What Are Sharingan Eyes, the Different Types and What They Do?

The Sharingan eyes are the unique hereditary Dojutsu of the Uchiha clan. Belonging to the three great Dojutsu, the Sharingan eyes literally mean Copy Wheel Eye or Mirror Wheel Eye owing to the fact that it enables its user to mimic their opponent’s moves. This red-colored Dojutsu is one of the most popular eyes in the Narutoverse, as well as one of the strongest.

There are three main types of Sharingan Eyes; Mangekyou Sharingan, Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, and the Tomoe Sharingan which consists of One Tomoe Sharingan, Two Tomoe Sharingan, and Three Tomoe Sharingan. Each of these eyes has distinct features, however, the typical Sharingan eye has one tomoe.

The Sharingan is arguably the most wielded eye in the Naruto anime however the efficacy of its power depends on its user’s skill and prowess. Its origin can be traced back to Hagoromo Otsutsuki, the first Shinobi. It was given to him by Kaguya Otsutsuki, his mother. Over time, Hagoromo’s Sharingan grew more powerful, ultimately evolving into the Mangekyou Sharingan and subsequently the Rinnegan. Hagoromo went on to become the Sage of Six Paths and spread his chakra to everyone.

What Are Sharingan Eyes, the Different Types and What They Do?
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What Does the Sharingan Do?

The Sharingan eyes allow its user to copy their opponent’s techniques by sight. However, that’s not the only thing that the Sharingan Eyes can do. Due to the diverse abilities of the Sharingan, which has, in turn, birthed different types of Sharingan Eyes, there are speculations that the creator of the Naruto series prefers the Uchiha clan to the other clans.

There are several complex abilities that the Sharingan eyes possess, thereby imbuing its wielder with a vast range of skills. The Sharingan eyes has enabled wielders like Sasuke to copy the moves of thier opponent as well as  see through illusions and Genjutsu.

As one of the three great Dojutsu, the Sharingan eyes is a potent instrument for creating illusions. The eyes are awakened by members of the Uchiha clan through training or an emotional event that, in turn, triggers the eyes to be awakened.

In addition to creating illusions and mimicking techniques, the Sharingan eyes can be divided into two separate abilities: The Eye of Hypnotism and the Eye of insight.

As its name suggests, The Eye of Hypnotism is based on Genjutsu. This ability enables users to readily trap their opponents within a Genjutsu more than the average shinobi to escape easily from an opponent’s Genjutsu. The eye of insight, on the other hand, enables the user to essentially see chakra and discern minute visual inputs.

Despite being a genetic trait of the Uchiha Clan, not all members of the clan can awaken the Sharingan. An intense emotional event that releases a special type of chakra in Uchiha’s brain is required for the Uchiha to awaken the base version of the Sharingan. Then, via the optic nerve, this particular Chakra transforms their eyes into the Sharingan. This is demonstrated when Sasuke first uses his Sharingan in the anime after seeing his brother Itachi kill their whole clan, including their parents.

The Sharingan is also known as the Uchiha’s “Curse of Hatred” due to this special awakening quality. This is due to the fact that Uchiha clan members frequently have a deeper capacity for love than other people, yet when their Sharingan is awakened by emotional trauma, they are compelled to turn hateful, and each time the user has a strong emotion, the Sharingan grows stronger over time.

A Sharingan eyes user receives a new Tomoe each time they undergo a very strong emotion although, with just one Tomoe, the user is still able to use every Sharingan feature, but as they acquire more Tomoes, their perceptions improve. While hate predominates, other strong feelings such as a need to protect can also be present.

Once the Sharingan is unlocked, it remains unlocked forever, even after the user dies. In actuality, these eyeballs can be implanted into individuals outside the Uchiha clan, like in the case of Shin Uchiha, or stolen, as in the case of Madara stealing Kakashi’s Mangyekou Sharingan.

If a wielder does not have sufficient Chakra control, the Sharingan is extremely difficult to use. But by carefully allocating chakra to the Sharingan, a person can prevent their own chakra from being completely depleted.

The different types of Sharingan Eyes that are listed below throw more light on the various abilities of the Sharingan, and the things it can do as the eyes themselves evolve over time.

