What Is a Dog Choke Collar and Why Would You Use One?

More than just having a dog, what most people want is for the dog to obey simple instructions and keep to certain simple rules. To do that, many people train their dogs in different ways using both positive and negative enforcement techniques. One of the things that are popular in relation to the training is the dog choke collar.

Even though it is something that is popular among dog owners, there is a question regarding whether one should consider using it.

What Is a Dog Choke Collar?

A dog choke collar is a metal made chain material that is designed to be worn around the neck of a dog which tightens and pulls the dog back during training or while walking it. The aim of the choke is to cause pain and discomfort for the dog for correctional purpose.

Even though it is widely used, these choke collars have been frowned upon by professional dog trainers due to some of the problems they can cause your dog or even the overwhelming discomfort.

Why Would You Use One?

The main reason why many people may want to make use of the choke collar is for the purpose of the training of dogs. They are used for negative enforcement purposes to make it easy for you to pull back your dog when it is going out of line or contrary to what you trying to get it to learn.

Understandably, many people would prefer not to make use of it because of the many dangers that they pose to the dog which may include disc diseases which may go as far as affecting the mid-to-lower back regions of the dog, among other issues.

There are also those that make use of it strictly for the purpose of walking their dogs. No matter the reason for its use, one should avoid using it on a dog that does not have thick hair.

Dangers of Using Dog Choke Collar

Dog Choke Collar
Dog Choke Collar (Image Source)

The use of a dog choke collar has its own potential problems to your dog. When what you are using is the Prong Collars, the metal protrusions when pulled can puncture the skin of the dog which may develop more problems later. With shock collars, physical pain and injuries may also be the result if not well put.

Some of the dangers that the choke collar may cause may include the following:

  • Physical problems

The prolonged usage of choke chains may cause physical damage to the dog. From problems like damaging the soft tissues of your dog, it may do a lot more harm that may include eye problem and in the worst case, strangulation and death of the dog. More so, it can cause neurological damage to your dog.

  • Training Fallout

The idea of using Choke chains and prong collars is so as to administer negative reinforcement as well as positive punishment on the dog. While it may prove to be effective, this method of treatment is not without its side effects. One of such is the negative relationship the dog may come to develop with certain things that he has been choked against.

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Other Alternatives

If you are interested in using something else rather than a dog choke collar, using a harness will always remain the best way for someone who just wants to walk a dog. This does not only take out the pressure from the dog, but it is also the safest way of getting your dog out of harm’s way.

While there are many harnesses out there that would be good for your dog, it is important to get the right one that will be good for your dog. The emphasis is on something that will be safe for the dog while also keeping it in place and at the same time being very comfortable.

There are even dogs that would fare better with backpacks instead of the harness or any other thing. When it comes to using the backpack, what you will want to have is something that will be balanced on both sides and will not be too big or too small for the dog.

Instead of using negative reinforcement, one may also consider switching to positive training of the dog which eliminated any need for a dog choke collar or anything of the sort. The advantage of this method of training is to help build a stronger relationship with the dog while at the same time, eliminating any spending that may arise from injuries caused by the use of choke collar.

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