Tina Was Played By Madelyn Cline in Stranger Things – Meet Her

26 year-old American actress, Madelyn Cline, portrayed Tina in Stranger Things, the award-winning Netflix series. Tina is one of the minor characters in Stranger Things, and as such, Cline only got to portray the role in two episodes. Her talent, however, shone through, and she has used that as a stepping stone to build her career.

Madelyn Cline has since landed the lead role in other Netflix projects, most notably the hit teen drama Outer Banks, where she plays the lead role of Sarah Elizabeth Cameron.

Who is Tina from Stranger Things?

Tina is one of the popular mean girls in Stranger Things. She is a high school student who attends the local Hawkins High School that the other major characters, who are teenagers, go to. They include Eleven, Nancy, Steven, Dustin, Jonathan Byers, Steven Harrington, Billy Horgrove, etc.

Not much background information is provided about Tina, as her scenes are limited. She is billed as a popular and fashionable student who is friends with Carol, a major antagonist in Stranger Things. Carol is the stereotypical popular high school student who is mean, unkind, and shallow. Tina is, therefore, one of her lieutenants alongside another girl named Vicki.

In Episode 1, Season 2 of Stranger Things, Tina, Carol, and Vicki watch the newest student and natural troublemaker, Billy Hargrove, drive up to school, and they ogle his handsome features. They also go ahead to hand out invitations for Tina’s Halloween bash the next night. The Halloween bash comes in the next episode, Episode 2, Season 2, and Tina is dressed as Madonna, like a virgin.

Who Plays Tina in Stranger Things?

Madelyn Cline plays Tina in Stranger Things. Cline is a fast-rising American actress from South Carolina. She started her career by modeling and appearing in commercials. She then scored a string of minor roles between 2016 to 2017. One of them was Stranger Things, and she appeared in only two episodes portraying a popular, beautiful high schooler named Tina.

Her first appearance was in Season 2 Episode 1, titled Mad Max, where she and her pals ogled Billy, a handsome new student. Her second appearance was in Season 2 Episode 2, titled Trick Or Treat Freak. In it, she hosted a Halloween bash at her house and dressed up like a virgin Madonna.

Cline’s appearance in Stranger Things was quite limited, but she gave a good account of herself in it as well as other minor works she picked up. Her hard work was rewarded when she landed the lead role of Sarah Cameron in the TV series Outer Banks.

Outer Banks is a Netflix mystery teen drama that debuted in 2020. It follows the youths in a North Carolina society as they embark on a treasure search that gets increasingly dangerous. Cline and her co-stars did a good job, and Outer Banks became a global hit. It is presently primed to return for season four.

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Another note-worthy project that you can find Madelyn Cline in is the 2022 mystery film Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. The story focuses on five wealthy individuals who gather to play a murder mystery game on a private island in Greece. Cline played Whiskey, the flighty girlfriend of one of these individuals, Duke Cody, a prominent men’s rights activist on social media.

Cline received praise for her work with the director as well as the producer of Glass Onion, variously describing her as awesome, a gifted comic actor, and something special. It goes without saying that she contributed to the success of the film.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery received an Oscar nomination for best-adapted screenplay. While it failed to win, the National Board of Review named it on their list of the top ten films for the year 2022.

What Episode of Stranger Things is Madelyn Cline In?

Outer Banks star Madelyn Cline is in episodes one and two of Stranger Things season two.
Madelyn’s first appearance in Stranger Things was in Season 2 Episode 1, titled Mad Max, where the character she portrayed, Tina, and her pals point out how handsome the new student Billy is and take an interest in him.

Her second appearance was in Season 2 Episode 2 titled Trick Or Treat, Freak. In it, her character, Tina, hosted a Halloween bash at her house. She dressed up like a virgin Madonna.

Where Was Madelyn Cline Born?

Madelyn Cline was born in Charleston, South Carolina. She has American nationality and Caucasian ethnicity. Her father’s name is Mark Cline, while her mother’s name is Pam. Cline grew up in Goose City, the largest city in Berkeley, South Carolina. Her natural good looks shone through at an early age, and as a child, she appeared in an ad for the family entertainment center chain known as Chuck E Cheese.

By the age of 10, Madelyn Cline was frequenting New York to take part in print modeling works. She eventually dropped out of college and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career. Cline is now a Los Angeles transplant, but she did go back to North Carolina for the filming of Outer Banks. It was a wonderful feeling for her, and she described it as coming full circle

How Old is Madelyn Cline in Stranger Things?

Madelyn Cline is 26 years old. She was born Madelyn Renne Cline on the 21st of December 1997. Madelyn’s year of birth means that she was age appropriate for the role that she played in Stranger Things. Recall that she appeared in Stranger Things back in 2017 when she was 20 years old.

Her character, on the other hand, Tina, is billed as a high schooler. Tina’s exact age is not given, but her close friend, Carol, is 18 years old, which means that she is around that age as well. It, therefore, means that Madelyn Cline is just about two years older than the character that she portrayed on Stranger Things.

How Tall is Madelyn Cline in Stranger Things?

Madelyn Cline from Stranger Things is 5 feet 6 inches tall or 1.68 m or 168 cm. She is slightly above average height if one is to go by available data. The Center for Disease Control puts the height of the average American woman aged 20 and above at 5 feet 4 inches tall.

This means that Madelyn Cline is two inches taller than the average American woman out there. Madelyn Cline compliments her tall height with a slim svelte figure which means that her dress fits her perfectly, and she stands out whenever she is on the red carpet.


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