What Are Sharingan Eyes, the Different Types and What They Do?
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What are the Different Types of Sharingan?

The Sharingan has several unique properties and attributes. Typically, there is only one Tomoe available when the Sharingan is first awakened. Tomoes are tiny pellets that are visible in the circles of the eyes. A Sharingan can have up to three Tomoes before evolving into the Mangekyou Sharingan. 

The different types of Sharingan are explored in the following paragraphs.

1. Mangekyou Sharingan

The Mangyekou Sharingan is one of Naruto’s strongest eyes. This advanced form of the Sharingan has only been activated and mastered by a select few members of the Uchiha clan. It’s interesting to note that when an extremely skilled and driven Uchiha, like Sasuke Uchiha, goes through the trauma of witnessing the death of a loved one, he unlocks this Dojutsu thus unearthing a new set of abilities.

The Mangekyou Sharingan, also referred to as the “heavenly eyes that see the truth of all of creation without obstruction,” unlocks a unique Jutsu that differs based on the wielder. For example, Obito’s Kamui and skills like Amaterasu and Susanoo.

However, unchecked Mangekyou Sharingan use has the drawback of significantly diminishing a user’s normal eyesight, which can only be rectified by replacing the impaired Sharingan eye.

What Does Mangekyou Sharingan Do?

An interesting feature of the Mangekyou Sharingan is the distinct powers it bestows upon each wielder. Although the method of awakening the Mangekyou Sharingan is the same for all users, which is witnessing an intense emotionally traumatic event, each user is granted a skill set/powers unique to them.

Thus, each Mangekyou Sharingan eyes user possesses a different power from the other user. Here are some of the known powers of the Mangekyou Sharingan based on some of its notable users.


The Tsukuyomi is a very powerful genjutsu used by Itachi Uchiha. The Tsukuyomi, unlike any other Genjutsu, imprisoned individuals in a separate dimension where Itachi had total power over space and time. There, Itachi had complete freedom to manipulate the situation as he pleased and torment his victims in various ways.

The most terrifying element of this power is that, if Itachi so desired, even a single second could be made to seem like an eternity. Furthermore, this is the only Genjutsu in the story that has the potential to cause death.


One of the first few Mangekyou Sharingan abilities that fans saw in the Naruto anime was the Amaterasu. Itachi Uchiha was the first to use it, and it allowed him to make unquenchable black flames to use against his foes.

According to legend, Amaterasu’s flames are so strong that they can rival the sun’s temperature. Further demonstrating its potency, these flames can only be put out when the object has been entirely consumed. This power is also used by Sasuke Uchiha.


One of the Mangekyou Sharingan’s greatest powers, if not the greatest, is the Susanoo and only users who have awakened the Mangekyou Sharingan in both eyes are capable of using this power.

The Susanoo, first made famous by Itachi Uchiha, surrounds the user with a giant chakra humanoid that has incredible power. It not only serves as the best form of defense, but it also has the attacking might to split mountain ranges in two with a single swing of the sword.


Izanagi is a Genjutsu that may be utilized through this Mangekyou, although it is not a Genjutsu that is exclusive to the Mangekyou Sharingan. The wielder of this Jutsu has the ability to change reality whichever they choose and transform illusions into reality.

Izanagi is a Genjutsu that is used to alter reality itself. As a result, the user becomes almost godlike in battle, and while the Izanagi is active, they are virtually unbeatable. The power of this Jutsu was demonstrated to fans of the series by Obito Uchiha’s use of it against Konan.


The Jutsu, known as Izanami, was developed to counter Izanagi. Izanami is a Jutsu that determines destiny in the same way that Izanagi changes it. Izanami is a very strong Genjutsu that has requirements that must be met before it can be used. Itachi Uchiha’s battle with Kabuto Yakushi demonstrated that this Jutsu requires the creation of a loop in order to be effective.

The target is immediately ensnared in an endless cycle of events in their head after Izanami is activated after the loop has been established. One of the most hazardous Jutsus to have ever existed, Izanami can only be broken by admitting one’s true self and accepting one’s fate. The Izanami, like Izanagi, can be enabled by the Mangekyou but isn’t precisely an ability of the eye.


