sharp claws

6. Grisha Yeager’s attack titan

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This bulky 15 meters tall attack Titan is on our list of the ten ugly Titans in AoT. With a frighteningly bulkier torso than its arms and legs, long, dark hair, small eyes, and elongated ears, coupled with his mouth covered in the flesh and a thick, dark beard matching his black chest hair, Grisha Yeager’s Attack Titan is fittingly ugly.

Prominent ugly features of Grisha Yeager’s attack titan form

  • Wide and large torso
  • Elongated ears
  • Extremely bulky form
  • Thick hairy body

7. Karl Fritz’s Founding Titan

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At the height of 13 meters, Karl Fritz’s Titan has a lean build with light hair, sharp teeth, and long arms. This Titan’s disproportionate body structure of thin and long arms, in contrast to its very thick legs and a skeletal upper body, earns this Titan a place on the list of ugly Titans in AoT.

Prominent ugly features of Karl Fritz’s Founding Titan form

  • Visible ribs
  • Skeletal body
  • Long and thin. Arms
  • Thick legs

8. Frieda Reiss’ Founding Titan

Ugly Titans in AoT
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This 13 meter tall, founding female-looking Titan is on our list of the ugly Titans in AoT. With its very large purple eyes, scattered black hair, and a menacing face, this Titan is nowhere close to looking pleasant.

Prominent ugly features of Frieda Reiss’ Founding Titan form

  • Large purple eyes
  • Skeletal nose

9. Marcel Galliard’s Jaw Titan

Ugly Titans in AoT
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This Jaw Titan’s form is characterized by a thick black beard at its chin, long black hair, sunken eyes, and a small, agile body. Possessing no visible lips with gaping sharp teeth, Marchel Galliard’s Jaw Titan qualifies to be on our list of ten ugly Titans in AoT.

Moving on all fours with a height of about five meters, this Jaw Titan, just like its name, possesses a very strong jaw with bone-like protection that can bite through steel.

Prominent ugly features of Marcel Galliard’s Jaw Titan form

  • No visible lips
  • Sunken eyes
  • Gaping sharp teeth
  • Prominent jaw

10. Eren Yeager’s Attack Titan

Ugly Titans in AoT
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This about 15 meters tall enormous Titan has hair growing notoriously down to the level of its mouth as seen from its front, and then to the level of its neck in the back. This Titan’s eyes are also very thin compared to its size.

With a large-sized nose, tongue, and ears, this Titan’s appearance earns it a place on our list of ugly Titans. Eren Yeager’s Attack Titan form is missing certain parts of its face, with its flesh missing from its cheeks and all its teeth exposed.

Although lacking a disproportionate body size like other ugly titans, especially its founding Titan form as mentioned above, this Titan still possesses a menacingly monstrous look.

Prominent ugly features of Eren Yeager’s Attack Titan form

  • Notoriously hairy
  • Exposed teeth
  • Large-sized tongue, ears, and nose
  • Flesh-less cheeks and lips

Recap of The 10 Ugly Titans in AoT 

  • Eren Yeager’s Founding Titan
  • Rod Reiss’ Pure Titan
  • Ymir’s Jaw Titan
  • Karl Fritz’s Founding Titan
  • Frieda Reiss’ Founding Titan
  • Cart Titan
  • Marcel Galliard’s Jaw Titan
  • Grisha Yeager’s attack titan
  • Eren Yeager’s Attack Titan
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