What Happened to Cherie on Bling Empire?

Amidst speculations about her relationship with Jessey Lee and his previous marriage, Cherie Chan, a 47-year-old former singer, entrepreneur, and heiress to her family’s unnamed denim empire, abruptly exited Bling Empire, a Netflix reality TV show that captures the extravagant lives of the real-life “crazy rich Asians” in Los Angeles.

Her rumored secret wedding and the circumstances surrounding Chan’s exit from the show has remained one of the hottest topics out of bling empire amidst the numerous drama that trails the reality TV show.

Truth About Cherie Chan and Jessey Lee on Bling Empire

Although the couple left the show, the duo became a hot topic following the rumors surrounding their relationship. Cherie and Jessey left the show in episode three of Bling Empire’s season 2, after the season premiere made reference to Lee’s previous marriage to his ex-wife Crystal Hoang.

In the first episode of Bling Empire’s season 2, Leah Qin, Jaime Xie’s friend, revealed that she believed that Lee had another family and that Chan had met Lee when he was still with his previous wife.

Qin further revealed to Xie’s surprise, that Lee had been married to Crystal Hoang for five or six years and that the two of them had two children together.

The other actors didn’t appear to know that Lee had ever been married, and they were concerned that Chan might not know of Lee’s previous marriage either. It was, however, later discovered that Chan used to be friends with Hoang in the past and was aware of his marriage.

Although the cast members were unsure of the status of Lee’s previous marriage – he was going through a divorce with Hoang in 2015, which is possibly around the time he met Chan. His ex, Chrystal Hoang, is an actress from Dallas, as well as the CEO and founder of Votum, a business that aims to empower women. According to Cosmopolitan, the actress was actually going through a divorce with Lee in 2015; the divorce was finally finalized in 2019.

Drama ensued when Lim attempted to confront Chan about Lee’s other family at a party hosted by Shay in episode three. However, Lim was interrupted by Paula Abdul. For the cast and viewers of the show, that was Chan’s final appearance.

After Chan’s departure from the show, fans and other cast members have since wondered whether Lee and Chan’s abrupt departure from the show was actually caused by the discussions about Lee and his previous marriage.

Chan never addressed the speculations on the show. She, however, later told Brides magazine that she met Jessey in Vegas when she was visiting some mutual friends whom she had gone to UCLA. She added that they didn’t talk to each other at all but knew of each other through those friends, and after his divorce, he reached out to her half a year later.

What Happened to Cherie on Bling Empire?
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Why Did Cherie Chan and Jessey Lee Leave the Bling Empire?

The Bling empire couple abruptly exited the reality TV show amidst the previously highlighted speculations without revealing their reason for leaving or saying goodbye to the rest of the cast. And even though some of the cast members and fans theorized that Cherie and Jessey left the show because of Jessey’s alleged second family, the couple gave an entirely different reason for leaving Bling Empire.

Although the couple had previously told TMZ that they wouldn’t be returning to the show, fans were delighted to see them at the start of season 2. However, the couple abruptly left the show midway into season 2.

Cherie and Jessey later revealed that they exited the show to spend less time on the Netflix reality TV show and focus on their family and businesses instead. Chan further explained that although it was hard to walk away from the spotlight that came with the reality TV show, she had to exit bling empire to protect her children.

After the couple exited the show, the cast members registered their displeasure at the manner in which they left. Christine Chiu voiced about being upset at Chan and Lee’s decision, while the other cast members revealed that the couple had cut ties with them.

Is Cherie Chan Married?

Yes, Cherie Chan is married. She married her long-time boyfriend and father of her two children, Jessey Lee. The duo have reportedly been dating since 2015 and had their first child J’adore in July 2016. They also welcomed their second child Jevon in 2019.

Although the couple got engaged on the show, their wedding was off-camera. Cherie and Jessey had a secret wedding in September 2021. During the first season of Bling Empire, at their baby’s 100-day party, Cherie proposed to Jessey in front of their friends and family, but Jessey later surprised Cherie by popping the question in Paris just before their wedding in August 2021.

On Tuesday, February 8, 2022, the couple exclusively revealed on E! News’ Daily Pop that they secretly married at the Château de Saran castle in Champagne, France, on September 8, 2021. Due to COVID restrictions, they had only eight guests at their wedding, making it a very small, private ceremony.

They, however, intend to have a lavish wedding in the future for their families to attend. Cherie wrote and recorded an original love song as a wedding gift to Jessey. The song is titled “Destiny.”

When Cherie posted about her secret wedding on Instagram, she captioned the post: “Married to the love of my life. Don’t be friends with people who try to hurt your family, kids, and close friends. I will protect you always. It’s ok to marry, fall in love, have kids, divorce, marry again, we should always celebrate love and be there for one another. #positivevibesonly.” The caption is seemingly in response to the rumors surrounding her relationship and the drama about Lee’s previous marriage.

What Does Cherie Chan Do for a Living?

Despite the failure of her music career, Cherie is very successful and wealthy. Cherie Chan was introduced in Season 1 of ‘Bling Dynasty’ as the heiress to her family’s unnamed denim empire. She also co-owns Religion Tequila, a tequila company she co-founded with her husband, who also runs a successful furniture company. Additionally, according to Chan’s Instagram bio, she owns an IT solutions company called Bresatech.

As a wealthy entrepreneur with a huge net worth, Cherie may have passed up the opportunity to become famous through her music, but she is still royalty. She is the heiress to a family fortune and can live her life as she pleases.

What Is Cherie Chan’s Net Worth?

Cherie Chan is a multimillionaire. She and her husband Jessey Lee are reported to be worth around $200 million (£145 million). The mother of two also designs some of her outfits and spends time sampling various cuisines, attending fashion events, and going on trips with her husband and kids.

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