The 60 Best Newlywed Game Questions for Friends and Families

A wedding is more than just a legal union of two lives; it is also a celebration of love with the couple’s closest friends and relatives. A wedding ceremony typically turns into a party with excellent food and beverages, making it the ideal occasion for the ice-breaker newlywed game questions.

To get any wedding party started, we’ve come up with some beautiful newlywed trivia game questions. These wedding trivia questions are a great way to get guests talking and foster a festive mood.

Newlywed Game Questions For Couples

An ideal set of questions to ask during any Newlywed game event is the ‘How well do you know personal quirks and details about your partner.’ Answering these questions will show which of the couple knows who best and who is more romantic:

1. When was the last time you gave your wife flowers?

Women love to be given romantic gifts, and flowers are one of the most romantic things to give your spouse. Ask this question to know how romantic the man is towards his wife.

2. What was your spouse’s childhood nickname?

How much do you know your spouse will be revealed by how much of their childhood details you know. It will show how many of your spouse’s childhood friends you know because they might still be calling them by that name.

3. What would your wife choose if you told her you’d accomplish one thing off her To-Do list?

It’s probably something she’s been demanding that you do or something she complains about a lot,  so this is a great opportunity to either show her that you have noticed the thing or, if you haven’t, find out from this game question. Going the extra mile to do it will put a smile on her face – you can try that too!

4. What does your spouse do first thing in the morning?

Even though morning routines might be altered every now and then, there are some things we can’t do without as soon as we wake up. Ask this question to know who is more observant among the couple.

5. Who is consistently late, consistently early, or consistently on time?

With this question, your wedding guests would get to know who among the couple has a high tendency to be punctual and who is a pathological latecomer – in some cases, the couple might amuse you by having the same traits.

6. What is your wife’s favorite store’s name?

Women love to shop, and many have the best place to do so. Where would you give her a voucher or credit card to shop in, and she’d be ecstatic? Answer this question to show how well you know your wife’s shopping preferences.

7. Which domestic task do you excel at more than your wife?

What is your strength in the domestic chores department? The thing your wife would leave to you to handle perfectly. Amuse your guest with the answer to this question, especially if you are a better chef than her!

8. On your first date, what did your wife wear?

Women love it when men notice cute little details like this. Answer this question and reveal how much attention you give your wife, especially when you go out on a date. I hope you remember!

9. How many months into your relationship did you discover you’ve met “the one”?

When did you know he or she was the one – that is, the perfect partner to spend the rest of your life with? There must have been a time this knowledge dawned on you. Let’s see who got to know first from the answers.

10. Who spends the most time in the shower?

Some people spend so much time in the shower, cleaning up, while others rush in and rush out. Which one of you does that? Amuse your guests with your answers.

11. What is the name of your spouse’s ex-girlfriend or boyfriend?

Do you know the name of your spouse’s previous partners? This question will reveal how much of their past lives the couple shares with each other. However, it is a tricky question that should only be asked if the couple will not be uncomfortable with it.

12. How long did you date?

It would surprise you to know that couples might have different dates regarding how long they started dating. Ask this question to know who is good at keeping a good record of the relationship.

13. Did you have a short or long engagement?

This is another question that will reveal how the couple saw their engagement that is whether it was a short engagement or a long engagement. Their answers will be based on their perception of what a short or long engagement should be. Let’s find out with this question!

14. What is your husband’s favorite book?

Is he an avid reader? What book would he read over and over and over again? Let the audience know if you are truly familiar with your husband’s reading preference.

15. What is your husband’s preferred cuisine?

Do they prefer ethnic, intercontinental, Chinese, and Thai cuisine? Let us know from the answers you both will provide

16. What is your partner’s favorite time of year?

What time of the year gets them all excited and happy? Autumn, winter, spring, or summer? Let your answers prove how well you know your partner’s moods.

17. What is your husband’s go-to junk food?

What would you almost catch them snacking on – Popcorn, chocolates, or nuts? Reveal the answer and know whether you are right.

18. What is your husband’s favorite color?

No matter how picky a person is about colors, there are some shades they love. Knowing this about your husband would help you pick gifts for him that are in the right shades, especially if it is clothing.

Newlywed Game Questions For Bridal Shower

Newlywed games are also appropriate for a bridal shower. The trick is to come up with questions that the bride should be able to answer. The goal is for the bride to have fun with friends the night before the wedding.