Kotoamatsukami, a Mangekyou Sharingan power, is one of the most powerful Genjutsu in the Naruto universe and was available to Shisui Uchiha. With the use of this talent, Shisui was able to perform a powerful Genjutsu on one or more opponents simultaneously and control them without their knowledge.

The decisions would seem like their own to the target, which is what made this power so terrifying. Itachi’s crow and Danzo also had access to this power.


Obito Uchiha and Kakashi Hatake both had access to Kamui, which is one of the strongest powers in the whole Narutoverse. The shorter form of this power was available to the former, and it allowed him to seem intangible by warping some parts of his body to the Kamui dimension. Additionally, he had the ability to instantly warp everything around him or his entire body to the dimension of Kamui.

Kakashi Hatake used the longer version of this eye, which allowed him to warp away distant objects. Kakashi might use this power on himself with enough practice.

2. 1, 2, and 3 Tomoe Sharingan

The 1, 2, and 3 Tomoe is the base/standard Sharingan which is obtained by an Uchiha. 1-Tomoe  is awakened after an Uchiha is exposed to a strong emotion or a traumatic event as previously mentioned. Most Sharingan eyes are first awakened as 1-tomoe, and on very rare occasions as 2-tomoe, however, each time the Sharingan eyes’ power grows, it adds a tomoe except for Hagoromo, whose Sharingan was awakened with all 3-tomoe, showing full maturation.

Each Tomoe of the Sharingan eyes represents a level of powers disposable to the user. 1-Tomoe Sharingan enables the user to read their opponent’s movement. But in this 1-Tomoe stage, the ability to read opponents movements is noticeably weak because the Sharingan is not fully mature, so the reading of movements cannot match up if the opponents move faster than the 1-Tomoe Sharingan wielder.

The 2-Tomoe Sharingan enables the user to copy Jutsu, Ninjutsu, and Taijutsu. In this stage, there is a huge improvement in reading movements as well as reading the flow of an opponent’s chakra. 2-Tomoe Sharingan also enables the user to perform a limited amount of Genjutsu.

3-Tomoe Sharingan is the full maturation of the Base Sharingan. At this time, reading an opponent’s movements is now fully developed. Also, a wielder of the 3-Tomoe can cast a very powerful Genjustu as well as possess a heightened ability in copying Jutsu, predicting an opponents’ movements, as well as a greater insight in the perception of the flow of chakra.

Although all the abilities of the Sharingan eyes are inherently available to all Uchiha clan users, skill development and proficiency heighten the ability and with each increased ability and level of proficiency, a new tomoe is unlocked until it ultimately becomes the Mangekyou Sharingan.

3. Rinne Sharingan

The Rinne Sharingan, which literally translates to “Samsara Copy Eye Wheel,” is thought to be the ultimate Dojutsu and the most powerful eye in the Narutoverse because it combines the abilities of the Rinnegan and the Sharingan. After eating the chakra fruit from the God tree, Kaguya Otsutsuki created the first Rinne Sharingan.

It appeared on Kaguya’s forehead as the third eye, with nine tomoe and a ripple pattern covering the eyeball. The Rinne Sharingan, which is the ancestor of the Rinnegan and Sharingan, thus not a type of the Sharingan eyes, is a Dojutsu Kekkei Mora with red irides and sclerae, with an eyeball covered in a ripple pattern.

The color of the Rinne Sharingan matches that of a Sharingan, but it has ripples that give it the appearance of a Rinnegan. Its nine tomoe stands for the nine-tailed animal from which Kaguya was once separated by her oldest twin son Hagoromo Otsutsuki. The Nine-Tails also possessed the Rinne Sharingan after Kaguya fused with the God tree.

This legendary Dojutsu is also described in the Uchiha Stone Tablet as having an eye that can reflect the moon and the ability to cast Infinite Tsukuyomi, a strong Genjutsu that can summon a dream world. The Rinne Sharingan is a powerful space-time ninjutsu tool that practically has all of the abilities of the Rinnegan and can be lethal if utilized properly.

