Truth or Dare Questions For Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Truth or dare questions for boyfriend or girlfriend are an excellent way of getting to know the person you are in a relationship with. Additionally, you will have a blast challenging each other with these truth or dare questions. More so, playing together helps couples bond better and nothing is more entertaining (or revealing) than a game of Truth or Dare. If nothing else, the truth and dare game will provide you with some fantastic memories!

Truth or Dare Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

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Truth or Dare is a really simple game to learn and play. While it can be played by many participants, you can also play with your romantic partner. So, if you are thinking of a fun activity for a game night with your boyfriend, the truth or dare game will be a great option. Some questions you can ask to make this game very exciting are given below:

1. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done with a girl?

Why not utilize this game to unearth the secrets your man has been keeping hidden from you all this time? Prompt him to tell you about his most embarrassing moments, and you might wind up laughing together! Keep in mind that a man’s willingness to disclose something like this reveals a lot about how he sees you.

2. Who is more important to you: me or your best friend?

While playing truth or dare, this is a tricky question to ask your lover because he may try to evade it. Be prepared, though, to hear the truth. If he selects his best friend, it will be painful. Anyway, this is going to be one of the most difficult truth or dare questions.

3. What are your current feelings about your ex-girlfriend?

Before you ask this question, consider whether you’re ready to hear the answer. However, if you’ve been dying to know the answer to this question, go ahead and ask! (It’s also one of the truth and dare questions you can ask your crush.)

4. When was the last time you told me a lie?

This is a difficult question! His response could be something amusing and might reveal secrets you don’t want to hear so get ready. Notwithstanding the answer, this is a fantastic question to ask your boyfriend during the game.

5. Have you ever used social media to stalk someone?

This is a fantastic moment to peel back the layers of his personality and see if he’s stalking some attractive ladies online or, worse, his exes! This might be a tough question, but be rest assured that his response will reveal a lot about him!

6. Do you envision yourself with me in the future?

The good thing about a truth or dare question is that you can ask anything you want! It is definitely the time to ask that question that has been bothering you for a long time but you haven’t found the appropriate opportunity to ask it.

7. What is your most obnoxious habit?

This game is a great way to find out about your man’s less-than-amazing qualities and get him to lay all of his cards on the table! However, be prepared for a truly dreadful response — if he doesn’t, he’s not telling the truth!

8. How do you react to seeing my call when you’re out with your friends?

Men despise it when they get calls when they’re out with ‘the boys’ – but girls, are going to phone them regardless! So, on a scale of 1 to 10, how annoying does he find it each time you call?!

9. Have I ever done something that irritated you and you didn’t tell me about it?

Yes, partners do conceal things from each other without saying directly what irritates them at the time. So now is the moment to ask your boyfriend which of your habits irritates him. It might be as simple as when you take your time getting ready.

10. If you won the lottery today, what’s the first thing you will buy?

How to know his financial and spending habits? What would he spend money on? Ask him this!

Truth or Dare Questions For Boyfriend Over Text

The following are some fun truth or dare questions you can ask your boyfriend when playing the game via text:

1. Who do you have a crush on right now?

Do you think your boyfriend likes other girls? This is a good question to help you find out.

2. Have you kissed or had a fling with many people?

Want to know a bit of his history with other people? Maybe you’re too shy to ask him physically? Use this opportunity to know.

3. Describe a situation when you were rejected and how you handled it

It’s very important to understand how your partner handles rejection. His answers will give you insight.

4. Tell me about the cruelest act you’ve ever done to someone

This is one way to find out if you’re dating a psychopath or not. Either way, just prepare yourself for the response.

5. As an adult or a teenager, have you ever peed on yourself?

This is very embarrassing but it gives you clues on how your partner handled an embarrassing or traumatic situation.

6. Can you tell me about a time you did anything illegal?

What elements of criminality does your boyfriend possess? Is he open to illegality? Find out with this question!

7. Tell me something about myself that you dislike

An opportunity for your boyfriend to give you valid criticism. Be open to it and don’t get offended or triggered.

8. Is there somebody that you wish was still alive?

This is an opportunity for them to open up to you. Perhaps they lost someone and wish they can turn back the hands of time.

9. Do you consider yourself to be uglier or more attractive than the majority of individuals you know?

This might expose his insecurities about his looks, so be kind and sensitive about it. He can also use it as a fun way to hype his good looks.

10. Have you been arrested before?

Want to know if he has ever gotten into trouble with the authorities? Ask him!

11. If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?

They say you can’t truly know a person until they are rich. This question will reveal a lot about your partner.

12. What are your core values?

A very important question, especially in the early stages of a relationship. Use your game time to find out if your values align.

13. If you had the option of choosing, what religion would you choose outside of the one you were born into?

Religion is a sore subject for many. This question gives you an insight into what they think about religion.

14. Have you ever shared a secret you shouldn’t have?

Is your boo a tattletale? Now you can know.