Here are some typical questions that can be asked at a bridal shower:

19. Do you think your hubby prefers you with makeup or without?

Is he the team natural and clean girl aesthetic, or is he down with the loud sophisticated makeup look? Let your friends know by answering this question.

20. Do you know all his friends?

This is a good question to ask a bride-to-be, especially if his beau is a very friendly person. Let the bride-to-be reveal how many of her beau’s friends she knows and can identify by their first names at least.

21. Who spends your husband’s money the most? You or him?

Do you run up his credit cards more than he does? Answer this question to reveal who will be spending most of his money in the future.

22. Does he know your dream vacation destination?

Let your friends know how well your husband-to-be knows you. How much have you told him about your plans and dreams for the future?

23. Will he describe you as a morning or night person?

Are you grumpy or miss sunshine in the mornings? Let’s know whether your life partner should know about this.

24. What is one item from your husband’s collection that you would discard?

You probably have an item of clothing or something else that you always wish he’d discard. Tell your friends, and they might help you get it done.

25. Who is your husband’s celebrity crush?

Who is his celebrity crush? Probably a movie star or musician. Share the details and have a good laugh with your girls.

26. What is one thing about your husband that drives you insane?

We all love the fairy tale of ‘happily ever after,’ but in reality, our partners are not perfect, and sometimes they exhibit characters that drive us up the wall. Let your girls know you love him despite his flaws by choosing to stay with him against all odds.

27. What is your husband’s best social media platform?

Have you discovered his favorite place on the internet, his best social media platform? Answer this question and let your girls know how well you know your husband-to-be.

28. Who would your hubby be if he could be any superhero?

Superman? Batman? Ironman? Let your friends know what superpower your beau craves and which superhero he would like to be if given a chance.

29. What would you like to change about your partner?

This might be tough, but not everyone has the grace to tolerate some habits. So, let’s see if the couple will want to change anything about their partner from the answers they provide to this question.

30. Which of your family do you believe your husband despises the most?

A sensitive question, but clearly, we all must not get along with every member of our spouse’s family. So who do you think your beau might have a hard time tolerating in your family? Let your girls know- they might help you with this problem.

31. Does your spouse enjoy going out on double dates?

Ask this question to know whether the duo indulges in double dates. If they do, they can go ahead to guess the couple they might want to invite on double dates and see if they will make the same choices.

32. Which of you is most likely to get distracted by your phone during a date?

Date nights are meant to be special and a time for you to bond with your partner without interruptions. So, answer this question for your friends to know who is the most attached to their phones.

33. What was the first job your husband had?

These are the little details that may seem insignificant, but they mean a lot in a relationship. Good knowledge of your beau’s past life is necessary, and it shows you are interested in his pursuits.

34. Which among you is the most prone to procrastination?

Are both of you quick to make decisions or not? Your answer to this question will reveal who keeps putting things off until the last minute.

The Newlywed Game Questions For Friends

The newlywed game can also be played among friends, and the questions outlined below are some of the details your friends may want to know about your relationship all this while – so, indulge them:

35. What is your partner’s preferred method of communication?

Although there are various easy ways to communicate, different people tend to use one form more than others. Let your friends know which form of communication is more convenient for your spouse, whether Phone calls, texts, iMessage, or Facetime.

36. Who made the first move?

In most cases, guys tend to make the first move to start a relationship with a lady, but that is not the absolute rule. Amuse your friends by revealing who amongst you initiated the relationship and asked the other out first.

37. Where did you go on your first date?

The first date is one of the major milestones to look back on in a relationship. Do you remember where you first went? Let your friends find out by answering this question.

38. What did your beau wear on your first date?

Women are good at remembering details. Let this question test how attentive you were on your first day with your beau. You can also mention what was spectacular about his appearance that day that made the memory stick.

39. What was the worst date you’ve ever had with your spouse?

Even the happiest couples have had bad dates. Let them share their not too good date experiences to reveal whether their perception of the dates was the same or not.

40. How did you meet?

Remember how you met each other? Were you introduced by friends or met at a party? Answer this question to give your friends an insight into how your love journey started.

41. How many children does your partner want?

Surely, you have talked about this. Having children is serious business, and you should know your partner’s thoughts on that. Answer this question and reveal whether you have the same intentions regarding the number of kids you want.

42. Where and when was your first kiss?

This is the ideal newlywed game question since it brings back a special memory for both of them, and the responses are usually either very romantic or hilarious.

43. What has been the most embarrassing thing to happen to you in the presence of your spouse?

Of course,  we’ve all had those embarrassing moments in front of our partners, which we eventually end up laughing over. Let your friends in on some of those not-so-perfect moments by answering this question.