Kaguya Otsutsuki, Madara Uchiha, and Shinju are Rinne Sharingan’s known users. As the Sharingan’s first and original wielder, Kaguya is able to employ the Rinne Sharingan’s entire set of skills, including casting the infinite Tsukuyomi, using all six chakra forms simultaneously with its ocular abilities, and navigating across dimensions.

The Rinne Sharingan also enabled Kaguya to use her unique ninjutsu of replacing the reality around her with her own dimensions-Amenominaka, a ninja technique, which involves shifting the dimensions to suit the user.

As a direct product of the Chakra of the God-tree, the ancestor of the Sharingan and the Rinnegan, and a merger of both eyes, the Rinne Sharingan is regarded as Naruto’s most powerful eye even though its abilities are yet to be fully explored.

Naruto Characters With Sharingan Eyes

The Uchiha clan members that are descended from Indra Otsutsuki, the eldest son of Hagoromo Otsutsuki who was the first wielder the Sharingan, are the owners of the Sharingan eyes. The users of this Dojutsu can interpret body movements and see through Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and Taijutsu with the help of this extremely powerful eye.

The Sharingan eyes appear regularly in the Naruto anime although they occurred rarely at first. Given that the eyes continuously gain strength over time, this Dojutsu is an extremely powerful Kekkei Genkai to possess. Although most, if not all, of the Naruto characters in the novel had access to the Sharingan, below is the list of some of the most outstanding users of the Sharingan eyes.

1. Sasuke Sharingan

Sasuke possesses an extremely potent chakra compared to other Uchiha clan members. He is a reincarnation of  Indra Otsutsuki and acquired the Mangekyo Sharingan following Itachi’s death. With practice, Sasuke was able to further develop his abilities with the Sharingan and he is renowned as one of the most powerful users of the Dojutsu.

Through the transplantation of his brother’s eyes, he gained the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan in his right eye, and later, his left eye developed into the Rinnegan. Sasuke also got further fortified when the Sage of the Six Paths taught him the powers of the Six Paths. He is arguably the strongest Sharingan user in Naruto. By adulthood, he had grown powerful enough to battle people like Momoshiki Otsutsuki.

Sasuke can cast an Amaterasu, a black-colored flame that is supposed to be as hot as the sun, with either of his eyes. This black-colored flame can not be put out by Rain or water alone. He also has the ability to tame the fire and douse it with water whenever he wants. The perfect Susanoo which is purple is also possessed by Sasuke.

2. Kakashi Sharingan

Although Kakashi Hatake is not an Uchiha, he was able to wield the Sharingan and even became famous for wielding it, thus earning him the name Kakashi of the Sharingan. He was gifted the Sharingan eyes by Obito Uchiha during  the Third Great Ninja War. Due to his diligence in the use of the Sharingan, he was able to awaken the Mangekyou Sharingan thanks to his significantly improved abilities as well as accessing the powers of Kamui.

Kakashi earned the nickname “The Copy Ninja” because of his notable skills in Jutsu imitations. During the Fourth Great Ninja War, he received the Mangekyou Sharingan and Six Paths chakra from Obito Uchiha. Thanks to this power-up, Kakashi was even strong enough to easily defeat Kaguya Otsutsuki.

3. Itachi Sharingan

One of the most powerful Uchiha clan members to have ever lived is the infamous Clan Killer, Itachi Uchiha. When he was very young, people considered him to be a prodigy. He had the Mangekyou Sharingan by the age of eight, having already awakened the Sharingan.

He could conjure the unquenchable flames of the Amaterasu with his left eye and the powerful Genjutsu Tsukuyomi with his right. Itachi could conduct a Genjutsu while making no eye contact because of his mastery of the Sharingan.

Itachi Uchiha possesses one of the best Mangekyo Sharingan skills in the Narutoverse, if not the best. After Shusui Uchiha’s passing, he awoke his Mangekyou Sharingan.  Additionally, Itachi Uchiha had a remarkable grasp of Susanoo’s skill, and his avatar was endowed with the Totsuka Blade and Yota Mirror’s invincibility-granting powers.

4. Danzo Sharingan

Danzo Shimura is also one of the Non-Uchiha Clan members whose skills with the Sharingan is noteworthy. He is the founder of the root Anbu, Konohagakure, and one of the elders of the leaf who gained access to wield multiple Sharingan, including Shisui’s Mangyekou.

