The Truth About Tanjiro’s Eyes and Why They Bleed

Tanjiro Kamado, the main protagonist of Demon Slayer, possesses exceptional fighting skills with a strong sense of justice. Not one to back off from a fight nor is he one to overlook injustice; he has fought and slain several demons, but his battle with Daki pushed him over the edge, and with unbridled rage boiling within him, Tanjiro’s eyes became bloody.

A strong-willed Demon Slayer in the Demon Slayer Corps, Tanjiro is driven by his quest to turn his sister, Nezuko Kamado, back into a human.

What is Tanjiro’s Eye Color?

Tanjiro Kamado’s unique eye suits his character as the strongest demon slayer. He is a young man with dark red eyes that appears gentle yet conflicted and white pupils that seem lighter around the lower section of his iris. His second encounter with Muzan Kibutsuji resulted in an injury in his right eye, which later developed into a large mass over the right eye due to the poison inflicted on him by Muzan.

In his transformed state, after being turned into a demon by Muzan, Tanjiro received the ability to cure his face and regenerate his arm. With his demon avatar, he obtained eyes with slit pupils, fangs, and flame-shaped marks over his left forehead, right jaw, and smaller flame-shaped mark from the right side of his head down to his eyebrow.

Tanjiro, in his human state, loses the ability to see from his right eye. The iris becomes a dull-pink gray, and the pupil is black rather than its original color – white.

Why Did Tanjiro Have Blood in his Eyes?

Tanjiro’s fight with Daki, an upper rank six demon, who surprisingly turned out to be a formidable opponent against Tanjiro, remains the best scene viewers have seen in the manga yet. The fight showed the viewers a new avatar of Tanjiro as he unleashed a new level of power with bloody rage.

As the fight between Tanjiro and Daki escalated, he noticed that his water breathing style stood no chance against Daki’s strength. This led him to push himself further, tapping into the Hinokami Kagura techniques, but because of its raw strength, he was aware that he could not use the Hiokami Kagura consecutively with water breathing.

However, after some intense training, he became more confident using the Hinokami Kagura as his main breathing style. Due to this, a vision of Kojuro Rengoku appears, telling Tanjiro to set his heart ablaze.

While defending himself against attacks from Daki, Tanjiro uses the Hinokami Kagura to cut through her sashes as his combat style becomes sharper and more efficient. As the fight continued, Tanjiro found himself slow, and the repercussions of using the Hiokami Kagura techniques caught up with him, exposing him to the powers of upper-rank demonic threat.

While Tanjiro was trying to keep up with Daki’s speed and strength, Daki got stronger and went through a transformation that turned her hair white with green ends and reddish veins appearing all over her skin. The fight between Daki and Tanjiro caught the attention of nearby residents, provoking a young man to interfere and protest about the row.

His interference greatly annoyed Daki, and she used her full strength to destroy the surrounding buildings and civilians in the area. Tanjiro tried his best to defend the young man, but Daki’s power sliced off the man’s left hand. Tanjiro then noticed that the other civilians were either dead or badly injured. This enraged him, and he soon stopped breathing, pushing himself beyond his body’s limits.

His eyes subsequently started to fill with blood seeping into the sclera of his eyes. Despite his unbridled anger, he tells the young man to stay calm and ties his amputated arm with a string to stop the bleeding. Tanjiro then started crying blood due to the raw rage he felt seeing Daki hurt innocent civilians, combined with his memories.

What Happened to Tanjiro’s Eyes?

Fans of demon slayers get to see Tanjiro in complete form as he gets enraged by Daki and pushes himself beyond his body’s limits. He reaches a new level of strength doused in blood and flame that reveals his capability. Propelled by intense rage, with bloodied eyes caused by unbridled anger, he subconsciously begins to use more Hinokami Kagura.

The technique helped him keep up with Daki’s strength and speed as he lunged toward Daki, who was running away on a roof. He grabbed her foot and tried to behead her, but she got away after having half of her leg ripped off by Tanjiro.

Tanjiro speaks to Daki about the lives of people, asking if it was fun to kill innocent people. His speech triggered a memory where she saw a figure that looked like the grown-up version of Tanjiro uttering words similar to Tanjiro. Daki recognizes that the memories did not belong to her but the cells of Muzan Kibutsuji, which were reacting to Tanjiro’s speech.

Tanjiro further tells Daki that she was once human too and had a life similar to theirs. Frustrated by Tanjiro’s speech, Daki smashed the roof she was on and stated that she is now a demon who could care less about the lives of humans. This angered Tanjiro, who continued fighting her with the Hinokami Kagura techniques.

Tanjiro showed his strongest form in his fight against Daki, but it also brought him quite close to death. By the time his mind catches up with his body, his insides have been wounded to a critical point, and he is unable to keep himself receptive in front of Daki’s power.

As Tanjiro struggled to fight off Daki, he saw a vision of one of his deceased younger siblings who reminded him to breathe properly, which he completely forgot while using the technique. He fell to his knees, coughing up blood with Daki heckling him about the limits of humans and gearing up to kill him. However, Tanjiro’s sister, Nezuko, rushes in to protect Tanjiro and the fight ends with Tanjiro and his sister defeating Daki.

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