44. Which of you is the more romantic?

This question aims to reveal who makes romantic gestures with ease – the gestures should not necessarily be big. Let your answer show your friends who do more romantic things for the other.

45. Who is the most obstinate?

Every human being is unique, and in a relationship, there must be a stubborn half of the relationship. Who is it in yours? Amuse your friends with your answer and see whether they agree with you.

Funny Newlywed Game Questions

Newlywed questions can also be coined to elicit hilarious stories about each other. Below are some funny questions for the newlywed game:

46. Who do you think is the better driver?

When it comes to driving, most couples have fun squabbling over who is the better driver.   Is your partner a better driver than you? Who would do the driving on long road trips? Answer this question to reveal it.

47. Who can take the best selfies?

The art of taking a perfect selfie is not an easy one. Who’s better at it? Let your friends know from your answers.

48. What lovey-dovey name does your spouse like?

There is no end to the list of names you call your partner, and some of these names can be pretty hilarious. So what’s that special name you know that melts their heart? Reveal it and see whether you are right.

49. Who do you think is the better singer?

It is worth knowing who sings better, maybe not Grammy-worthy but let your friends know who can sing to save your heads if it ever comes down to that!

50. Who is the worst at keeping their drinks under control?

The culprit for this question is the one that is lightheaded and can’t walk in a straight line after a glass of wine. Amuse your friends by revealing who that person is.

51. What do they waste their money on?

What does your spouse spend a significant chunk of their earnings on? Answer this question, and let’s see whether you both are right about your opinions.

52. What is their catchphrase?

Does your spouse have a word or phrase he/she uses often? This is the perfect question to reveal that fact. The couple might even make it more fun by mimicking themselves saying the word or phrase.

Newlywed Game Questions For Families

When two people marry, they are usually integrated into each other’s families, so it’s essential to know specific details about your spouse’s family. The newlywed game can also be used to assess how well the bride and groom know their respective families. The questions below are based on family relationships and dynamics:

53. What are the names of your spouse’s grandparents?

It is very important to know your significant other’s family tree. Grandparents on both sides are a must-know. Ask this question to see how well the bride and groom know their family tree. However, if they don’t know the correct answer, it will be nice to clarify that it’s just for fun and family members should hold no grudges; instead, they can use this moment to teach them.

54. What are the middle names of their parents?

Although this question sounds very easy, it might not be, either way, and it is worth a trial. Let’s know who is keener about gathering family details amongst the pair.

55. What is the total number of pets owned by their parents?

This is also a very easy question any couple should be able to answer about their in-laws because chances are that you’ve visited the house on several occasions. However, to make the game fun, the question can be asked.

56. Which parent do they have a stronger attachment to?

Like parents have a favorite child, children might also have a favorite parent. Who’s the favorite parent of your spouse? Answer this question to know whether you are right about your opinion or not.

57. Who is the funniest in-law?

Ask this question to know whether the couple considers a particular in-law the funniest in the family or if their views vary. No matter the answer, you’d be sure to laugh at their response.

58. How many brothers and sisters do they have?

Who doesn’t know how many siblings their partner has? This is a basic question that should be easy to answer. However, it can still be asked to help the couple ease off.

59. What is their age difference from their siblings?

This might be tricky, especially if the siblings are all grown-ups with their own families. Let the couple’s answer amuse the guests, especially their family members. What’s the age gap between each sibling?

60. What was the most trouble your spouse ever got into when he or she was a kid?

This question reveals which couple was stubborn as a kid and who was not. However, in some cases, the pair might be hell-raisers; let their answers show it to their guests!

Rules For Playing The Newlywed Questions Game

To ensure that you have a memorable time playing the newlywed game, you have to take note of the following points:

  • Ensure that you make a list of questions to ask the couple – ideas of what to ask can also be gathered from the couple and close friends of the duo.
  • Have writing material available for the bride and groom or items like shoes or a wand to indicate an answer.
  • Inform the audience that whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins (make it interesting and put a wager on it like money to be won, a spa treatment, or the loser will be made to perform a dance/song for the winner, etc.).
  • The couple’s close friend can act as a host of the game, or the MC could do the honor of handling the game session in addition to his other duties.

These best newlywed game questions can be performed at any point during the wedding activities, including the reception, a bridal shower, and a bachelorette/bachelor party – whenever and wherever you want to play your wedding games is totally up to you. However, the questions you choose to ask are what makes the event memorable for years to come.

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