This or That Questions: The Best List for Adults and Teens

The best way to keep friends, family, or a loved one in a fun-filled and educational conversation is through the use of ‘this or that questions.’ Humans are renowned as sociable creatures, yet they need a little prodding to get into their social mode. Consider an environment similar to a party, where you are likely to meet new and intriguing people. Though your host will act all polite and introduce you to people, it is up to you to make the last friendly overture.

Once it comes to ‘this or that,’ there are just a few distinct options. To begin, all participants must agree to participate in order for the game to be a success; after all, it is a game to get to know one another. It’s also a great way to kill time and strike up a discussion.

Playing Options For This or That Questions 

Question-based Rules

Make a guideline for how many questions you may ask at every turn, which is generally three or five. This works nicely if you already have a number of questions ready to ask.

Failed Answer Option

This is the best of the game rules since it enables you to learn about the other person as they learn about you. You start by asking the opening question, already knowing the answer. If the response is the same, proceed to the next question. If their response differs from what you would have given, point it out and take turns with another person.

Switch Turns

Many folks who participate in this game will just take turns asking their own ‘This or That questions.’ This is the most basic method of play and requires the least amount of thinking while asking questions.

This or That Fun Questions

This or that is a fun game to play with friends or possible partners to get to know them personally. Below are some interesting and funny ‘this’ or ‘that’ questions to ask to help things warm up.

1. New TV or A visit to the Stadium?

This question is one fun way of keeping your children in the dark. In a situation where they are demanding a new TV and a trip to the stadium to watch a match. This or that question can help you put them in the state of having to make a choice.

2. A Better Home Interior or Nice Car?

Keep your family in suspense as to whether you are planning to get a new house interior or a new car for the family. This is one of the funny this or that questions that helps you assess the most important needs of your family. When all the members of the family go for a nice car, you have to respect their choice.

3. Text or Phone call?

This or that question game can come in a different form. The question can be used to create a funny environment among friends. Asks the listener to choose the means, should you inform the wife about his secret plans, text or phone call?

4. Hollywood or Bollywood?

When your opponent knows fully well that you love watching movies. You can make use of the question to find out how much he or she knows about your movie addiction. If the correct option is chosen, then you must have been spotted several times watching such movies.

5. Cash or a Day Off?

The question can be used to have fun in an office setting. A supervisor is asking for cash or a day off for a staff member who is due for either of the two. To make it more fun, present a day off as the right answer, and watch the reaction.

6. Sandwich or Soup?

One of the perfect this or that questions for a food lover. Most people in this category, find themselves in a confused state about making the right choice. The question is aimed at knowing one’s decisive nature over the two best options. The funniest aspect of the question is when one is not able to make a choice between the two provided options.

7. Beach Party or Pool Party?

People have so many ways they love to have parties. The two different methods give fun. Whether it is a beach party or not, it must involve having your party guests come to the beach with their bikinis and swimming shorts. Meanwhile, the pool party is a bit private as your guests are the ones all around the pool. The question helps identify one that loves having loud fun and the other who likes it a bit more private.

8. Cinema or Netflix?

Cinema or Netflix are two ways one can have fun while watching movies. Some people are not so comfortable watching movies in cinemas. These categories of people are mostly those that value the picture quality of movies. While the category of people that love the cinema is made up of those that can’t do without watching the most recent movies in a calm environment.

This or That Questions for Couples

Couples may learn about each other by asking questions. This or that question also helps relationship partners understand each other’s values and thinking. Couples gain a pretty deep peek into each other’s thinking by using a playful approach to these innovative comparison-based questions. Here are some of the questions suitable for couples.

9. Laundry or the dishes?

A lot of people find it difficult to do house chores like laundry or washing dishes. The question aims to find out the worst of the two options. But in most cases, for this kind of people, it is difficult to say that laundry or dishwashing is the most difficult. Especially when they know they will get the option that was chosen to be less stressful.

10. Shower or Bathtub

A simple this or that question can bring about happy moments between couples. A question like: Which of the bath methods do I prefer the shower or the bath tomb? This helps couples get to know each other better, and encourages one another to be observant of each other.

11. Dancing or Singing?

One of the ways couples get to enjoy themselves is by dancing and singing for each other. A simple this or that question like ‘Which of the two do I prefer more: dancing or singing? Getting the correct answer proves that you actually know your partner well.

12. Beach or Forest?

For couples that love exploration and traveling, it will be difficult to know which particular tourist adventure they prefer. This or that question, like Between a beach or forest tour, which one do you love most? The question aims at getting the particular one your spouse prefers for the next visit.

13. Tea or Soda?

When you play this or that question like this, some spouses use the opportunity to expose what they prefer to eat. Do you like tea or soda? If she chooses soda, then you know she actually prefers soda to tea or coffee. So whenever you wish to offer her any soft drink, you won’t have to repeat your question.

14. Smile or Eyes?

This particular kind of question mostly comes from the female spouse. They tend to use the question to find out what attracts their man, and what is most likely going to attract them to other women. What do you love most about an Irish woman’s face, smile, or eyes? The guys should be very careful as the game can bring about a mark to hold on to.