Danzo had plans to grab power and dominate the community with severe moral laws. Thanks to Orochimaru, he was able to implant several Sharingan on his arm and use them for Izanagi.

Along with possessing the Kotoamatsukami power, the fact that he had improved his body with Hashirama’s cells made the eyes less draining on his chakra.

4. Madara Sharingan

Another of Indra Otsutsuki’s reincarnations is the famous Madara Uchiha. He and his brother Izuna were the first to awaken the Mangekyou Sharingan in the Uchiha clan. Only a select handful could rival him because he is a master of the Sharingan.

By transplanting his brother’s eyes, Madara was also able to obtain the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. He also became much more powerful when his Sharingan finally transformed into a Rinnegan. Additionally, he was successful in assuming the identity of Ten-Tails Jinchuriki during the Fourth Great Ninja War, making him the “Second Six Paths.”

However, Madara’s Mangekyou Sharingan skills have not yet been fully explored. He is renowned for his Full-body Susanoo, which was powerful enough to casually rip across mountain ranges.

5. Shisui Sharingan

Known as the master of the body flicker due to his very incredible speed, Shisui was a powerful Uchiha, a Jonin of Konohagakure, and one of the very few Uchiha who didn’t get affected to an extent by the Curse of Hatred.

Shisui, who was a very skilled Sharingan user, transformed his eye into the Mangekyo Sharingan during the Third Great Ninja War. He also performed a potent Genjutsu on people and controls them without their knowledge using the Kotoamatsukami.

6. Izuna Sharingan

It was originally believed that Izuna Uchiha, Madara Uchiha’s younger brother, was just as powerful as his older sibling. Izuna and Madara were the first Uchiha to activate the Mangekyo Sharingan, and they regularly practiced together.

Izuna’s Mangekyo Sharingan abilities are not well known, yet he was nonetheless strong enough to fight with Madara and even hold his own against Tobirama Senju. He was the second-strongest Uchiha of his generation, but the village’s Second Hokage killed him at last.

7. Obito Sharingan

Obito developed slowly and needed a lot of time to build up his strength, unlike the majority of the Uchiha clan. However, Obito became incredibly strong after working with Madara. When he was 14 years old, Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage, battled Obito since he had awakened the Mangekyo Sharingan and was powerful enough.

Through his eyes, he gained access to the Kamui ability, which allowed him to travel to the Kamui dimension with anything he could hold in his hands as well as his bodily parts. Obito was practically invincible because of his mastery of Genjutsu, including his capacity to keep Izanagi alive for at least five minutes, as well as other powerful skills.

8. Fugaku Sharingan

The fact that Fugaku Uchiha, the last known leader of the Uchiha clan, ran for the position of the Fourth Hokage in Konohagakure, shows how strong he was. He partook in the third Great Ninja War that featured Fugaku and was a formidable force in it.

He also became one of the very few persons with unusual talent when he awoke the Mangekyou Sharingan at some point in his life. Though his Mangekyou Sharingan skills are still unknown, he was quite certain that he could easily manage the Nine-Tails with the Mangekyou Sharingan, proving that he was unquestionably one of the strongest Sharingan users.

9. Kagami Sharingan

Kagami, a formidable shinobi of the Uchiha clan, was a well-known Sharingan master in his day and an exceptionally skilled ninja. People like Hiruzen Sarutobi and Danzo Shimura said he was a great ninja who lived to serve the village.

Shisui was quite strong, yet he still didn’t think he deserved to be compared to Kagami, which shows how exceptional he must have been with his abilities. Kagami, sadly, wasn’t shown in any combat or fighting in any way. His actual Sharingan proficiency is therefore, unknown.

How Did Kakashi Get His Sharingan?

Kakashi Hatake, also known as Kakashi of the Sharingan, is a famous character in the Naruto anime. He is well known for his skill and prowess. Considered a hero in the hidden leaf village, Kakashi got his Sharingan from Obito Uchiha during the third shinobi world war.