Truth or Dare Questions for Girlfriend

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Are you curious to know about your girlfriend’s thought patterns and habits, then ask these thought-provoking truth or dare questions:

1. What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

Wanna know just how far she can go? Ask her this question.

2. What’s your biggest regret?

Are there things in her past she regrets doing? You can find out by asking.

3. What’s the most childish thing you’ve ever done?

Childishness can be a turn-off for many. This question can show you just how childish your girl can be.

4. What’s a bad habit you have?

Bad habits can be a red flag. You can ask this to find out if they are things you can cope with.

5. What’s the most important thing on your bucket list?

Bucket lists are an excellent way of figuring out a person. What do they like to do? What would they like to do?

6. What’s one thing you would do if you woke up tomorrow as the opposite sex?

Do you think your girl can cope as a boy in the world? What does she think the life of the opposite gender is like daily? Find out.

7. Have you ever shared a toothbrush with anyone?

Find out how high or low her yuck factor is.

8. Have you ever told a lie and got caught?

Does she lie a lot? Is she good at telling lies and getting away with it? Do you need to be worried? Find out with this question.

9. Have you ever peed in a pool?

Now you can find out their tendency to do disgusting things.

10. Have you ever done something embarrassing while drunk? Describe.

People say being drunk exposes our true selves. Allow her to share stories of her encounter with too much alcohol.

11. Who makes you the most envious, and why?

It is interesting to know what people covet and are envious of. It is a true reflection of their desires.

12. Where would you go if you had unlimited travel time?

Traveling is fun and cool, especially as a couple. Check if you have similar interests there.

13. Is there anything in your browsing history that you’d be embarrassed by?

Internet browsing history is one of the most personal things about a person. Shows you what they are really interested in!

14. What is the most heinous act you’ve ever committed?

Is your boo a bad bad girl? What bad things has she done? Get to know with this question.

15. What has been your best purchase?

Girls love to shop but what’s that one thing she absolutely loved buying? A warning though, it might not be one thing only so get ready for some shopping stories!

Truth or Dare Questions To Ask a Girl Over Text

You can also have a lot of fun playing the legendary truth or dare game over the phone. We have compiled a list of questions you can ask a girl over text in any truth or dare phone game:

  1. Do you currently have a crush on anyone?
  2. How many people have you kissed?
  3. What’s a secret you’re keeping from your parents?
  4. What was your most humiliating public experience?
  5. What is your naughty indulgence?
  6. Do you have a habit of talking in your sleep?
  7. Do you drool when sleeping?
  8. Where would you go without your boyfriend if you could travel anyplace in the world?
  9. Have you ever eaten something that you found on the ground?
  10. Who would you pick to kiss if you had to kiss a Disney character?
  11. What’s the strangest culinary combination you’ve ever tried?
  12. What was the most recent event that caused you to cry?

Dares For Truth or Dare With Your Boyfriend

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1. Request that he hand over his phone to you so that you can send texts on his behalf

This will make him think twice about accepting the dare, as it is a difficult one for some lovers to accept. You can send anything to anyone in his contact list from his phone for an hour. It’ll be entertaining to see how anxious he remains until he receives his phone back!

2. Dare him to wax his chest

getting your chest waxed is not a fun experience. If he carries out the dare, it would be a painful one.

3. Dare him to pretend to be you for two minutes

It’s time to have some fun! Dare your man to imitate you for just two minutes, and a laughing riot will erupt! You’ll also learn how much he truly knows and monitors you! This is one of the most intriguing dares to test how your lover perceives you.

4. Dare him to braid your hair

If you’re searching for something sweet and romantic to do with your man, this is one of the best dares. What a sweet feeling it would be to have your man weave your hair. Stop daydreaming and start living in the moment while playing this game!

More fun dares you can try out with your boyfriend include:

  • Dare him to place a delivery order for you that will take orders from you
  • Dare him to shave his arms and send me a photo of yourself
  • Dare him to make and upload a video of him singing in his sleep on YouTube video
  • Dare him to add a teaspoon of every spice in his house to a glass of water and drink it
  • Dare him to share a screenshot of a message he sent to someone he hasn’t spoken to in at least a year on Facebook or Instagram
  • Dare him to make an attempt to lick his own foot!
  • Dare him to choose the third contact on your list and send them a goofy poem

Dares For Truth or Dare With Your Girlfriend

Do you want to have a good laugh with your girlfriend, then try out the following dares whenever you are playing the truth or dare game:

  • A screenshot of the history of your browser
  • Screenshot of your most recent conversation/message with your best friend
  • Blindfold yourself and have someone apply makeup to your face
  • Attempt the most recent TikTok Dance trend and do a video
  • Show off your most humiliating profile photo
  • Make a phone call to a stranger and tell them you love them
  • Wear nothing but a trash bag and walk like you’re on a runway
  • Use your tongue to touch the tip of your nose while looking upwards
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