15. Documentaries or Reality Shows?

A lot of families follow so many reality shows, while others are addicted to watching documentaries. The question is perfect when two families are playing this or that question game. It helps to identify a family whose spouse can clearly say they love documentaries or reality shows.

16. Baby Boy or Baby Girl?

This is a good fun this or that question for couples that are expecting a baby. The result is a long-term one, as the baby must complete 9 months of the development stage. The question helps one identify the gender they are really expecting.

This or That Questions for High School Students

This or that question is one of the games high school students love playing. It helps in developing socially and mentally. Here are some of these kinds of questions suitable for high school students.

17. Twitter or Facebook?

Which is more likely to have the worst set of people on it, Twitter or Facebook? The aim of making use of this ‘this or that question’ is very obvious, but the reply will definitely be influenced by the most preferred. So the question is a good way of letting people know the social media you prefer between Twitter and Facebook.

18. Book or ebook?

Most of the time, the question is posed to the bookworm who cannot survive without reading. This particular ‘this or that question’ is used to ascertain the type of book format preferred and, in most cases, its reasons. Friends make use of this answer to know the kind of book gifts they can buy for each other.

19. Do You Prefer Numbers or Alphabets?

Back then in school, a lot of students prided themselves on numbers being able to solve number problems. But there are others that are very good with letters and can create images with words. The use of this particular this or that quest helps to identify the area one prefers among the two.

20. Will you prefer to be alone in the house or be grounded at school?

This question always finds its way as one of the this or that questions among students. The two options are a no response question since no student will like to be locked up in the house, or even get grounded in school. But instead of risking the grounds of losing the game, an answer must be provided. Look forward to the interesting answer as you make use of this question.

21. Baseball games or basketball?

For students, mostly high school students, a sport is a must as it helps them find the proper socializing ground and to keep fit. This is one of the popular this or that questions among students that relates to sports. Students believe that baseball players are gentle, while basketball players are a bit rough. When such a question is asked, they aim to access your personality through the question.

22. Where would you like the next school excursion, Park or Museum?

Students always look forward to where their next excursion will be. As this is one opportunity, they have to explore and learn through experience or exposure. The question helps students select peers that share the same interests.

23. Cocktail Party or Tea Party?

High school students are known to enjoy a lot of high school parties. The two options are different types of high school parties. One involves popping a lot of cocktails, and the other is more of a low-key form with tea. The question is aimed at identifying high school students that love partying high at cocktail parties. Similarly, to identify those who are at ease with a tea party

24. Science or Arts?

The two are areas of study available to high school students. This is one question that helps high school students identify friends that are studying in their area of study. It helps them exchange knowledge that helps them towards their educational career.

This or That Questions for Teens

A teenager is one that is between the age brackets of 13 and 19 years of age. Below are some of the questions suitable for teens.

25. New Clothes or a New Phone?

This is mostly a funny way of finding out who is sneaking on each other among sisters. When you want to test who actually opened your gift box last week. The ‘this or that questions’ like, can you guess the type of gift dad bought me for my birthday last week, a cloth gift or a phone gift? The correct answer presents you with the suspect.

26. 3D Games or HD Games?

There is no way there will be a this or that question among teens with a question like this. It helps them identify among their peers those who need to upgrade to the latest game versions. Anybody that chooses 3D over HD becomes the victim of this game as everybody will believe an upgrade is urgently needed.

27. TV Series or Movies?

There are young children that find it difficult to follow up on a TV series. These categories of children tend to love movies more than TV series. The question aims to find out which one is most preferred by the child. Among children, the question helps them know the area to drive their conversations afterward. It helps them identify peers with the same likes and dislikes.

28. Google or Bing?

Teenagers in recent times have used search engines better than some adults. They find solutions to their assignments and other needs through this medium. While having fun with this category of this or that questions, they present the question. This takes them into sharing reasons why they prefer making use of any particular search engine.

29. James Bond or Jason Bourne?

Out of 100 teens, 99 have one movie character they do not joke with. In most cases, they go as far as watching all the movies such actors have appeared in. The question is also aimed at identifying friends that share the same movie character. The question can be asked. Who is your most preferred Hollywood action movie actor among James Bond and Jason Bourne? The question can extend to other aspects of Hollywood action movies.

30. iOS or Android?

This question falls among the most popular this or that questions asked by teens. The question is mostly asked thus: Do you prefer iOS or Android phones? The aim of the question by teens is to mainly rank themselves, making those that prefer androids look old-fashioned. The question now shifts to identifying who uses iOS and Android phones in order to share mobile files freely.

31. Playing Card Games or Board Games?

Unlike the last question, this one almost never sparks an argument. You may pose this question if you’re out of ideas and want a large number of people to play a more ‘participatory’ game. From the question, you can find a friend that loves chess or any board game that you like.

32. Hiking or Jogging?

While both include physical exercise, they are not the same thing. One emphasizes speed, while the other emphasizes endurance. Which one would you like better? Have any of you ever considered this before? Now is the moment to pose this question to see if you can schedule a trip to the woods later on. The question aims to identify friends you can jog or hike with later?


This or that question is a wonderful way to interact, share ideas, and laugh together. You can learn a great deal about your spouse, friend, and yourself if you don’t consider them too seriously.


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