Under the direction of Minato Namikaze, Kakashi is paired with his classmates Obito Uchiha and Rin Nohara. The group is dispatched on a lot of missions, all of which are successful. However, when Kakashi is 12 years old, Konoha is drawn into the Third Shinobi War and sends out team Minato.

To cut off Iwagakure’s line supply, their objective is to destroy the Kannabi bridge near Kusagakure. To commemorate Kakashi’s advancement to Jonin status before they set out on their adventure, Rin and Minato give him some gifts, but Obito fails to do the same.

As they embarked on their journey and on their way closer to Kusa, they encountered Taiseki and Kakko, Mahiru’s teammates. To learn more about the team’s strategy, Mahiru’s teammates kidnap Rin. Obito suggests that Rin be rescued, but Kakashi chooses to go on with their Mission.

Obito further explains to Kakashi before splitting up that his father, Sakumo, was a hero who taught him that, while it is bad to quit a mission, it is even worse to abandon a friend.

Kakashi decides to go back to save Rin due to Obito’s words but instead finds Obito in trouble and saves him from Taiseki thus leading to Kakashi’s eyes being impaired by Taiseki. An impaired Kakashi and Obito went on to locate the cave in which Rin was held captive. In the Cave, Kakashi is attacked by Kakko but Obito gets in the way to save Kakashi. The cave rocks collapse on Obito, and realizing the extent of his injuries, a dying Obito gifts Kakashi his Sharingan to replace the impaired one.

Who Has Blue Sharingan in Naruto?

What Are Sharingan Eyes, the Different Types and What They Do?
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Shijima Hoki, a kunoichi of Sunagakure, has the blue colored Sharingan. After a failed experiment by Orochimaru, Shijima of the Hoki clan ended up with a blue-colored Sharingan. Shijima was once used as a subject for an experiment by Orochimaru.

Through this experiment, he was able to give her a copy of the Sharingan, but the experiment was unsuccessful because the Sharingan was deficient and an incomplete blue-colored replica. This caused Shijima to keep this blue Sharingan sealed as it affected her vision and required her to wear heavy glasses.

What is the Strongest Sharingan?

Amongst the various Sharingan eyes, the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, known as EMS, is the strongest Sharingan. Although there are speculations of Rinne Sharingan being the strongest Sharingan, this speculation is not accurate because the Rinne Sharingan is a Dojutsu on its own and not a variant of the Sharingan.

This is because the Rinne Sharingan is a combination of the Rinnegan eyes and the Sharingan eyes and was first manifested by Kaguya Otsutsuki. Therefore, the Rinne Sharingan is a powerful eye on its own.

What Are Sharingan Eyes, the Different Types and What They Do?
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The Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan is the final Dojutsu of the Uchiha clan and an evolution of the Mangekyou Sharingan and has only been awakened so far by Madara and Sasuke Uchiha. It bestows all of the abilities that the Mangekyou Sharingan possesses, but it is far more potent.

The wielder of the eternal Mangekyou Sharingan has the ability to use the Perfect Susanoo with far less strain on the body. More importantly, light in the user’s eye, which is lost with the Mangekyou Sharingan, is forever restored.

One significant disadvantage of Mangekyou’s powers is that it can permanently harm the eye. The eye is damaged when the Mangekyou Sharingan is used, and its capacity to absorb and perceive light is reduced. The use of the Mangekyou’s powers frequently causes the eye to hemorrhage. This damage can eventually affect the user’s combat skills by impairing their vision to the point of complete and irreversible blindness in that eye. The repeated use of the Mangekyou’s powers without rest tends to exacerbate and speed up this damage.

It is possible for one Mangekyou Sharingan user to steal another’s eyes when there are other users around. For instance, if one Mangekyou user is losing his or her vision and another just passed away, the blind person could receive the deceased user’s eyes to replace the failing eye or eyes.

Some Mangekyou users may even ambush and kill other users in order to steal their eyes because they believe theirs are more recent and won’t cause blindness as quickly. But transplanting the Mangekyou Sharingan was only a temporary solution, thus the Eternal Mangekyou was discovered.

This transplanting triggered the creation of the EMS. And as the name suggests, the Eternal Mangekyou causes an eternal, limitless use of the Mangekyou Sharingan’s powers.

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