Tyler Henry’s Father and Mother: Meet the Hollywood Medium’s Parents

Tyler Henry’s father is David Koelewyn, and his mother is Theresa Koelewyn. The Hollywood Medium’s parents share a very close bond with their son, who also shares a name with his grandfather, Henry Koelewyn.

After Tyler Henry Koelewyn’s appearance in the Netflix series Life After Death with Tyler Henry, there has been an increased public curiosity about knowing the identity of his father and mother and what they have their hands on. Here is everything that you need to know about Tyler Henry’s parents.

Who Is Tyler Henry’s Dad?

Tyler Henry’s father is David G. Koelewyn, who was born in September 1963. Although the exact day he was born in September has not been revealed, he is currently 60 years old. He was born to his father, Henry Koelewyn, and his mother, Barbara Ann. David Koelewyn is of white ethnicity and an American national.

Even though Tyler Henry’s fame has attracted the public’s attention, he still decides to stay out of the spotlight. Meanwhile, it has become impossible for him to avoid fame, as he shares a very close bond with his son. In addition, he named his son after his father whose name is Henry Koelewyn. It is believed that he raised Tyler Henry with good morals that have aided him in achieving his current feats.

Tyler Henry’s father has successfully kept all information about his educational background out of the media. Unlike Tyler’s mother, Theresa Koelewyn, who has featured in one of her son’s series, David has not made any appearances in the show.

Tyler Henry’s Father Works as a Tile Contractor

The Hollywood Medium’s father works as a tile contractor at Central Valley Tile Incorporation. This was confirmed on his Facebook page, where he advertised the company’s services. It was also revealed in BuildZoom that David Koelewyn holds the position of RMO/CEO and is the company’s president. 

Around May 2010, he announced through the company’s blog that Central Valley Tile Inc. has existed for 20 years. Currently, the company should be around 34 years old.

Meet Tyler Henry’s Mom

Tyler Henry’s mother is Theresa Koelewyn. She was born on February 14, 1964, in New Orleans, United States. The actor’s mother was born to her parents, Mary and Joe Cowart. Theresa is of white ethnicity and American nationality, just like her husband, David Koelewyn.


Not much is known about her education, as she has not revealed anything about it. Theresa Koelewyn, Tyler Henry’s mother, and his father, David Koelewyn, co-own the Central Valley Tile Incorporation. Meanwhile, it looks as if she is not fully active in the business and is more focused on her son’s program.

Tyler Henry’s Parents Met When They Were 15 Years Old

Tyler Henry’s parents were teenage lovers who started dating when they were about 15 years old. Because information regarding their early lives isn’t known, how they got to know each other at such a young age wasn’t disclosed. However, they grew up getting to know each other and eventually married after eight years of being close.


Tyler Henry’s parents, Theresa and David Koelewyn, tied the knot on the 24th of January 1986. They have not yet disclosed where they had their wedding and how it was celebrated. So far, they have remained in their union for 38 years now without any controversy.

They welcomed Tyler Henry, who is their only child, on January 13, 1996, which is 10 years after they said their vows. Tyler Henry’s father and mother now reside in Hanford, California, the United States.

Theresa Koewelyn Found Out About Her Real Mother in 2019

In the Netflix series: Life After Death with Tyler Henry, Tyler and his mother are attempting to solve a true-crime case involving her own life. Theresa found out that Stella Nestle, the person who raised her, was not her biological mother in 2019. Theresa claimed that when she discovered that she was not related to the convicted killer, she experienced a great deal of comfort.

She learned a little more about her genuine mother, Mary Baroni, who sadly passed away since the documentary was filmed, and also about Theresa’s half-siblings, Mary and George, through the 23andMe results.

Theresa’s half-siblings, who still reside in New Orleans, were able to fill in several of the blanks in a touching sequence. Mary revealed to the producers that her mother had a terrible breakdown after giving Theresa away because she was very disappointed in herself for her action.

Her half-sister, Mary, took Tyler and her mother to the hospital where she was born. They found out that the hospital, which was built for women who were about to give birth, had long since ceased to function. Still touring Theresa’s hometown, New Orleans, they found out that there were some hidden activities that went on in the hospital, of which Theresa was a victim.

When Mary was 10 years old and Theresa was 5 years old, Mary recalled that Stella had once brought Theresa to their New Orleans home. While there, Stella photographed Mary as a small baby who resembled Theresa, possibly to prove that Theresa was her own.

Theresa’s Father Was Discovered Dead After A Week By Firefighters

In the same search for her true identity, Theresa Koelewyn also discovered who her father was. It was revealed that his real name was Joe Cowart and that he served in the military.

Meanwhile, she didn’t get the opportunity to meet him, as he was reported to have died long ago. He was discovered dead in his house by firefighters that were deployed to his house after it was noticed that he had not been around for over a week.

Who is Tyler Henry’s Grandmother, Stella?

Stella Guidry is the woman who was believed to be the mother of Tyler Henry’s mother, Theresa Koewelyn. However, through their investigation, it was discovered that she is not the real mother of Theresa Koewelyn.

In reality, there was a lot that transpired between the real mother of Theresa Koewelyn and Stella Guidry. Some believed that she stole Theresa from her mother in the hospital where she was born, while others believe that there was an agreed-upon transaction.

Stella Guidry was able to convince her family that she was her mother because she lived in Louisiana for two years before returning to Hanford, California. Therefore, her family thought that she would become pregnant within these two years and gave birth to Theresa.

She also has two other children, Peter and Felicia, who are her children, with whom she used to live in California. Reports have it that over an extended period, Stella Guidry Nestle used to lock her children in the closet. She used to beat her kids as well as torture them.

Stella Guidry was Once Convicted of Murder

Stella Guldry had a terrible past and was once involved in murder cases. She killed Judy Wang, her lover and the owner of the Fowler Hotel, where she worked as a supervisor. Stella went ahead and asked her son Peter, who was 18 at the time, to come and assist her in burying the corpse. This made him an accessory to the crime, for which he must answer to the law.

At the hotel’s office, Stella hung the bodies of Wen Li Wang and his girlfriend, Wai Lee, but claimed it was four Mexicans that committed the murder in the hotel.

According to her son Peter, she committed the crime with the belief that she would take over the hotel’s ownership. Stella received two life sentences after being found guilty of a double homicide. Nonetheless, after serving 30 years, she was freed. She is currently in her nineties and lives a quiet existence away from the spotlight.


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