Truth About Eren Yeager’s Founding Titan Form, Height, and Powers

The founding titan is the original titan that was created by Ymir Fritz. Eren Yeager’s founding titan form is the biggest physically and also the most powerful. Yeager inherited the founding titan after his dad injected him with a serum. Upon activating the founding titan, he uses it to gain control of other titans and wage battle against them.

Eren Yeager is the major character in Attack on Titan, an anime series penned by Hajime Isayama. The series follows him as he seeks revenge on a group of giant humanoids, known as Titans, who killed his mother and destroyed his town. To be able to effectively carry out his planned revenge, Eren Yeager takes on the Titan form himself. One of the Titan forms that he takes on is the founding titan.

What is Eren Yeager’s Founding Titan Form?

Eren Yeager’s founding titan form is the most powerful titan form that Eren Yeager has. The form which he acquired from his father gives him several powers. For instance, he could telepathically communicate with all descendants of Ymir, the original founding titan. He could also command other wall titans and get them to fight each other and kill each other. He can also control all the wall titans and was taller than all of them.

The only way to activate the powers of the founding titan is to have physical contact with a member of the royal family who are the keepers of the founding titan. The first time that Eren Yeager activated his founding titan powers, he had physical contact with a member of a royal family named Dina Fritz.

To subsequently use the founding titan powers, Eren Yeager convinced the soul of Ymir Fritz to lend him her power. She agreed, and he got full access to all the founding titan’s powers.

Is Eren Yeager the Founding Titan?

Eren Yeager can be referred to as the founding titan because, at some point, he acquired the founding titan powers. However, the originator of the founding titan is Ymir Fritz. Fritz is the ancestor of a race of human beings referred to as Eldians (of which Eren Yeager is one). Fritz is the original titan shifter, and her power is split into nine titans that were supposed to be passed down amongst her people.

These nine titans are the Founding Titan, the Armored Titan, the Attack Titan, the Beast Titan, the Cart Titan, the Colossus Titan, the Female Titan, the Jaw Titan, and the War Hammer Titan. The Eldians used their titan powers to conquer many races and nations until they were toppled by another nation known as Marley. The Marleyans used this power to turn mainland Eldians into giant humanoids known as Titans that attacked Eldians on the island known as Paradis.

Eren Yeager Founding Titan Form
Eren Yeager’s normal form as a child and an adult Image Source

How Did Eren Get The Founding Titan?

Eren Yeager got the founding titan by ingesting a serum given to him by his father, Dr. Grisha Yeager. Dr. Grisha himself had stolen the founding titan powers from Frieda Reiss, a member of the Reiss royal family who are direct descendants of Ymir Fritz and had used the powers of the founding titan to rule.

When Dr. Grisha’s village is overtaken by the titans and his wife (Eren’s mom) is killed, he takes his son, Eren, into a bush and instructs him to go to the basement of their home. He also injects Eren with a serum that turns him into a mindless beast. The serum makes Eren Yeager eat his dad, and this unleashes both the attack titan and founding titan powers in him.

Eren Yeager Founding Titan Form
Eren Yeager with his father, Dr. Grisha Yeager Image Source

Is Eren Yeager’s Founding Titan Colored?

Eren Yeager’s founding titan is not colored. It has monochrome black and white colors as a result of the fact that its main frame only comprises a skeletal frame. On the other hand, regular titans have nude human flesh and its signature color.

How Tall is Eren’s Founding Titan?

It is not known exactly how tall Eren’s Founding Titan is. This is because his precise height is never revealed. It is, however, known that Eren’s Founding Titan is the biggest of the wall titans. Given that the wall titans are quite huge, it means that Eren’s founding titan is quite huge. Some sources have it that Eren’s founding titan has a base height of 13 meters or 43 feet.

How Big is Eren’s Founding Titan?

Eren’s founding titan is the biggest founding titan ever in Attack on the Titans. Its torso is devoid of flesh, meaning that it only has a ribcage. The ribs and the knobs of the backbone are quite lengthy, with the ribs touching the ground while the arch of the spine reaches far into the sky.

Eren’s founding titan had an uncharacteristically small-sized pelvis and legs, but this did not detract from how big it was anyways.

Why is Eren’s Founding Titan a Skeleton?

Eren’s founding titan is a skeleton because it was the elongated spine that formed the basis of his form. While the bodies of most titans are covered by flesh, Eren’s founding titan is quite unique. His elongated spine forms the major basis of his founding titan form and connects his severed head to the rest of the body.

Eren Yeager Founding Titan Form
Eren Yeager’s Attack Titan form Image Source

What is Eren’s Final Titan Form?

Eren’s final titan form is the final titan transformation that Eren will undergo. It has been described as even more fearsome than the founding titan form and is scheduled to make an appearance in the third part of the fourth and final season of the anime season.

Eren’s final form is fully immersed in the titan’s physiology, and his body is unrecognizable. His body is buried in the titan’s mouth rather than the nape of the neck. He retains his human head though it is attached to an elongated spine and suspended from the back of the titan’s throat.

Eren’s final form is not only fearsome in appearance but in his actions. He wipes out 80% of humanity in order to finally quench the ongoing conflict between various sections and truly unite humanity. Eren Yeager has to, first of all, become a monster before becoming a hero.


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